PARRISH-HUNDLEY BAND  Please come home for Christmas (S)
Mike Parrish & Sammy Hundley are the front guys & driving force behind the Parrish-Hundley Band. Lifelong friends, since childhood, they've always shared a passion for music and music has ALWAYS been the strongest influence in both their lives. Mike often says, "You give me the title of a song & the name of the artist & I'll tell you where I was & what I was doing when I first heard it. Most Elvis fans can tell you where they were when the King passed away but music has always been a life marker for me & it marks everything. There's no doubt it always will."

Emerging from the pump jack speckled prairies & piney woods along with the Gulf breezes of Southeast Texas, Mike Parrish & Sammy Hundley bring a new sound to contemporary country, country rock and blues. For those of you who have no clue what a pump jack is, well, a pump jack is like a huge black see-saw that pumps up and down while pumping oil from an oil well and into a storage tank. Practically every one has seen a pump jack in person or, at the very least, in some movie. Some of these pump jacks even forged the sound that mimicked an off-beat Tom drum which was a sound that drifted into their windows upon the Summer night air mixed with the scent of honeysuckle & fresh cut grass as they slept in the perspective homes just a quarter mile apart. Mike & Sammy were living in the Community of Hull, often referred to as Hull-Daisetta, in Liberty County, completely off the beaten path. In fact, it it weren't for Farm to Market Roads 770 & 834, there wouldn't even be a beaten path. 99.9% of the entire planet had never even heard of Hull or Daisetta, Texas, at least not until May of 2008 when Daisetta had the world's attention when the largest sinkhole in the United States formed in Daisetta & became affectionately known as "Sinkhole De Mayo."

As young boys, it was early to bed & early to rise & a time when the world was a brand new magical place with much to be learned & much to explore. There were basically three channels on television with loads of cool stuff to watch in those days unlike todays satellite television which is comprised of hundreds of channels & virtually NOTHING worth watching most of the time. There were no social networks, computers, cell phones, iPads, iPods, iTunes, voicemail, email, text messaging or satellite radio but there was FM Radio. It was their radios that pulled the sounds of the most classic rock and country bands ever formed, from a station based in Houston (an hour to the west), & funneled right into the bedrooms & family vehicles of the Parrish-Hundley Duo. As odd as it may sound, Hull may have just as well been located on the moon, if it weren't for the beautiful countryside and an actual atmosphere, because even the astronauts of the Apollo missions got their radio from Houston just as Sammy & Mike did.

Sammy & Mike soaked in all the amazing sounds from the airwaves and swore that, when they were grown, they'd form a rock & roll band & they'd name this band "Black Diamond." That title had nothing to do with black gold (oil) or diamond mines, that were none existent in that area, but it had everything to do with their favorite group, "the hottest band in the world! KISS!" We've explained what a pump jack is so we'll go on to tell you that these were also the days of 33 1/3 vinyl records & 8-track tapes but to save time explaining, & limited bio space, please Google 8-Track Tapes. Back in the day, the boys didn't Google anything other than girls & they may still be guilty of googling a young lady or two from time to time. Sammy's first vinyl record & Mike's first 8-Track was a Kiss album known to the world as "Double Platinum," & Ace Frehley was the coolest damned guitar player that ever came from outer space! Both Sammy & Mike imitated Ace even though they knew neither of them would look as cool as Ace did with that smokin' Les Paul Sunburst & platform shoes. Then they were also influenced by the bands of their fathers, the greats like Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Charlie Pride, Willie Nelson, Ray Price & the list goes on & on. On the other hand there was Heart, Peter Frampton, Bob Seger, Styx, Kansas, Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, did we say Kiss, & ZZ Top. So there was classic country & classic rock (funny how classic country was acceptable by their parents but that evil devil music was another story). Sammy's dad saved him from the devil by sending his Double Platinum album to hell, burning it, but Mike was a bit more fortunate & managed to hang on to his 8-Track. Believe it when you hear that they literally wore that album out. There was also the Gospel sounds of Elvis, the rockin' 50s & 60s, BLUES, pop, so much to digest, no way to know what was best, so it was just ALL good. They were Queen fans, Glen Campbell fans, Stevie Wonder fans, KC & the Sunshine Band fans, they were Jim Reeves fans and Chubby Checker fans, Nazareth fans and James Taylor fans, there was a complete goulash of influences that infiltrated their hearts & souls & no way to sort it out other than to just let it flow through them, write their own tunes & examine the results. To this day you can hear bits of hundreds of influences in every original tune.

After Mike did a hitch in the U.S. Army & about 16 years as a Texas Peace Officer, while Sammy worked in various technical jobs, including but not limited to opticianry while establishing a career in music, both boys, now men, had returned home in the days before the great Sinkhole De Mayo & finally recorded an album in 2006. They won several awards in the European music world & in 2010 they garnered a nomination by the Academy of Texas Music for Best Live Band of the year.

Armed with an arsenal of those classic influences the band is proud to present the album "Texas in the Man" & the brand new release "What a Country Boy Knows"

Datum: 2019-12-17  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

MACKLEMORE (feat. DAN CAPLEN)  It´s Christmas time (radio edit) (S)


Datum: 2019-12-17  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. JAKE FLINT: Santa´s flyin´ high
    In the great tradition of Robert Earl Keen and Cross Canadian Ragweed comes a new topical Christmas "Party Carol" from emerging artist Jake Flint!
    ISRC: TCAEO1963706
  2. WILL CARTER: Santa went country
    Written by Will Carter, Nash Linden Overstreet and Shane Stevens.
    ISRC: USA2P1962046, Record label: Way Back Records
  3. KADIE LYNN: First Christmas
    After her debut single climbed to #38 on the Texas Regional Radio Report chart, and advancing to the semi-finals on Americas Got Talent in 2016, Kadie Lynn is back! In the years since being the youngest artist to chart on the TRRR at 12 years of age, Kadie Lynn has spent countless hours on the road playing gigs and paying her dues. She has spent much of the last four years honing her craft, writing with not only fellow Texas songwriters, but with amazing artists and songwriters from Tennessee to California. "Fist Christmas" is just a small taste of what will be heard from Kadie Lynn in the coming year.
    ISRC: TCAEN1991390
  4. STEPHANIE URBINA JONES & THE HONKY TONK MARIACHI: All I want for Christmas is you
    Hot - Perfect for Christmas new single by Stephanie Urbina Jones and The Honky Tonk Mariachi "Spanglish" version with Chili Peppers of the Christmas Classic and Global Hit Song by Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas Is You". ("TODO LO QUE QUIERO ERES TÚ")
    ISRC: QZEQU1921079, Record Label: Casa Del Rio Records
  5. CHARLES ALAN ROE: Ho Ho Yeehaw
    Written by Charles Alan Roe. ISRC: TCAEM1977860, from the Album: MY HOME
  6. BRANDON ALAN & FERERA SWAN: O come all ye faithful
    Brandon Alan follows his two Top 40 TRRR 2019 radio releases with a special Christmas duet (feat. Ferera Swan) on this fresh upbeat rendition of "O Come All Ye Faithful." Ferera Swan is an artist, singer-songwriter, composer, pianist, violinist, and GRAMMY voting member of The Recording Academy. By inspiring others with her story through music as an artist and adoptee, Ferera is passionate about raising awareness in the areas of mental/emotional health and trauma research in support of evolving society's adoption narrative through education and advocacy.
    ISRC: usl4q1953450


Datum: 2019-12-16  Label: CD Tex  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

SUSAN CATTANEO  O holy night (S)
Harmony…that’s my wish for you this holiday season.

Webster’s dictionary says harmony is a combination of simultaneous musical notes in a chord, a pleasing arrangement of parts…but it’s also defined as agreement and internal calm. May you all have harmony as we end this decade and move onto 2020! This year, I dressed up my dog, Willow in her holiday finest and as my gift to you, I am sending you a Susan version of O Holy Night. My friend Kevin Barry plays all the guitars on it, and I did all the vocals.

While I’m more spiritual than religious in nature, this song has roots in my history, and it’s one of my favorites. I come from a family of singers, and as part of our family tradition, we used to sing around the dining room table at night before dinner. Something wonderful happens when you sing with your family members. There is a sonic blend that comes from your physical similarities, the way you speak, etc., but much more, there is this sense of belonging, of being a part in something greater than yourself.

The holidays in our house meant presents under a Christmas tree, a trip to my Grandmother’s for a turkey lunch, and it also meant singing carols like O Holy Night. My mother would put on Christmas albums, and we would all sing along in harmony. It is a fond memory for me, and I hope you like my version of this song. No matter what faith or traditions you follow, I wish all of you a harmony-filled holiday, full of good friends, good food, and of course good music! Happy Holidays to all Xo Susan

Datum: 2019-12-15  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

THE MAVERICKS  Feliz Navidad (bonus track) (S)
What a wonderful year it has been in our little world! ?? We are so grateful for your love and support of our 30th World Tour & new album ‘The Mavericks Play The Hits’ ?, and to show our appreciation this holiday season, we dug deep in the Mono Mundo vaults for some UNRELEASED MAVS CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

Unreleased bonus song from 2018’s Hey! Merry Christmas!, our version of the holiday standard “Feliz Navidad”! ?? With much more new Mavericks music to come in 2020, we simply couldn’t wait another year to bring you this song!

Happy Listening, and Merry Christmas! ?? #MA30VS

Make sure you're following The Mavericks on social media and streaming with the buttons below. We're sharing photos, memories, and more all year long on the hashtag #MAVS30 as we celebrate our 30th anniversary!

Datum: 2019-12-14  Label: Mono Mundo Recordings
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

PEGGY INKS  The Reason (Keep Christ in Christmas) (S)
Here is a new Christian Comedy song release from Peggy Inks. I hope you and your listeners enjoy it. Please listen to this new Christmas Song by Peggy Inks. She won't mark X for his name.

Written by Peggy Inks / Ethel Mae Henry

Datum: 2019-12-13  Label: Glory Train Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

CARMEL McCREAGH  On Christmas Eve (S)
Carmel McCreagh has recorded a brand new Christmas song, 'On Christmas Eve' written by Don Mescall and Fiachra Trench and arranged and produced by Fiachra Trench. 'On Christmas Eve'' describes a child's excitement with the magic of Christmas and reminding us of our own childhood: the thrill and expectations of that season — counting down the days! It wasn't just about Santa Claus and presents; it was the whole feeling of kindness, warmth and love which envelops your family, your friends and your community, and the sharing of all that with the one you love. On Christmas Eve is due for release on December 6th 2019 and will be available digitally on all major download/streaming

Datum: 2019-12-12  Label:   
ISRC: IEBDV1900001  Releasedatum:

ALEX SYKES  Thoughts of Christmas (S)
Hi Folks, enclosed find a link to a wonderful seasonal ballad sung by the Alex Sykes titled Thoughts of Christmas. The song was written by the popular Belfast artist and writer Anton Glackin. I would also like to take the opportunity to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from my family to your's. Best wishes Howard

Datum: 2019-12-11  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

THE ROYS  Bluegrass kinda Christmas (A)
When Lee and I were kids we loved Christmas cause we knew Mom and Dad were loading up the car and we were heading to Coal Branch, New Brunswick to our maternal grandparents house and there would be music there. Those are some of our fondest Christmas memories in that small little country village and that is where music came alive. It has always been our dream to record a Christmas album and this year it has come true. We have so many people to thank but first and foremost we give God the glory for all of his blessings on us. Mom and Dad for giving us the most incredible Christmas memories of a lifetime and still do so. To Robert, Kim, Alexis and Danielle, thank you for understanding and supporting us in this journey! We love you!! Our team as always, Kirt Webster, Kyle Watson, Martha Moore, Mike Meade, David Kiswiney, Donna Lee, David Keller, Lisa Boullt, Sam Passamano, Sammy Passamano, Pam Passamano, Anthony Passamano, Tony Spinosa, Jennifer Hamilton, Rick Fowler, Tim Fink, SESAC, IBMA, ICM, our band – Clint White, Daniel Patrick, Erik Alvar, and Josh Swift for mixing and mastering, to all radio DJs and media outlets…..and all who have helped us along our journey. Thank you. And we thank all of our sponsors D’Addario Strings, Levy Leathers, Sorensen Mandolins, Arnett Acoustic Guitars, Audio-Technica Microphones. To the fans we sure hope you enjoy this Christmas album. The title track “Bluegrass Kinda Christmas” is definitely what our celebrations look like even today. We hope these songs will bring warm memories to you and your family for years to come. And we hope you enjoy your own Bluegrass Kinda Christmas! Merry Christmas Everyone! The Roys We dedicate this album to our parents, Leo and Maria Roy.

Musicians Credits Elaine Roy – Guitar Lee Roy – Mandolin, Mandocello, Mandola Clint White – Fiddle Daniel Patrick – Banjo and Dobro Erik Alvar – Bass Josh Swift – Dobro (New Kid In Town)

Datum: 2019-12-09  Label: Rural Rhythm Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

THE BOPPERS  It´s Christmas in Las Vegas (S)


Datum: 2019-12-06  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEVBJ1900101  Releasedatum:

ROBYN HAYLE  Christmas go away (S)
Montreal-born and Toronto-based, this jazz chanteuse has had a fascinatingly chameleonic career and draws from a deep well of experience in creating her work. Hayle’s musical, vocal and lyrical maturity, so evident on her albums, is eloquent testimony to a lifelong commitment to the crafts of singing and songwriting.

Robyn began vocal and piano lessons at the Royal Conservatory in Montreal at age seven, and won her first International Music Competition at nine, singing “Faust.” By thirteen, she was performing in city clubs, singing backup for popular Quebec entertainer Tony Roman.

At 15, Hayle became the youngest music student ever at McGill, but soon defected to rock ’n roll. She toured with such stars as Johnny Farrago and Patsy Gallant and headed her own bands, prior to relocating to Toronto, where she was soon in demand for jingles and voiceover work — in both official languages.

In Toronto, Robyn also worked on children’s programming for TVO, including Sesame Street, and the internationally acclaimed Today’s Special, in which she played the computer “TXL Series Four”, and did animated voices that earned her a global cult following. A stint in New York City studying at the Neighborhood Playhouse was followed by a move to Los Angeles

Datum: 2019-12-06  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-11-15

FOR KING & COUNTRY  Little drummer boy (S)
Two-time GRAMMY® Award winning duo with a for KING & COUNTRY enraptured the “CMA Country Christmas” audience unique and mighty performance of “Little Drummer Boy.” Today, the duo has seen their rendition of the Christmas classic dominate the iTunes charts, propelling the band to Top 10 in all three All Genre categories. The video of their performance has received over 2.1 million views, with 64K thousand total shares and counting. Click here to watch the powerful performance, which elicited a lengthy standing ovation from the CMA audience. Views on CMA's Facebook Video have reached over 1.9 Million.

“The love we felt onstage and backstage - and through the TV last night was wonderful. Thank you,” says Joel Smallbone, one half of for KING & COUNTRY. “The reaction we’ve received since our performance aired is truly remarkable. What a wonderful celebration of people coming together under the banner of hope, love and peace”

Datum: 2019-12-05  Label: Curb Records  
ISRC: USM1C1800266  Releasedatum:

ELLEN XYLANDER  Engel på jord (S)
Genom åren har Ellen Xylander framgångsrikt etablerat sig som artist och låtskrivare, hon har tilldelats priser och utmärkelser i USA. 2011 släpptes hennes debutsingel "One Day We'll Make It Home" som på kort tid klättrade rakt upp på den norska officiella hitlistan, sedan dess har hon släppt flertalet låtar som uppmärksammats och spelats flitigt på radio i både Norge och Sverige. Hon har turnerat och genomfört flertalet konserter i Sverige, Norge, UK och Frankrike.

Nu släpps äntligen låten ”Engel på jord”skriven av Ellen Xylander, med sig på låten har hon svenska producenten Roberto Mårdstam.

Ellen är bosatt i Oslo och har starka rötter till Sverige, härifrån har hon stora delar av sin släkt och hon har sedan barnsben alltid tillbringat sina somrar hemma i Sverige

Datum: 2019-12-05  Label: Emmody Records
ISRC: NO25U1901010  Releasedatum: 2019-12-05

STREAPLERS  Det är jul (S)
Låten är inspelad för några år sedan men har inte funnits ute på digitala plattformar tidigare. Releasedag är i morgon 6/12

Datum: 2019-12-05  Label: Atenzia Records  
ISRC: SEVSZ1904201  Releasedatum: 2019-12-06

  1. Fairytale of New York
  2. The Dollyrots do Christmas

Dollyrots cover of the Christmas classic originally by The Pogues

Datum: 2019-12-05  Label: Arrested Youth Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-12-05

COLIN PAUL  Christmas rocks (S)
Hi, Here is my new Christmas song written by Geoff Taggart and Toni West, Regards Colin Paul

Datum: 2019-12-04  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

GORD BAMFORD  Storybook Christmas (S)
Thank you for playing #REDNEK. I know how much you and your fans enjoy Gords music so with the Christmas season upon us I thought you would you enjoy his new single

Datum: 2019-12-04  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

SOUTHBOUND TRAIN  On this Christmas night (S)
Delighted to be able to send you the Christmas offering from Northern Ireland based band Southbound Train titled ON THIS CHRISTMAS NIGHT. The band which includes the talents of Clive Culbertson(Van Morrison,Jordan Mogey),who also produced the song, was recorded at his Colraine No Sweat Studio.

Datum: 2019-12-04  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

Friends, we are so proud of this Christmas Album. It includes songs from some of America's great musical and lyrical minds and it is held together by the musical talents of some of the finest musicians that we have had the privilege and pleasure to perform with for many years. We hope this album brings some joy and Christmas cheer to your holiday season. Thank you for your support all these years. We have had a charmed and blessed life thanks to folks like you. May you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Your friends, RED STEAGALL AND THE BOYS IN THE BUNKHOUSE

Datum: 2019-12-02  Label: Bunkhouse Press  
ISRC: ISRC: QMYQ71100044-QMYQ71100053  Releasedatum:

RESTLESS HEART  A Restless Heart Christmas (A)
Restless Heart's version of “Angels We Have Heard On High” from their first-ever holiday album, A Restless Heart Christmas, is included as a free download in the holiday music section of the magazine. The holiday issue of the country edition of People is available for purchase on newsstands nationwide now. The ten-track album, produced by Restless Heart's very own Greg Jennings, contains eight holiday classics and two previously unreleased songs. The album is available in Walmart, F.Y.E., Barnes & Noble as well as online through and iTunes. Today, Restless Heart announced a mini Christmas tour in support of the new album. The tour includes stops in Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona.

Larry Stewart, John Dittrich, Greg Jennings, Paul Gregg and Dave Innis, the men who make up Restless Heart, have enjoyed one of the most successful group careers in Country music history. The band has placed over 25 singles on the charts, with six consecutive #1 hits, four of their albums have been certified Gold by the RIAA, and they have won a wide range of awards from many organizations, including the Academy of Country Music's (ACM) "Top Vocal Group" trophy. 2013 marks Restless Heart's 30th year since originally forming the early 1980's

Datum: 2019-12-02  Label: Red River Entertainment
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Airplay Express Christmas 2019 (A)
  1. CRAIG ANDERSON: Santa Claus is an Alien
    Written and Performed by Craig Anderson
  2. LARRY M. CLARK: Christmas snow
    Written and Performed by Larry M. Clark
  3. KEITH BRADFORD: It´s almost Christmas time again this year
    Songwriters: Barbara Blevins and Keith Bradford
  4. LARRY M. CLARK: Here comes Santa Claus

  5. LARRY M. CLARK: Blue Christmas

  6. DONNA CUNNINGHAM: Merry Christmas darlin´
    Written by Richard Carpenter / Frank Pooler
  7. KEITH BRADFORD: It´s almost Christmas time again this year
    Written by Barbara Blevins / Keith Bradford
  8. LARRY M. CLARK: Christmas pictures
    Written and Performed by Larry M. Clark


Datum: 2019-12-01  Label: Wildhorse Entertainment  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:



Datum: 2019-11-29  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: USAT21906652  Releasedatum:

STEFAN NYKVIST  Sjömansjul på Hawaii (S)
Stefan har spelat in sin tappning av ”Sjömansjul på Hawaii”, vilken är en svensk Julklassiker som finns i många svenskars DNA. Denna låt har följt Stefan genom livet ända sen han hittade den på en 78-varvs stenkaka i en byrålåda hemma hos sin mormor. Låten spelades in 1945 av Falu-sonen Yngve Stoor och blev en enorm succe i Sverige. Hela landet drabbades av en Hawaii-feber som var så stor att till och med AB Albin Hagström som normalt byggde dragspel började bygga Hawaii-gitarrer i sin fabrik vid Stennäset utanför Falun. Låten släpps den 29/11 på alla digitala plattformar. Stefan är också aktuell som gästartist i John Lindberg Trios utsålda Julshow på Orsa Grönklitt.

Datum: 2019-11-28  Label: Enviken Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-11-29

RAY LANI  Everything I ever wanted is you (S)
On a cool, sunny day in the fall, in the back yard of his home in Patchogue, New York, with brown & gold leaves all around his feet, Ray Lani wrote a love song for his wife, Sue. With a bit of a bluegrass sound, that song, EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED WAS YOU, was born. Now, Diamondback Records shares this song with all of his fans through you, the DJs who honor us with your airplay and support.

Datum: 2019-11-27  Label: Diamondback Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

ROBYN SCOTT  I saw Santa last night (S)
Hello. My name is Robyn Scott and I am a country artist from Canada. I Saw Santa Last Night is a fun Christmas song that I would love you to audition and consider for airplay on your radio program.

What happens when a talented singer/songwriter like Robyn Scott hears strange thumping sounds on her roof during the holiday season? She writes a song about it of course! I Saw Santa Last Night is a fun and infectious Christmas song. From that first magical note listeners can’t help but fall in love with the song, and it is not long before they begin to sing along. According to Robyn, who was enjoying some eggnog and a little cup of cheer at the time, there was a ruckus on the roof of her house. That is when Robyn stopped wrapping her last minute gifts and headed outdoors to see what the fuss was about. Only Robyn knows for certain what happened, but she swears she heard and saw 8 reindeer with a sleigh pulling an Elf as they flew into the night ! I Saw Santa Last Night is a Christmas song that everyone will want to hear over and over again. And yes, once you hear it, it will be stuck in your head all day long…

Thank you for your consideration and Merry Christmas!

Datum: 2019-11-26  Label:   
ISRC: CA8ZW1900001  Releasedatum:

JAMES LYNAS  Christmas time has just begun (S)


Datum: 2019-11-26  Label:   
ISRC: UK DSR 18 00002  Releasedatum:

KING CARDINAL  Sing, Sing, Sing (S)
I know, I know... It's not December yet, but I'm already rocking out to my Christmas playlists. It's my favorite time of the year and lets get real -- it started the day after Halloween. So I may be jumping the gun, but I wanted to send out an early Christmas gift -- Our 5th Annual Christmas song "Sing, Sing, Sing". Enjoy!! - Brennan

Datum: 2019-11-26  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BUDDY DAVIS  I want a new Bimbo for Christmas (S)
Songwriters: Lonnie C. Ratliff & Buddy G. Davis

Datum: 2019-11-23  Label: Westwood International Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

EDDA MAGNASON  Twilight at Christmas Eve (S)
"Tune of a crooner älskar julen! Så jag gjorde den här låten som ett litet vykort från oss eftersom vi är ute och spelar, och inte hinner ge ut fullängdaren förrns efter årsskiftet. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!"

Datum: 2019-11-22  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900181  Releasedatum:

ULF LUNDELL  Stockholm i december (S)
Ulf Lundell, who turns 70 the 20th of november, has an outstanding career and is one of Sweden's most influential and biggest local artist ever. He also has a long tradition of songs that are related to Christmas. "Stockholm i december" is a totally new song recorded this november and takes the listener through a Stockholm city walk, a nice melodic and warm song. Ulf will also play two shows at Berns close to Christmas the 22 and 23 december.

Datum: 2019-11-22  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900180  Releasedatum:

DANNY COOLTMOORE  Vi är tomtenissar allihopa (S)
Finns det nåt som heter TRÄDGÅRDS-POP?

Ja, om Sundsvallsartisten - Danny Cooltmoore - får beskriva sin egen musik så är det vad han och hans band The Great Western Alarm levererar - andra kan kanske skulle benämna det närmare dansband ... sanningen ligger kanske ändå i örat på lyssnaren..…

Danny Cooltmoore är en av Sveriges flitigaste singelsläppare (Varje månad en eller två låtar) och har just nu 3 låtar på Spotify´s Dansbands-lista "Senaste Nytt". Han släpper också låtar med Small Town Pimps (Rockabilly på Engelska). där låten "Don´t come knocking on my door" ligger på Spotify´s största playlist för Rockabilly ROCKABILLY MANIA med nästan 400 000 följare.

Danny Cooltmoore & The Great Western Alarm - hade singeln "Sundsvalls Öl" 6 Veckor på Spotify top 50 Viral i Sverige 2018 och den har nu streamat över 300 000 ggr. Bandet har bara funnits i snart två år men har hunnit med att ge ut över 20 låtar och i pipen ligger ytterligare 40 låtar.. Senaste halvåret snurrar Danny Cooltmoore på ca: 110 000 streams varje månad, bara på Spotify.

Danny Cooltmoore är en låtskrivare och artist född och uppväxt i Matfors utanför Sundsvall. DC valde från 1994 att inte vara en del av musikbranschen. From 17 februari 2018 är han tillbaks som låtskrivare och sångare tillsammans med bandet The Great Western Alarm, Första låten DC & GWA släppte den 17 augusti 2018 var Sundsvalls Öl och den klev snabbt upp på Spotify Charts Sverige Viral 50 listan och utmanade länge om en 1:a placering men placerade sig på en 2:a placering som bäst. På listan låg låten över 40 dagar. I april 2019 släpptes Sundsvalls Stad som gick direkt in på Spotify listan Senaste nytt på en tredje plats. Andra låtar som släppts med Danny Cooltmoore & The Great Western Alarm är Snälla Maria, Hem Till Mig och Framsidan bak . Våren 2019 träffades Danny Cooltmoore & The Small Town Pimps i studion för ett projekt med fyra låtar. Första låtar ut i projektet var "I Wanna Go to America" och "When the Nightmares Hit This Town". "Don't Come Knocking on My Door" som släpptes 14 juni gick direkt in på "Rockabilly Mania" listan och även på Spotify listan "Senaste nytt"

Datum: 2019-11-22  Label:   
ISRC: SEYDQ1902601  Releasedatum: 2019-11-22

KIM TERRY GLOVER  Hallelujah Christmas (A)


Datum: 2019-11-22  Label: Kim´s World Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Atenzia Records jul (S)
  1. CASANOVAS: I Decembernatt
    Casanovas har haft riktigt stora framgångar med sina två tidigare julsinglar - dels covern på "Driving home for Chritmas" som har en bra it över 300000 streams, och inte minst den egenskrivna "Tänd ett ljus för alla dom" som med råge har passerat 500000 streams. Nu är det återigen dags för Casanovas att släppa en jullåt och det är också en egenskriven ny jullåt som är otroligt stämningsfull låt med en vacker text. Casanovas kommer landa på över 10 miljoner streams i år och den här låten är ett perfekt avslut av ett otroligt framgångsrikt år då bandet firat 30 år. Skriven och producerad av Henrik Sethsson & Henric Axelsson, ISRC: SEVSZ1902704
  2. MARTINEZ: Änglar i snön
    Änglar i snön är Martinez bidrag till årets julåtar. Låten är en snygg modernt producerad låt som kommer falla en bre målgrupp i smaken. Martinez är det band idag som har flest gig av alla dansband och är det mest populära dansbandet med en kvinnlig sångerska. Anledningen stavas Sandra Estberg som är en fantastik personlighet och sångerska. Och i denna låt så visar hon det verkligen! Låten är producerad av Henrik Sethsson och skriven av Lasse Lindbom
    ISRC: SEVSZ1901004
  3. BERTH IDOFFS: Hej mitt vinterland
  4. BERTH IDOFFS: Blue Christmas
    Berth Idoffs har inte gjort någon ny musik sedan kapellmästaren Marcus Idoffs tragiska bortgång för två år sedan. Men innan hans bortgång spelade bandet in några jullåtar varav vi släpper två av dessa nu i samarbete med Marcus fru Lotta som nuförtiden är ute i kyrkor och sjunger och nu i jul givetvis då med en julrepertoar. De här två låtarna är superlyxigt mixade dansbandsversioner på två julklassiker. Hej mitt vinterland sjunger Lotta på och Blue Christmas sjunger Marcus på. Dessutom är det väldigt efterlängtat med ny musik från detta legendariska dansband och det kommer att bli mycket snack kring singeln
    SEVSZ1203504, SEVSZ1203503
  5. TT GRACE: Likes under julen
    TT Grace släpper nu sin andra julsingel men där förra låten var en ganska melankolisk julsång så är detta raka motsatsen. Här visar de fem grabbarna upp sina grymma sångkunskaper och gör en femstämmig version av en nyskriven låt som handlar stressen över att vara perfekt på julen för att få fler likes på Instagram och facebook. En troligt rolig och träffande text och till det en smittande melodi. Unikt i år och något som garanterat kommer gå hem. Skriven av André Fransson, Dennis Quintero.
    ISRC: SEVSZ1901103
  6. MICKE AHLGRENS: Julen är stulen
    Micke Ahlgrens släppte en julsingel ganska sent förra året men den hamnade på den breda Nya Julsånger-spellistan på Spotify och streamade på bara några veckor 120.000 streams. Riktigt bra. Nu är det tillbaka med en ny jullåt. Där förra låten var en traditionell dansbandslåt med jultext så är "Julen är stulen" mer en charmig och rolig jullåt med en glimten i ögat-text och en flirt med Just D's "Nu är det jul igen" - fast då i en lite mer dansbandsaktig kostym. Låten har ALLA möjligheter att spilla över till en publik som är bra mycket större än bara dansbandspubliken. Skriven är Jörgen Olsson.
    ISRC: SEXWE1900201, SEXWE1900202 (radio version)


Datum: 2019-11-21  Label: Atenzia Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

HELEN DEBAKER-VORCE  I love it at Christmas time (S)


Datum: 2019-11-21  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

CASSANDRA  I love Christmas (S)
Song is written by Cassandra DiFruscio, Kris Bergsnes, and Maks Gabriel. - SOCAN.

All proceeds are going to Amnesty International.

Cassandra is a Recording Artist from Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario. She is currently pursuing a songwriting and recording career and is being mentored and advised by accomplished Nashville songwriter and artist developer Kris Bergsnes (Tim McGraw, Wynonna Judd, Justin Moore, Tyler Farr, Randy Travis…). She has written over 120 songs with acclaimed writers such as Kalsey Kulyk, James Slater (Grammy nominated, Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Enrique Iglesias…), Chris Boardman (6 time Emmy winner, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion…), and Andy Gibson (Jason Aldean, Kelly Clarkson). She has had songs cut by Arielle, Sydney Maxine, and Noah Barlass.

Cassandra’s favourite performance yet was a duet with Keith Urban on his “Raise Em’ Up Tour” in front of nearly 24,000 people.

Recently, she opened for hit Canadian Country Artists, Aaron Pritchett, Kira Isabella, and David James, in Niagara Falls. She had the pleasure of singing background vocals on the Texas #1 hit, “Restless” by Jake Ward.

After graduating from high school, Cassandra was hired by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a lead singer on the Independence of the Seas. She performed in 3 main theatre productions in front of audiences of more than 4,000 guests per cruise. In addition to the large productions, she also did regular performances in the Jazz Lounge as a lead singer, and on the Royal Promenade with a live band. Cassandra toured in Europe and the Caribbean for almost a year.

After returning from her tour, Cassandra decided to pursue a career as a solo artist. During this time, she wrote and recorded “Bring It Home” for CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada SongQuest and was featured on several Hockey Night In Canada broadcasts with viewership exceeding 6 million.

With over 25 of her original songs already produced and recorded, she has comprised her best work into an EP for release in 2020. *The “I Love Christmas” Music Video will be released this month!* -Filmed in Toronto with DaVinci Cinema Productions

Datum: 2019-11-18  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Send yourself home for Christmas
  2. Shut in at Christmas

Valerie Smith has developed a unique style and sound that has rocked the bluegrass world for almost two decades with a string of national and international tours, critically acclaimed recordings, and Grammy, IBMA and Dove Award nominations. Val's vocals are impressive. She has a staggeringly expansive range and the ability to portray an amazing array of emotion. As NPR radio host Dave Higgs has noted, "She can be sassy, sultry, siren-like, sweet, smooth, soothing and smoldering---sometimes during the span of just one song!" Valerie Smith and her East Coast-based band, Liberty Pike featuring legendary Hall of Famer Tom Gray on bass, are consistent audience pleasers and skilled musicians. When Valerie walks onstage with her fabulous band, expect to be inspired, amused and thoroughly entertained.

Originally from Missouri and now based in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, a charming little historic town just southeast of Nashville, Valerie Smith is an award winning bluegrass and American roots artist and songwriter. Since 1998 Smith has made thousands of fans and friends with her music, on stages across the United States, as well as in Europe, Canada and the United Kingdom. Her band is named “Liberty Pike” after the road that connects Bell Buckle to Nashville.

When you list to Valerie’s unique voice, you can hear influences from bluegrass, blues, gospel music and even Broadway show tunes. Her personal background is just as interesting and varied. Valerie holds a Master’s degree in Music from the University of Missouri in Kansas City, and she taught music for seven years in her home state before marrying Craig Smith (another fine musician and songwriter) and moving to Nashville.

Her three years as an account executive for a marketing firm in Music City gave Val a valuable crash course in promotion, video and photography to go along with mer music degree. In the evening she was working on her songwriting and singing wherever she could. Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie Louvin and the Nashville Bluegrass Band’s Alan O’Bryant became her music mentors in Nashville. Louvin invited Val onstage with him at the Grand Ole Opry, and O’Bryan produced her debut album, Patchwork Heart—which included a duet with Charlie on “My Baby’s Gone.”

Rawlings, climbed the Bluegrass Unlimited, Country Music and Americana reporting charts, receiving heavy radio airplay for five years. BU included the song in their list of the top 60 songs of the decade. The International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro, Kentucky, commissioned Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike to create a special “Bluegrass in the Schools” program to share bluegrass music and its history with thousands of students in western Kentucky for 15 years. She later developed the “American Roots Music” program, which she continues to present in the United States and overseas. Smith was invited by producer Bil VornDick and the legendary Ralph Stanley to be a part of the Grammy-nominated album, Clinch Mountain Sweethearts. Val and Stanley sang “I’ll Remember You, Love in My Prayers.” Country Music Hall of Famer Tom T. Hall made a special appearance on Valerie’s second album No Summer Storm. Tom T guested on “Sit Down and Cry,” a song written by Miss Dixie and Tom T Hall. The Halls also invited Valerie to participate in all three albums by the “Daughters of Bluegrass,” featuring an all-female cast of singers and musicians, on Blue Circle Records. Smith recorded a CD of duets with Becky Buller called Here’s a Little Song, which received critical acclaim. After 10 years in Liberty Pike, Buller formed her own touring band and has become a respected singer, songwriter and band leader in her own right. And Val couldn’t be prouder of her! Andy Leftwich, fiddler with Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, also worked for five years in Liberty Pike. The list of incredibly talented musicians and singers who have stood in the Liberty Pike circle onstage with Valerie Smith is too numerous to list here. Smith released her first gospel album, Wash Away Your Troubles, and her arrangement of “Wade in the Water” was included in the independent movie, Bell Witch: The Movie. Valerie, Kraig and Buller also co-wrote the song, “Ole John Bell,” which appeared in the sound track for the film. Valerie and her band have appeared on several television shows, including Ronnie Reno’s television numerous times, including performances on Reno’s Old Time Country Music on RFD, Bluegrass Underground, and Song of the Mountains, both on PBS. Valerie Smith’s new recording is called Home Town Heroes, which she was invited to showcase at the 2016 World of Bluegrass Business Conference in Raleigh, NC

Datum: 2019-11-18  Label: Bell Buckle Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

Multi-talented producer/musician/singer/songwriter Pernilla Andersson team up with acclaimed singer/songwriter Viktor Olsson for her new winter song "Decemberblues". Pernilla's most recent single "Låt det gå (långfinger upp)" was added to Sveriges Radio P4 A-list for almost four months

Datum: 2019-11-15  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQC1900011  Releasedatum:

MADDEN  Snowman (S)


Datum: 2019-11-15  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: NOAGW1900143  Releasedatum:

THEOZ  Årets Julklapp (S)
"Årets Julklapp” handlar om en väldigt speciell person i Theoz liv som han vill hålla hemlig. Låten är skriven av teamet bakom hans största hit ”Het”. Theoz är en av Sveriges absolut största influencers och har över 2 miljoner följare på sina kanaler. I somras släppte han debut-EP:n ”Min Theori" och gjorde en stor sommarturné med 30 stop runt om i Sverige

Datum: 2019-11-15  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900167  Releasedatum:

ANNA STADLING  I natten den fjärde advent (S)
Anna Stadling släpper ny jullåt den 22 nov ”I natten den fjärde advent”. Låten handlar om saknaden efter dom som passerat våra liv och som inte finns med oss längre, hur stark den känslan blir under just julen.

Förra året var Anna ute på en bejublad julturné med barndomsvännen Helen Sjöholm. I år beger hon sig ut på egen turné ”American Tunes For Christmas & andra vintersånger” med nedan turnédatum:
  • 6-7 dec Skottvångs Grufva, Mariefred
  • 10 dec Södra Teatern, Stockholm. Gästartister: Sanna Nielsen, Sophie Zelmani, Stina Wollter och Tina Ahlin.
  • 13 dec Sundsvalls Teater, Sundsvall
  • 14 dec Korskyrkan, Umeå, Gästartist: Carolina Miskovsky. Lokala körsångare under ledning av Petra Falk.
  • 15 dec Kulturens Hus, Luleå. Lokala körsångare under ledning av Petra Falk
  • 18 dec Katalin, Uppsala, Gästartist: Stina Wollter


Datum: 2019-11-15  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-11-22

DAVID OCH KRISTINA LINDGREN  Just när julen är här (S)
Popstjärnan David Lindgren och musikalstjärnan Kristina Lindgren släpper julalbum tillsammans. Albumet är producerat av Dan Sundqvist och inspelat med en 30-manna stråkorkester. Det tog 10 månader att slutföra och består av nio coverlåtar i helt nya tappningar samt en nyskriven hyllningslåt till Davids mamma som gick bort i cancer mitt under arbetet med plattan. Fokusspåret är ”Just När Julen Är Här” - en svensk cover på den ikoniska jullåten ”Christmas Song”

Datum: 2019-11-15  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900170  Releasedatum:

ANE BRUN  The first day of Christmas (S)
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! God Jul! Feliz Navidad! Ane Brun - The First Day Of Christmas (Release 2019-11-15) A brand new Christmas Song written and performed by Ane Brun. Enjoy!

Datum: 2019-11-15  Label: Universal Music Group  
ISRC: SEVVQ1900703  Releasedatum: 2019-11-15

  1. Från Stockholm till L.A.
  2. From Stockholm to L.A.

Fredag 15 november släpper de halländska artisterna Anna Vild och Vargen duettballaden ”Från Stockholm till L.A.

-En klassisk julsaga och kärlekshistoria mellan det mytomspunna Norden och The City of Angels”, beskriver Anna Vild låten. - Som får lyssnaren att riktigt se de frostbitna fjällskyarna framför sig, ackompanjerat av känslan i den kalifoniska värmen mot huden…

Även musikaliskt rör sig ”Från Stockholm till L.A.” mellan de geografiska platserna. Nordisk visa blandas med country och americana, de senare tack vare Mats Börjessons pianospel och Dan Kristensens slidegitarr.

-Det är ett amerikanskt sound över ”Stockholm-L.A.”, säger Reine Johansson, som ligger bakom artistnamnet Vargen. – Mycket av den engelska texten ploppade upp samtidigt som vi jobbade med den svenska versionen. Det kändes självklart att släppa den ”over there” också, allra helst eftersom Vargens Dylanplatta fick så mycket positiv uppmärksamhet i våras.

Inspelningen är den första session som gjorts i Recordias nya lokaler i Varberg. Recordia grundades 1989 av Fredrik Larnemo och är en av Sveriges mest välrenommerade anläggniingar för ljudproduktion inom musik, radio och film. Lill-Babs och Ulf Lundell är några av de srtister som huserat i studion under åren. Anna Vild debuterade I våras med albumet ”Vårskrik” och nådde en andraplats i P4 Halland Nästa 2018. ”Vargen” är den halländske singer-songwritern Reine Johanssons artist- och bandnamn. Vargen debuterade 2017 med egna Dan Anderssontonsättningar och vårens ”Tänk inte efter – Bob Dylan på svenska” fick positiva recensioner i Sverige och inite minst i USA och England. (Se Facebook och hemsida för recensioner)

Datum: 2019-11-13  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-11-15

Elisas ”Vintervals” var med på hennes album ”Nu glittrar trädens kronor” som släpptes i fjol. I år framför hon den på turné med John Lundvik, Tommy Nilsson & Wiktoria

Datum: 2019-11-13  Label: Warner Music Sweden
ISRC: SE5YN1801509  Releasedatum:

ÖBARNA  jul på ön (S)
Folklig jul me Öbarna's nya låt ”Jul på ön” som släpptes i förra fredagen

Datum: 2019-11-13  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEWFW1900101  Releasedatum: 2019-11-08

VICTORIA EMAN  Lonely this Christmas (S)
T & W : Chinn & Chapman. Song is originally recorded by the Brittish group The Mud

Datum: 2019-11-12  Label:
ISRC: NL-J9A-19-00006  Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Country Christmas (A)
  1. FLAT RIVER BAND: Go tell it to the mountain
  2. MARCEL KAPTEIJN: The one I want for Christmas
  3. RICHARD LYNCH: I saw Santa fishing


Datum: 2019-11-11  Label: Star One Group  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JOHN LINDBERG TRIO  Count the days (Christmas time is comin) (S)
After ten years of playing up and down the country, John Lindberg Trio are now a well established live act in in their native Sweden. But with recent tours in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland under their belt more and more international fans are now coming onboard. Almost half of their streams are today coming from outside of Sweden. Count The Days is an original Christmas composition and again this smoking trio shows how classic Rock’n'Roll can sound in the 21st century. The story continues...

Datum: 2019-11-11  Label: Enviken Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Christmas tracks (A)
  1. EYE SPY: A Christmas wish
  2. MATT NEWTON: Catch a snowflake
  3. BRYCE WASTNEY: Light my way this Christmas
  4. MATT COOKE: Maybe next year
  5. NOREEN CRAYTON: Silent night
  6. NOREEN CRAYTON: Angels we have heard on high
  7. I can´t wait for Christmas


Datum: 2019-11-09  Label: Tabitha Music  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

Berlinbaserade artisten Fantasy French släpper den 15 november Jullåten ”Cold House” en nyskriven pophymn med vintertema. Bakom projektet står Sunniva Bondesson, en tredjedel av alt-country-trion Baskery.

Ur de snabba kasten mellan ledighet i Berlin och ett späckat turnéliv världen runt med Baskery, bubblade en önskan om ett sidoprojekt upp inom Sunniva. Ett nytt format där låtidéer som oftast flimrar förbi får ta plats och ett sound som inte är begränsat till en viss genre. Sunniva började komponera mer i huvudet och agerar i ”Fantasy French” lika delar producent och artist. ”Cold House” skrev hon som en av två låtar till Amazon-initiativet.

”Acoustic Christmas” (2017), där Baskery tillfrågades att medverka, men kände att ”Cold House” rörde sig mer mot ett elektroniskt sound. Produktionen domineras av synthar och samplingar och arret är byggt på lager av körer, glittriga slagverk och klockor som ramar in jultemat.

Texten berör ämnena solidaritet, kärlek och ensamhet

Datum: 2019-11-07  Label: Mother Tarantula Records Digital  
ISRC: SE2PT1900301  Releasedatum: 2019-11-15

TONI WEST  A white Christmas this year (S)
Hi there Goran! Nearly that time of year again......Here's my new song for Christmas 2019 - "A White Christmas This Year" - written by myself and Geoff Taggart. I do hope you have time to listen and consider playing it if you have a Christmas show.

Cheers - Toni xx

Datum: 2019-11-07  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Diamondback Records DBOX-XMAS 2019 (A)
  1. RANDY C. MOORE: Little drummer boy
    Randy has perforemd worldwide, with a recent engagement in Monaco, also in China & elsewhere with many prestigious awards
  2. ALLEN KARL: A holly jolly Christmas
    This popular singer makes it his own! A holiday standard by Burl Ives, also recorded by Alan Jackson & Michael Bublé
  3. PATRICIA WELCH: The Christmas song
    A Christmas classic, sung by this award winning artist, originally recorded by the late, great Nat King Cole in 1961
  4. MOLLY RAE: I believe in Christmas
    Molly is a 16 year old young lady & singer of songs; she´s avaiable to sing your song too!
  5. ROBIN GABLE: Silent nightStory of a calm, bright night & the wonder of the newborn child, just after the Napoleonic wars
  6. GAIL RUSSELL: Little green vase
  7. ROBIN GABLE: It´d be a perfect Christmas
  8. MICHAEL CASALI: Christmas crisis


Datum: 2019-11-07  Label: Diamondback Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

RAY LANI  It´s Christmas eve and you´re not here (S)
Ray Lani is a prolific songwriter from Patchogue, New York, with a variety of country songs in his collection.

What could be more devastating than to see and hear all the sights and sounds of Christmas, but missing that one and only that makes the holiday a special occasion. Like the sad faced ornament on the tree, this poor soul is facing the fact that IT’S CHRISTMAS AND YOU’RE NOT HERE! We hope your listeners will enjoy this Christmas song

Datum: 2019-10-31  Label: Diamondback Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Äntligen så e de jul
  2. I wish it could be Christmas everyday
  3. Merry Xmas everybody

PERIKLES har släppt en julsingel med tre nyinspelade låtar. Dels den helt nyskrivna (av Lunkan i bandet) ”Äntligen så är det jul” där Lunkan fått till en riktigt rolig text med mängder av klassiska jullåtstitlar i texten. Försök att häng med och räkna ut allesammans.

Dessutom är låten snabb, catcy låt med en riktig karlssons klister-refräng. Så ladda ner och lyssna på den! Förutom den nyskrivna låten så passar bandet på att hylla två av sina gamla favoritband – Slade och Wizzard som på 70-talet gjorde varsin julklassiker – Slade med sin ”Merry Xmas Everybody och Wizzard med sin ”I Wish It Could Be Christmas”.

Båda i nya fräscha Periklesfierade versioner!

Datum: 2019-10-31  Label: Atenzia Records  
ISRC: sevsz1901812, sevsz1901813, sevsz1901814  Releasedatum:

PIA PIHLGRENS  Nu är julen här (S)
PIA PIHLGRENS vill inte vara sämre än alla andra dansband utan har även de lirat in en jullåt i år. Men de satsar fullt ut att vara dansanta även i sin julmusik och deras patenterade bugg-gung lyser även igenom på denna välproddade juldänga.

Datum: 2019-10-31  Label: Atenzia Records  
ISRC: se3xz1900115  Releasedatum:

MONA G  Ser Du stjärnan i det blå (S)
MONA G fick en riktig succé med sin förra jullåt som släpptes 2017. Då lirade hon tillsammans med ett gäng rutinerade studiorävar borta i Nashville in ”Bella Notte” som har blivit Monas mest streamade låt på Spotify med över 300000 streams.

Hon fick blodad tand och hörde av sig till grabbarna borta i Countryns förlovade huvudstad och bad dom lira in bakgrunderna till ”Ser du stjärnan i det blå” och resultatet är en riktigt proffsig version med starka countryinfluenser

Datum: 2019-10-31  Label: Atenzia Records  
ISRC: sevsz1902604  Releasedatum:

JANNIKE STENLUND  jul i Lycksele (S)
Jannike Stenlund är sångerskan & violinisten som har turnerat med artister som Ola Salo, Hasse Andersson och Kee Marcello, som är född och uppvuxen i Lapplands enda stad; Lycksele, som har spelat rollen som The Fiddler i den irländska uppsättningen av Fiddler On The Roof.

Jannike citat: “Det är så fint att komma hem till Lycksele och fira jul med sina nära och kära! Alla vänner träffas ute på Vintervägen när älven fryst, och alla stadens ljus lyser upp den vita snön så det skapas en sån där magisk, oslagbar atmosfär. Julen i Lappland det är något alldeles extra det!”

Datum: 2019-10-25  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

T. GRAHAM BROWN  Christmas with T. Graham Brown (A)
Christmas music this year will have a soulful Country sound, with the new album from T. Graham Brown. The Country chart-topper will released his very first holiday album, Christmas with T. Graham Brown, on October 2, 2015. The perfect stocking- stuffer will be released by Mansion Entertainment and distributed by Sony RED Distribution. The project was produced by T. Graham Brown and Tony Griffith.

“I love Christmas! Christmas music makes everyone happy,” said an excited Brown. “We hope this album makes you happy and that you’ll play it all season long, every year. Merry Christmas!”

Brown chose 11 songs, a combination of classic and new tracks, which he hopes will bring the Christmas spirit to friends and fans everywhere. Standout tracks include the feel good standards, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” which blends perfectly with Brown’s unique style. You’ll find a few up-tempo choices to energize the holiday rush and make you feel like dancin’ and singin’ along. There’s a rockin’ “Run Run Rudolph,” and a fun fantasy tune, “Santa Claus is Comin’ in a UFO,” penned by T., his wife, Sheila and their son, Acme. There’s a little “Merry” music for every Christmas music fan on Christmas with T. Graham Brown.

The future holiday classic is the follow-up to Brown’s 2015 Grammy nominated project, Forever Changed. The Country/Gospel/R&B collection was produced by Brown and Mark Carman. It features collaborations with some of T. Graham’s closest friends, including Vince Gill, The Oak Ridge Boys, Jimmy Fortune, Sonya Isaacs and many others. The album marked a triumphant return to the studio for Brown, after a 9 year hiatus. It was met with great critical acclaim from the music industry, critics and fans, securing features in Country Weekly, Billboard, CMT and many more

Datum: 2019-10-22  Label: Mansion Entertainment
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

DAVID STARR  Doing Christmas right (S)
This original song first appeared around 2016 when a Scottish promoter asked for a Christmas song as part of a holiday compilation CD. Since I didn't have one at the ready, I sat down and wrote this one about a guy who visits his hometown at Christmastime. While he's not all that fond of the season, he finds redemption when he spots his old flame "standing in the snow beneath the light". As one radio host laughingly said, "so, it warmed your cold, dead heart..." Something like that! ~ David Starr

Datum: 2019-10-18  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

CHARLIE HANSEN  Why can´t Jesus spend Christmas here with me (S)
A song that I wrote a number of years ago. I would appreciate any airplay that you could give it over the next couple of months

Datum: 2019-10-09  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

SLEEPING COLLECTION  Christmas Collection, vol. 1 (A)
"Each year, I’ve made a tradition of recording a Christmas song or two. Which has now become an entire album, Christmas Collection, Vol. 1. My song choice this year was heavily inspired by my two daughters, Lily (4) and Iris (2), who share a DEEP (and I mean deeeeeep) love for Disney’s Frozen. So, for my daughters (and because I really love this song too), I covered “When We’re Together” from the Holiday short, “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure!” I was even able to convince my wife and our girls to sing with me! Also per tradition, 100% of every “tip” received for this collection of Christmas songs will go to LOVE DOES, an incredible organization doing meaningful and important work around the globe." - Ryan O'Neal (Sleeping At Last)

Datum: 2018-12-21  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

TR DALLAS  When I think of Christmas (S)
Written by Tom Allan. One of Ireland's top country singers, TR Dallas is delighted to release his new self penned Christmas single 'When I Think Of Christmas' to radio. Born in Moate, Co Westmeath to one of Ireland's illustrious musical families - (brother Tony Allen is one half of top duo 'Foster & Allen'), TR started his musical journey with several Showbands. Since then, he has risen to become a household name throughtout Ireland, the British Isles and beyond. He has toured and perfomed with some of the biggest names in Country Music such as Johnny Cash, Boxcar Willie, Don Williams etc

Datum: 2018-12-10  Label: RKA Music
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

DONNA CRISTY  I wish everyday could be Christmas (S)
Donna is a recording artist and songwriter with powerful vocals with a 4 octave range. Donna has toured the world as a lead singer and dancer. Her recordings consist of the hard rock "People Will Talk", the retro-funk-r & b offering "Come Hell Or High Water", house records "Trust My Love","Surrender" and "Hold Me Close". Her single "Do You Hear Me", was nominated for Best Rock Single with the Los Angeles Music Awards. Donna has several of her country songs playing in venues throughout the world and has performed with the popular tribute band Led Zepagain at The Candlelight Pavillion for their "Symphony To Heaven" performance and sang duets "The Battle Of Evermore" and "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" with their talented lead vocalist, Swan Montgomery. Her powerful vocals and diversity makes Donna a Unique Songstress who can crossover to many Genres. Look out for this Diva as she embarks on a New Journey with Tunes that will make your Body and Mind say WOW!!

Datum: 2018-12-08  Label: 3 Shots Productions
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

OLD 97´s  Love the Holidays (Saint Nick´s Picks) (EP)
Old 97's have released their new holiday album, LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. It is the beloved band's first-ever collection of original holiday songs and was produced, mixed and engineered by John Pedigo in the band's home state of Texas. The LP presents nine new rockin' new Yuletide favorites, as well as Old 97's take on five holiday classics. Available now on Christmas colored vinyl, CD, and at all digital retailers

Datum: 2018-12-07  Label: ATO Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

En jullåt. Ganska sorglig text med viss eftertanke i jul tider.

Datum: 2018-12-07  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

STEPHANIE URBINA JONES  Merryiachi Christmas (S)
When Stephanie Urbina Jones starts to unwind the story of how her new album, Tularosa, came to life, it?s hard to stop repeating, ?Wow. Really?? Her narrative has so many twists and turns, so many meant-to-be moments that can only be described as karmic, it sounds like a fairytale. But then, so does her entire career. We?re talking about a woman who moved from Austin to Nashville to work with the Texas Tornados? management agency, landed a songwriting deal almost on a whim, had one of her first efforts become the title track of a Lorrie Morgan album, then watched a competitor on TV?s The Voice win season seven and score a No. 1 Billboard country chart debut with a song she co-wrote ? a song Blake Shelton gave him after sitting on it for 15 years.

Datum: 2018-12-06  Label: Casa Del Rio Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JOHN LINDBERG TRIO  Rock this Christmas (A)


Datum: 2018-12-04  Label: Enviken Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

MICKE AHLGRENS  En riktigt God jul (S)
Här kommer Micke Ahlgrens bidrag till årets skörd av jullåtar och det med låten ”En riktigt God Jul”. Ahlgrens har till skillnad från många andra band stannat vid sitt klassiska dansbandssound men skrivit en text om julen.

- Vi är ett dansband och vi vill såklart att våra fans ska kunna dansa ordentligt även till denna låt. Så vi hoppas den ska gå hem ordentligt i stugorna, säger Micke

Datum: 2018-12-04  Label:   
ISRC: SEXWE1800201  Releasedatum:

LENNE BROTHERS BAND  Christmas all over again (S)
With 'Santa's Plane' the LenneBrothers Band presents their first ever Christimas album that carries on the band's classic sound. Stylistically, it fits seamlessly with their previous albums, offering a mix of rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, old school country, and a touch of blues.

The opener, as well as the album's first single, is 'Christmas All Over Again', a snappy rockabilly-number with a very catchy melody and a chorus, which will be impossible to get out of your head. It's a song that releases positive Christmas vibes, where each note creates more excitement for the holidays. Michael Ele Koch says about the song: 'Christmas All Over Again' is a Good-Time-Song to sing along with, based on the Rock 'n' Roll-Revival sound and style of the early eighties. The year flew by faster than expected, but the feeling of Christmas helps to forget about all the crowded sidewalks and the bad weather.The perfect soundtrack until Christmas Eve!"

Datum: 2018-12-04  Label: AGR Television Records
ISRC: DEY501800043  Releasedatum:

EMANUEL BAGGE feat ANDREAS BAGGE  Christmas time (Once a year) (S)
Emanuel Bagge (TV4 Talang Final 2017) släpper ny julsingel tillsammans med sin bror!

"Låten skrevs för ett år sedan, när jag och min bror Andreas Satt och drack kaffe och pratade om julen och hur vi ville fira julen det året, och vi kom in på vad julen betyder för oss, och på så vi kom denna låt till!" Vi släpper två versioner, en officiell som Ulf Esborn producerat där jag, Emanuel frontar och Andreas körar- och en akustisk version som är inspelad i samma vardagsrum som den skrevs, o där också min bror Andreas feat’ar! Vi vill dela med oss av den känslan som finns när jag och min bror lirar tillsammans i soffan, hemma.

Datum: 2018-12-03  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. ALLEN KARL: I´ll be home for Christmas
  2. DESTINY BAND OZ: O Holy night
  3. GORDON HENDRICKS: Ding-a-Ling (The Christmas bell)
  4. RAY TOMBS: If everyday was like Christmas
  5. JULIE RICHARDSON: Colorado Christmas
  6. GEORGE LONGARD: Here comes Santa Claus
  7. TERRY CRABTREE: Old time Christmas
  8. LUANNE HUNT: This is Christmas
  9. MAK KAYLOR: Christmas in New York
  10. PETER TRENHOLM: Suzy Snowflake
  11. MAK KAYLOR: Christmas is for Children
  12. LUANNE HUNT: This is Christmas
  13. MICHAEL CASALI: Christmas crisis
  14. RAY TOMBS: Silent night


Datum: 2018-12-01  Label: Diamondback Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Warner Christmas Tracks (A)
  1. ANDREAS JOHNSON: Your Christmas story
  2. CeeLO GREEN (feat. ROD STEWART & TROMBONE SHORTY): Merry Christmas, Baby
  3. CHRISTINA PERRI: Something about December
  4. JOSEF JOHANSSON (feat. NINA MIRA): Julkort från Vårby Gård (remastered)
  5. KYLIE MINOGUE: Santa baby
  6. MÅNS ZELMERLÖW: Christmas song
  7. MÅNS ZELMERLÖW: Jag drömmer om en jul hemma
  8. MÅNS ZELMERLÖW: Tomten jag vill ha en riktig jul
  9. Have yourself a merry little Christmas
  10. SANNA NIELSEN & ANDERS GLENMARK: En ton av tystnad
  11. SIA: Round and round


Datum: 2018-11-30  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Oh Holey night
  2. Let it snow (instr)
  3. Oh little town of Bethleham (instr)
  4. Santa Claus is coming to town


Datum: 2018-11-30  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Ding-a-Ling (The Christmas bell)
  2. Old time Christmas
  3. Colorado Christmas

I wish you love, laughter and music…

Datum: 2018-11-29  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BRENDAN KELLY  Song for a winter night (S)


Datum: 2018-11-28  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

CLIFFORD CURRY with ASHLEY TOWNSEND  Christmas Aint No Time for the Blues (S)
What the 18th Annual Blues Festival Announcement says about Clifford Curry: "One of the Southeast’s storybook singers, Clifford Curry has deep history in R&B, blues, gospel, shag and beach music. Born in Knoxville, TN, he first cut for Savoy Records, while still in high school, with his group The Five Pennies – spectacular recordings prized by collectors to this day. He later waxed for Elf, Excello and other labels, getting airplay on some of Music City’s most powerful radio stations, pushing his music to the Atlantic coast where “beach music” was exploding – he had a whole new audience. In 1967 Clifford had his biggest hit, “She Shot a Hole in My Soul,” a beach music classic still packing dance floors. Now more than ever, this beloved artist is a force to be reckoned with, having won numerous CAMMY Awards (beach music’s “Grammys”) and still on the charts (his latest smash is “Beach Music & BBQ”)."

Datum: 2018-11-28  Label: NITE*SKY Records International  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Thirty Tigers Christmas Sampler (A)
Thirty Tigers is proud to present new Christmas music from a handful of artists which shows the breadth and quality of their roster - iconic artists in Americana, Pop, Gospel, and Country. This collection includes brand new songs which may just become annual favorites as well as a couple new recordings of classic Christmas songs. Each of these selections is just a sample from a larger offering of new holiday music this year, so dive in and enjoy!
  1. THE MAVERICKS: I have wanted you (for Christmas)
  2. LeANN RIMES: You and me and Christmas
  3. CeCe WINANS: It´s Christmas
  4. KRYSTAL KEITH: O Holy Night
  5. LANCE CARPENTER: Santa Claus is coming to town


Datum: 2018-11-28  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

CHANGE OF KEY  Christmas Glee with Change of Key (A)
After 3 CD’s with all originals and some singles, the dream to make a Christmas album was high on the list of things Change of Key wanted to do. So this year, in March, they started to make plans and asked multi- instrumentalist and dear friend Tim Crouch if he would help them to make this dream come true. Tim recorded the musical parts in his studio in Arkansas USA. During the summer, with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, Daniëlle, Marijke & Joop put the airco on freezing and recorded the vocal parts in their home studio. The beautiful lead vocal of Daniëlle really sounds like an angel and the warm deeper voices of Marijke and Joop are beautifully blending in for the harmony vocals. On the day, November 17th when the trio heard they were the winners of the Dutch CMA Award 2018 for trio, they got the first copy of this beautiful CD.
  • This album contains 4 originals and 8 traditionals
  • Recorded partly in USA and partly in the home-studio of the trio
  • The virtuous fiddle player Tim Crouch arranged and recorded the music of all the songs. He also played several instruments: fiddle, bass, mandolin, electric- & acoustic guitar
  • Other musicians who played on this project are: Jeff Taylor - piano, Buddy Greene - harmonica, Robby Springfield - pedalsteel guitar, Marijke - piano & guitar and Joop - banjo
  • Vocal recordings, engineering & mixes are done in the homestudio
  • Master by Tim Crouch, Joop de Jong & Daniëlle Poot


Datum: 2018-11-28  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

COLIN PAUL  Christmas angel (S)


Datum: 2018-11-27  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BARBADOS  Hela tjocka släkten (S)
För första gången någonsin har nu Barbados lirat in en julsingel skriven av Peter och Mathias i bandet. Låten är en poppig uptempodänga med en text som har en stor portion humor i texten. Dansant är den också ??

Datum: 2018-11-26  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

HELENA SALO  Låt oss tända ett ljus i advent (S)
Helena Salo är en sångerska med lång erfarenhet av att stå på scenen. På scenen stod Helena första gången när hon var 5 år. Där tog karriären fart och hon spelade redan som åttaåring in sina första singelskivor. Genom åren har Helena sedan spelat in flera skivor och sjungit både i radio och TV. Just nu är hon aktuell med den nyskrivna julsången Låt oss tända ett ljus i advent.

Våren 2010 fick Helena ett stort genombrott och gjorde stor succé när hon deltog i TV 4 och deras program Talang. Där tog hennes sång henne ända till den stora finalen och hon blev mycket uppmärksammad i media, både i Sverige och Finland. Hon har i pressen jämförts med Susan Boyle. Nu sjunger Helena på många olika scener runt om i Sverige. Musiken Helena framför spänner över många genrer och framförs på såväl svenska som engelska och finska.

Text: Annika Andersson, Kompositör: Patrik Larsson, Producerad av Tomas Ivhall

Datum: 2018-11-26  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

REBECKA KARLSSON  A Christmas baby (S)


Datum: 2018-11-23  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1800342  Releasedatum:

BEC LAVELLE feat. BEN RANSOM  There is a star that shines tonight (S)
Australian artist, Bec Lavelle, has joined together with one of the hottest new names in music, Ben Ransom, to record a special Christmas duet. “There Is A Star That Shines Tonight” is written by one of the globe’s most successful singer-songwriters of the past two decades – Sheryl Crow. The duet was suggested by Bec’s manager - who also works closely with Ben - and recorded thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Musicians were recorded in Italy and Russia, Bec recorded her vocals in Germany while Ben recorded his in Sydney. The track was produced and mixed in the Hunter Valley of NSW and mastered in Nashville.

Bec Lavelle is best known as the voice of the television series, “McLeod’s Daughters”, and has been based in Germany for the past eight years thanks to the success of the show. She will return to Australia permanently in February 2019 and has begun working on new original material in readiness to hit the ground running next year. Ben Ransom is one of the most exciting new names in Australian music. Every song released from his current album, “101”, has hit number one on various Australian charts. The pair will perform a special live show at the acclaimed music venue, The Leadbelly in Newtown (Sydney), on Friday 22nd March 2019

Datum: 2018-11-23  Label: Red Rebel Music  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Airplay Express Christmas 2018 (A)
  1. ALLEN KARL: Old toy trains
  2. ROSE ANGELICA: No place like home for the holidays
  3. JAY WALKER: Jingle bell rock
  4. BOBBY G RICE: Santa´s on his way
  5. ROSE ANGELICA: Silver bells
  6. JAY WALKER: Blue Christmas
  7. ROSE ANGELICA: The Wish
    Written and Performed by Rose Angelica
  8. BOBBY G. RICE: Holidays are happy days
  9. DONNA CUNNINGHAM: I only want you for Christmas
  10. KEITH BRADFORD: On a Christmas Eve


Datum: 2018-11-21  Label: Wildhorse Entertainment  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

THE DOLLYROTS  The Dollyrots do Christmas (S)
The Dollyrots play 5 classic Christmas songs in 3 minutes! A pay-what-you-want download. 100% of proceeds go to a super worthy charity, Little Steven Van Zandt's Rock and Roll Forever Foundation. The foundation's program creates education materials that use the history of popular music to create engaging, multicultural lesson plans for history, social studies, language arts, music, and science classrooms, all of which are available to educators at NO COST. That's pretty awesome!

Datum: 2018-11-21  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

DANIEL BOYS  Christmas Lullaby (S)
Daniel Boys will release his first ever Christmas single ‘Christmas Lullaby’ on 23rd November 2018 to coincide with the release of film ‘Nativity Rocks 4’ in which he plays one of the two lead roles.

He can also be seen currently on the 2018 Marks & Spencer Christmas Ad with Holly Willoughby.

Daniel trained at The Guildford School of Acting, but rose to prominence in 2007 as a contestant on the hit BBC television series Any Dream Will Do – the search for a Joseph in Andrew Lloyd Webber's new production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Television and Film credits include: Nativity Rocks! (Mirrorball Films); Endeavour (ITV); Holby City (BBC Television); Fall Out (Crowded Pictures) and Little Man (Peccadillo Pictures).

West End and London credits include: Donald in The Boys in the Band (Park Theatre and transfer to The Vaudeville); Potts in Miss Atomic Bomb (St James Theatre); Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (Charing Cross Theatre); Sir Lancelot in Spamalot (Playhouse); Captain Walker in Tommy (Prince Edward); Princeton/Rod in Avenue Q (Gielgud/Noel Coward – Winner of 2009 Theatregoers Choice Award for Best Takeover in a Role); Roger in Grease (Victoria Palace); Mark in Rent (Prince of Wales and National Tour), Anthony in Sweeney Todd (Royal Festival Hall); Jason in Ordinary Days (Trafalgar Studios) and Christian in Wolfboy (Trafalgar Studio).

His concert appearances include: The Night of 1000 Voices (Royal Albert Hall); Hayley Westenra's special guest (King's Lynn Festival); Guest star on his friend John Barrowman’s tour Music, Music, Music (which culminated in a performance at the Royal Albert Hall and was subsequently released on DVD) and The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (UK Tour).

In 2009 Daniel released his debut solo album So Close, which led to him embarking on a series of sell out solo concerts in London and around the UK. He made his American debut with the show when he performed in Los Angeles, supported by the star of NBC’s SMASH and Broadway actress Megan Hilty and played both Sydney and the world famous Adelaide Cabaret Festival alongside acts such as Olivia Newton John. Further concert work has taken him to Bangkok, Chicago, Al Ain, Xiamen and Ljubljana performing with some of the world’s greatest orchestras and conductors. Daniel is also a regular guest on BBC Radio 2’s Friday Night is Music Night.

As well as being heard on several cast recordings, Daniel also recorded and released a track for Disney, The World is Something You Imagine, which is currently being played in all their stores worldwide. Between 2013 and 2015 he could be heard singing the iconic theme tune for the Australian soap Neighbours (Channel 5 / Network 10)

Datum: 2018-11-21  Label: AGR TV Records  
ISRC: DEY501800060  Releasedatum:



Datum: 2018-11-20  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JEFF CLAYBORN feat. KATY GABY  I´ll be home for Christmas (S)
Uncommon as a seven-point buck in December, true country gentlemen are hard to find. Jeff Clayborn (JC) subscribes to a brand of organic country that can?t be replaced or altered. A Texas tumbleweed with down home roots, Clayborn sports Southern swagger from his signature low-brimmed hat to his cowboy btoo.


Datum: 2018-11-20  Label: The Cabin Record Co  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

TONI WEST  Too much time (S)
Hi there Goran Here is my new Xmas song for 2018 - Too Much Time - I hope you will consider it if you have a Xmas show Thanks for your time

Datum: 2018-11-20  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Christmas Hillbilly Style
  2. Blinded at the crossroads

Songwriter/artist Ron Thompson is a real world Tennessee hillbilly who grew up in East Tennessee and obtained a degree in Electrical/Electronics engineering. Ron studied piano as a child and taught himself to play rhythm and lead guitar. He also plays harmonica, bass guitar, and electronic keyboard. Ron sings vivid and clear lyrics about real life and real world events.

Verda Dallena Hess Thompson was born in Arkansas and went to high school at Vallaint, Ok. She is totally deaf without her hearing aids in

Datum: 2018-11-17  Label: NITE*SKY International Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Little brother´s Christmas (re-recorded in 2018)
  2. Suzy Snowflake (Re-Recorded in 2018)
  3. Pretty paper (re-recorded in 2018)
  4. Last Christmas (re-recorded in 2018)

Hello to all my DJ friends, I hope you are all doing well. Attached are a couple Christmas songs that I’ve just re-recorded for airplay consideration. “Little Brother’s Christmas Surprise”, is one of my own compositions, written from a true life experience. Christmas is fast approaching & I hope you will consider these songs for your very popular radio shows. I would like to thank you all for supporting & playing my music in the past & for all future radio play considerations. Wishing you folks all the best. Thanks ever so much. Peter Trenholm

Datum: 2018-11-17  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JOHN PENNEY  The first kiss of Christmas (S)
Written by John Penney. Here is a Christmas song from John Penney. I hope you and your listeners enjoy it.

Datum: 2018-11-17  Label: Glory Train Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

ROBERT WELLS  Christmas callin´ (S)
Idag släpps Robert Wells nya härliga julsingel, ”Christmas Callin’ – en låt som han har skrivit på Charlie Normans första piano och som hämtat inspirationen från amerikanska Christmas tunes, i sann old entertainment-anda! Fantastiska Maria Wells & The Vocalettes medverkar också på låten tillsammans med musikerna Lars Risberg (bas), Roine Johansson (trummor), David Sales (gitarr) och Tore Berglund (saxofon). För produktionen står Robert Wells, som också skrivit ”Christmas Callin’”

Datum: 2018-11-16  Label: Arthur Music  
ISRC: SEVVT1801001  Releasedatum:

ANDREAS JOHNSON  Your Christmas story (S)


Datum: 2018-11-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1800339  Releasedatum:

ELISA LINDSTRÖM  Nu glittrar trädens kronor (S)


Datum: 2018-11-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SE5YN1801501  Releasedatum:

PERNILLA ANDERSSON  Det fryser på Norrmälarstrand igen (S)


Datum: 2018-11-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1800317  Releasedatum:

BELLA & FILIPPA  Ring them bells (S)


Datum: 2018-11-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden
ISRC: SE4E81802801  Releasedatum:

SANNA NIELSEN  Christmas candle (S)


Datum: 2018-11-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1800340  Releasedatum:

LARS BRUNDIN  Nu faller snön igen (S)


Datum: 2018-11-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEXDP1800401  Releasedatum:

ANNA BERGENDAHL  Just another Christmas (S)


Datum: 2018-11-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEXDP1800401  Releasedatum:


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