THE COLDWATERS ft. SANDRA NORTH  California Christmas (S)
Mitt namn är Sandra North och jag är en sångerska/låtskrivare från Trosa, Sverige som senaste 5 åren hållit till i LA. Skriver country/pop låtar tillsammans med min gitarrist & producent Juan Abella och hittills har vi 4 singlar ute! Min debutsingel "Try Again" fick en första placering på Radio P4 Sörmlands Top 5 och stannade kvar på listan i hela 15 veckor.

Min andra singel "Same Story 'Bout a Broken Heart" släpptes under vintern 2020 och nådde även den stora framgångar med 75k streams på Spotify och över 11k views på musik videon på YouTube. Den har även flitigt spelats på radio stationer över både Skandinavien, Europa, Kanada, USA och Australien där den varit placerad på Country Thunder's Top 20 under 18 veckor. Låten har även fått 3 finalist placeringar i Unsigned Only, Best Country 2020 för Radio WigWam samt Intercontinental Music Awards 2020 under Rock kategorin.

Min tredje single "You" släpptes under sommaren och musikvideon kom ut i början av oktober. Just nu ligger låten 4:a på P4 Sörmlands Top 5 lista och har varit med under 9 veckor. Den har även blivit väldigt uppmärksammad ikring Skandinavien och Norge framför allt. En kortare promotion tour hölls via live streams från hemmet i LA pga COVID-19. Vi spelade då live för Sveriges West Coast Country Festival jämte artister såsom Jamie Meyer och Jay Smith. Närmast följer fler livestreams, podcasts samt färdigställande av kommande EP'n som planeras släppas i början av 2021.

Vi gjorde även en surprise release här i jul nu och släppte en jullåt tillsammans med LA rockbandet The Coldwaters. "California Christmas" är skriven och producerad utav Mikal Reid, välkänd låtskrivare och producent som tidigare arbetat med både Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger och Alice Cooper. Låten har spelats på radio stationer från Skandinavien till Australien och intervju hölls med P4 Sörmland på julaftonsmorgonen i ära.
Datum:2020-12-29  Label: Rithmetics Records  ISRC: TCAFH2076116  Releasedatum:

  1. Ett funnet hjärta
  2. Nu har vi julen här igen

Rafael Palm sjunger Tom Håkans låt, Ett funnet hjärta.

Nu har vi julen här igen - Text och Musik Rafael Palm
Datum:2020-12-24  Label: TMD Music  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2020-12-14, 2020-12-24

  1. The merriest Christmas
  2. Merry Christmas time

Hope I am not to late to share these for the season. "The Merriest Christmas" and "Merry Christmas time are Co-Writes with John Covert. Billy Bob the Hillbilly Goat is written by me, recorded by TJ Murr.
Datum:2020-12-19  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

T.J. MURR  Billy Bob the Hillbilly Goat (S)
Billy Bob the Hillbilly Goat is written by Betty Overstreet, recorded by TJ Murr.
Datum:2020-12-19  Label:   ISRC: QZ-A4J-20-00045    Releasedatum:

PLAY MPE COLLECTIVE  Love is still the same (Happy Holidays)
The Play MPE Collective is very much a reflection of our global reach. Primarily based in Vancouver, Canada, our team comes from all over: Sydney, Australia to Rijeka Croatia, Culiacan Mexico to Frimley England, Nueva Ecija, Philippines to Toronto, Canada and more. This song is a gift to our music community and was inspired by the times. The song itself was composed by a handful of our in-house artists, songwriters, musicians and producer. Recorded, mixed and mastered over the course of a few days.

Datum:2020-12-18  Label:   ISRC: TCAFH2065547  Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Sounds of Christmas (A)
This is our annual Christmas collection and although 2020 has been a difficult year our collection for this year is awesome. So please give them a listen and add to your Christmas playlist.
  1. T.J. SPARKS & J.K. COLTRAIN: What would Christmas be
  2. TERRI: Holding the memory of you
  3. VEGA: December good news
  4. BILL SCULL, Jr.: Love will find a way
  5. BORN n´ BRED: White lies
  6. DAVE YOUNGER: Miracle of Christmas
  7. JEFF COLTREC: Jingle bells (Pandemic version)
  8. LEON SEITER: A cold december night
  9. MAI LARSEN: Rockin´ around the Christmas tree
  10. ROBYN McCOY: Locket of love
  11. ZEALANDIA ANGEL: Christmas dreams

Datum:2020-12-15  Label: Nashville Radio Promotion  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

GUNS ROSOR  Minnenas Jul (S)
Låten är skriven av L. Öhman - T. Käldström - H. Hagnäs
Datum:2020-12-15  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2019-12-01

LINUS ZANDER  New Year once again (S)
Linus Zander som skämt bort oss det senaste året med grymt svängig rockilly och rock'n'roll avslutar året på bästa sätt med en "Nyårslåt" - New Year Once Again". Återigen bevisar han att han var värd vinsten i rockabilly-SM och hans grymma pianolir och sväng sitter som ett smäck. Dessutom en riktigt stark låt som gör den till en perfekt partyhöjare inför det nya året!
Datum:2020-12-15  Label: Zander Music  ISRC: SE6E72000301    Releasedatum: 2020-12-25

RAY STEVENS  Christmas through a different window (A)

Datum:2020-12-14  Label: Clyde Records  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

THE BIBB AND MARRS FAMILIES  Happy birthday Jesus (S)
For Your Consideration we proudly forward the single from The Bibb and Marrs Families, Nashville Tennessee
Datum:2020-12-12  Label: NITE*SKY  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

MARY DUFF  My Christmas wish for you (S)
Mary Duff's new Christmas single was recorded in Branson, Missouri some years ago but was only ever sold as a promotional single at Mary’s shows and never released to radio. The simple message of appreciating the little things at Christmas time is one which Mary felt audiences may particularly relate to this Christmas, and decided to put the song out to radio for the first time. In between her collaborations with Daniel O’Donnell, Mary Duff has carved out her own solo career as a top recording artist .

She holds the distinction of having shared the stage with Garth Brooks during one of his first European tours, as well as having appeared on the prestigious Wembley Country Music Festival. Mary also has toured through the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka with her own band, and appeared on some of the biggest European Country Music festivals and TV shows.

“Sometimes you record a song and time goes by and you sort of forget about it. But then out of the blue, circumstances change and you find new meaning in it”, said Mary. “In the current circumstances, Christmas is going to feel very different for many people this year. This simple song reminds us of the things that really matter at Christmas and that’s a message that I think will really resonate with people this year, so I’m glad to finally release the song to radio after all these years.

'My Christmas Wish For You' will be available to download on all major digital retail stores on 18th Dec.
Datum:2020-12-10  Label:   ISRC: IEJCL2000005  Releasedatum: 2020-12-10

BARRY DOYLE (FARMER DAN)  Doesn´t anybody say Merry Christmas anymore (S)
From humble beginnings in 1998 a young County Down man from the farming community of Hilltown nestled in the Mourne Mountains of Northern Ireland. Barry McPolin penned a tongue in cheek type song called “The Mad Cow Song” in response to the pandemic at the time that brought about the mandatory cull of thousands of livestock due to the BSE Crisis or Mad Cow disease as it became known.

Ulster Televison picked up the story and Barry appeared on UTV’s ‘The Kelly Show’ hosted by Gerry Kelly – prime Friday night viewing in Northern Ireland regional TV at that time. Barry appeared as ‘The Singing Farmer’ in a singing tradesman competition that was being hosted by Gerry at that time. Although Barry or the Singing Farmer did not win the competition outright he did secure a recording deal with Dungannon based TC Records and between the record label and Barry, “Farmer Dan” was born. Massive publicity followed on all local and regional television news channels & local and national newspapers were covering his story; an unprecedented hype followed for this new young country singer who was hailed as a hero to the farmers.

Numerous self penned and co-written songs followed including, “ Here Comes Farmer Dan” the title track of his debut album. Also included were “ My little Massey” and “Me and My Dungspreader” co written with life long friend and producer Gerard Dornan. Album sales soared and Farmer Dan became the first recording artist to record a music DVD of the same title “Here Comes Farmer Dan” again a massive success in Ireland , England, Scotland and Wales!

1999 came and Barry formed his own independent record label called Mourne Music Records and another self penned song became the title track of his second studio album. A song again sympathetic to the farmers and farming life called “ Farming Aint the Way it Used To be”. Farmer Dan found his niche market and his continuous onslaught of recording and releasing albums aimed at the farming community catapulted him to become a household name nationwide. His albums all contained great songs born out of life and times in rural Ireland over the years. Songs that the ‘ordinary folk’ like Farmer Dan could relate to and that held a familiarity in lyrics or in melody.

The Farmer Dan band toured the Irish and UK concert and dancing market for many years and by a twist of fate the manager of the late Big Tom recognised Farmer Dan as a very formidable country singer and offered him a management contract. Kevin McCooey wasn’t however interested in plying the Farmer Dan brand and so the new persona Barry Doyle was brought to the airwaves –recording some classic country songs, originals and covers.

The Barry Doyle band was launched to the dancing scene where they enjoyed over ten great years of touring. Over this time another 9 great country albums were recorded and released but Barry never forgot his humble beginnings and the people that brought him to the success he was now enjoying. The comical songs such as “Granny Was a Plucker” “ Me Little Massey”, Horse it inta ya” ,” Dont Touch My Willie”,” The Singing Goat” “ Are You Diggin Em Dillon?” & the tongue twisters like the “The Auctioneer” and “The Grundy County Auction” had become synonomous with Farmer Dan and his alter ego Barry Doyle incorporated those great songs into his repertoire keeping both alias alive on stage.

Barry, also known for his quick wit and simplistic approach to comedy, also crafted himself as a stand up comic and used this to incorporate into his live concert shows that had a very successful run across the UK for many years... billed as “ The Farmer Dan / Barry Doyle Comedy & Country Show” he filled theatres and sent his fans and friends home smiling each night.

Starting out as a singer fronting his own band Barry taught himself to play acoustic rhythmguitar and in later years he has also developed his musical ability as a proficient keyboard player. The current band line-up is a two piece LIVE band with Barry playing keyboards, bass and drums accompanied by a great lead/ pedal steel guitar player. Live music has seen Barry playing in Spain, Portugal, Australia and also Florida.

Barry is currently at the top of the Irish charts with his COVID song "The New Going Our Is Staying In" His latest single "Doesn't Anybody Say Merry Christmas Anymore" is breaking world wide. The world is indeed a big place and thankfully for Farmer Dan aka Barry Doyle it is home to many thousands of country music and Irish Music lovers and of course many many farmers... so watch this space cos “ Here Comes Farmer Dan”
Datum:2020-12-08  Label: Mourne Music Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

CHRIS SCOTT  Doesn´t anybody say Merry Christmas anymore (S)
Chris Scott is an award winning, professional singer/songwriter who has devoted his life to connecting with others through music. Chris established himself early on as a contemporary folk artist, an adept songwriter and talented musician. His passion is in songwriting and acoustic guitar. He produced his first album 'Now That I'm Back' in 1971 on the Boot Label featuring four of his original songs - some of which reached the charts on the Top 40 Songs for Canadian Country Music Radio. In 1992 Chris won Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Album Design and the award for Best Production at the Canadian Gospel Music Association’s awards for his album titled 'Run, Run the Other Way' which featured 12 of his original songs. He's performed across Canada, the United States and within the UK and was featured as a guest in country music legend, Stompin’ Tom Connors movie ‘Across This Land.’ Chris has guest starred on many national talk shows such as 100 Huntley Street, Elwood Glover and The Ronnie Prophet Show in Toronto and appeared as a guest at the CBC Camp Fortune Quebec Concert Series. His songs are about real life situations that people can easily relate to delivered in a tuneful manner. His smooth, strong voice is the perfect conduit for his material yet his songs are versatile enough that many other artists could enjoy success with his lyrics.
BR>Chris Scott was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Chris’ parents recognized his talent early on and bought him his first guitar at six years old. He wrote his first original song at only ten years of age when he was hospitalized for eight months after developing an infection as a result of stepping on an old rusty nail. He was featured in his first newspaper article entertaining the other young patients and their families in his ward bringing them some much needed joy over the Christmas season. It was during this time that Chris realized his dream of becoming a professional performer and singer/songwriter.

At the ripe young age of 12, Chris performed in and led a 4 piece band, ‘The Young Ones,' which received rave reviews in numerous articles across Canada and the United States. His musical influences during this time were bands such as The Beatles, The Mama's and The Papa's and The Byrds. During his late teen years Chris would often hitch hike to many cities between Niagara Falls and Northern Ontario to perform in hotels, bars and concert halls. By this time Chris had written many of his own original songs and perfected renditions of songs written by some of the greatest folk and country artists of all time – Gordon Lightfoot, Kenny Rogers and the like. Chris definitely had his own unique style and sound which captured the curiosity of Manager and Publisher Jury Krytiuk who was interested in representing him.

In a short span of a few years Chris found himself performing across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom on many national talk shows via television and radio. He guest starred in Stompin’ Tom's movie 'Across this Land,’ was featured on the double soundtrack album for the movie and in the literary novel 'Stompin' Tom and the Connor's Tone.’ Chris found favor through his songwriting and recorded his first album in Toronto 1971 on the Boot label and shortly after recorded a number of singles at RCA Studios in Nashville including “Sweet Young Thing” produced by legendary Clarence Sellman which also went to the top 40 for Canadian Country Music Radio.

As Chris’ music career matured so did his personal life. Chris married and found himself at a pivotal point where he had to choose between pursuing his music career and supporting a family that would soon be growing. Chris decided the only way he would be fulfilled was to find a way that both music and family could possess important roles in his life. Chris decided to focus on performing and producing his music closer to home in Niagara Falls. It was during this time that he produced another full length album, "Run, Run the Other Way,’ which achieved awards for Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Album Design and Best Production at the Canadian Gospel Music Association awards.

Recently Chris composed and recorded “Highway Of Tears” which is now listed in the Canadian Government National Archives focusing on the issue of Murdered Missing Indigenous Women and Girls in North Western Canada.

After a brief hiatus of a few years, Chris is returning to the music circuit with new material hot off the presses that is sure to please audiences of all ages!
Datum:2020-12-08  Label: Boot Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

BABBLARNA  Babblarnas julvisa (S)
De otroligt populära Babblarna är numera ett fenomen. Nyligen så hamnade de på femte plats på Spotifys Topplista över årets mest streamade låtar. Stort, särskilt för en barnlåt. Låten "Babblarnas vaggvisa" har streamats drygt 54 miljoner gånger.

Nu är de alltså aktuella med nya "Babblarnas julvisa". "Babblarnas julvisa" är skriven av Johan Rask och Hasse Sjölander. På sång hörs Sofia Alm. Dessutom gästas låten av Mats Wester på nyckelharpa.
Datum:2020-12-08  Label: Hatten Förlag  ISRC: SEWYX2000301    Releasedatum: 2020-11-27

JOHN HOGAN  Little drummer boy (S)
Singer/Songwriter John Hogan is delighted to announce the release of the old Christmas Carol 'Little Drummer Boy'. It's a reworking of the Bing Crosby/David Bowie classic and a festive number that has been a big favourite of John's since he was a young lad.

Following his recent appearance on the RTE 1 "Today Show with Maura & Daithí" John is now looking forward to joining a host of artists on the HOT COUNTRY TV Christmas Special which will be aired worldwide on December 24th.

The Offaly singer/songwriter has been busy writing new material and laying down tracks in the studio for this forthcoming album release and he is currently shooting a video for his self penned recent hit song 'The Old Dance Hall'.
Datum:2020-12-07  Label:   ISRC: IEPLO2000002    Releasedatum:

REID JAMIESON  Live for the holidays (Christmas Classics) (A)
LIVE FOR THE HOLIDAYS is a live-off-the-floor collection of traditional Christmas classics from Otis to Mariah.
Datum:2020-12-06  Label:   ISRC:  Releasedatum:

LOUISE BOIJE af GENNÄS  I´d like you for Christmas (S)
Författaren och dramatikern Louise Boije af Gennäs skivdebuterar med en cover på den amerikanska julsången ”I’d like you for Christmas”. Låten släpps idag, den 4 december, och Louise skänker sina samtliga intäkter från låten till sjuksköterskor som arbetat med covid-19-patienter under pandemin. Nu startar hon tillsammans med Svensk sjuksköterskeförening dessutom en insamling, och vädjar till allmänheten om ytterligare bidrag från privatpersoner och företag.

Den nystartade insamlingen görs via Svensk sjuksköterskeförenings fond, Örengårdsfonden, och ämnar att tillgängliggöra rekreation för sjuksköterskor som medverkat i såväl den förebyggande som akuta och rehabiliterande vården av covid-19-patienter. Under våren 2021 kommer stipendier i ändamålet att kunna delas ut till yrkesverksamma sjuksköterskor.

”Jag känner så starkt för de sjuksköterskor som med livet som insats och intill utmattning jobbat för allmänhetens bästa under hela denna långa period”, säger Louise Boije af Gennäs. ”Nu är det dags för oss att ge något tillbaka till dem. Vi ska visa att vi verkligen värdesätter deras hårda arbete, och möjliggöra någon form av extra vila och återhämtning för så många som möjligt av dem.”

I hälso- och sjukvården samt äldreomsorgen är behovet av rekreation enormt efter pandemins stora påfrestningar. För att insamlingen ska få en god start skänker Louise Boije af Gennäs själv utöver låtintäkterna 10 000 kr till ändamålet. När Louise nu kontaktat Svensk sjuksköterskeförening med sitt förslag väljer styrelsen att från sin sida bidra med föreningens hela årsavkastning till insamlingen. Därmed väntas insamlingen få en grundplåt på närmare 100 000 kr.

"Jag är otroligt glad att Louise Boije af Gennäs tagit detta generösa initiativ", säger Ami Hommel, ordförande i Svensk sjuksköterskeförening. "Det blir ett ljus i tunneln för många sjuksköterskor att kunna se fram mot rekreation efter ett oerhört krävande arbetsår med covid-19."

Svensk sjuksköterskeförening kommer via sin medlemstidning, sin hemsida och i sociala medier uppmana sjuksköterskor att söka stipendier för detta ändamål. Örengårdsfonden revideras av auktoriserad revisor och står under Länsstyrelsens kontroll. Samtliga legitimerade sjuksköterskor i Sverige har möjlighet att söka fondens stipendier, oavsett om man har medlemskap i Svensk sjuksköterskeförening eller inte.

Louise Boije af Gennäs och Svensk sjuksköterskeförening kommer inom kort starta en gemensam insamling på Facebook. Vill man stödja insamlingen innan dess hänvisas man att skänka sina bidrag till Örengårdsfonden via bankgiro eller Swish. Bankgiro: 5581-2002 Swish: 1231717057 (Stiftelsen Örensgårdsfonden)

Louise Boije af Gennäs har länge sysslat med musik vid sidan av sitt författarskap och har de senaste åren kunnat ses live på scen i Stockholm på bl a Café Opera, Fotografiska, NK och Restaurang Josefina. Hon gör ”I’d like you for Christmas” som en elegant cover på Julie Londons julklassiker från 1957 och skänker samtliga sina låtintäkter oavkortat till insamlingen.

”I’d like you for Christmas” ges ut på Dominique Records och distribueras av Plugged Sweden. Låten är producerad av Joakim Dominique och Chris Bell. Musikarrangemanget är skrivet av Joakim Dominique. Medverkar gör storbandet Ballroom Big Band och manskören består av Magnus Bengtsson, Martin Pålsson och Joakim Dominique. Inspelningen gjordes i Carisma Studios med Tomas Caris Andersson som tekniker. Mastringen är gjord av Classe Persson.

Louise Boije af Gennäs debuterade som författare 1991 med romanen Ta vad man vill ha. Sedan dess har hon utkommit med ytterligare elva romaner, däribland Stjärnor utan svindel (1996), Högre än alla himlar (2010), Blå koral (2012) och Folk av en främmande stam (2014). Senast släppte hon 2018-19 Motståndstrilogin (Blodlokan, Skendöda och Verkanseld), som lovordats av en enig kritikerkår och är såld till ett femtontal länder utanför Sverige. Utöver sitt hyllade författarskap är hon också verksam som dramatiker. Hon skapade TV-serien Rederiet, och hennes pjäser Bestseller (2001) och Kvinna klädd i solen (2010) har spelats på Dramaten och Stockholms Stadsteater.

Tack till alla sjuksköterskor för era livsviktiga insatser i kampen mot covid-19!
Datum:2020-12-04  Label: Dominique Records  ISRC: SEVBO2000101    Releasedatum:

JAMIE KYLE  Night of Nights (S)
Written for the soundtrack to ‘The Least Of These: A Christmas Story’ which has proved to be a hit on Amazon Prime, and stars Tayla Lynn (Grand-daughter of Country Icon Loretta Lynn), ‘Night of Nights’ captures the spirituality and enchantment of Christmas Eve in a contemporary way. It is sure to be a festive favourite for all members of the family this Christmas.

Now celebrating three decades in the music industry, Jaime has transcended genres, citing influences as diverse as Aerosmith, Bonnie Raitt and Bread. She famously co-wrote ‘Wild One’ for Faith Hill, making history as the first time that a female debut artist held No.1 in the Billboard charts for four weeks. The song was also performed by Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and has also been picked up by contestants on American Idol and The Voice USA.

Other hits to her credit include ‘Stranded’ for rock group Heart, and tracks covered by Rita Coolidge, Lee Greenwood, Air Supply and Iain Matthews (Fairport Convention). She holds the distinction of being the first female Nashville artist to be signed to a Rock label when she signed with ATCO/Atlantic in New York. As well as performing regularly at home in Music City USA, Jaime has had a strong following in Europe for many years. She made a welcome return to the UK last year with an appearance at the Ramblin Man Fair Festival in Maidstone, Kent.

“’Night of Nights’ is a song I wrote where I really wanted to capture what Christmas really means, and the really important stuff like faith, hope and love that mean so much at this time of year” said Jaime. “The song was really popular when it was featured in the movie ‘The Least of These: A Christmas Story’ and now I’m releasing it to radio so that people can get really stuck into the lyrics.”

Song is written by Jaime Kyle and Burton Collins
Datum:2020-12-04  Label: Radio Rocket Records  ISRC: QZLBJ2000016  Releasedatum: 2020-12-03

MAPLE & RYE  White Christmas (S)
"2020 har varit ett annorlunda år. Många av oss undrar vad som ska hända i framtiden och det har blivit omöjligt att ens planera nästa dag. Festivaler, fotbolls-EM och många andra evenemang som ställts in har naturligtvis gjort oss ledsna, men vet du vad som kommer att bli av trots Covid-19, Donald Trump och klimathotet? Julen!

För oss blev utmaningen att ta oss an en julsång något att anpassa till livskarusellen som pågår just nu. Vi kunde egentligen bara texten ordentligt till en julsång och därför började vi experimentera med låten White Christmas av Irving Berlin. 48 timmar efter att vi bestämde oss för att göra en version av den hade vi spelat in, mixat, mastrat och skickat en låt som vi är väldigt stolta över till vår något förvånade men glada label Icons Creating Evil Art, allt gjort från bekvämligheten i Henriks vardagsrum!

Vi har aldrig gjort något liknande förut, men vi hoppas att du tycker om vår tolkning av den här julklassikern. I den här versionen strävar vi efter att lyfta fram melankolin i den nostalgiska drömmen om en vit jul "just like the ones we used to know". För även om den här årstiden handlar om kärlek och familj så är inte alla så lyckligt lottade, särskilt inte 2020. En annan anmärkningsvärd poäng är att vi av skäl som blivit väl kommunicerade av vår landsman Greta inte har haft en vit jul (åtminstone i Göteborg) ) på åratal.

Njut av högtiden och ta hand om varandra. Det här är vår version av White Christmas. Med kärlek, M & R "

Indie-folkkvartetten Maple & Rye från Göteborg släppte sitt efterlängtade och i många år ofta efterfrågade debutalbum 'For Everything' i somras via Icons Creating Evil Art. Ett album sprunget ur berättelser som behöver berättas, böcker som ska läsas, kärleksförhållanden som måste brytas, sorg över total ensamhet, död, platser som bandets medlemmar aldrig besökt och människor de älskar. En lång process av motgångar och hinder men samtidigt en resa fylld med glädje och kärlek.

Bandet har alltid haft en vision att hålla musiken och upplevelsen autentisk, både för sig själva och för sina fans. Vokalharmonier och kraftfulla melodier blandas med bombastiska trummor, dansbara rytmer och storslagna refränger, parallellt med en sprödhet och innerlighet som står i kontrast till glädjen och dansen. Det är musik som förändras från lekfullhet till intimitet och emotion.

Maple & Rye hämtar sin musikaliska inspiration från ett brett spektrum av influenser från blues och funk till rock och folk-pop, även om den viktigaste inspirationen kommer från medlemmarnas egna känsloliv. Bandet är baserat i Göteborg och består av Leo Lönnroth, Gustav Rybo-Molin, Milton Lönnroth och Henrik Bielsten. Den konstnärliga kärnan grundas till stor del i det faktum att alla medlemmar i gruppen är kompositörer, textförfattare och sångare - bandets två starka frontsångare stöds av de andra medlemmarna och fokus läggs på omsorgsfullt och känsligt berättande.
Datum:2020-12-03  Label: Icons Creating Evil Art  ISRC: SEXCG2003701    Releasedatum: 2020-12-04

HERMANN LAMMERS MEYER  A season to be merry (S)
Hallo , hope you will enjoy this christmasy story that Hermann Lammers Meyer recorded.
Datum:2020-12-03  Label: Desert Kid Records  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

RAZZY BAILEY  Little Red River (S)
Razzy Bailey was born in Huguley, Alabama, and raised on a farm in LaFayette, Alabama. Bailey got his first experience of musical performance as a member of his high school's Future Farmers of America string band. After graduation, he married and had children immediately, and had little time to pursue his career, but he spent many years playing occasional gigs at honkytonks in Georgia and Alabama and developing his songwriting.

In the mid-1970s, Dickey Lee recorded "9,999,999 Tears", and it became a country and pop hit in 1976, and in 1977, Lee repeated this with another Bailey tune, "Peanut Butter," which also went into the charts. As his songwriting talents became known, Bailey signed with RCA Records and in 1978 began releasing singles of his own songs. His first hit as a singer-songwriter, "What Time Do You Have To Be Back in Heaven?", was on the charts for over four months.

Razzy’s career spans thirteen #1 singles, 32 Top 10 singles, and recognition as Billboard’s “Artist of the Year.” Hits like "Friends", "Anywhere There's A Jukebox", "Lovin Up A Storm", "I Keep Coming Back", "She Left Love All Over Me" and his #1 Billboard signature song "Midnight Hauler" has spanned a 4 generation career for this multi-talented musical virtuoso.

Razzy Bailey has had 3 double-sided number 1's in succession on the country charts, a feat never accomplished by any other artist. Bailey's version of Wilson Pickett's "In The Midnight Hour" was a country hit in the mid-80s. His last country #1 hit in the Billboard charts was "She Left Love All Over Me" in 1982. Razzy Bailey's new music includes his new release "Little Red River" written by country music hit songwriter Rickey Treat. Razzy Bailey and Rickey Treat have a long songwriting partnership spanning many years.

Bailey is currently working on a new album that is forthcoming in 2021.
Datum:2020-12-02  Label: Diamondback Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

DAVID AUSTIN  Don´t cancel Christmas (S)
This is a feel good Christmas song to cheer up the many people who have been effected by the ghastly COVID virus, with my song called "DON'T CANCEL CHRISTMAS!".

I urge all music supervisors to get this song played on every radio station in the world! It's a very positive perspective on a very negative situation the world finds itself in!
Datum:2020-12-01  Label: DGA Music  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

THE MUPPETS  A Green and Red Christmas (A)
A Green and Red Christmas is a 2006 Muppet Christmas album featuring twelve holiday songs, including covers of classic Christmas tunes as well as newly written tracks.

Although A Green and Red Christmas is the third album released after The Walt Disney Company purchased the Muppets in 2004 (following Best of the Muppets and a re-release of The Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack in 2005), it is the first full album of originally recorded Muppet material since Kermit Unpigged in 1994.

The album also marks the return of new music from Rowlf the Dog and the Electric Mayhem, albeit without Janice who is only heard musically (she was last heard singing in The Muppets at Walt Disney World in 1990).

The album won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Album for Children on February 8, 2008.
Datum:2020-12-01  Label: Disney  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2006

GERALD O´FLYNN  This Christmas time (S)
Celebrated Cork singer/songwriter Gerald O'Flynn has released his new Christmas single "This Christmas Time". The idea for this song came to Gerald back in April when the whole world was experiencing a different way of living. He hopes that it will bring a little bit of cheer to listeners in these difficult and uncertain times. The track itself has a "feel good /trad vibe" running through it, with the celebrated musician Bill Shanley producing and playing most of the instruments.
Datum:2020-12-01  Label:   ISRC: IEUFU200001    Releasedatum: 2020-12-04

TOMMYS  Vart tog Tomten vägen (S)
Text och Musik : Hans Edler
Datum:2020-12-01  Label: Atenzia Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2020-12-01

As an alternative to the many Christmas songs, we are sending a "next-gen-mix" of ERNIE OLDFIELD's "Seven Days" (written by Peter Jordan)
Datum:2020-12-01  Label: WIR Records  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

TRENT AGECOUTAY  Shopping stoned at Christmas (S)
Good afternoon, My Name is Trent Agecoutay and I am a Singer/Songwriter based out of Edmonton, AB. I have a brand new Christmas song and I hope you have a listen and consider giving it a spin. "Shopping Stoned at Christmas is a lighthearted look at a last minute shopping trip after smoking a joint! The song is all in good fun, so I hope it puts a smile on your face.
Datum:2020-11-30  Label: Thicker Than Blood Recordings  ISRC: CAOBF2000020  Releasedatum:

LOTTA BORG  Julefrid (S)
Text: Lotta Borg. Musik: Peter Nordlund
Datum:2020-11-30  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2020-11-30

DAN WASHBURN  Christmas in the country (S)
As we enter into the final month of the year, and the strangest Christmas any of us have ever seen, Dan Washburn's single is a much needed reminder of Christmas of simpler times. Those old fashion Christmas's. Some of us have been lucky enough to spend Christmas in The Country, some people have only been able to dream about it. Dan's Christmas single will take you there. We invite you to add this wonderful holiday song to your Christmas programming for your listeners who already have come to know and love Dan Washburn.
Datum:2020-11-30  Label: Black Mountain Music & Media  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

Not so many shoppers rushing home with their parcels this year, but the online shopping has been all a buzz I hear! It has been a crazy year, for many a sad Christmas. Tracy Millar's song is quite fitting although she released it last year, it seems even more appropriate this year and I believe listeners will be quite touched. The single is called "Him". Self-penned by Tracy Millar, it speaks to the meaning of Christmas, after all the hustle and bustle of the season where do we find the meaning? A poignant song, sung with the sweet pure voice of Tracy Millar your listeners have grown to love over the last year. We are sending this single out only to selected stations who have supported Tracy over 2020. We hope you will add this single to your Christmas playlist and the song will bring comfort and warmth to your listeners.
Datum:2020-11-30  Label: Black Mountain Music & Media  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

JEFF COLTREC  Jingle Bells (Pandemic version) (S)
Be sure and check out Jeff's latest song "Jingle Bells (Pandemic Version). A great parody of the Christmas favorite Jingle Bells for 2020.

Jeff remembers picking the strings on his Silvertone acoustic guitar and listening to folks like Waylon Jennings & Johnny Cash. Jeff grew up in Espyville, PA working on his families farm and at 21 he started driving big trucks.

Jeff now lives in Nashville, TN and enjoys playing guitar, bass & banjo and you can hear those on all of his recordings along with some of Nashville's finest session players. In 2015 Jeff started performing & recording under the stage name of Jeff Coltrec. He stated the reason for the change was there were a few too many Jeff Olson's in the world and he wanted a name that would be easily recognizable
Datum:2020-11-28  Label: Colt Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Atenzia Records - Jul 2020 (A)
  1. KEVIN LEHNBERG: Vår sista jul
  2. THE BOPPERS feat ROCKABILLY FABULOUS: Please come home for Christmas
    Första låten är ett samarbete mellan The Boppers och de tre tjejerna i Rockabilly Fabulous och är en supersnygg jullåt i bästa The Boppers-anda. ISRC: sevpj00101
  3. THE BOPPERS: Dig that crazy Santa Claus
    Andra spåret ut är en rockabilly/rock'nroll-dänga som svänger riktigt ordentligt. ISRC: sevpj00102
  4. FERNADOZ: Minns Du en jul
    Jules Sylvain-skriven jullåt. ISRC: sevsz2004501
  5. BENGT HENNINGS: Ljusen vi tänder i advent
    Nyskriven jullåt av Peter Danielsson och Peter Mjörnestrand: ISRC: sevsz2004801
  6. BERTH IDOFFS: I vår vackra vita vintervärld
    Två klassiska jullåtar med ett Berth Idoffs som vi valt att släppa nu ett par år efter Marcus sorgliga bortgång. ISRC: sevsz1203505
  7. BERTH IDOFFS: Rudolf med röda mulen
    ISRC: sevsz1203506
  8. FAMILJEN SIGFRIDSSON: Rock'n'Roll Christmas
    Familjen Sigfridsson med Lasse Sigfridsson och hans son Emil med fru Zara och deras dotter Ängla har gjort som tradition att släppa jullåtar. Denna gången har de ökat tempot på låten och fått till en rock'n'roll Christmas. ISRC: sevsz2002602
  9. THE HOTLIPS: Rock The Christmas With You
    Henrik från Casanovas Rockabillyprojekt The Hotlips. Suverän rockabilly-juldänga. ISRC: sevsz2004601
  10. MICKE AHLGRENS: Dansbandsjul
    Nyskriven jullåt från fullängdsalbumet som släpps snart. ISRC: sexwe2000103
  11. PEPITA SLAPPERS: Go Santa Go!
    Kanonrockabilly-jullåt med rutinerade Pepita Slappers. ISRC: se4gt2000301
  12. STEFAN PERSSON: Julklockor över vår jord
    Stefan är en av Sveriges mest anlitade studiomusiker när det kommer till dragspel. Nu har han spelat in en ep med tre låtar varav ni bjussas på en här. ISRC: se4a42000101

Datum:2020-11-26  Label: Atenzia Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

JOLINA CARL  Christmas is a bad man´s love (S)
Following on from the fabulous success of her previous single „Lockdown“ earlier in 2020, German country singer Jolina Carl releases her 2nd single of the year. „Christmas Is A Bad Man’s Love“, a paean for the fakeness and falseness of Christmas is released on 27 th November.

„Christmas Is A Bad Man’s Love“ celebrates a dislike for the commercial and exploitational aspects of the December celebrations in an uptempo tale of woe, wonder and disgust for some of the more traditional elements of the festive season. Jolina Carl tells the story of a person who doesn't love Christmas as much as she does with tearing verses such as

I’m fed up of sleigh bells, angels and candles
Christmas trees, turkeys and sprouts
So give me my presents, some port and a curry
And maybe I’ll stay in the house.

„Christmas Is A Bad man’s Love“ brings on more of the same dynamic alt country rock feel that made „Lockdown“ so perfect for radio and popular with their audience.

Jolina has managed to rope in UK songwriting and A&R legend Richard Rogers on co-writing duties. Rogers’s knowledge and biography is a like an almanac of the music business working with the likes of David Bowie, Muse, OMD, Hazel O’Connor, The Prodigy, ELP, Depeche Mode, Amy Studt etc. and his input only enhances Carl’s abilities and confidence in her vocal and guitar delivery.

The track has been mastered in the UK by esteemed Taunton mastering house Fat As Funk. „Christmas Is A Bad man’s Love“ is the second taster to be lifted from the forthcoming album due for release in 2021.

„Christmas Is A Bad man’s Love“ is a rallying call to any of us who ever really sat down and thought about the commercial overtones and sly underhandedness of Christmas all done with a beautiful underlying paradox of an uptempo fun tune.
Datum:2020-11-26  Label: Old Rockin’ Chair Records  ISRC:  Releasedatum: 2020-11-27

PATRICK BLOM  O helga natt (S)

Datum:2020-11-26  Label: TMD Music  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2020-11-26

EVA JUMATATE  Jul i hela stan (S)
Detta är första Jullåten med den unga artisten Eva Jumatate. Eva har trots att hon bara är 12 år hunnit med en hel del..…

Under 2020 har hon en av huvudrollerna i SVT-serien " KÄR ". Hon har sjungit i TV4 hos "Lotta på Liseberg". Rörde juryn i "Talang" på TV4 till tårar med sin magiska sångröst och då endast 10 år ung. Hon sjöng i "Bingolottos" uppesittarkväll 2019 och samma år hade en av huvudrollerna i musikalen "Matilda" på Malmö Operan. Representerade Sverige i "San Remo Junior World Final ".

# Jul i hela stan # är en riktigt "happy" Jullåt med inspiration av 70-80 talets popschlagers. Producerad och skriven av Jörgen Andson. Eva säger att har man väl lyssnat på "Jul i hela stan" så vill man höra den om och om igen…

God Jul…
Datum:2020-11-24  Label: Emmy Music  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2020-11-24

Countrystjärnorna Erika Jonsson och Martin Riverfield gör duett tillsammans!<

”Fira Jul Med Mig” (ISRC kod SE5S62007001) är låten som skrevs i mitten av november i år och var färdiginspelad fyra dagar efter. Låten har ett sorgligt vemod över sig om att julen 2020 inte kommer bli som andra jular. Det är en countrylåt på riktigt när den är som mest avskalad och äkta.

Under året har Erika och Martin släppt musik på var sitt håll som de båda har varit med och skrivit. Nu möts deras röster ihop för första gången, - i en jullåt. Erika och Martin har aldrig träffats men de har funnit varandra i låtskrivandet och har skrivit runt 15 låtar tillsammans via telefon och internet, något som utmärker deras sätt att skriva.

Erika Jonsson - Värmländskan som slog igenom med sin hyllning till Värmland sommaren 2014, är nu en av Sveriges mest spelade countryartister med över 15 miljoner streams på Spotify. Jonsson har släppt 3 album, varav ett på engelska. Sommaren 2019 var Erika en av Sveriges mest turnérande artister, både här hemma och i Norge. Erika har bl.a. medverkat i TV4 Bingolotto och spelat live ett antal gånger i Sveriges Radio P4:a.

Martin Riverfield, låtskrivaren och artisten som tidigare spelade kontrabas i rockabillybandet John Lindberg Trio men bestämde sig för några år sen att satsa på countryn med sitt egna band Martin Riverfield and The Wheels of Fortune. Bandet har vunnit Country SM och medverkat i program som bla Bingolotto. I bagaget ligger 5 album.
Datum:2020-11-24  Label: Dalapop  ISRC: SE5S62007001    Releasedatum: 2020-11-27

TANYA WILLS with BILL BRIDGES  Under the Christmas tree (S)
Are you ready for a Holiday Surprise? Well, it might just be waiting for you … Under the Christmas Tree. This festive new single, written by Canadian singer/songwriter Tanya Wills with Bill Bridges, will have you tappin’ your toes this Christmas. Arrangement by Bill Bridges
Datum:2020-11-24  Label:   ISRC:  Releasedatum:

KAREN CRUISE  Why did the star look like a cross (S)
Written and performed by Karen Cruise
Datum:2020-11-24  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

  1. Christmas (Baby please come home)
  2. All I want for Christmas (is my two front teeth)

The Dollyrots just released Christmas / All I Want For Christmas, Here’s what they say about it: “Hey everyone!! We recorded TWO Holiday songs this year! A cover of the Darlene Love 60's classic "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" and the debut lead vocal by our kid River.... in "All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)". He's at that age where teeth are falling out so we figured now's the time for that one :).

These tracks are absolutely FREE, download ´em at and hope they bring some Holiday cheer! Here's to next year and hopefully some LIVE music!!”
Datum:2020-11-24  Label:   ISRC:  Releasedatum:

MARIA WELLS  Merry Christmas Baby (S)
Maria Wells har tidigare släppt skivor med sina grupper AVEC och Vocalettes. Dessutom soloalbumet For The Love med texter av Camilla Läckberg och musik av Robert Wells. Förra året spelade Maria in en julduett med The Osmond Brothers. Tidigare i höst släppte Maria singeln Crazy tillsammans med countrylegenden och Grammy Award Winner, Billy Dean. På YouTube ligger Marias och Michael Boltons duett. Inspelning från Rhapsody In Rock 2016 av How Am I Supposed To Live Without You. Den har över 6 miljoner visningar hittills.

Under många år har Maria framträtt med små och stora julshower i Sverige, Finland, Norge och England. Nu är det dags för första egna julskivan.

Inspelad i november på Gig Studio i Stockholm med Robert Wells Trio samt blåsarna Pelle Grebacken Sax, Karl Olandersson Trumpet, Magnus Wiklund Trombone, Tekniker Conny Wall, Mix och Master av David Sales, Producerad av Robert Wells, Wells Music Studio.
Datum:2020-11-23  Label: Arthur Music  ISRC: SEVVT2000401  Releasedatum: 2020-11-27

PETER SIMENSKY  If We Can’t Have Our Family Near (S)
When we heard this song and the heartfelt lyrics we knew we had to release it. Peter Simensky is based in Lancashire and has been writing songs as far back as the late sixties when we both played in the UK, Germany and other European countries in the Manchester Playboys. Tabitha Records previously released two albums of original songs were written and recorded with John Hayworth under the name of The Meteors, the group they both played in during the early sixties. Peter is primarily a drummer and plays with many very diverse bands covering a wide range of eclectic music genres. During this second lockdown, he felt the need to return to writing and recording new songs and, “If We Can’t Have Our Family Near,” is the first of those.

Peter is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and the sound he produces in this and his other recordings are warm, original and unique and are made without the use of the current technology used by so many artists in the high-tech studios. We hope you enjoy the sentiment of “If We Can’t Have Our Family Near,” and who knows, this song may spawn a new album of Peter’s original music.
Datum:2020-11-23  Label: Tabitja Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2020-12-19

CARISMA  Ho Ho Ho, Nu kommer tomten (S)
Carisma är ett dansband från Österbotten, som spelar svensk traditionell dansmusik. Efter dansbandet Carismas senaste singel "Allt blev en lögn"är nu bandet här igen med en riktig svängig bugglåt med jultema. Låten heter "Ho Ho Ho, Nu kommer tomten" och är skriven av Carismas sångare Franz Nyman. Låten har en refräng som sätter sig i minnet och texten är gjord med glimten i ögat.

Singeln har spelats in och producerats av Donald "Donne" Laitila i Railway Studio i Perstorp, Sverige. Text & Musik: Franz Nyman
Datum:2020-11-22  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2020-11-22

PAUL & HELEN MATEKI  Grandma got runover by a reindeer (S)
Written by our good friend Randy Brooks from Dallas, well here it is. Any spins during Christmas time will be very much appreciated. Y’all stay well and God Bless…PAUL & HELEN xo
Datum:2020-11-21  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

SOFIA ULLMAN  En jul för alla (S)
Den 4 december släpps låten "En jul för alla" digitalt. Det blir en annorlunda jul i år och med den här låten önskar jag att alla ska få en fin jul trots restriktioner och begränsningar.
Datum:2020-11-18  Label: Revendor AB  ISRC: SE2MA2000501    Releasedatum: 2020-12-04

MICK CLARKE  Santa goes rockin´ (S)
“Some seasonal boogie, released now mainly for radio presenters putting their playlists together, but if you just want the track for personal listening you're very welcome - feel free to make a small contribution. Enjoy the music and have a great Christmas.”
Datum:2020-11-18  Label:   ISRC:  Releasedatum:

SHINEFIELD  Baby Jesus was crying
Song is written by J.Smeets
Datum:2020-11-17  Label: Jo Smeets Music  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

JOANNE CASH YATES  They named him Jesus (S)
Please find a Christmas song from Joanne Cash, Johnny Cash's only remaining sister. This song was written by her husband Harry Yates. Hope you and your listeners enjoy it.
Datum:2020-11-17  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

ROBERT SHIELDS  Merry Christmas to the savior
Many of you that I have been mailing to for years will remember this Christmas Song from my late husband Robert. Robert left us almost 11 years ago. It was always very popular. I haven't sent it out for awhile. I hope you and your listeners enjoy it.
Datum:2020-11-17  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  A blues Christmas (A)
A Blues Christmas is a brand new release (available only on vinyl and as a digital download). This new collection features the best of Alligator’s two holiday CDs: 1992’s The Alligator Records Christmas Collection and 2003’s Genuine Houserockin’ Christmas. Neither title was ever released on vinyl, so this the first LP to ever be graced with the genuine holiday-rockin’ music of Koko Taylor, Charlie Musselwhite, Shemekia Copeland, Elvin Bishop, Marcia Ball, Michael “Iron Man” Burks and many more. All tracks have been remastered to sound even better than the original releases.
  1. CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE: Silent night
  2. ELVIN BISHOP: The little drummer boy
  3. KATIE WEBSTER: Deck the halls with boogie woogie
  4. KOKO TAYLOR: Merry, merry Christmas
  5. LIL´ED & THE BLUES IMPERIALS: I´m your Santa
  7. MARCIA BALL: Christmas fais do do
  8. MICHAEL "IRON MAN" BURKS: Christmas snow
  9. ROOMFUL OF BLUES: Santa Claus, do you ever get the blues
  10. SHEMEKIA COPELAND: Stay a little longer, Santa
  11. THE HOLMES BROTHERS: Back door Santa
  12. TINSLEY ELLIS: Santa Claus wants some lovin´

Datum:2020-11-17  Label: Alligator Records  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

ROBERT WELLS  I december (S)
Robert Wells släpper nya jullåten ”I December” med svensk text. Den skrevs när han själv nyligen drabbades av covid-19. Robert satte sig ner vid pianot och skrev en högaktuell text om musik och pandemin. Som hos så många andra kollegor till Robert Wells är spelsuget större än vanligt. De flesta evenemang och konserter är ju inställda i pandemins dystra spår. Spelglädjen märktes extra tydligt när bandet strålade samman i studion. Detta handlar låten "I December" om, både i text och musik med doft av New Orleans och jul.

Robert Wells har producerat samt skrivit all text och musik på nya jullåten och samlat några av landets främsta musiker; Torbjörn Fall (Banjo/Gitarr), Lasse Risberg (Bas), Roine Johansson (Trummor), Pelle Grebacken (Sax och Klarinett), Karl Olandersson (Trumpet), Magnus Wiklund (Trombone), Sami Al-Fakir (Tuba) och The Vocalettes på kör; Maria Wells, Caroline Jönsson och Hanna Wanngård inspelad i Gig Studio Stockholm tidigare i november.
Datum:2020-11-16  Label: Arthur Music  ISRC: SEVVT2000301  Releasedatum: 2020-11-27

TONNY K ROSQVIST  Home to you this Christmas (SS)
Tonny K Rosqvist är en Svensk sångare och songwriter som hållt på sen slutet av 70-talet. Har turnerat flitigt i hela Norden och medverkat på åtskilliga CD-skivor. Denna jullåt är skriven av Tonny K Rosqvist / Jörgen Andson / Lennart Dahlberg.
Datum:2020-11-16  Label: Emmy Music  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2020-11-16

DEBBIE NUNN  Blue blue Christmas (S)
Hi, Debbie here, It's Christmas!...and I wanted to personally thank you for playing my music on your show. It really means the world to me. I am so blessed to have you on the other end of this email and I do not take that for granted. I hope you enjoy my first original Christmas single 'Blue Blue Christmas', which will be released on the 20th of November 2020 across all major online music platforms.

Yule have a holly jolly good time with this instant Country Christmas classic penned and produced by Debbie and song writing partner Spencer Jaye. It's sure to become a favourite on your Christmas music playlist.

The track features plenty of country Christmas bluegrass warmth and sentiment with Nashville's finest. Featuring multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Yudkin (Carrie Underwood - Jesus Take The Wheel, God Bless The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts, Days Gone By - Keith Urban). All blended together by hit Nashville mixing engineer Billy Decker (Chris Young - Rodney Atkins - Montgomery Gentry - Cassadee Pope). Debbie's angelic vocal performance lights up the room and is as bright as the star on your Christmas tree.

Once again thank you for your support, Take care & stay safe. // Debbie. X
Datum:2020-11-15  Label: Ambitious Records UK  ISRC:  Releasedatum: 2020-11-20

THE PUFFERS  Under the tree (S)
This song is written by George Robert Puffer
Datum:2020-11-15  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

STEVE FREE  Christmas in the valley (S)
This song is written by Stephen F. Free
Datum:2020-11-15  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

TINA STENBERG  Visa i vintertid (S)
”Jag ville skriva en julsång, och den här visan behövde bli skriven. Mitt i allt det varma och vackra med julen är också saknaden efter de som inte längre finns bland oss så oerhört påtaglig. Efter att en närstående hastigt gått bort behövde jag sätta ord och toner på min saknad, och det blev Visa i vintertid. Jag tror att min ängel hade tyckt om den.”

Visa i vintertid är inspelad på Östrehall av Anders Vidhav och proddad i combo med hans bättre hälft.

Sång: Tina Stenberg Vidhav, Bas: Jonas Andersson, Gitarr och E-bow: Niklas Rollgard, Slagverk: Torbjörn ”Totto” Lewold, Piano, klockor och änglakör: Anders Vidhav

Text & musik: Tina Stenberg Vidhav
Datum:2020-11-15  Label: TBM Records  ISRC:  Releasedatum: 2020-11-13

JOHNNY JONES  The reason for it all (S)
Writer: John Vernon Jones
Datum:2020-11-14  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

SCOTT M. STEVENSON  If every day could be Christmas (S)
Written by: Red West
Datum:2020-11-13  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Wishing you a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Thank you for all your support through 2020.
Datum:2020-11-13  Label: Kross Kut Records  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

DANNY COOLTMOORE  Don´t cry little Charlie (S)
Danny Cooltmoore & The Great Western Alarm släpper Irländskt doftande Jul-singeln "Don't Cry Little Charlie" 13/11
Datum:2020-11-12  Label: REHN Music Group  ISRC: SEYDQ2004201  Releasedatum: 2020-11-13

REBECCA LINDA SMITH  A Christmas Carol (S)
Song is written by Robert Frank Smith
Datum:2020-11-12  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

SOUTHSIDE CAFÉ  New Year´s Day (revisited) (S)
Hej, här kommer en låt som kan fylla tomrummet när julmusiken tystnar. Det här är nämligen en låt för det nya året.

Den 20 november släpper skånebaserade bandet Southside Café singeln New Year’s Day (revisited). Låten är en duett mellan Anders Ljung, sångare i Southside Café, och Jakob Samuel (ex The Poodles, Talisman). För Johan R Norberg, gitarrist och producent i Southside Café, är samarbetet med Jakob Samuel extra roligt.

- Jag och Jakob växte upp tillsammans. Vi lärde oss spela rock i samma band, Yale Bate. Vi gjorde våra första turnéer ihop och spelade in våra första skivor. 1988 vann vi Rock-SM. Sedan gick vi skilda vägar. Jakob blev rockstjärna och jag gjorde karriär på universitetet. Idag är jag professor i idrottsvetenskap. Att ha Jakob i studion kändes fullständigt naturligt – trots att det var 30 år sedan sist.

Låten New Year’s Day (revisited) är skriven som en modern nyårslåt i en samhällsutveckling som oroar. Den tar upp aktuella frågor som miljön, sociala problem och politiska konflikter.- Låtens budskap är att vi alla måste ta vårt ansvar för att vända samhällsutvecklingen. Vi måste lova varandra att göra 2021 till ett bättre år än 2020, säger Anders Ljung, sångare i Southside Café.

Musikaliskt är låten inspirerad av Bach, The Beatles och 1970-talets glam-scen med artister som David Bowie, T Rex och Roy Wood.

Southside Café är en rockgrupp från Malmö bestående av sångaren Anders Ljung och gitarristen/producenten Johan R Norberg. De släppte sitt andra album "Ghosts” i april 2019. Under våren 2020 har de släppts ytterligare fyra låtar.
Datum:2020-11-12  Label:   ISRC:  Releasedatum: 2020-11-20

OLLEE  Kris Kringle Jingle (S)
It’s brassy and sassy - and it’s sure to get you into the holiday swing of things!! From the opening notes to the big close, “Kris Kringle Jingle” delivers everything a fresh, fun, upbeat Christmas song should.

An original concept, embodied by infectious instrumentation and clever lyrical hooks, this song showcases the vocal passion and power of OLLEE in a manner that most single debuts leave wanting. A future standard for any festive celebration…tune it in - turn it up -

Raised on the Canadian prairies, OLLEE grew up in a musical family where the sounds of southern rock, country and gospel could often be heard on her parent's stereo. In her teens, she discovered Delta Blues and singers like Etta James, Mavis Staples, Mahalia Jackson and Janis Joplin. Buddy and Julie Miller, Eric Clapton, The Band and Bob Dylan were also a part of her playlists during these years. These artists captured her interest with their vocal intensity, thoughtful lyrics and emotionally charged music.

The lyrical themes distinctive to OLLEE's original work provides a rich and meaningful experience for the earnest listener. Her demeanour, being curiously accessible, beckons one to join in on feeling as deeply as she does in the moments shared together. OLLEE's voice reflects the warmth of Mavis Staples and the intensity of Etta James in what fans have described as pronounced, chilling, powerful and soulful.
Datum:2020-11-10  Label:   ISRC:  Releasedatum:

Ritchey – Poytress - Springstrike
Datum:2020-11-10  Label: ESM  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Diamondback Records DBOX-XMAS 2020 (A)
  1. B. JEFF & PATRICIA STONE: When it´s Christmas time in Texas
  2. DONNA CUNNINGHAM: How do I wrap my heart up for Christmas
  3. BOWEN & CLARE: Close to Christmas
  4. ROBIN GABLE: We three Kings
  5. KYLIE ADAMS-COLLIER: When loved ones are near
  6. DON HAGGART: A Pictou Country Christmas
  7. JOHN COVERT: Memories of Christmas
  8. JOHN DICKIE IV: Littlest tree on the lot
  9. RICK RISO: One little wish
  10. BETTY OVERSTREET: The merriest Christmas
  11. MICHAEL CALALI: Christmas crisis
  12. DON HAGGART: O holy Christmas
  13. BETTY OVERSTREET: Christmas is the time to tell the story

Datum:2020-11-09  Label: Diamondback Records  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

MORE THAN WORDS  Christmas time for everyone (S)
MORE THAN WORDS are Stefanie Hertel, Lanny Lanner und Johanna Mross.

Music is their greatest passion. On and off stage. The modern patchwork family has taken its music from the living room couch onto the Big Stage.

On May 15th 2020 the band released the debut album “HOME”, which immediately climbed to #1 (for 10 weeks) on the Amazon Country Newcomer and Bestseller Charts in Germany. With this album the band has charted out its musical direction and proven that modern Country-Rock-Pop can mesmerize audiences not just in Nashville.

Stefanie Hertel, being a Superstar in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for over 30 years as a solo artist and TV show host, has embarked on a new musical journey with her husband Lanny Lanner (who has toured the world and lived in New York City for 10 years as a performing musician and songwriter) and their daughter Johanna Mross after being fascinated by the US TV Show “Nashville”.

“The show has accompanied us since 2012, when Johanna was merely 10 years old. We took our instruments and started singing the songs of the show on our couch almost every night. Soon we would perform on family events and small gatherings and began thinking of taking our music one step further...”

When Johanna turned 18, she decided to set foot into the limelight herself following her mother's and stepfather's footsteps. Soon after that “More Than Words” was born. With their first single “Home” the trio had its first national TV appearance on one of Germany's biggest TV Shows “Die goldene Henne”.

In 2020 the band hosted their own national TV Shows “Family Easter Feast” and “Family Christmas”.

2019 the band toured with famous British rock legend Bonnie Tyler. The tour 2020 was postponed due to the corona situation, but the band will be touring Europe with Bonnie Tyler and the Gipsy Kings again in 2021.
Datum:2020-11-09  Label: More Than Words  ISRC: DEAR42082720  Releasedatum:

TOM HÅKANS  Tomten och Renen (S)
Texten är ursprungligen en dikt skriven av Toms Farfar, Alvar Håkans. Musik, produktion och Arr: Donald Laitila.
Datum:2020-11-08  Label: TMD Music  ISRC:  Releasedatum: 2020-11-08

SHELLY JONES BAND  Silent night (S)
Husband and wife duo, the Shelly Jones Band, present an inspirational Country gospel version of Silent Night that showcases melodic harmonies and a unique gentle chord structure that allows the listener to concentrate on the beautiful lyrics and the true meaning of Christmas. This arrangement of a Christmas classic was created and produced by Shelly Jones and recorded by Shelly and Lester in their home studio. A great addition to any Country music fans Christmas playlist!
Datum:2020-11-07  Label: Diamondback Records  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

JAYCEE LYNNE  Christmas in our town (S)
Written by E.Kilgatha
Datum:2020-11-06  Label: ROAM  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

  1. Up on the housetop
  2. Christmas is in the air
  3. Christmas eve at Grannys house

Hello, I am attaching some of my new Christmas songs for your consideration . I would really appreciate it if you would share them with your listeners. These are originals I have written during the Pandimic and of course, Up on the house top is a Pub Domain revised!
Datum:2020-11-03  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

  1. Wait ´til next year
  2. Streets of Christmas

“No matter how long I live in California, Christmas always means winter in Chicago and the often bitter wind blowing off the lake. It's something I really miss and the feeling never goes away. LA is just too bland for this time of year.” - Jim Silvers
Datum:2020-11-02  Label: CMH Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

JD DAYS  Evergreen Christmas (S)
Christmas fans will be able to unwrap their present early this year. JD Days is surprising new fans with his latest Christmas Single Evergreen Christmas. The timeless Christmas love ballad “Evergreen Christmas" has all the spirit and warmth of classic Christmas music and the sounds of John Lennon.

JD Days is an incredible live performer, and though he wasn't able to play as many shows as he would have liked to he really captured something phenomenal with his latest hit “Evergreen Christmas”. In addition to this Christmas single, JD Days is putting out his first major radio release. "Evergreen Christmas" is being sent out on multiple radio formats: Adult AC, Christmas, Pop, Americana and Country.
Datum:2020-11-02  Label: Days Records  ISRC: TCAFE2074351    Releasedatum: 2020-11-02


Datum:2020-10-30  Label: REHN Music Group  ISRC: SEYDQ2004101  Releasedatum: 2020-10-30

Mr Santa is a fun, entertaining Texas Country Swing that details a newlywed's first Christmas and her wish that her love would be Mr Santa every day of the year! Guaranteed to get country lovers on the dance floor with the high energy music, humor and romance! Annemarie is a Grammy member, Americana Music Association member, Indie Collaborative artist and Josie Music Award winning artist along with popular releases on Bongo Boy Records. She has performed in theater, bands in every musical genre, comedy shows, film, radio and television. Every song created on a 35 year old classic Washburn guitar, her diverse musical sounds mix country, pop, blues, soul, and rock. She writes all her lyrics and music from pathos and humor, with stories of her life, loves, and musical journey.
Datum:2020-10-27  Label: Airplay Express  ISRC: TCAFE2046632  Releasedatum: 2020-11-07

  1. All I want for Christmas is you
  2. Santa Claus is back in town
  3. Mary did you know

Good afternoon, This is Kelly Coberly, and in preparation for the holidays, I have attached three (3) of my Christmas tunes for your consideration. Any airplay and charting (if applicable) would be sincerely appreciated.
Datum:2020-10-26  Label:   ISRC:  Releasedatum:

  1. Silent night
  2. Christmas is for kids

Datum:2020-10-20  Label:   ISRC:  Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Stars and Snow - A Texas Country Christmas (A)
Merry Texas Christmas ya'all! The barbed wire’s strung with lights, the tumbleweeds are trimmed with tinsel, and Santa’s sleigh brakes for armadillos. So it stands to reason that Texas Christmas music’s got a style of its own. CMH Records is proud to present STARS & SNOW: A TEXAS COUNTRY CHRISTMAS. Performed by some of the most prominent crowd-pleasing independent artists in Texas Country Music. Stars and Snow is a rockin’ holiday treat, featuring the hottest country artists from the panhandle to the Pecos. Cowgirl-with-attitude Pauline Reese croons “Hard Candy Christmas”, roots rockers Micky and the Motorcars drown their Yuletide sorrows in “Blue Christmas”, Austin scenesters Fallon Franklin and Blake Powers turn traditional carols into righteous country tunes. Stars and Snow -- it’s better than Christmas Eve in a high plains honky tonk, sipping a Lone Star longneck as the jukebox rocks and a mesquite wind blows in from the Rio Grande. OK, so it ain’t better. But it’s close. The stars are bigger and brighter in Texas and this Christmas record is the biggest & brightest this year. We must warn you, these beautiful Christmas songs may make you want to follow that Christmas star straight to the Lonestar State.
  1. Silent night
  2. Hard Candy Christmas (performed by Pauline Reese)
  3. Blue Christmas (performed by Micky & The Motorcars)
  4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (performed by Fallon Franklin)
  5. Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy (performed by WT Special)
  6. We Three Kings (performed by Blake Powers)
  7. Pretty Paper (performed by Matt Thigpen)
  8. Silent Night (performed by Steve Tenpenny)
  9. Little Drummer Boy (performed by Copperhead)
  10. Happy Christmas, (War is Over) (performed by Cord Carpenter)
  11. Country Christmas (performed by JD Estrada)
  12. Baby It’s Cold Outside (performed by WT Special and Pink Nasty)

Datum:2020-10-19  Label: CMH Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

Italian Cowboy Harry James has a unique sound that gives him the spotlight wherever he goes. You may have seen Italian Cowboy Harry James appearing in and around Nashville in venues such as Nashville Palace, Whiskey Rhythm, Tootsies and Legends on Broadway, or opening up for Artists such as: Jo Dee Messina, Ronnie Milsap, Alabama, Razzy Bailey, Hank Williams, Jr. Kid Rock, Vince Gill, Daryl Singletary, Charlie Daniels, George Jones, Exile, Collin Ray, Darryl Worley, Dolly Parton, John Conlee[/b] and many more! The highlight of his show is when he performs his sawin’ hot fiddle act.
Datum:2020-10-19  Label: Ground Quake  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

LAURA T DAVIS  Make it til Christmas (S)
Written during the drought Australia has been and continues to battle - Laura T Davis' new single, "Make It Till Christmas" - takes on a whole new sentiment following the global events of 2020.

"I wrote this song in the middle of a paddock amid the chaos that surrounded not only the country in my own heart but the heart of my whole country and now the world", says Laura. "It's about absolute despair and devastation, but ultimately, it's a message of hope ... if we can just Make it Till Christmas, we'll be ok".

Hailing from the sugar cane fields of Northern NSW, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has recorded "Make It Till Christmas" with renowned producer, Matt Fell at LoveHz Studios. The song is an observation about the year of 2020 that has continued to bring so much upheaval and devastation around the world. "Make It Till Christmas" is out now through MGM Distribution.
Datum:2020-10-14  Label: Red Rebel Music  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

MARTIN MAYER  Carol of the Bells (S)
Just in time for the holidays, Canadian Pianist & Composer Martin Mayer releases his new single "Carol of the Bells." With Mayer producing the track based on arrangements by Emmy-winning musician John Tesh and Grammy-winning violinist Charlie Bisharat, this re-imagined version of the Christmas classic is sure to put you in the best of holiday spirits. Martin Mayer "Carol of the Bells" is available November 3rd on Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music, and at

"Canada's Prince of Piano" – that's how the Beijing Times, China's leading English-language newspaper, described Canadian Pianist & Composer Martin Mayer. His music blends thoughtful and longing soul with a healthy dose of high-octane energy – an explosive mix! Mayer's instrumental fusion music has entertained thousands in concert, and millions on Chinese TV across multiple sold-out tours of China. Canada's National Post predicts that Martin Mayer is "poised to take over the world stage," while VOGUE of Taiwan opines that the pianist's "passion for music ... can only be described as breath-taking," and Emmy-winning musician John Tesh calls him "truly an amazing pianist ... the best of me, Brickman, Yanni, all in one!"
Datum:2020-10-14  Label: Martin Mayer Music Inc  ISRC: CAMPL2000006  Releasedatum: 2020-11-03

BOB McGILPIN  Love angels (A)
Songwriters: Bob McGilpin & Larry Morton
Datum:2020-10-04  Label: Airplay Express  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

JENNIFER BONE  Christmas changes everything (S)

Datum:2020-10-02  Label: Airplay Express  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

TERRY CRABTREE  An old time Christmas (S)

Datum:2020-10-02  Label: Airplay Express  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

PARRISH-HUNDLEY BAND  Please come home for Christmas (S)
Mike Parrish & Sammy Hundley are the front guys & driving force behind the Parrish-Hundley Band. Lifelong friends, since childhood, they've always shared a passion for music and music has ALWAYS been the strongest influence in both their lives. Mike often says, "You give me the title of a song & the name of the artist & I'll tell you where I was & what I was doing when I first heard it. Most Elvis fans can tell you where they were when the King passed away but music has always been a life marker for me & it marks everything. There's no doubt it always will."

Emerging from the pump jack speckled prairies & piney woods along with the Gulf breezes of Southeast Texas, Mike Parrish & Sammy Hundley bring a new sound to contemporary country, country rock and blues. For those of you who have no clue what a pump jack is, well, a pump jack is like a huge black see-saw that pumps up and down while pumping oil from an oil well and into a storage tank. Practically every one has seen a pump jack in person or, at the very least, in some movie. Some of these pump jacks even forged the sound that mimicked an off-beat Tom drum which was a sound that drifted into their windows upon the Summer night air mixed with the scent of honeysuckle & fresh cut grass as they slept in the perspective homes just a quarter mile apart. Mike & Sammy were living in the Community of Hull, often referred to as Hull-Daisetta, in Liberty County, completely off the beaten path. In fact, it it weren't for Farm to Market Roads 770 & 834, there wouldn't even be a beaten path. 99.9% of the entire planet had never even heard of Hull or Daisetta, Texas, at least not until May of 2008 when Daisetta had the world's attention when the largest sinkhole in the United States formed in Daisetta & became affectionately known as "Sinkhole De Mayo."

As young boys, it was early to bed & early to rise & a time when the world was a brand new magical place with much to be learned & much to explore. There were basically three channels on television with loads of cool stuff to watch in those days unlike todays satellite television which is comprised of hundreds of channels & virtually NOTHING worth watching most of the time. There were no social networks, computers, cell phones, iPads, iPods, iTunes, voicemail, email, text messaging or satellite radio but there was FM Radio. It was their radios that pulled the sounds of the most classic rock and country bands ever formed, from a station based in Houston (an hour to the west), & funneled right into the bedrooms & family vehicles of the Parrish-Hundley Duo. As odd as it may sound, Hull may have just as well been located on the moon, if it weren't for the beautiful countryside and an actual atmosphere, because even the astronauts of the Apollo missions got their radio from Houston just as Sammy & Mike did.

Sammy & Mike soaked in all the amazing sounds from the airwaves and swore that, when they were grown, they'd form a rock & roll band & they'd name this band "Black Diamond." That title had nothing to do with black gold (oil) or diamond mines, that were none existent in that area, but it had everything to do with their favorite group, "the hottest band in the world! KISS!" We've explained what a pump jack is so we'll go on to tell you that these were also the days of 33 1/3 vinyl records & 8-track tapes but to save time explaining, & limited bio space, please Google 8-Track Tapes. Back in the day, the boys didn't Google anything other than girls & they may still be guilty of googling a young lady or two from time to time. Sammy's first vinyl record & Mike's first 8-Track was a Kiss album known to the world as "Double Platinum," & Ace Frehley was the coolest damned guitar player that ever came from outer space! Both Sammy & Mike imitated Ace even though they knew neither of them would look as cool as Ace did with that smokin' Les Paul Sunburst & platform shoes. Then they were also influenced by the bands of their fathers, the greats like Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Charlie Pride, Willie Nelson, Ray Price & the list goes on & on. On the other hand there was Heart, Peter Frampton, Bob Seger, Styx, Kansas, Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, did we say Kiss, & ZZ Top. So there was classic country & classic rock (funny how classic country was acceptable by their parents but that evil devil music was another story). Sammy's dad saved him from the devil by sending his Double Platinum album to hell, burning it, but Mike was a bit more fortunate & managed to hang on to his 8-Track. Believe it when you hear that they literally wore that album out. There was also the Gospel sounds of Elvis, the rockin' 50s & 60s, BLUES, pop, so much to digest, no way to know what was best, so it was just ALL good. They were Queen fans, Glen Campbell fans, Stevie Wonder fans, KC & the Sunshine Band fans, they were Jim Reeves fans and Chubby Checker fans, Nazareth fans and James Taylor fans, there was a complete goulash of influences that infiltrated their hearts & souls & no way to sort it out other than to just let it flow through them, write their own tunes & examine the results. To this day you can hear bits of hundreds of influences in every original tune.

After Mike did a hitch in the U.S. Army & about 16 years as a Texas Peace Officer, while Sammy worked in various technical jobs, including but not limited to opticianry while establishing a career in music, both boys, now men, had returned home in the days before the great Sinkhole De Mayo & finally recorded an album in 2006. They won several awards in the European music world & in 2010 they garnered a nomination by the Academy of Texas Music for Best Live Band of the year.

Armed with an arsenal of those classic influences the band is proud to present the album "Texas in the Man" & the brand new release "What a Country Boy Knows"
Datum:2019-12-17  Label:   ISRC:  Releasedatum:

MACKLEMORE (feat. DAN CAPLEN)  It´s Christmas time (radio edit) (S)

Datum:2019-12-17  Label: Warner Music Sweden  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

  1. JAKE FLINT: Santa´s flyin´ high
    In the great tradition of Robert Earl Keen and Cross Canadian Ragweed comes a new topical Christmas "Party Carol" from emerging artist Jake Flint!
    ISRC: TCAEO1963706
  2. WILL CARTER: Santa went country
    Written by Will Carter, Nash Linden Overstreet and Shane Stevens.
    ISRC: USA2P1962046, Record label: Way Back Records
  3. KADIE LYNN: First Christmas
    After her debut single climbed to #38 on the Texas Regional Radio Report chart, and advancing to the semi-finals on Americas Got Talent in 2016, Kadie Lynn is back! In the years since being the youngest artist to chart on the TRRR at 12 years of age, Kadie Lynn has spent countless hours on the road playing gigs and paying her dues. She has spent much of the last four years honing her craft, writing with not only fellow Texas songwriters, but with amazing artists and songwriters from Tennessee to California. "Fist Christmas" is just a small taste of what will be heard from Kadie Lynn in the coming year.
    ISRC: TCAEN1991390
  4. STEPHANIE URBINA JONES & THE HONKY TONK MARIACHI: All I want for Christmas is you
    Hot - Perfect for Christmas new single by Stephanie Urbina Jones and The Honky Tonk Mariachi "Spanglish" version with Chili Peppers of the Christmas Classic and Global Hit Song by Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas Is You". ("TODO LO QUE QUIERO ERES TÚ")
    ISRC: QZEQU1921079, Record Label: Casa Del Rio Records
  5. CHARLES ALAN ROE: Ho Ho Yeehaw
    Written by Charles Alan Roe. ISRC: TCAEM1977860, from the Album: MY HOME
  6. BRANDON ALAN & FERERA SWAN: O come all ye faithful
    Brandon Alan follows his two Top 40 TRRR 2019 radio releases with a special Christmas duet (feat. Ferera Swan) on this fresh upbeat rendition of "O Come All Ye Faithful." Ferera Swan is an artist, singer-songwriter, composer, pianist, violinist, and GRAMMY voting member of The Recording Academy. By inspiring others with her story through music as an artist and adoptee, Ferera is passionate about raising awareness in the areas of mental/emotional health and trauma research in support of evolving society's adoption narrative through education and advocacy.
    ISRC: usl4q1953450

Datum:2019-12-16  Label: CD Tex  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

SUSAN CATTANEO  O holy night (S)
Harmony…that’s my wish for you this holiday season.

Webster’s dictionary says harmony is a combination of simultaneous musical notes in a chord, a pleasing arrangement of parts…but it’s also defined as agreement and internal calm. May you all have harmony as we end this decade and move onto 2020! This year, I dressed up my dog, Willow in her holiday finest and as my gift to you, I am sending you a Susan version of O Holy Night. My friend Kevin Barry plays all the guitars on it, and I did all the vocals.

While I’m more spiritual than religious in nature, this song has roots in my history, and it’s one of my favorites. I come from a family of singers, and as part of our family tradition, we used to sing around the dining room table at night before dinner. Something wonderful happens when you sing with your family members. There is a sonic blend that comes from your physical similarities, the way you speak, etc., but much more, there is this sense of belonging, of being a part in something greater than yourself.

The holidays in our house meant presents under a Christmas tree, a trip to my Grandmother’s for a turkey lunch, and it also meant singing carols like O Holy Night. My mother would put on Christmas albums, and we would all sing along in harmony. It is a fond memory for me, and I hope you like my version of this song. No matter what faith or traditions you follow, I wish all of you a harmony-filled holiday, full of good friends, good food, and of course good music! Happy Holidays to all Xo Susan
Datum:2019-12-15  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

THE MAVERICKS  Feliz Navidad (bonus track) (S)
What a wonderful year it has been in our little world! ?? We are so grateful for your love and support of our 30th World Tour & new album ‘The Mavericks Play The Hits’ ?, and to show our appreciation this holiday season, we dug deep in the Mono Mundo vaults for some UNRELEASED MAVS CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

Unreleased bonus song from 2018’s Hey! Merry Christmas!, our version of the holiday standard “Feliz Navidad”! ?? With much more new Mavericks music to come in 2020, we simply couldn’t wait another year to bring you this song!

Happy Listening, and Merry Christmas! ?? #MA30VS

Make sure you're following The Mavericks on social media and streaming with the buttons below. We're sharing photos, memories, and more all year long on the hashtag #MAVS30 as we celebrate our 30th anniversary!
Datum:2019-12-14  Label: Mono Mundo Recordings  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

PEGGY INKS  The Reason (Keep Christ in Christmas) (S)
Here is a new Christian Comedy song release from Peggy Inks. I hope you and your listeners enjoy it. Please listen to this new Christmas Song by Peggy Inks. She won't mark X for his name.

Written by Peggy Inks / Ethel Mae Henry
Datum:2019-12-13  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

CARMEL McCREAGH  On Christmas Eve (S)
Carmel McCreagh has recorded a brand new Christmas song, 'On Christmas Eve' written by Don Mescall and Fiachra Trench and arranged and produced by Fiachra Trench. 'On Christmas Eve'' describes a child's excitement with the magic of Christmas and reminding us of our own childhood: the thrill and expectations of that season — counting down the days! It wasn't just about Santa Claus and presents; it was the whole feeling of kindness, warmth and love which envelops your family, your friends and your community, and the sharing of all that with the one you love. On Christmas Eve is due for release on December 6th 2019 and will be available digitally on all major download/streaming
Datum:2019-12-12  Label:   ISRC: IEBDV1900001    Releasedatum:

ALEX SYKES  Thoughts of Christmas (S)
Hi Folks, enclosed find a link to a wonderful seasonal ballad sung by the Alex Sykes titled Thoughts of Christmas. The song was written by the popular Belfast artist and writer Anton Glackin. I would also like to take the opportunity to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from my family to your's. Best wishes Howard
Datum:2019-12-11  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

THE ROYS  Bluegrass kinda Christmas (A)
When Lee and I were kids we loved Christmas cause we knew Mom and Dad were loading up the car and we were heading to Coal Branch, New Brunswick to our maternal grandparents house and there would be music there. Those are some of our fondest Christmas memories in that small little country village and that is where music came alive. It has always been our dream to record a Christmas album and this year it has come true. We have so many people to thank but first and foremost we give God the glory for all of his blessings on us. Mom and Dad for giving us the most incredible Christmas memories of a lifetime and still do so. To Robert, Kim, Alexis and Danielle, thank you for understanding and supporting us in this journey! We love you!! Our team as always, Kirt Webster, Kyle Watson, Martha Moore, Mike Meade, David Kiswiney, Donna Lee, David Keller, Lisa Boullt, Sam Passamano, Sammy Passamano, Pam Passamano, Anthony Passamano, Tony Spinosa, Jennifer Hamilton, Rick Fowler, Tim Fink, SESAC, IBMA, ICM, our band – Clint White, Daniel Patrick, Erik Alvar, and Josh Swift for mixing and mastering, to all radio DJs and media outlets…..and all who have helped us along our journey. Thank you. And we thank all of our sponsors D’Addario Strings, Levy Leathers, Sorensen Mandolins, Arnett Acoustic Guitars, Audio-Technica Microphones. To the fans we sure hope you enjoy this Christmas album. The title track “Bluegrass Kinda Christmas” is definitely what our celebrations look like even today. We hope these songs will bring warm memories to you and your family for years to come. And we hope you enjoy your own Bluegrass Kinda Christmas! Merry Christmas Everyone! The Roys We dedicate this album to our parents, Leo and Maria Roy.

Musicians Credits Elaine Roy – Guitar Lee Roy – Mandolin, Mandocello, Mandola Clint White – Fiddle Daniel Patrick – Banjo and Dobro Erik Alvar – Bass Josh Swift – Dobro (New Kid In Town)
Datum:2019-12-09  Label: Rural Rhythm Records  ISRC:  Releasedatum:

THE BOPPERS  It´s Christmas in Las Vegas (S)

Datum:2019-12-06  Label: Warner Music Sweden  ISRC: SEVBJ1900101    Releasedatum:

ROBYN HAYLE  Christmas go away (S)
Montreal-born and Toronto-based, this jazz chanteuse has had a fascinatingly chameleonic career and draws from a deep well of experience in creating her work. Hayle’s musical, vocal and lyrical maturity, so evident on her albums, is eloquent testimony to a lifelong commitment to the crafts of singing and songwriting.

Robyn began vocal and piano lessons at the Royal Conservatory in Montreal at age seven, and won her first International Music Competition at nine, singing “Faust.” By thirteen, she was performing in city clubs, singing backup for popular Quebec entertainer Tony Roman.

At 15, Hayle became the youngest music student ever at McGill, but soon defected to rock ’n roll. She toured with such stars as Johnny Farrago and Patsy Gallant and headed her own bands, prior to relocating to Toronto, where she was soon in demand for jingles and voiceover work — in both official languages.

In Toronto, Robyn also worked on children’s programming for TVO, including Sesame Street, and the internationally acclaimed Today’s Special, in which she played the computer “TXL Series Four”, and did animated voices that earned her a global cult following. A stint in New York City studying at the Neighborhood Playhouse was followed by a move to Los Angeles
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FOR KING & COUNTRY  Little drummer boy (S)
Two-time GRAMMY® Award winning duo with a for KING & COUNTRY enraptured the “CMA Country Christmas” audience unique and mighty performance of “Little Drummer Boy.” Today, the duo has seen their rendition of the Christmas classic dominate the iTunes charts, propelling the band to Top 10 in all three All Genre categories. The video of their performance has received over 2.1 million views, with 64K thousand total shares and counting. Click here to watch the powerful performance, which elicited a lengthy standing ovation from the CMA audience. Views on CMA's Facebook Video have reached over 1.9 Million.

“The love we felt onstage and backstage - and through the TV last night was wonderful. Thank you,” says Joel Smallbone, one half of for KING & COUNTRY. “The reaction we’ve received since our performance aired is truly remarkable. What a wonderful celebration of people coming together under the banner of hope, love and peace”
Datum:2019-12-05  Label: Curb Records  ISRC: USM1C1800266    Releasedatum:

ELLEN XYLANDER  Engel på jord (S)
Genom åren har Ellen Xylander framgångsrikt etablerat sig som artist och låtskrivare, hon har tilldelats priser och utmärkelser i USA. 2011 släpptes hennes debutsingel "One Day We'll Make It Home" som på kort tid klättrade rakt upp på den norska officiella hitlistan, sedan dess har hon släppt flertalet låtar som uppmärksammats och spelats flitigt på radio i både Norge och Sverige. Hon har turnerat och genomfört flertalet konserter i Sverige, Norge, UK och Frankrike.

Nu släpps äntligen låten ”Engel på jord”skriven av Ellen Xylander, med sig på låten har hon svenska producenten Roberto Mårdstam.

Ellen är bosatt i Oslo och har starka rötter till Sverige, härifrån har hon stora delar av sin släkt och hon har sedan barnsben alltid tillbringat sina somrar hemma i Sverige
Datum:2019-12-05  Label: Emmody Records  ISRC: NO25U1901010  Releasedatum: 2019-12-05

STREAPLERS  Det är jul (S)
Låten är inspelad för några år sedan men har inte funnits ute på digitala plattformar tidigare. Releasedag är i morgon 6/12
Datum:2019-12-05  Label: Atenzia Records  ISRC: SEVSZ1904201    Releasedatum: 2019-12-06

  1. Fairytale of New York
  2. The Dollyrots do Christmas

Dollyrots cover of the Christmas classic originally by The Pogues
Datum:2019-12-05  Label: Arrested Youth Records  ISRC:  Releasedatum: 2019-12-05

COLIN PAUL  Christmas rocks (S)
Hi, Here is my new Christmas song written by Geoff Taggart and Toni West, Regards Colin Paul
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GORD BAMFORD  Storybook Christmas (S)
Thank you for playing #REDNEK. I know how much you and your fans enjoy Gords music so with the Christmas season upon us I thought you would you enjoy his new single
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SOUTHBOUND TRAIN  On this Christmas night (S)
Delighted to be able to send you the Christmas offering from Northern Ireland based band Southbound Train titled ON THIS CHRISTMAS NIGHT. The band which includes the talents of Clive Culbertson(Van Morrison,Jordan Mogey),who also produced the song, was recorded at his Colraine No Sweat Studio.
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