ELISABETH HOPE  Breaking up (radio edit) (S)
This song is written by John Geuzinge-Havinga and Nienke Geuzinge-Havinga
Datum:2021-09-19  Label: Neo Music  ISRC:   www.elisabethhope.nl  Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Blue Shamrock Music - September 2021 (A)
  1. DONNA FISK: Crying over
    Dark and drowning in my sorrows …this ain’t no party tune.. Some songs are such that they can become an individual’s personal interpretation. Make of it what you will, but for me it rang of the opinion that Joy seems so fleeting and sorrow lingers … Memories flood back of good times that live in the shadow of losing dear ones…. There are songs for a time, songs that take you back to a time, “CRYING OVER” is one of those songs
  2. RONNIE JOUDO: Roadside angels
    Roadside Angels is a song about a miner who would travel 1 1/2 hrs. to work every day along an outback road. He would reflect on the crosses, monuments, flowers and pictures on telegraph poles, fences or pinned to the ground, on the side of the road. He thinks about how sad it was to have lost their lives whilst travelling on the road, who they were, where they were heading, and how difficult it would have been for loved ones to have found out about their loss. He calls them “Roadside Angels”. This is a true story that needed to be told. ISRC: AUOSZ2000006
  3. JASON McDONALD: Drink our blues away
    Written by Jason McDaniel, ‘Drink Our Blues Away’ is about the Monday to Friday grind, long weeks, aching backs, and the desire to play up at the end of the week, because we’ve had enough, and we need a break. The chorus in the song relates to those of us who might remember getting our pay packet on Friday, spending it down at the pub Friday night, and wake up Saturday morning broke until next pay day, but we had a great time doing it and can’t wait to do it all again. When it all comes down to it, ‘Drink Our Blues Away’ is about working hard and enjoying life at every chance. It’s another light-hearted song from this Rowdy Outlaw Australian Singer songwriter. ISRC: USCGJ2182391
  4. ANTHONY BAXTER: Wattle in the spring
    Anthony Baxter is a guitar instrumentalist from Lake Macquarie NSW, starting at the age of 17 after hearing the bush ballad sounds of Lindsay Butler and Barry Thornton. Since then Anthony has been playing at various musters and music festivals across Australia and has won many prestigious awards for his guitar playing. Anthony’s latest single release, ‘Wattle In The Spring’ can be found on LBS Country Collection Volume 26. An instrumental composed by Shaza Leigh, performed by Anthony Baxter, produced by Lindsay Butler at LBS Music Land in Tamworth NSW.
  5. ASHLEY COOK: The Sydney Jillaroo
    Ashley is one of Australia's premier Bush Balladeers and he walks a path of undisputed authenticity as to the fact that he lives the life he sings about. The Sydney Jillaroo is a story often told of a young girl born in the city but wants to make a life on the land. She travels to the outback, finds things hard but falls in love with the Station owner’s son. They get married, have a family and she learns how to do the Jillaroo job. When the mother dies she becomes the backbone of the family for her children, husband and his family.
  6. GEOFF WILLIAMS: Western heroes
    Do you remember when we were kids and on Saturday afternoons at the movies, we enjoyed the cowboy pictures and went home afterwards to become those “western heroes”? That’s what this song is about as we dream of “cleaning up the town” with our six guns, big white horse and trusty side-kick. We may have even won the best girl and moved on when our job was done. Some of our favourite cowboys could sing and somehow did it with a band and four-part harmony backing. Happy Trails! ISRC: uscgh1278975
  7. SHAWN GALLAWAY: Just wait!
    Shawn Gallaway is an award-winning singer/songwriter, visual artist, author, workshop facilitator and energetic healer. He has travelled the world sharing his message of “Healing and Transformation through the Arts”. His “I Choose Love” song and online course (a collection of videos, songs, artwork, meditations and processes) continue to inspire and educate people of all ages on how to awaken their hearts and find their art. #IChooseLove Just Wait! This song is about asking folks to "Just Wait" before getting the Covid Jab until we know what's in it and it's safe, especially for our children. Do the research and ask for transparency. Until then "Just Wait!” Written by Shawn Gallaway & Jane Ruby 2021 **Please note that the sentiments expressed in the lyrics of this song, and in promotion of this song, are those of the songwriters and are not endprsed by Blue Shamrock Music. ISRC: USHM92112209
  8. ALAN & TRACE: Lying next to you
    Singer songwriter musicians Alan Percy and Tracey Davis, now collectively known as “Alan and Trace duo”, are excited to release their new single, “Lying Next To You”, written, arranged and recorded by multi-instrumentalist Alan Percy. This new release follows the success of their previous releases, “Country’s What I Am” & “The Greatest Show On Earth”, both of which went to #1 on the Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay Chart. This latest release stands true to their traditional country sound, story-telling lyrics and classic country music instrumentation. ISRC: AU-WSX-21-00003
  9. WILLOW: Release
    "Release" is the perfect single to introduce new contemporary country artist Willow. After many years of crafting his songs in the melting pot of real life Willow has stepped into the studio to record his debut album 'Out Of My Hands', due in 2022, and his first single 'Release' leaves no doubt that he is an artist who is here to stay and has something to say. “Release came to me after many years of travelling around this incredible land of Oz. It’s my way of acknowledging who I am, where I’ve been, and what may lay ahead.” Willow ‘Release’ has a raw soaring contemporary country feel to it that paints a picture of connection to the land in all its rugged beauty. With multi-award-winning producers David Carter (Carter & Carter) and Adrian Hannan (Vanessa Amorosi, Delta Goodrem) at the helm it is set to launch Willow as an emerging artist and one to watch. ISRC: AUB8V2100008
  10. THE EYES OPEN: Hello Hello
    In a song that explores the somewhat comical absurdities that exist in our modern world today, “Hello Hello” is a vehicle for exploring hope in, what so many fear, is a looming dystopia, while offering an infectious and toe tapping sanguine vision for a post covid world. ISRC: AUPSZ2000014
  11. ERIC READ: The Pub At Grabben Gullen
    The Pub at Grabben Gullen, a new release by award-winning Australian songwriter Eric Read, was inspired by his own father’s story of a sentimental time with his dear old dad just before World War Two. The song rekindles Sydney-born John Read’s story about a special memory he cherished of a country drive in the family Studebaker with his dear old dad Alexander Gordon Read. They were driving north from Goulburn, beneath the summer sky, when the pub at Grabben Gullen - The Albion - caught their eye. John Read died in 2013 and his father Alexander Gordon Read tragically died in the early 1950s. Eric Read kept notes of his father’s story of this special time and recently recorded The Pub at Grabben Gullen at his Sunshine Coast studio. It has been released in time for Father’s Day 2021. "The Pub At Grabben Gullen" was recorded in Eric’s Sunshine Coast studio and Leo Dalton’s studio in Upwey, Victoria. We sought permission to reproduce the old photo of The Albion Hotel from the Australian National University archives. Permission was granted and we have been asked to acknowledge the source as follows: Noel Butlin Archives Centre, Australian National University. ISRC: ushm92141409
  12. CLELIA ADAMS: Last cheaters waltz
    Internationally acclaimed, multi award winning singer/songwriter Clelia Adams returns to centre stage with what is the final release of her illustrious international recording career, spanning the last 20 years. From the pen of legendary songwriter Sonny Throckmorton (Cowboy Rides Away) comes the Last Cheaters Waltz, which Clelia describes as her “favourite genre in country music” - the classic traditional “love gone wrong” heartbreak song. Clelia wishes to extend her eternal thank you to country music radio presenters and fans around the world for the honour of having her music top the charts in Australia, Europe, NZ, UK, & USA. She will continue to perform at festivals and shows as well as adding more videos to her You Tube channel. ISRC:ushm92128349

Datum:2021-09-18  Label: Blue Shamrock Music  ISRC:   blueshamrockmusic.com  Releasedatum:

Hello from Tennessee. I hope everyone is doing good and staying safe. Please find a new release from Cindy Hughlett. This is the first time Cindy has released with Glory Train
Datum:2021-09-18  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

  1. Hard as steel
  2. Bottoms up

The song "Hard as steel" is dedicated to the hard working "fathers" who did everything possible to make life better for their "families".. Songwriters on both songs are Lonnie C. Ratliff & Thomas Hans Ahlberg.
Datum:2021-09-17  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

THE WOODPICKERS featuring SNEZ  Alfred brought her flowers (S)
A new song A charming moment in time. A mature gentleman took the opportunity given by Valentines Day to express his attraction to a pretty retail assistant in a local shop. Know by many, he was observed and sent a message of cheer to all. The outcome was private but the incident remains in memory after many years. The attachments contain artwork and a CD quality
Datum:2021-09-15  Label:   ISRC:   www.woodpickers.com.au  Releasedatum:

ROBERT F  My blue eyed country girl (S)
Songwriter: C.Fartek
Datum:2021-09-15  Label: Fartek Music  ISRC:   www.robertf.at  Releasedatum:

THE ISLAND CASTAWAY BAND  Adjust the sails (S)
The Island Castaways Band (TICB) was co-founded by lead guitarist/vocalist Paul Kane of Webster, MA and Bassist Joe Holewa of Charlton, MA in 2008. The band quickly evolved into one of New England’s most popular Tropical Rock bands with gigs aboard boat cruises, regional Parrot Head conventions, Boston Red Sox Fenway Park Margaritaville festivals, New England Patriot Place, ocean beach venues, private events, community concerts and opening shows for national artists. TICB’s live show features a balanced mix of classics and originals all with a unique touch of fun – bringing summer to fans- regardless of where they are or the time of the year.

The band has previously recorded with international recording artists Doyle Grisham - Pedal Steel Jimmy Buffett Coral Reefer Band and Amy Lee Saxophone also a former member of the Coral Reefer Band. The band endeavors to have a breakout year with their strong lyrics, tropical rock, country influences and live performances. The bands 2021 – 2022 goal is to perform at festival and concert venues getting additional national exposure.

Their latest single Adjust the Sails was inspired by a favorite saying “When you can’t change the wind, Adjust the Sails”. The single is available iTunes, Amazon music, Spotify and many other streaming and download providers. The band has distributed their previous original releases through the same stores.
BR>Band members include Paul Kane, Joe Holewa, Rick Labak – Keyboard and Vocals, Jim O’Brien – Guitar, Mandolin, Violin and Vocals and Tim Kane – Drums and Percussion.
Datum:2021-09-14  Label: Liva Music  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

LARRY WILSON  I like trains (S)
Please find a new song release from Larry Wilson. Larry hasn't release with us in a while. I hope you like his song about trains. Thanks So Much for all you do.
Datum:2021-09-14  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

VERNON OXFORD  Suppertime (S)
Songwriter: Ira Stanphill
Datum:2021-09-14  Label: Westwood International Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

RAY LANI & BRITTANY ALLEN  Almost nothing lasts forever (S)
DIAMONDBACK RECORDS is pleased to bring you a true blue love song duet with this SSDR (single song digital release) by singer/songwriter, Ray Lani & Brittany Allen:

Song story: "I have played in bands at over 3,000 weddings in my life and after singing so many "first dance" songs I decided to write one. If your listeners are planning a wedding and are still looking for that "special" first dance song that no one else has used before maybe you can play this song and maybe they will have found it? Wishful thinking on my part, but hey one never really knows?" Ray Lani
Datum:2021-09-13  Label: Diamondback Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

JOHN DARTNELL  Here´s to the road (S)
Hi, Hope you are well. Please find attached 'Here's To The Road' which is a track from my forthcoming album 'Moments Of Madness'.
Datum:2021-09-12  Label:   ISRC:   www.johndartnell.com  Releasedatum:

HERMANN LAMMERS MEYER & BILLY WALKER  I just don´t understand (S)
Written by Willie Nelson
Datum:2021-09-11  Label: Desert Kid Records  ISRC:   www.hermannlammersmeyer.de  Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Kim´s World Records 2021 (A)
  1. KIM TERRY FLOVER: Lovin´ on the backroads
  2. KIM TERRY GLOVER: Charlie Damiels song
  4. KIM TERRY GLOVER: Sometimes I lose, sometime I win
  5. BILLY LYNN BARR: Another road
  6. LARRY GLENN BARRY: Amother road
  7. LARRY GLENN BERRY: Every part of me
  8. STEVE HUGHES: I´m faithful
  9. SXOTT NIX: Muscle Shoals Sound
  10. UNCLE PHIL NEWTON: Still hanging around
  11. UNCLE PHIL NEWTON: Out of my mind
  12. UNCLE PHIL NEWTON: Don´t let the doorknob hit you
  13. KIM TERRY GLOVER: Life´s pictures
  14. KIM TERRY GLOVER: Daddy´s and Mama´s home
  15. JAMIE HUNT: Pocket full of gold
  16. KATHY STELLA: Little child of mine
  17. REBA DAVIS: Silver tongue devil
  18. REBA DAVIS: Pray through to you
  19. RICHARD JOHNSON: Hail to the King
  20. PATRICIA GOLDEN: Jesus hear me calling

Datum:2021-09-08  Label: Lampmusic  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

JUSTIN LANDERS  The corner store (S)
Written by Justin Landers and Recorded & Produced by Simon Johnson at Hillbilly Hut Records, ‘The Corner Store’ is a traditional style country song about the demise of the neighborhood corner store through corporate giant greed. “The song will take you back to your childhood and have you comparing the olden days with the new” said Kaz Johnson in her totally biased fan review.

“The idea for this song came when I was cooking dinner one night” Justin recollected. “We had run out of something and I had to put everything on pause, jump in the car and head downtown to the supermarket. It was such an inconvenience for something so simple”, Justin said.

“I got to thinking about the corner store we used to have in our local area, Cikaric’s was the name. It used to be just 2 blocks away, its’ closed now” Justin said. “There used to be a corner store at least every 2 to 3 blocks in Orange. Now there is lucky to be maybe 3 or 4 stores left, in the entire city”.

“This was an enjoyable song to write. As I started to thrash out ideas for the song, I found my memory drifting back to my early childhood and my time growing up in Cobar. We had a little corner store at the end of our street. It was owned and run by Mrs Rankin. She knew all the local gossip and her husband owned and operated the butcher shop next door. I reminisced about mum sending me to the shop and being able to spend the change for my efforts, and how exciting it was to decide how to get the best bang for the two bob in change, in lollies. Should I get 5 Cobber’s and 10 Freckles? Or should I get something else”? Justin recalled with a smile. “You have to ask yourself if today’s conveniences are really better than they used to be. It’s sad that these icons of Aussie life are disappearing because they just cannot compete with the corporate giants” Justin sighed.

‘The Corner Store’ is the 5th single release from Justin’s album, Free Time And Money. The album is available now from all digital media stores and on CD from www.justinlandersmusic.com
Datum:2021-09-07  Label: Diamondback Records  ISRC: AUJBV2100002  justinlandersmusic.com/  Releasedatum:

JAN JOHANSEN  On the road again (S)
Jan Johansen följer upp vårens singelsläpp med mer country; denna gång tar han sig an och gör sin egen version av Willie Nelsons stora hit “On The Road Again”, en låt som passar hans röst perfekt. ”Jag tyckte det passade väldigt bra att släppa 'On The Road Again' just nu, i ett och halvt år har vi inte kunnat träffas som förr, inte kunnat gå ut och lyssna på musik. Artister och musiker har inte kunnat turnera. Allting stannade av. Nu börjar hjulen sakta rulla. Äntligen får vi uppträda inför en publik igen och möta människor vi inte sett på länge. Vi är 'on the road again'!” säger Jan.

Jans tolkning av denna klassiker är också soundtracket till Circle K:s nya reklamfilm.

Jan Johansen har med sina hits Se på mig, Mitt hjärta i din hand, Kommer tid kommer vår och Trumslagarens pojke skapat otaliga musikaliska minnen för den svenska publiken. Förutom sina älskade Mello-bidrag har han släppt tio fullängdsalbum, gjort musikaler och otaliga spelningar runt hela Sverige.
Datum:2021-09-06  Label: JJ Records  ISRC: SEWOS2100103  www.janjohansen.com  Releasedatum:

I would like to introduce you to a brand-new song by Travis Dolter. This is Travis Dolter like you have never heard him before. Some of the artists I work with I am just their International Radio promoter, in Travis Dolter's case I am also his Artist Development Manager so I can speak a little more to this song and the work that has gone into it. The past releases have all worked towards the release of this single… "Somewhere". During the lock down of 2020 Travis worked hard on his vocals, training with Tamara Beatty and the results are notable more than ever in this release. The first time I heard "Somewhere" I knew the song was the strongest Travis had written. We all agreed the song was stunning, in its arrangement and lyrically. The original I heard vocally is nothing like what you are hearing. The pitch and tone of the Travis Dolter you are hearing is rich, controlled and has a reach and range he has worked and pushed to reach, and he nails it. From the first pluck of the Dobro to the yearning in Dolter's voice, he transports you to the field he wrote Somewhere. A song about young love, and the painful feelings of loss. The driving beat of the drum keeps the listener moving and grooving in their chair or in this gal’s case, air drumming as I sing along.

This one is already on its way to being a hit in Canada and will sure to be a hit among your listeners.
Datum:2021-09-06  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

THE McNICHOLS  Heart of mine (S)
Please find a new song release from The McNichols. They haven't released a song with us in several years. I believe that you will enjoy their music whether you have heard them before or if this will be your first time. Hope you and listeners enjoy it. Thanks So Much for all you do.

Songwriter: Troy McNichols
Datum:2021-09-06  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

JONI COMPRETTA  Before you turn to a memory (S)
Songwriters: Lonnie C. Ratliff & Larry Forney
Datum:2021-09-04  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

SANDRA NORTH  Long Time Coming (EP)
Sandra North tillkännager äntligen släppet av hennes länge efterlängtade debut EP, tillgänglig i alla butiker med start den 27:e augusti. Det högt förväntade albumet, med titeln "Long Time Coming", reflekterar artistens livslånga passion för musiken samt hennes längtan att dela sina historier med världen. Låtarna tar lyssnaren på en personlig och intim resa, från hjärtesorg till besvikelser, till att hitta kärlek och följa sina drömmar!

“Som många andra independent artists och låtskrivare så känns det som jag har väntat en livstid på att få släppa dessa låtar! De har stilla legat och ruvat inombords under en väldigt lång tid, bara väntat på att få komma till liv. Det är sån lättnad och glädje att äntligen få dela dem med världen. Det är verkligen en dröm som går i uppfyllelse och det var på tiden!

Sandra North startade sin artist karriär då hon flyttade till Los Angeles, Kalifornien, vintern 2015. Uppvuxen i småstaden Trosa, Sverige, förälskade hon sig totalt i countrymusik så fort hon satte fötterna i USA. Hennes debutsingel “Try Again”, släppt under hösten 2019, och de två efterföljande singlarna “Same Story ‘Bout a Broken Heart” och “You” från 2020, hade alla stor internationell succé på radio listor över Europa, Australien och Skandinavien. Under det senaste året har artisten fortsatt sitt nära samarbete med producenten och låtskrivaren Juan Abella för att färdigställa hennes första EP, som äntligen ser dagens ljus sista dagarna av augusti. “Long Time Coming” kombinerar element av modern country/pop med inslag av klassisk rock, influerad av artister såsom Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood och The Band Perry.
Datum:2021-09-03  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2021-08-27

DAVID JR  In my heart I´m singing (S)
Just wanted to send you this new song IN MY HEART I’M SINGING by DAVID JR. I love this song. Every time I hear it I can’t get it out of my mind
Datum:2021-09-02  Label: Lo Records  ISRC: QM--5QE-19-00001    Releasedatum:

DON CROUSE  Lovely Lola (A)

Datum:2021-09-02  Label: Lampco Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2021-xx-xx

ERIN HAY  Faded love (S)
Songwriters: Bob Wills / John Wills
Datum:2021-09-01  Label: Westwood International Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2003-xx-xx

RANDY FLOYD  Cowboy clothes and country music (S)
Here I like to send you a great piece of Country Music / Outlaw Crazy & Urban Cowboy Nostalgia ... which I discoved a few days ago.. . ... and I would like to share it with you,
Datum:2021-09-01  Label: Desert Kid Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2013-xx-xx

LENE LIE  Teardrops from the rain (S)
Written by L.Vallery – B.Nilsen – P.Gannon
Datum:2021-08-31  Label: Rambler Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

ONCE GREAT ESTATE  Even The Undertaker (A)
Once Great Estate was formed in 2018 when singer/songwriter/guitarist Tracy Horenbein enlisted the help of four fellow multi-instrumentalists to form a band of Southern misfits. Bassist Jeffrey Chagnon, guitarist/mandolin player F. Matthew Burns, fiddle player/guitarist Christopher Ash, and drummer Steve Burke joined soon after. Although two of the members ended up being a Wyoming transplant and a New Yorker, the members’ varied and vast musical backgrounds melted together like butter on grits.

When Horenbein is not performing with Once Great Estate, she is composing ambient music under the moniker Tracy Chow. Her instrumental compositions have been featured in numerous documentaries and independent films, as well as meditation and yoga compilations. She was also featured in The Guardian magazine Folk Album of the Month for May 2021, for her solo singer-songwriter work on the Slow Movement Label’s folk compilation “Future Folk”. She also manages the Neve based recording studio Indianhead Factory in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband.
Datum:2021-08-30  Label:   ISRC:   oncegreatestate.com  Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Diamondback Records #39 (A)
  1. THE HAMMOND BROTHERS: The easy part´s over
    This song has been covered by many famous artists including Kris himself, but this rendition takes no back seat
  2. THE LONG & SHORT OF IT: The Dance
    Dave & Patsy have captured the magic of this great song, originally sung by Garth Brooks & considered to be one of his best!
  3. MICK & DIANE BARTON: Straight ahead down the road
    t don’t really matter which way you go… straight ahead down the road works for him.
  4. BRYAN CHALKER: Goin´ from the cotton fields
    Traditional to 1879, arranged by Chalker; “I learned this old song from Grandpa Jones in the 50’s, performing regularly with my New Frontier band; still a favourite”
  5. KYLIE ADAMS-COLLIER: Light as a feather
    Released on Bandcamp, this uplifting melody features harmonies & explores the universal subject of forgiveness, bluegrass/gospel style.
  6. RICK WINGERTER & THE GOSPEL TRUTH: Jesus paid it all
    This world is getting gloriously dark but there is a great light at the end of the tunnel & the title says it all / bluegrass gospel
  7. RICK SNIDER: The road
    Steel guitar and that true country voice make for easy listening; the highway is his life… “he forgot where he’s goin’ but he knows he’s here right now!”
  8. MITCH SNOW: The likes of me
    This happy guy still can’t believe that his lovely wife could love someone like him… but he’s so happy that she does
  9. JOY ADAMS: Hug
    A “feel good song” about family life, and the significance of a hug: the best prescription for instant relief.
  10. LLOYD BACK: Hands
    One of Australia’s most popular artists is a proud daddy, who loves to hold the hand of his little girl, knowing someday her Prince Charming will come her way.
  11. DON HAGGART: If you have love
    “This song is based on my family life & fond, loving childhood memories
  12. EMILY HOPE: A woman like me
    “I don’t need a diamond… just you an’ me an’ a family; it’s the simple things in life that it takes to please a woman like me.
  13. PHILLIP CLARKSON: If heartaches paid the bills
    Hal says, “I’m just a lyricist so any success I have is due to a team effort with my co-writers, which he labels as “Sugar River Country”.
  14. GAIL RUSSELL: Under the New Zealand moon
    New York & New Zealand team up for a beautiful love song… a delightful waltz!
  15. DESTINY BAND Oz: In the neck
    Destiny’s 6th album, produced by Damian Cafarella (EOR Productions) Comical bush ballad of well meaning husband who can’t get anything right
  16. CAROL MARKSTROM: Dust of Palomas
    “An afternoon at a cantina in Puerto Palomas helped me break through writer’s block, to just live in the moment”
  17. MICHAEL T. WALL: This old guitar of mine
    Micheal is a story teller & this story is about a unique and long lasting friendship that has endured the test of time
  18. BRYAN CHALKER: Old country dance
    “Recorded in the 70’s, it has a special ‘something’ that appealed to me back then & still does. Tony Renney’s dobro gives it that mellow edge
  19. GEORGE LONGARD: Heaven´s real
    With a voice as comforting as the message, George provides a musical assurance to all that Heaven is real!

Datum:2021-08-29  Label: Diamondback Records  ISRC:   www.diamondback-records.com  Releasedatum:

ERIN HAY & JULIE TAYLOR  Couple Of Country Girls (S)
Songwriters: Lonnie C. Ratliff & Erin Hay
Datum:2021-08-28  Label: Westwood International Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Blue Shamrock Music - August 2021 (A)
  1. DEAN PERRETT: My fire
    “My Fire” is a song Dean had the pleasure of co-writing with Troy Cassar-Daley for his “Kind Seasons” album. The scene for “My Fire” is a peaceful evening setting on a top end stock camp. A sense of mateship and respect. Produced by the talented “Stuie French”, this single follows on from the incredible success of “Six Decks to Darwin” and Dean’s last single “Clifton Hills”. ISRC: AUGO42000195
  2. THE ROUGH DIAMONDS: You can start today
    This latest release from sisters Cec and Em of The Rough Diamonds, is a timely reminder that we all face times when our inner strength is tested. Fog settles in on our thoughts and weighs heavily on our hearts. You Can Start Today is a song about finding hope within those times. Acknowledging that life is a series of moments, and each one, whether dark or light, brings beauty and a sense of calm if you’re open to looking for it. You Can Start Today, beautifully brought to life in collaboration with Lindsay Butler Studios, encourages us to appreciate that life has an incredible balance to it, after all, we can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. ISRC: TCAFS2161750
  3. NEIL ANTHONY: Going home
    Neil Anthony’s “Going Home” is an uplifting country song with all the ‘bells and whistles’. To start with, pedal steel guitar and incredible live tracked banjo pickin’. This is augmented with Neil Anthony’s full country soft rock band sound. All with neat harmonies to brighten your day. The song title is a bit of a cliché. “Going Home”. There are many songs about going home. Neil Anthony’s take on the theme is about going back to his home town of Orange. Neil says, “I had to leave my home town to follow my dream. But I never forget the joyous place where I grew up. That feeling of a seemingly innocent childhood comes back when I’m… going home.” This song is one for the escapist who doesn’t mind a bit of nostalgia. From Neil’s perspective this song comes straight from the heart. As usual with Neil Anthony’s music the production on this track sets a high technical bar. Recorded at Powerhouse with well-known Sydney session musos. It’s an independent Aussie music production. You can find Neil Anthony’s music on YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, etc. “The only problem with this song is that it’s just too nice. You just want to listen to it again and again. It has such a positive vibe”. ISRC: uscgh1280875
  4. LEO DALTON (with ERIC READ): The white cat´s song
    “The White Cat's Song” is a deeply personal tribute to Jacinta Read's late father Cec "The White Cat", a cheeky character, larrikin shearer and bushy. Cec's story turned into a song as we sought to better understand my father, his struggles with alcoholism and to remember "The White Cat" with love. The song is a collaboration between Jacinta Read (lyrics), Eric Read (arrangement) and our dear friend Leo Dalton (arrangement and vocals). Created together during the great divide of 2020/21 between our home on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and Leo's home in Victoria. ISRC: usdy42144963
  5. SHAZA LEIGH: The old home´s gone
    Recently time for re?ection has become part of our everyday lives. Australia’s First Lady Of Song, Shaza Leigh OWB, has delivered an emotive story of loss of family ties with the demise of the old childhood home. Growing up on the family cane and cattle property in The Whitsundays helped form her deep love of family, homeland and country which is often evident in the writers’ work. ‘The Old Home’s Gone’ is dedicated to all the families who have tragically lost their home to a bush?re. Shaza Leigh has become an extremely gifted and powerful performer; augmented by her writing ability and her outstanding production with husband/producer, Lindsay Butler OAM and their LBS musician roster, a new Shaza Leigh track never disappoints. ISRC:
  6. KERRIGAN LA-BRODY: Together tonight
    Following his Seven Number 1 singles, Kerrigan La-Brooy is back with his 8th release, titled “Together Tonight”. This song is written by Kerrigan and just won the 5th Annual LDM Music Awards in New York in the Country Category. ‘Together Tonight’ is upbeat and uplifting and just what one needs during these unprecedented times to get us up and dancing and to drive away those pandemic blues. Kerrigan’s voice sounds bright and inspiring on this track and his lyrics reflect on the importance of staying true to the love of your life and not letting anything or anyone come between you because it’s too late to turn back time. Kerrigan’s advice is: “When you find the right one, stay true and faithful to one another – if you don’t, you’ll end up wishing you were ‘Together Tonight’.” Kerrigan has always recognised the importance of radio airplay and DJ support, and he continues to appreciate the fact that without the wonderful radio presenters, listeners and chart compilers, artists can sing till they’re blue in the face, but to no avail. He offers his profuse thanks to everyone and hopes you enjoy his latest track.
  7. AARON BOZWELL: On the wings of eagles
    “Immensity Nashville is pleased to announce our next worldwide broadcast radio single of the Gospel Song, ON THE WINGS OF EAGLES. This song continues the collaborative works between Australian Lyricist, Trevor Allan Hooper and Nashville’s American Music Artist, Aaron Bozwell. Aaron’s ever moving melody accompanies Hooper’s compelling Christian Lyrics clearly illustrating the Gospel and second coming of Jesus Christ. Produced by the multi-talented Aaron Bozwell himself, his skill in this area is clearly illustrated within this song. Recorded in Bozwell’s adopted hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, ON THE WINGS OF EAGLES is the next step on the collaborative journey that Aaron and Trevor have undertaken together.” ISRC: USDY42152926
  8. GLENN LEVI: This lovin´ heart of mine
    Hello, I’m Glenn Levi and this is my second single entitled “This Lovin’ Heart Of Mine”. Just like my last song, “Come Back Baby” this one also is based on a life experience which inspired me to write it and I hope it touches the hearts of all who hear it. I would like to thank everyone for their support and also all the radio stations for giving my first song air time on your programs, and I am hoping you can support me with this one as well. I would also like to thank Cloud 9 Studio for the time and effort in producing this track for me and also Blue Shamrock Music for distributing it around the world. Stay safe everyone and God bless you all.
  9. PAUL SEILS JNR: Love is a circle
    A brand new single, Love Is A Circle is helping to keep a mate’s memory alive for Brisbane based artist, Paul Seils JNR. Celebrating life and love and remembering a friend is behind the new single from Paul Seils JNR, Love Is A Circle, while raising money for a cause close to his heart. The Sunshine Coast Artist recorded Love Is A Circle in memory of close friend Brenton (Washuntara) Roberts. Brenton was one of the founders of Circle of Men, which operates in Australia and the US and other parts of the world as an informal support group of men for men which offered fellowship and friendship. The song also has a deeper meaning now following Brenton’s passing earlier this year, as the theme of the song encourages people to share their stories and use love to lift others up. Paul wants to spread messages of positivity and love with his music especially during our current climate. “With the stress and anxiety that we’re dealing with at the moment in the world, sometimes love gets forgotten because everything else seems more important." ISRC=AUMEV2140291
  10. FAYE KRISTIANSEN: That Man Who Hung The Moon
    Faye Kristiansen is one incredible Australian female vocalist. Faye has been involved in the music industry for almost 30 years and after recently enduring hardships of bushfires, floods and cancer followed by major ear surgery, it is wonderful to see Faye sharing her talents on the airwaves again. She is very excited to be reviving her recording career with LBS Music studios, where she has just recorded one of the very talented Shaza Leigh’s songs, That Man Who Hung The Moon. As they say, new beginnings can make your dreams come true and the future is now looking far brighter for Faye and partner Darren, as they prepare to hit the festival and tour circuit as soon as possible, taking their brand of country music to all areas of Australia.

Datum:2021-08-27  Label: Blue Shamrock Music  ISRC:   blueshamrockmusic.com  Releasedatum:

LINDY GRAVELLE  Keep Looking Over Your Shoulder (S)
Songwriters: Lonnie C. Ratliff Lindy Gravelle
Datum:2021-08-26  Label: Westwood Int'l. Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

TRACY MILLAR  Cowboy´s last ride (S)
Tracy's single is pure traditional, and a slow tempo single.
Datum:2021-08-25  Label: Black Mountain Music & Media  ISRC:   www.tracymillar.ca  Releasedatum:

SHAWN ADAMS  Other side of midnight (S)
Shawn Adams released his first international single June 8th.
Datum:2021-08-25  Label: Black Mountain Music & Media  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2021-06-01

RON WAYNE ATWOOD  Blackjack County Chain (S)
Ron Wayne Atwood comes from Branson, Missouri. This song is written by Red Lane
Datum:2021-08-25  Label: Westwood International Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

WARREN KEARNEY  Who´ll remember the memories (A)
I have pleasure in sending you the Radio Release of my new Album ‘Who’ll Remember The Memories”. This Album has fourteen beautifully crafted Original tracks and includes four Top 20 songs from the Australian Country Radio Airplay Top 40 Charts, three of which were in the Top 10 with the Title Track making it to the Ultimate #1 position for four weeks.

I have been a musician for a long time and to have achieved the Radio airplay that I have had over the past year has been a real pleasure and it is really because of the great support that I have received from Country Music Radio Announcers. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of that. I have also been blown away by the airplay that I have received all across the world.

“Who’ll Remember The Memories” includes funny songs, love songs, true stories like “Goin’ For A Ride” (The Story Of Lennie Gwyther)” and a new one “Ram Chandra The Showman”. There’s lot to explore on this album for those of you who love original songs and as eleven of them were co-writes with Maurie Marion, I’d like to thank him for his great input. He also excelled in the animation of “The Murray Cod Waltz”.

I have songs on Reverbnation and Soundcloud but all of my CDs and mp3s are handled entirely through my website. My YouTube Channel has 20 or so videos at this time and is well worth a visit as well.
Datum:2021-08-25  Label:   ISRC:   www.warrenkearney.com  Releasedatum:

DAWN RIX ft. BILLY GAINES  I wanna be holding you (S)
Song is written by Dawn Rix
Datum:2021-08-24  Label: Emanant Music  ISRC: QZSLY2100001  www.dawnrix.com  Releasedatum:

TODD BARROW  Good luck (S)
Written by Todd Barrow
Datum:2021-08-24  Label: Todd Barrow Music  ISRC:   www.toddbarrowmusic.com  Releasedatum:

JAY ELLE  Ride the wave (A)
August 27th, 2021 marks the return of the vibrant, diverse, acoustic singer-songwriter Jay Elle, with his latest release, "Ride The Wave." This twelve-song offering is the follow-up to the widely successful EP’s, "Ease Up," "Rising Tide," and "One Voice One Guitar Vol. 1." "Needs Fixing," from "Ease Up" reached number one on the IndieWorld Country Record Report chart.

"Ride The Wave" is an exploratory effort, as Jay Elle comes to grips with the isolation the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon all of us. Comparing this isolation Jay reflects, “The pandemic feels like one of those endless rainy days that I hated as a child. Boring! This new album is about how to best enjoy yourself while waiting for the sun to shine again.”

Utilizing intricate guitar melodies and chord arrangements, Jay Elle is able to channel these emotions into a cohesive collection of thoughts, to deliver an entertaining musical experience. All the while, he challenges the listener with deep metaphors and intricate imagery, while painting a vast musical soundscape.

"Ride The Wave" was produced and engineered by Caleb “kbc” Sherman at Cygnus Sound Studio in Nashville, and Jay Elle Studio, NYC. The album was mastered by Paul Logus, PLX Mastering.

ABOUT JAY ELLE: While studying at the Geneva Conservatory of Music, Jay Elle discovered his passion for blues, jazz and pop. Jay has written and performed with singer-songwriter and producer, Margaret Dorn (Bette Midler, Boz Scaggs) as well as having worked closely with the legendary Bill Aucoin (KISS, Billy Idol.) With plenty of accolades across the music industry including reviews, interviews, and press from hundreds of publications, radio, and blogs, Jay Elle is amassing quite a name for himself in various genres. Radio recognition has Jay’s music playing across Europe, including in the United Kingdom, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Romania, France, Norway, and the Netherlands, while also tracking in Australia, Tasmania, and the United States. His previous release, "Ease Up" was mixed and mastered by Grammy nominated producer/engineer, Brett Kolatalo (Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars.)
Datum:2021-08-24  Label: Halfmoon Records and Publishing  ISRC:   jayellesongs.com/  Releasedatum: 2021-08-27

JEFF WISNOM  Empathy (S)
Song is written by Jeff Wisnom
Datum:2021-08-23  Label: Jeff Wisnom  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

BARRI ARMITAGE  Where I keep my treasure (A)

Datum:2021-08-20  Label:   ISRC:   www.dovesongs.com  Releasedatum:

Writers: Lonnie C. Ratliff & Julie A. Bolton
Datum:2021-08-19  Label: Westwood International Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

ANTON GLACKIN  My Queen of the May (S)
What would you do if you could only live for a day?. This is the proposition posed in the new release from Tyrone native and now Belfast based singer songwriter Anton Glackin, titled, My Queen of the May.

Reflecting the short lifespan of the Mayfly on the shores of Lough Neagh, this folksie ballad is a beautifully constructed and performed catchy piece. Produced by Peter Ware(Charlie Landsborough) , with sessional contributions from musicians in both Ireland and Nashville, you are sure to end up humming this earcatching melody, to yourself ,after first listening. My Queen of the May follows the success of a handful of radio hits for Anton. Dust Clouds, The Day Hank Williams died, That Dark Horse, Don't Rock where the Alligator Rolls, have all seen the Tyrone man chart across Europe. Prior to the Pandemic, Anton had toured extensively across the mid western USA, as well as, performing in Nashville. Sharing stages with many well known artists, such as, the late Nanci Griffith and Bagatelle, reflects the fact that he is one of the busiest performers on the Irish and U.K. circuits. Prestigious release service Hot Disc nominated Anton as one of their artists of the year in 2019 and the feedback across that network, which spans as far as Japan and New Zealand ,was hugely positive. With plans to continue touring the USA, when safe to do so, My Queen of the May will surely solidify Anton's growing reputation as a noteworthy performer and writer of quality songs.
Datum:2021-08-17  Label:   ISRC: GBSVC2100006    Releasedatum: 2021-09-01

LAUGHING GRAVY  Achin´ heart (S)
Writer: Larry Antinozzi
Datum:2021-08-17  Label: Four Queens And A Jack  ISRC:   fouracesandajack.net  Releasedatum:

THOPPER  The year that Clayton Delaney died (S)
Songwriter: Tom T. Hall
Datum:2021-08-16  Label: Westwood Int'l. Records  ISRC:   thopper.dk/  Releasedatum:

Martin Riverfield Ande The Wheels Of Fortune är aktuell med nytt album hösten 2021! Släpper ny singel ”Before I Met You” onsdag 18/9!

I somras kunde vi se Martin Riverfield And The Wheels of Fortune för första gången live på väldigt länge. Det blev en fullsatt och en riktigt lyckad spelning hemma i Falun på Rådhusgården för hela gänget. Stående ovationer och extra nummer blev det. Samtidigt under juli släpptes singeln ”I Can´t Belive” som gästades av grymma Nashville gitarristen Leroy Powell https://www.facebook.com/leroywpowell , Martins gitarrhjälte sedan många år tillbaka. Den 8 oktober släpper Martin och bandet albumet ”Back To Basic” med tio nyskrivna countrylåtar av Martin Engström (Riverfield), som även producerat.

Martin har under de senaste åren även fått uppdrag av John Lindberg Trio som Martin tidigare var medlem i, Larz Kristerz, Erika Jonsson m.fl. att skriva låtar till deras album. Just nu samarbetar Martin med Mats Björke tidigare medlem i Mando Diao i ett gemensamt projekt.

Onsdag den 18 september släpper Martin Riverfield And The Wheels Of Fortune sin tredje singel från deras kommande album. Låten ”Before I Met You” har legat ett tag, men så dammade Martin av den och gav den en ny kostym och det blev bra, riktigt bra.
Datum:2021-08-16  Label: Dalapop  ISRC:   martinriverfield.com  Releasedatum: 2021-08-18

LARRY JAY MUSIC  Killer song (S)
#1 international iTunes singer-songwriter Larry Jay is back with a "Killer Song" this Friday, August 20th, 2021. The prolific country-pop artist follows his hit single, "Heaven" with another example of his catchy melodies and feel-good lyrics. Jay adds "Killer Song" to his catalogue, which is fast-approaching 200K Spotify streams.

After his single "Drunk On Dreams," became a Top 30 UK iTunes hit in October 2020, Larry Jay has been scoring nothing but a string of successes. His November single "Wow" featuring Caeland Garner of The Voice hit #1 on the iTunes South Africa country songs chart, and subsequent releases have hit #1 and #2 international sales charts.

Larry Jay performs regular livestreams on his facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/larryjaymusic. A livestream performance from Nashville, with Centerstage Magazine will take place this September 14th.

ABOUT LARRY JAY: A first runner-up in multiple songwriting contests, including the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Larry Jay says he started writing and performing music "To set my soul free." Jay has performed at the famed and historic Troubadour in Los Angeles, and he's shared the stage with Neil Young sideman and member of Crazy Horse, Sonny Mone.

The New York native, now residing in California, injects truth with hopeful lyrics and tasty melodies, to create his own brand of Award-winning Americana-tinged southern fried music. Larry Jay is a 2021 Josie Music Awards nominee.
Datum:2021-08-16  Label:   ISRC:   www.larryjaymusic.com/  Releasedatum:

THOMAS AHLBERG  Nashville dreams (S)
Songwriters: Lonnie C. Ratliff & Edward C. Bentley
Datum:2021-08-15  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

Written by L.Vallery – B. Nilssen – P.Gannon
Datum:2021-08-13  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

HERMANN LAMMERS MEYER  Don`t We All Have The Right (S)
Ron Knuth, Fiddle . Redd Volkaert, Electr Guitar . Jay Dee Maness, Pedal Steel Weyman McBride, Guitar . Bill Green, Vocals . Lynn Daniel, Bass Jennifer Felan, Vocals.

Here is the new Single, I hope you will enjoy Hermann` s choice of a classic Roger Miller tune, from the new cd "What Comes Next"
Datum:2021-08-11  Label: Desert Kid Records  ISRC:   www.hermannlammersmeyer.de  Releasedatum:

PETER JORDAN  Place your face in my heart (S)
Written by Peter Jordan
Datum:2021-08-11  Label: World International Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

Written by G.Clarke
Datum:2021-08-10  Label:   ISRC:   www.graemeclarke.com  Releasedatum:

KIKKI DANIELSSON  Några steg på botten (S)
Kikki Danielssons nya singel, “Några steg på botten” - en låt som tar vid där hennes countrytrilogi “Painted Lady” avslutades och där hon återvänder till svenskan. “Några steg på botten” släpps på Kikkis egen label Miss Decibel Recordings med distribution genom Sound Pollution och är det första smakprovet från hennes kommande album.
Datum:2021-08-10  Label: Miss Decibel Recordings  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

T. JAE CHRISTIAN & LIZ CLARKE  The Vanishing Breed (S)
Writers: Christian – August - Whittaker
Datum:2021-08-09  Label: Universal Sound Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

AL WATKINS  This little light of mine (S)

Datum:2021-08-09  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

Songwriter: Kenneth Charles Forsythe
Datum:2021-08-07  Label: Westwood Int'l. Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

TONY SMITH  Beautiful dreamer (S)
With an impressive record of four Top10 singles from his first four radio releases, including the #2 hits 'Hit It On The Run' and 'Ghost Of His Guitar' on the National Country Airplay charts - Tony Smith is just getting started. Releasing the fifth single 'Beautiful Dreamer' from his award-winning 'Stir The Embers' album, the current 2021 People's Choice - Most Promising Country Star Winner continues his string of songs that capture the heartbeat of life for us all.

“ Beautiful Dreamer is a song built around a verse originally written in my daughters birthday card. I was trying to capture the feeling of a father watching his daughter grow and pursue her dreams letting her know I would always be there to pick her up if she lost her way and needed a shoulder to cry on. ” Tony Smith.

‘Beautiful Dreamer’ is sure to appeal to the whole family and is a perfect song for country radio playlists. Yet another song from Tony Smith's incredible album ‘Stir The Embers’, that reflects the unfolding adventure of Tony's life, as he writes about his loves, losses and experiences raising a family, and working across Australia as a shearer, miner, truck driver, musician, husband and father.

It's an album that has been 24 years in the making and well worth the wait.
Datum:2021-08-04  Label:   ISRC:   www.tonysmithmusic.com.au/  Releasedatum:

Hej, en ny singel med Jason Aldean i duett med Carrie Underwood “If I Didn’t Love You” kommer här.

Jason Aldeans nya singel "If I Didn't Love You" är en känslofylld duett med Carrie Underwood och är den första låten från hans kommande och tionde studioalbum. Singeln är producerad av Aldeans vän och samarbetspartner Michael Knox och skrevs av hans bandmedlemmar Kurt Allison och Tully Kennedy tillsammans med John Morgan och Lydia Vaughan.

Jason berättar: “We were pretty close to finishing up this album, but this song came in and we knew we had to record it,” Aldean said. “I went ahead and put my vocals down while we asked Carrie in the meantime. Luckily she loved the song and it was kind of like a rocket from there. She did her thing…and I don’t know how, but she made it sound even better than what we expected. It’s a really special song to start this album.”
Datum:2021-08-04  Label:   ISRC: QMRSZ2101546    Releasedatum:

Song is written by J Glidewell & C Roland
Datum:2021-08-02  Label: Kick Ass Music  ISRC: IEJIO2100004  www.hurricanehighway.net  Releasedatum:

DADDY REDNECK  Not sometime (S)
Song is written by Peter Jordan
Datum:2021-07-31  Label: WIR Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

THOMAS AHLBERG  Waltz with the devil (S)
Songwriters: Lonnie C. Ratliff & Thomas Hans Ahlberg
Datum:2021-07-31  Label: Westwood International Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

DESTINY BAND OZ  Show pony (S)
A cute country rock song, written and sung by Tessa Libreri (inspired by her husband, Thomas, who always teases her about being a 'Show Pony'!) Most people want to dress up and look their best when they go out, right? So perhaps it’s a bit fake when you don’t usually look that way at home… (like a horse - or ‘pony’, being beautifully turned out for a show, compared with how it looks being ’turned out’ in the paddock!) Also, the stereotypes of men and women (especially older ones) can be a bit unfair, - so who cares if the outside is a bit fake?! What really matters is what you’re like on the inside! ?? Album: 'Who I Might Be', Guitar, bass and lap steel by Thomas Libreri; all other instrumentation and production by Damian Cafarella of EOR Productions
Datum:2021-07-31  Label: Diamondback Records  ISRC: AU3VW2000005  www.destinybandoz.com.au  Releasedatum:

MICHAEL T. WALL  I´ve been here and there (S)
Michael Thomas Travis Wall has spent his entire adult life promoting his home of Newfoundland to the world. From songs like, Big Old Newfie Dog to The Newfie Polka, Wall’s entire ethos is centred around his Newfoundlander identity. His leather jacket featuring a rhinestone map of the island along with his Newfoundland ring, cufflinks, earring, belt buckle and guitar will tell you at first glance where this world-wandering prolific country singer is from, and he’s proud of it. Wall was performing from a young age. Throughout his childhood on Ernest Harmon Airforce Base and at the Little Shamrock School in Lakeview-Harbour Maine, he took every opportunity to get on stage and sing.

“My first concerts really began at the Little Shamrock School,” reminisced Wall. “I started performing at Christmas concerts and everyone always told me I should be on the radio.”As a young man, Wall heard his hero country star Johnny Cash on the radio and from that moment on knew he wanted to begin a career in music. “When I heard Johnny Cash it just hit me. I said, ‘That’s what I want to do,’” said Wall from his home in Ontario. At the time, he was working nights at a fish plant in Holyrood and decided to save up his wages to buy himself his first guitar and try to make it big. Not long after he made this decision,Wall was on his way to St. John’s to purchase an Air Canada ticket bound for Toronto to chase his dream. Upon landing in Toronto, Wall heard news that his biggest inspiration, Johnny Cash, was playing at Massey Hall. With his can-do Michael T. Wall attitude in tow, he set out to meet his hero. Wall waited outside until the end of the concert, as it had already started. After the show he was able to catch up with Cash’s longtime guitarist Luther Perkins. “(Perkins) was just closing his guitar case when I said to him, ‘Would you be kind enough to introduce me to Johnny Cash?’’ recalled Wall. “He put his hand on my shoulder and brought me into the dressing room and said, ‘Here’s mister Cash.’ I said, ‘Hi Johnny! I’m one of your biggest fans, and I’m from Corner Brook, Newfoundland.’” Cash, having spent time hunting on the island said, “What?! Come on in son!”From then on Wall was a regular at Cash’s concerts in Toronto. According to him, Cash remembered him well and he was often escorted into the venues by the Toronto Police. Some people recommend not meeting our heroes, as they might not be who we idealized them to be.

Wall had no such fears with Cash and relished the opportunity to spend time with his musical idol. One thing Wall remembers about the man in black was his powerful handshake. “When Johnny Cash shook your hand it was like God Almighty did, because he was a big man! When he shook your hand, boy he really shook your hand,” said Wall with a laugh. Besides meeting Cash, Wall has been lucky enough to know many household names throughout his life. From Stompin’ Tom Connors to Shannon Tweed, Roy Rogers and Jerry Lee Lewis to local figures like NL premier Joey Smallwood (who named Wall as a musical ambassador of Newfoundland), Wall rubbed shoulders with many of the greats of his time. Wall got right to work establishing a name for himself in Toronto. One of the first places he became a regular performer at was the Molly n’ Me Nightclub. Wall convinced the owners of the club to allow him to host a venue of his own on the second floor – The Michael T. Wall NFLD Friendship Club – where he was booked for eight and a half years of his burgeoning career. The club was filled with tourists from Newfoundland, the Maritimes and locals who were interested in his brand of Newfoundland country music. His shows even attracted the attention of country stars from across the U.S. border. “The Nashville stars from the Horseshoe Tavern would come in to see me,” recalled Wall. “It’s amazing. I just had the drawing power, because I believed in Newfoundland. Charlie Pride and all these guys would come in to the Molly n’ Me Nightclub and stand on the stairs and watch my Newfoundland show.”

This drawing power has held true for The Singing Newfoundlander the world over, attracting all sorts of crowds to experience his regional flavours of music. Wall even boasts of getting a local Toronto punk rock band into Johnny Cash. They first came to his shows to see his custom guitar, crafted in Japan and covered in LED lights. They stayed, however, to experience his music. Before long the band had done punk rock covers of classic Johnny Cash tunes due to his influence.

Meanwhile, Wall has performed all over the world, including Nashville, Poland, Australia and many more venues
Datum:2021-07-30  Label: Diamondback Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

FEONIQUE  I got what I am (S)
Song is written by Peter Jordan
Datum:2021-07-29  Label: WIR Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Liva Music July 2021 (A)
  1. BILLY CRASH CRADDOCK: Paint your toes
  2. C J GARTON: I´m talking to ghosts
  3. DAVID ALEX-BARTON: Long gone son of a beach

Datum:2021-07-29  Label: Liva Music  ISRC:   www.livamusic.ch  Releasedatum:

JOLINA CARL  Mexican Overdrive (S)
Hello, I am very pleased to introduce you to my new album "Mexican Overdrive" which was released on 07/23/2021. The album offers a stylistic range from Tex Mex and funky rhythms to traditional country.
Datum:2021-07-26  Label: Old Rockin’ Chair Records  ISRC:   www.jolinacarl.com  Releasedatum: 2021-07-23

Ireland’s Prince of Country, John Hogan has teamed up with Ferbane country singer Olivia Douglas to release that popular 50’s hit ‘Dream Lover’.

The song was written and recorded by Bobby Darin in 1959 and has since been covered by many entertainers over the years including Glenn Campbell & Tanya Tucker. John, a life-time fan of Glenn Campbell liked his version of the song, so much so that he decided to record it. He had no hesitation in choosing Olivia Douglas as his singing partner.

They have worked together on several occasions, Olivia featured in the video of his smash hit ‘Rollin Home’ which has amassed over 2 million YouTube hits, and also in the video for his song ‘Wake Up’. Their voices blend very well together, and another duet is on the cards for later in the year.

‘Dream Lover’ will be a featured track on John’s forthcoming album due for release in early Autumn.
Datum:2021-07-26  Label:   ISRC: IEPLO2100002    Releasedatum: 2021-07-26

NOEL BOLAND  Out of my mind (S)
Song is written by Noel Boland himself….
Datum:2021-07-24  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

LENE LIE  You promised me roses (S)
Written by Lawson Vallery - S. Kvernes
Datum:2021-07-24  Label: Rambler Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

ANNA McROSE  Leave a light on (S)
Song is written by Anna McRose
Datum:2021-07-22  Label:   ISRC:   www.annamcrose.com  Releasedatum:

BOBBY G. RICE  Highlights of my life (S)
Datum:2021-07-21  Label: Century II Records  ISRC:   www.bobbygrice.com  Releasedatum:

TEDD GRAVES  Too young to care (S)
Tedd Graves was born at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tellico Plains TN, and now resides in Maryville TN. During his years as a professional entertainer, Tedd has performed at many well-known venues such as Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth, TX, headlined at Boulder Station Casino in Las Vegas, Carter Fold in Hiltons VA, The Bijou Theater in Knoxville TN, and has been a guest on the Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree on WSM Radio in Nashville. Tedd was a headlining artist for the last 8 years of the long running TN Valley Barn Dance, based in Knoxville TN. Graves has been the opening act for approximately 50 major country music stars including George Jones, Billy Dean, Shenandoah, Gene Watson, Johnny Paycheck, Jack Greene, and many more.

In 2019, Graves released his 19th album, “Too Young to Care” and is currently working on his 20th album project in Nashville and Knoxville. Tedd just released (July 2020) his latest single, "Change The World", from his upcoming album project. Being the nephew of Bluegrass Hall of Fame member Josh Graves, and the brother of Master Gold Dobro Player Tim Graves, music to Tedd Graves is a family affair! Tedd Graves specializes in country music, gospel music, and performs his own songs as well!

Tedd Graves is an award winning songwriter, winning 1st place in the USSA songwriter competition, in 2018 his song "Colors" was the title cut of the Bluegrass album of the year through SPBGMA, as recorded by The Farm Hands.
Datum:2021-07-21  Label: NITE*SKY  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Blue Shamrock Music - July 2021 (A)
  1. RHYS WARNER: Smokin´ the narrows
    Following on from his beautiful country ballad ‘Our Everlasting Love’, Rhys Warner now shows his versatility and struts his stuff with this smokin’ new track ‘Smokin’ The Narrows’. Rhys puts his Gretsch guitar through its paces with his high-spirited catchy tune. This beautifully crafted original gem is guaranteed to get your toes tapping and is perfectly suited for radio.
    BR>“I composed 'Smokin’ The Narrows’ and then thought .. ''What am I going to call this?” It reminded me of the backing music for a tv sitcom such as ‘The Dukes of Hazzard' with the car chase scenes. It made me think of when I was in my teens. All of my friends and I used to gather every weekend at a spot called ''The Narrows'' just outside my hometown of Murchison NZ. It was a stretch of smooth black seal, a road that no one drove down, because of a new road that led to Nelson. We used to smoke up the tyres on our cars, yep typical teenage stuff, no one ever got hurt.”

    ISRC: NZRI11904327
  2. DAVID CURTIS: Living the waltz
    For years I played Returned Services Clubs where people would come to dance…couples, groups of friends and individuals looking for social interaction, companionship…. a dance partner. They would arrive with their dance shoes in a bag. I would watch the ‘lonely eyes wander’ around the room, looking for, waiting for an opportunity to ask or be asked to dance. When they did eventually ‘step out’ onto the dance floor, it was such a rewarding experience for me as the singer to watch these people lose themselves in the music and the dance, and be ‘set free’ in the moment, from the week’s grind, troubles and sometimes loneliness. I thought this was a great story for a song. ISRC: NZRI12101453
    Liz Green provides a delicate and plaintive lead vocal on this Cheryl Wheeler composed song which details the yearning and loneliness experienced after the breakdown of a relationship and the longing for a love which was never meant to last and the heart’s desperate need to find and give love and to be loved in return. Featuring a glorious, emotion-laden 58 second violin break played by Country and Bluegrass legend, Wanda Vick which speaks directly to the heart while she is superbly supported by Stuie French, Mick Albeck, Doug Gallacher, Sean Rudd, Garry Steele and a further contribution by Wanda on mandolin. ISRC: AU IK4 09 00008
  4. BRADY, STEWART, GREEN & YOUNG: This old house
    Stephen Brady and Liz Green provide the highlighted vocals for this Neil Young composed song which examines the devastating heartbreak involved with the loss of a family home due to bank re-possession. Not just the home and property but also the loss of all of the memories and hopes created and pursued throughout the years, not only felt by the parents but the grandparents and the children. Guest vocalists Emma Hamilton and Barbara Baillie (of sister duo Baylou) and producer, Sean Rudd, provide extra vocals for the final, climactic chorus which also speak for the children and grandparents respectively. Superb musical contributions from opera singer/cabaret chanteuse/musician Ali McGregor whose autoharp portrays the child-like innocence and the loss of a fairy-tale and dream home. Also, Laura Vaughan from Melbourne’s Brandenburg Orchestra playing lirone, Bill Chambers on dobro along with Stuie French, Mick Albeck, Jeremy Barnett, Doug Gallacher and Dave Ellis. The lyrics, melody, harmonies and musicianship will leave an impression long after you have listened to this song. ISRC: AU IK4 09 00009
  5. JOHNNY CHESTER: The One In The Middle Of Lonely
    Released from Johnny Chester’s acclaimed SONGMAKER album, only his second album of all original songs, THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE OF LONELY. From a seemingly ideal relationship to the realization that it is all over, miles from anywhere and alone. A situation familiar to many. This is Johnny Chester story telling at its best and it is REAL COUNTRY. Produced in Nashville by Johnny’s longtime friend and producer BRIEN FISHER. It’s ready made for radio and waiting for lots of positive reaction from your listeners. ISRC-kod: AUD 221000006
  6. DEAN PERRETT: Clifton Hills
    Dean Perrett’s new radio single “CLIFTON HILLS” raises an Akubra high in honour of one of Australia’s largest cattle stations located in the north-eastern corner of South Australia along the famous Birdsville track. CLIFTON HILLS is the second single lifted from Dean’s KIND SEASONS album and follows hot on the heels of the very successful Golden Guitar awarded song, SIX DECKS TO DARWIN which spent a record breaking 44 weeks on the Australian Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay Chart. Produced by Stuie French and penned by Dean himself, this track captures the feel and the dust of a large working cattle station. Saddle up and take a ride with Dean. ISRC-kod: AUGO42000196

Datum:2021-07-20  Label: Blue Shamrock Music  ISRC:   blueshamrockmusic.com  Releasedatum:

GREG WARD  Hallelujah Express (S)
Arkansas native, singer songwriter Greg Ward was born in Little Rock Arkansas. The family moved in with his grandparents, after his father was killed by a drunk driver. Greg’s grandfather was always singing and making up riddles and songs. He was a big influence in Greg’s life and wanted him to learn how to play guitar. Greg can remember trying to write his first song as early as Second Grade. He taught himself to play guitar from books or anyone that would teach him something. It wasn't long before he was playing in a gospel band and would do benefits and raise money to help people. Greg then began playing in a country southern rock band and was also writing all the time. This led to Greg making frequent visits to Nashville playing open mics, or anywhere that he could play his songs. Greg has performed with Tanya Tucker, Collin Raye, T.G. Sheppard., Marty Haggard, and many more. He is a welcomed artist at the major rooms in Nashville, festivals, and rooms throughout the states.
Datum:2021-07-19  Label: Ground Quake/Kilgore Country  ISRC: US-MGF-21-02103    Releasedatum:

CURTIS GRIMES  Noah built a boat (S)
Curtis Grimes has 12 # 1 songs on Texas Regional Radio and over 50 million total streams on Spotify alone. He consistently tours and plays over 120 live dates per year. He has a new album coming out on Friday July 30, 2021.

The album features 5 singles that have already reached the # 1 spot on Texas Radio.
Datum:2021-07-19  Label:   ISRC: US2762100591    Releasedatum:

  1. Heaven
  2. Here´s to us
  3. That kind of love
  4. Lottery

Brand new single from #1 iTunes country singer-songwriter Larry Jay. "Heaven" will take you there...it's a beautiful love song from the balladeer. Raspy vocals, warm production, touching sentiment. Wouldn't we all love to visit our loved ones on the other side? Check it out! We appreciate your support!
Datum:2021-07-17  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

  1. Make your love last
  2. My Heart's Running On Empty

IMC Promotions is pleased to bring you the Brand New Release from Australian Independent Country Music Group Cairns Country ft: Libby Brockenshire called 'My Heart's Running On Empty' 'My Heart's Running On Empty' is the first single off the forthcoming Album from 'Cairns County' called 'Make Your Love Last'. 'Cairns Country' is based in Far North Queensland, Australia and features local musicians and original songs written by Frank Markert.

Libby has for many years fronted well known corporate entertainers ‘Tectonic’ but has also worked with a range of notable musicians in her home town of Port Douglas. When not singing Libby's day job is as a 150 ton haul truck driver at GEMCO's Groote Eylandt manganese mine in NT.
Datum:2021-07-14  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

BRIAN IANNUCCI  Kiss you for the rest of my life (S)
Love songs are timeless! Love songs written for a specific audience are legendary. Brian collaborated with his co-writer Scott Triplett to write the perfect song for Scott to propose to his girlfriend, Danielle. This beautiful song was played just as he dropped to one knee and proposed. SHE SAID YES!!! "Kiss You For the Rest of My Life" features catchy musical hooks and lyrics that tell the timeless story of love. From Saint Johns, Florida, Brian Iannucci is a singer/ songwriter with an eclectic musical background. Brian combines aspects of country, pop, and blues to produce a unique sound. As a piano player, Brian brings a different feel to the genre of country music. Brian's lyrics and vocals provide a deep, thoughtful, and entertaining musical experience!
Datum:2021-07-14  Label:   ISRC: ushm82130486  www.brianiannuccimusic.com/  Releasedatum:

DAN HIGGINS  Be the moon for you (S)
Following the incredible success of his hit single ‘Ain’t Gonna Bottle It Up’ which spent 23 weeks in the Top 40 Country Tracks Charts, Dan Higgins presents his latest single ‘Be The Moon For You’ leading into his debut album release ‘Make Love Enough’ which was recorded and produced by multi-golden guitar winner - Matt Fell. ‘Be The Moon For You’ is a sentimental ballad about telling someone you will be there for them even during the darkest times in life.

“We can all have moments in life where there may seem to be no way out, but it’s the ones who are able to give you hope in that moment that can change your whole course of action” says Dan. “There is a simple truth behind the moon and how it illuminates the darkest nights”.

With the accompanying music video produced by the award winning team at The Filmery, Dan hopes that ‘Be The Moon For You’ will encourage people during those times of darkness. The video for ‘Be The Moon For You’ will premiere on Wed 14th July
Datum:2021-07-13  Label:   ISRC:   www.danhiggins.com.au/  Releasedatum:

  1. Pillow in the willow
  2. I always will

Hello! As the newest Ballad, we are proud to send it to you.

Song is written by P. Jordan
Datum:2021-07-12  Label: World International Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

ELLER RHODES  Country Fair (S)
Eller Rhodes is an American country and country rock group formed in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2018. They were founded by songwriter/musician Jim Witmer (piano, keyboards, guitar and other various instruments) and daughter, songwriter/musician Jane Witmer Alley (keyboards). Together writing original songs (sometimes including other writers) for a blend of traditional country and country rock with elements and influences of Americana (American Roots Music). The group has incorporated various other vocalist and musicians from the Eller Roads Studio located just north of the Indianapolis area. The Eller Rhodes name, by the way, was derived from a combination of the studio where the Witmer’s do most of their writing and their first piano, a Fender Rhodes 73.
Datum:2021-07-12  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

KID NORKJEN  Don´t pretend you cannot see (S)
Song is written by Kid Norkjen
Datum:2021-07-09  Label: Norkjen  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

LAWSON VALLERY  Tailgate party (S)
Song is written by L. Vallery
Datum:2021-07-09  Label: Norkjen  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

LOS LOBOS  Native Sons (A)
Legendariska Los Lobos är på något sätt det ultimata Los Angeles-bandet. Under snart femtio år tid har Los Lobos inte bara speglat LAs musikaliska eklektiska musikscen. De har i högsta grad bidragit till att skapa den. Med osviklig känsla, en aldrig sinande nyfíkenhet och gediget musikaliskt kunnande har de utforskat och integrerat rock ’n’ roll och rhythm & blues, surf och soul, mariachi och norteña, punk och country i sitt sound. De har aldrig fastnat, aldrig stått stilla, alltid utvecklats och hela tiden haft ett alldeles eget uttryck.

Los Lobos nya album ”Native Sons” (release 30 juli) är en ömsint hyllning till hemstaden Los Angeles. Titelspåret är plattans enda nyskrivna låt, övriga låtar är favoritlåtar av LA-baserade artister som Buffalo Springfield, The Blasters, Beach Boys och Jackson Browne.
Datum:2021-07-09  Label: New West Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2021-07-30

ARLENE STAPLETON  Bring us together (S)
Song is written by A.Stapleton
Datum:2021-07-06  Label: LBS Music  ISRC:   www.arlenestapleton.com  Releasedatum:

DAVID LIVINGSTON  When angels come arond (remix 2) (S)
Hey, just wanted to wish you a great week coming up and send you my new single, WHEN ANGELS COME AROUND. Have a great Fourth weekend and I hope you love my new single. DAVID

Songwriter: David Livingston. From the album "In My Heart I’m Singing"
Datum:2021-07-05  Label: Lo Records  ISRC: QM-5QE-19-00005  davidlivingston.us  Releasedatum:

VANESSA DELAINE  Let me be there (S)
‘Let Me Be There’ is fun and catchy song written by John Roskill and made famous by Olivia Newton John in 1973. I grew up singing ‘Let Me Be There’, ‘Banks of the Ohio’, ‘How Far is Heaven’ and ‘Coat of Many Colours’. I have a lot of wonderful memories of singing with my family and people loved to sing along to these beautiful country classics. In 2020 I celebrated my 50th birthday with a Facebook Livestream Concert singing some of the old songs I used to sing when I was young. I received beautiful compliments and thus I decided to share this song ‘Let Me Be There’ out to the world." Delaine recorded the vocals at her home and the song was mixed and mastered by producer Glenn Langford in Sydney during the covid lockdowns of early 2021.
Datum:2021-07-05  Label: Diamondback Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2021-07-16

RAY LANI  A cowboy´s dream vacation (S)
SONG STORY: I wrote a previous song called "A COWBOY RIDING IN THE RAIN". I got to thinking about that "lonely” cowboy riding in the rain and thought, "wow wouldn't it be nice for him to go on a vacation to a tropical island and get away from the dusty plains?"

Cowboy's must need a vacation too right? So here it is a "dream vacation" that sadly is only in his dreams. But he is still with his old horse Pete
Datum:2021-07-04  Label: Diamondback Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

THE KINDLY RAVENS  Silver & Gold (S)
IMC Promotions are pleased to bring you the Debut single from Australian Independent Americana Duo The Kindly Ravens called Silver & Gold

The Kindly Ravens are the Brisbane based duo of Cassi Marie and Steve Boom who play original Americana, Alt Country, Folk and Country music. Their first single 'Silver & Gold' is a song about love, how precious it is and how it should be treated with care. 'Silver & Gold' was the first track that Cassi & Steve ever wrote together during the start of the pandemic. Cassi had the chorus tucked away in a book, and over emails, the song quickly formed into the heart warming tune that has become a well loved favourite of many friends and family.

Cassi described their writing process as a unique experience due to the fact that it was all through computer screens and emails. "Even though there was that barrier of not being in the same room writing a song together, I still found I had a great connection with Steve, the writing process was so easy, and a lot of laughs."

The duo have found they write quite prolifically together and this is already shaping the forthcoming debut album 'Cemetery of Broken Hearts' which will be released early 2022. The single is available on all streaming services or in a limited physical format which includes a sticker and a postcard, which when combined with future single releases forms a larger piece of gorgeous artwork.
Datum:2021-07-03  Label:   ISRC:   www.thekindlyravens.com  Releasedatum: 2021-07-17

I hope this finds you enjoying fun times in great summer weather!

My radio single release for July is "One Nation", which is suitable for 4th of July airplay in the USA. For others it's a very patriotic song, is a duet with Phil Coley, who also co-wrote the song, produced it and made the tracks. Ulla K made a video with special effects for it.
Datum:2021-07-02  Label:   ISRC:   www.judywelden.com  Releasedatum:

  1. I will always love you
  2. You ain´t woman enough

These are two songs from my catalog that I've not released before...Hope you like my versions of Loretta Lynn's You Ain't Woman Enough and Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You. ... Donna
Datum:2021-07-02  Label: Century II Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

  1. Butterflies
  2. Right or wrong

Just trying to stay current in this crazy music business. I hope you all know how much I have appreciated you all through the years. Without you there would be no way to get our music out to the listeners. I am so very grateful. Hope you will consider airplay for these two songs. Right or Wrong written by the great Wanda Jackson and Butterflies written by my good friend and legendary songwriter Jerry Foster.
Datum:2021-07-02  Label: Century II Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

THE HARVESTERS  A fine line (S)
Ett av Sveriges bästa Countryband som en gång i tiden hette Rhinestone Band när den kompade Inger Nordström. Men de har sedan flera år varit The Harvesters och nu sälpper de nytt material för första gången på många år.
Datum:2021-07-02  Label: Atenzia Records  ISRC: SEVSZ2103001    Releasedatum: 2021-07-16

KELLY COBERLY  Far side banks of Jordan (S)
This is Kelly Coberly, and I would like to introduce you to my brand new radio release, "Far Side Banks of Jordan", from my latest album, "One Day At A Time". I would be incredibly honored if you were able to include my new release on your radio program. Any airplay and charting would be sincerely appreciated.
Datum:2021-07-02  Label:   ISRC: QMEU32010251  www.kellycoberly.com/  Releasedatum:

JACKSON & CLARKE  Let´s make love (S)
Song is written by F. Hill
Datum:2021-07-01  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

THE WAYMASTERS  I am blessed (S)
Written by Jerry C. Goff. A new Gospel release from The Waymasters. Hope you and listeners enjoy it.
Datum:2021-06-30  Label: Glory Train Records  ISRC:     Releasedatum:

JAMES WILLIAMS  Chasing the sky
The new single I wrote for the upcoming documentary film, "Chasing the Sky". The film documents a couple of people running the Colorado Trail. Definitely different than anything else Ive put out, but it captures the spirit of the film.…
Datum:2021-06-29  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum:

CHRIS St JOHN  Box for jewels (S)
Over the last quarter century, Long Island Singer/Songwriter Chris St. John has truly led a diverse and successful professional career in the field of law as a prosecutor, judge and practicing attorney.

Now, his dream of lateral success in the music business is starting to become a reality, as his instantly satisfying first single “I Called You Rose” has hit Number #3 on the Euro Indie Music Charts, and #8 on the World Indie Music Charts. His LP, I’M DREAMING, is now available The album will be available on all music platforms on March 21, 2020.

He is now releasing his second single “I’d Send You My Heart.” Chris talks about the song: “I made a point of texting my Uncle every day as he was living alone and was old and his health was failing. Those communications were a gift for both of us. After he died, I sent him a string of emojis. I sing about them in the song. The texts of course came back undeliverable. I had a melody I had written some time ago. I took the melody and wrote the lyrics on my mind – it’s as if they were made for each other,” added St. John.

St. John has been a practicing attorney for 26 years; a former judge and prosecutor; worked in the State Department, participating in the Reagan-Gorbachev Summit in 1987; and lived, studied, and taught in China later that year. He was also a Congressional Aide and is now a volunteer firefighter.

In 2015, he and his friend started a not-for-profit charity called HALO Missions, which provides medical care, clothing, food, farming equipment, and surgeries for AIDS orphans and the extreme poor throughout Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean.

“My professional career is what I do. These songs are who I am. They are about my personal life. The songs have been written over about 30 years, with four new ones written in the last several months to finish up the album,” he added.

His upcoming debut record is entitled “I’m Dreaming.” The album will include 13 original songs plus a cover of Peggy O’ and a musical score that connects two songs.
BR>The topics include the loss of love at a young age; the loss of his parents; the birth of his son John (now 17) and life with his wife of 27 years Elisabeth; a surprise DNA discovery; a serious illness where he was put in a medically induced coma, and a nurse sang him back to life; the loss of a young relative in a car accident and the subsequent climb out of depression; alcohol addiction and recovery; and a gift from his grandmother that he intends to return to her someday.

“The title of the LP is ‘I’m Dreaming’ because some of these songs were dreamed in my sleep and written down when I awoke. Others came from daydreams. There are so many references to dreaming in the album. I guess I like to dream. People have told me I should write a book or make an album. This is both to me”, said St John.
Datum:2021-06-29  Label:   ISRC:   www.chrisstjohn.com/  Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Blue Shamrock Music - June 2021 (A)
  1. VANESSA BOURNE: Haggard in the air
    Vanessa Bourne has been traditionally yours in music with her songs like Don’t Judge Me, Young At Heart, Lyin’ Cheatin’ Heart and many more. Vanessa was approached to include Haggard In The Air, which is written by Greg Tardie, to her album YOUNG AT HEART. Which she gladly recorded. There was no question she would record it. Merle Haggard would have to be Vanessa’s most admired artist and she jokingly adds, ‘I would include Mr. Haggard’s name in every song if I could’. Haggard In The Air is nominated at The Josie Music Awards for Traditional Country Song of the year 2021. ISRC: USJ3V2005015
  2. BRIANA DINSDALE: Why did I fall for you?
    It’s easy to understand why Brisbane, Australia’s Briana Dinsdale is a singer-songwriter catching the attention of country music fans across the world. At just 17-years-old she combines a fresh energy with a voice and songwriting ability that is beyond her age. Building off the success of her first album “Beginnings”, Briana recently announced the release of its second single, the emotionally-charged “Why Did I Fall for You?” It’s quite clear the new song shows the young artist at her best and is sure to touch many hearts. “Why Did I Fall for You?” is all about the hard times that come along with leaving someone or something that’s held dear, with the feeling of loss and longing that can be so hard to overcome. I wrote ‘Why Did I Fall for You?’ about my personal connection with the Tamworth Country Music Festival and how difficult it is to leave at the end and how having to wait a whole year to have that feeling again is so difficult.” Words and music written by Briana and Ken Dinsdale. Recorded and Produced by Louise Wheatley (Wheatley Street Productions, Brisbane). ISRC: AUMEV2026108
  3. JODI VAUGHAN: Four legged angel
    Jodi Vaughan, the proud owner of rescue dogs, brings us a beautiful song she has written to raise funds for DC Rescue Dogs based in Hamilton, New Zealand. 'Four Legged Angel’ is written, produced & performed by Jodi Vaughan.
  4. ADAM JAMES: Blame it on the weather
    Adam James announces the release of both his album ‘Russian Blue’ and the new single ‘Blame It On The Weather’. This 3rd studio album for Adam James, takes a stylistic change. Recorded on blues holy land in Nashville’s The Sound Emporium, James has connected with long-time producer Stuie French and a backing band of local greats whose veins bleed Blues and Roots. ‘Russian Blue’ explores themes of coming to terms with profound human experiences and facing up to truths, as difficult as that may be. It is poignant that James finds himself in Nashville, the very place where Henry Howden coined the term, “three chords and the truth” to create his watershed album. When asked about this latest beautiful easy listening single Adam said … “Blame It On The Weather'' is a track I wrote about the mixed emotions of broken love from a family member living in the Big Apple, New York City. This lived experience was amplified by the fact they were so far away from home and feeling isolated walking the streets of a concrete jungle looking for an answer or something to blame everything on.”
  5. GLENN LEVI: Come back baby
    “Come Back Baby” is a song written by me about a life experience. I find that writing about things from my life experiences is somewhat easy to do. So, with the support and encouragement from my wife and also the mentoring and guidance from Vanessa Bourne, who spurred me on to believe in myself, I have decided to write my own material for all to enjoy. This being my first single, I was lucky to have Vanessa there from start to finish to guide me through this process so, a big thank you to Vanessa and my wife Tracy for having faith in me. I hope this song relates to all who hear it and that they enjoy it. I now give to you “Come Back Baby” Written and composed by me…. Enjoy.
  6. WARREN KEARNEY: Who´ll remember the memories
    “Who’ll Remember The Memories” delves into the problem of our memories not being passed onto the next generation. Imagine the stories that died with our Great Great Grandparents being available to us now. Even our parents’ memories are at best, only passed on by word of mouth. Their stories change with each telling and with that, our history is being lost. We hope that you enjoy this thought-provoking track. “Who’ll Remember The Memories” was composed by Warren Kearney and presented to you in song by the smooth vocals of Warren, with the lyrics written by Maurie Marion who also produced the video. Warren and Maurie have worked together extensively over the past ten or more years and as usual the combination of their individual skill sets has produced a wonderful result. This song is the title track of Warren Kearney’s upcoming much awaited Album “Who’ll Remember The Memories” and is the third song from the album to be released in 2021. All of these releases made it to the Top 40 Country Airplay Charts and the album will be available in early October this year.
    ELVIS TCB was written by Grammy nominee, Aria Hall of Fame recipient, and former lead guitarist/songwriter of the original Little River Band, David Briggs, and recorded by Melbourne based Marty Rose Band (MRB) for their forthcoming album The Tear Drop Line. The song is a tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, and pays homage to the man, while saluting all who continue to live in hope of sighting the legend himself. The song was recorded and produced by Briggs at his studio, The Production Workshop, in North Melbourne, Australia. It was recorded several times, but the final take only came together when Gil Matthews (Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs) joined the band. Briggs originally wrote the song on a mandolin while traveling to the Daintree Rainforest in Northern Queensland, inspired by a newspaper story about the Parkes Elvis Festival held in NSW annually that attracts thousands of Elvis fans from across the globe. The impact that Elvis Presley had on music clearly lives on today.

Datum:2021-06-28  Label: Blue Shamrock Music  ISRC:   blueshamrockmusic.com  Releasedatum:

TONY CLARKE  I´m coming home (S)

The story starts with a soldier walking towards a long black train however,it also applies to many couples who have decided to end there relationship.The heart ache the shear frustration experienced in these situations, by both male and female is incomprehensible.

We know by experiences the dear John letters received by these people even during height of conflict drives many to the point of no return. In this story all he has is an old worn out picture of his son, which he holds dearly. His holds on to his thoughts about the home he used to share, the memories of his loved ones. With the smell of cooking in the air and a warm and gentle home. Now all brought to an abrupt ending by the decision of his partner to end a relationship.

He is thinking loud telling him self how he hurts,he remembers the smell of the flowers by the door. Finally he decides "I'm cominghome on that big black train! You will see me walking to that big black train. I know where my son was and I am coming back to find hime again.
Datum:2021-06-28  Label:   ISRC:   tonyclarkecountry.com  Releasedatum:

IMC Promotions is pleased to bring you the Brand New Song from the Haystack Mountain Hermits called 'Wayfaring Stranger'. This song is the Hermit's version of the Traditional song Wayfaring Stranger. It is the B side release to The Horses Stay Behind (One Last Ride) and profits from the vinyl release will be donated to the RSL.

Multi award-winning family band Haystack Mountain Hermits are all related (and have the embarrassing photos to prove it), all multi-instrumentalists and all go. Between them they play guitar, mandolin, double bass, accordion, washboard, ukulele, banjo, snare drum, harmonica, dobro, kazoo, xaphoon … and more! They’re known for their stunning big harmonies and fine musicianship as they interpret traditional songs and perform their own originals.

The family hit the A1 ten years ago on a busking tour of Australia and they haven’t stopped, now performing at festivals all over the country. They’ve been Tamworth Busking Champions, Australian National Busking Champions and featured in the ABC series The Recording Studio. 2021 saw them win a Qld Arts grant to release their ANZAC ballad The Horses Stay Behind (One Last Ride). One family. One band. One day ... they’ll get a bigger bus. #weplaywesingwefight
Datum:2021-06-28  Label:   ISRC:   haystackmountainhermits.com.au  Releasedatum:

CAROL CHANEY  Cryin´ time (S)
This song is written by Buck Owens
Datum:2021-06-28  Label: LBS Music  ISRC:   www.carolchaney.com.au  Releasedatum:

PAULA O´REILLY  Roller coaster (S)
Paula O'Reilly is a singer-songwriter based in County Wexford, Ireland. O'Reilly, whose influences range from Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan to Alison Krauss, Miranda Lambert, and Ashley McBryde, pens well-crafted songs that are reflective of a master songsmith who is passionate about what she does. Her songs are at times heart-breakingly sad, at other times uplifting and inspiring. O’Reilly has used the lockdown period to focus on her song writing and is very excited about the new album and the work producer, Dave Arkins did in bringing her songs to life. While the album itself will be released later in 2021, Paula will be releasing self-penned singles from the forthcoming album over the coming months.

Roller Coaster which will be released on 9th July.

Looking ahead, O'Reilly is itching to get back out on the road to promote the album doing what she does best, performing live gigs in the manner of a true star in the making.
Datum:2021-06-28  Label:   ISRC:     Releasedatum: 2021-07-09


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