BLANDADE ARTISTER  Cyber Music Sampler 2020 (A)
  1. PAUL M. WILLIAMS: Thank you Jesus
  2. BILL CARMACK: A George Jones song
  3. THE ARTISTS OF COLT RECORDS: What the world needs now is love
  4. J.K. COLTRAIN: Sing me back home
  5. J.K. COLTRAIN: I´m a lonesome fugitive (live)
  6. RICH SITHER: Something to lean on
  7. DAN KOUBA: Name tag
  8. JAMES MARVELL & BOBBY G. RICE: What the hell has happened to country music


Datum: 2020-07-06  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. LONDON BAILEIGH: Climb a cactus
    London Baileigh is an independent Texas female country artist playing all over. "Climb A Catcus" is her freshman radio release and she couldn't be more excited to have it playing on your favorite radio station. You can find her playing all over the state of Texas.
    ISRC: ushm82019489
    Anyone can put a cowboy hat on -- and if you love country music enough to do it, then God bless ya. But it?s another thing to exude country from every fiber of your being, from the blood in your veins to the dirt under your fingernails. When you listen to Kendall Shaffer, the difference can?t be ignored. His 2018 EP The Traditional Revival opens with a sample of Ed Bruce?s 1976 classic ?Mammas Don?t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.? Clearly, the sample seems to declare, you?re about to listen to the work of an artist who appreciates a vintage country sound. But When Kendall and his band kick in with ?Honky Tonkin? (Whoever Said It Was Easy),? it becomes strikingly apparent that he isn?t stuck on getting to the heart and soul of country by trying to make his music sound like it was made half a century ago. That?s because he doesn?t have to put on airs. Kendall?s songs sparkle with a decidedly modern edge and yet they still manage to cut through the homogenization.
    ISRC: ushm82046499, from the Album: GHOSTS. Record label: Rouxbie Music
  3. BELLAMY BROTHERS: Rednecks (looking for a paycheck)
    Howard and David continue to prove that the trail they?ve ridden to fame has been as unique as their music itself?music that is now celebrating over 40 years of success
  4. PROUD COUNTRY: Small town USA
    Small Town U.S.A. is for all those raised in a small town who couldn't wait to get out, but now realize how blessed they were to be small town raised. Proud Country is a traditional/roots country duo formed in August 2018. Taylor Bonham and Rhonda Lynn are performing singer/songwriters and military veteran's. Both are National award winning singer songwriters with songs about the military and coping with life afterwards. Their single "I Just Need to Hold You Tonight" is a recent 95.9 Local Showcase Hall of Fame winner. When not out performing at venues, both enjoy working with Veteran's organizations performing at benefits and volunteering their time sharing the healing power of music.
    ISRC: ushm82020622
  5. SEPTEMBER MOON: Freeway
    Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, September Moon is a lively five-piece vocal harmony- centered band whose sounds seems to defy a genre, but audiences have no trouble connecting with. Their music creatively blends country, folk, rock, and Americana into one rich and unique sound. As a band, the members of September Moon pride themselves in delivering high energy shows and wowing audiences with their catchy melodies, tight three- part harmonies, and alternating lead vocals. Their debut single "Abilene" reached #42 on the Texas charts and its follow up "You Know Who You Are" reached #46.
    ISRC: USZZ52006010


Datum: 2020-07-06  Label: CD Tex  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BEC LAVELLE  I´m happier (S)
“I’m Happier” is the next single lifted from Bec Lavelle’s highly anticipated new album due for release in August and comes hot on the heels of her isolation collaboration and Top 10 smash, “Nervous Girls”.

Bec says, “I’m Happier” is about the feeling you get after a relationship breakdown. “There’s a moment in time when you wake up and it doesn’t hurt anymore! You open your heart and mind up to positivity and of the hope the future outweighs the pain of the past. This song is that moment in time”.

“I’m Happier” came from a week-long writing and recording session with her German collaborator, Andrei Vesa. “Another track that I’ve had the pleasure of creating with Andrei … when we close ourselves in a studio together – magic happens”.

Paulo Germano who has been the mixer behind many of Bec’s recent releases once again has given the song his golden touch. “Sometimes you can imagine how a track will sound when it’s finished, and this went above and beyond all of my expectations! Paulo is incredibly talented to bring out what he does in a track”.

“This is one of my proudest moments being able to release this track. It’s nice to be on the other side of heartache and smiling again”, she says. “I hope this track encourages everyone to know that whatever they might be going through right now … it will get better! Time can heal almost anything!”

Datum: 2020-07-06  Label: Red Rebel Music  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

UP-STAIRS  Eighteen wheels and a dozen roses (S)
Song is written by G.Nelson – H.Nelson

Datum: 2020-07-06  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

HURRICANE HIGHWAY  Heart condition (S)
Multi award winning band Hurricane Highway Ireland´s leading American country rock band have just released a brand new single "Heart Condition"

Datum: 2020-07-06  Label: VMI Records  
ISRC: IEJIO2000002  Releasedatum:

BUCK T. EDWARDS  Summertime fun (S)
It's been a stressful few months. Time to put away your worries and have a little fun with Buck at the Beach! Featuring a killer saxophone from Jason Ward and some tongue in cheek humor. "Summertime Fun" is the perfect cure for what ails ya!

Songwriters: Edward Peter Buckley, Shane Allen Seelye

Datum: 2020-07-05  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

ANDY & RYAN COONEY  We´re all in this together (S)
Irish America’s Favourite Son, Andy Cooney, has just released his new single, paying tribute to all of the key-workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

From Long Island, New York, Andy Cooney has been at the centre of some of the communities worst-affected by the Coronavirus crisis since the outbreak proliferated in March. Joined on the song by his own son Ryan, the pair reflect on the song as being a message of hope to New York, America and the World on the road to recovery from COVID-19.

Penned by Andy and Ryan Cooney, the track was produced by Jeff Teague in Nashville, who has produced in the past for Pam Tillis, Trisha Yearwood, Kenny Rogers and the late Joe Diffie, who passed away in April following complications from COVID-19.

Within his native New York, Andy has filled out the prestigious Carnegie Hall on eight different occasions, as well as having appeared at the Lincoln Centre. Nevertheless, he has remained loyal to his Irish heritage and culture which features heavily in his live performances, leading to him being dubbed “Irish America’s Favourite Son” by The New York Times.

Through a number of foreign travel trips, Andy has been strongly involved with connecting Irish emigrant communities around the world with their native Ireland. His ‘Cruise of Irish Stars’ trip regularly sells out and features some of the top stars from Ireland as well as the USA. He is due to charter a ten-day trip to Ireland and Liverpool in September, although this is still dependent on travel restrictions being lifted by that time. Reflecting on the song, Andy said: “We wrote this song to convey to the listeners we need to look out for each other and show our love and compassion, as we find a way to get through this. This song goes out to all nurses, doctors, first responders and to this pandemic. As the song says: "we know that it won't last forever, if we're all in this together.”

Datum: 2020-07-04  Label: Millpond Music
ISRC: TCAEZ2005678  Releasedatum: 2020-07-03

CAMERON DADDO  Son and Moon (S)
Following the recent release of the single “Son And Moon” - singer songwriter Cameron Daddo releases his EP (Extended Play) also titled ‘Son And Moon’. The EP contains four original songs plus a cover of favourite Johnny Nash classic “I Can See Clearly”.

Back in early 2019 Cameron was paired with producer Michael Carpenter to record his contribution to the …ISH REIMAGINED album project – “To Love Me”. The pair clicked and vowed to work together on new material.

Whilst Cameron handled the acoustic guitar, some rhythm electric and harmonica… Michael played everything else… recorded/produced and even shot the video. “He’s a Gem!” said Cameron. “…and this is a tribute to his expertise. I am so grateful”.

Son and Moon: A song about how we can connect with others separated by distance… having an object we can both look at from either sides of the world. the ever changing moon is metaphor for our ever changing lives.

Datum: 2020-07-03  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-07-03

BERNIE GRASS  Picture of you (S)


Datum: 2020-07-02  Label: Steam Whistle Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BRIAN MOON  Lady Love (S)


Datum: 2020-07-02  Label: Steam Whistle Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:



Datum: 2020-07-02  Label: Steam Whistle Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

    "Breaking Your Heart" is the 4th single off of Jesse Stratton Band's 2018 album "Traction". Their last single, "Breaking Your Heart", broke into the top 50, and the band is poised for continued success with this follow-up, which has been called "a reflective tale of things gone wrong; the remembrance of a past we're not sure how we lost."
    ISRC: uscgj1843307, from the Album TRACTION
  2. CHAD MILLER & THE GOOD FORTUNE: Fix me tonight
    Chad Miller & The Good Fortune are a Texas Country band, who makes their home in the Amarillo, Texas area. With Chad Miller on Lead Vocals and rhythm guitar, Andrew Fox on Lead Guitar, Jody Miller on Drums, and Jeff Marquez on Bass, they bring a unique blend of classic rock, country, blues, and Americana music to the table. Chad Miller & The Good Fortune have cultivated a set list and show that will have something familiar for everyone, and since forming in 2017, they have played many venues throughout Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Their original material combines modern bluesy-country guitar work with a touch of classic twang. Their influences span such greats as Bob Wills, The Allman Brothers, Eagles, George Strait, and Red-Dirt legends like Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and Sean McConnell.
    ISRC: USTME1950292, from the Album: CHAD MILLER & THE GOOD FORTUNE
  3. BRADI BEHLEN: Wine in a coffee cup
    "Wine in a Coffee Cup" is Brandi's third release from her new, self-titled EP. A spunky, summertime anthem that is sure to have fans singing along!
    ISRC: uscgj2008773, from the Album: BRANDI BEHLEN
  4. CYNTHIA RAUSCH: Barstool queen
    Cynthia Rausch has been performing music for over 15 years, but is fresh to the Texas scene with this first single release, and hitting the stage full time with her band. The band consists of 4 members from varying musical backgrounds and tastes, but they came together to form a red dirt, country rock band with a hint of southern rock, all tied together by Cynthia’s gospel roots in her writing. With a powerhouse voice and dynamic and driving lyrics, she writes country music in a way that connects with her audience through personal experience and tries to bring a hopeful and empowering outlook on the world.
    ISRC: ushm82000788, from the Album: WHERE I STAND
  5. HAYDEN BAKER: Waitin´ on love
    Texas native, Hayden Baker, has gone from posting cover songs and “how-to” guitar tutorials on YouTube to opening for some of country music’s biggest stars in the span of just a few short years. His style of playing carefully blends the neo-traditional country sound complete with crying steel and soaring fiddle with ripping guitar solos reminiscent of Brad Paisley. Speaking of Brad, he has actually befriended Hayden and re-posted a few of his videos on social media. Hayden even got to step on stage with Brad in Cleveland, OH and jam with his band during soundcheck. In December of 2018, Hayden released his first album entitled Born In The Wrong Generation. The lead track off of that EP, "How Many Beers" was released to radio and made it all the way to #35 on the TRRR chart. His first full length album will be released this fall with a few singles preceding it this summer.
    ISRC: QZES92081307
  6. STONEY LaRUE & TANYA TUCKER: Meet in the middle
    The new single "Meet In The Middle" from Stoney LaRue & Tanya Tucker is from Stoney's latest album.
    ISRC: US2761992708, from the Album: ONWARD
  7. RICHIE ALLBRIGHT: Where´d you go country music
    "Where'd You Go Country Music" is a song originally recorded by my friend Jarrod Birmingham back in 2005. I've always loved it and wanted to cut it. And I believe it is even more relevant today than it was back in 2005. I can't count how many times I've joined Jarrod on stage to do this song in the last several years. But I'm glad I finally got around to recording it on my New "Back To Nashville" EP.
    ISRC: uscgh2017675
  8. KC BECK: The Machinist
    KC Beck is a Central Texas Country Singer who was born in Denver Colorado on October 20, 1985. KC Beck is an unsigned artist who has had a few close calls with majors. KC is a 100% Disabled Veteran who served at Fort Hood Texas. KC Beck has publicly been doing music since 2005 but grew up playing with his father in public since 1998 when he was 12 years old. He is a member of the TCMA (Texas Country Music Association) and ASCAP and has been a member of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association Inc) in the past.
    ISRC: QZE5V2000005
  9. WILL CARTER: Fallin´ in love
    Texas born and bred, singer/songwriter Will Carter was raised to respect hard work and traditional values. Deep love of family combined with a regimen that included homeschooling, breaking horses, milking goats and tending to crops, provided Will with an ideal backdrop to pursue his musical dreams effectively. Carter?s November 2019 single ?You Feel Like Home? rose to #8 on the Texas Regional Radio Charts and has stayed in the Top 10 for 4 weeks. The song has also charted on Music Row and CDX Texas. This new single ?Fallin? In Love? song is the third single from his new EP coming out in late 2020.
  10. JESSE RAUB Jr.: I´d look good on you
    Jesse Raub Jr. is releasing new music again! "I'd Look Good On You"--the second single from Jesse Raub Jr.'s forthcoming studio EP RealSimple Country Vol. 1 Following up his last #1 single, ?GoodTimes?, Jesse Raub Jr. releases his newest single, "I'd LookGood On You". Penned by multiple country music hitmakers, JesseRaub Jr., Triston Marez, Jake Worthington, and Aaron Copeland, "I'dLook Good On You" is one of the stand-out tracks on Real SimpleCountry. This track begs you to reach out and touch someone. Thissingle says what we are all thinking. I'd Look Good On You, Let's geton the floor.In2014, he scored his first #1 on Texas Radio as a co- writer onJohnson?s ?Dance Her Home?. He has also had five(5) #1recordings of his own chart in the Texas Regional Radio: 2017's #1"She'll Put The Hurt On You", 2018's #1 "Mistakes",and #1 "Sittin' Here", 2019's #1 "Touch the Water"and the first single "Good Times" from the UnreleasedStudio EP "Real Simple Country Vol. 1" Album.
    ISRC: US2762093558, from the Album: REAL SIMPLE COUNTRY VOL. 1
  11. JERAD BRIDGES: She ain´t you
    Originally from Milam, Texas, Jared Bridges is a down to earth family oriented good old country boy. Jared uses his music to connect with folks from all walks of life. "She Ain't You" is Jared's freshman release to Texas Radio.
    ISRC: QZHN91984368, from the CD: JERAD BRIDGES
  12. CALAMITY JANES: Be my baby
    This trio of sisters is exactly what comes to mind when you think sassy Texas singer/songwriters- sassy and bold, gritty and clever. With signature three part blood harmonies rooted in church music from their childhood influenced by bluegrass, soul, classic rock and old school country with a big dose of their own ideas about Red Dirt/Texas music and solid song writing, The Calamity Janes have established a style that is truly all their own.
    ISRC: USHM22035358
  13. JON YOUNG: You´re gonna miss me
    You?re Gonna Miss Me When I?m Gone? is written from the perspective of a songwriter, 20 years into a music career that has seen a revolving door of faces and people. From full rooms to empty bars with hundreds of miles in between, our songwriter navigates the ups and downs as we are reminded that sometimes we don?t really appreciate something until it?s gone.
  14. MARK POWELL: Project
    Texas Music and AWA Award winning songwriter, singer, and producer including: 2017 Texas Music Song of the Year writer, 2016 Top 5 Texas Music Video, 2008 AWA Song of the Year, 5-Top 5 European Country Music Chart Hits, 2- #1 Hits in 2019 and 2020, and 8-Top 5 Festival of the Year Awards with his annual Outlaws & Legends Music Festival. As a songwriter, 16 artists have recorded his songs. Top Hits include: "This Bar Needs a Town", "Breaking Things", "Walk Away", "Keep It Country", "What I Do", "Church Marquee" and ?Dublin Dr. Pepper.
    ISRC: QZBHS2000001, from the Album: BREAKING THINGS


Datum: 2020-06-30  Label: CD Tex  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:



Datum: 2020-06-30  Label: Lampco Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

PHILLIP INMON  Two times let down (A)


Datum: 2020-06-30  Label: Kim´s World Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

MONIQUE VALKE  Blanket on the fround (S)
R.Bowling wrote this song

Datum: 2020-06-30  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

SHOWPONY EXPRESS  When the leaves turns from green to gold (S)
This is the last release from our Mighty Murray River Album. We are beginning to record some new singles over the coming months. Samantha and I really appreciate the support we get from community radio and the great work you do promoting independent artists

Datum: 2020-06-30  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Nashville Radio Promotions - 2020 (A)
  1. TREY GILLILAND: I love my life
  2. HEINRICH MANEUVER: Wild Dark Horses
  3. JEFF COLTREC: Kiss an angel good morning (acoustic)
  5. J.K. COLTRAIN: I got Mexico (live)
  6. PETE ROSE: Amanda
  7. JEFF COLTREC: Close Up The Honky Tonks (2020 Pandemic Version)
  8. JEFF COLTREC: Ruby Red Roush
  9. LACEY SNIDER: Cryin´ my heart out over you
  10. BILL HORNE: Never no more
    Written By Dennis DiChiaro
  12. THE REVENUE MAN: My own eulogy


Datum: 2020-06-29  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

GUNILLA DAHLMAN & AMRIS  Älskling, let´s dance (S)
Ny låt, med Gunilla Dahlman & Amris

Datum: 2020-06-29  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

CASSANDRA  Getting over you (S)
Song is written by A.Radtke – T.Hemme

Datum: 2020-06-29  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Scars
  2. Cheaper to drink

Chris grew up in the small farming community of Mitchell, Ontario, Canada. He grew up listening to classic country music and rock and roll his parents would listen to and especially loved watching the Grand Ole Opry and Hee Haw with his parents on Sunday nights. Some of Chris favorites were Hank Williams Sr, Alan Jackson, Merle Haggard, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. Chris strives to make real country music just like what he grew up loving as a child and hopes maybe one day he is able to inspire someone like he was

Datum: 2020-06-28  Label: Steam Whistle Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

DAVE CALEY  What I´d say (S)


Datum: 2020-06-27  Label: Steam Whistle Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

REBECCA LINDA SMITH  Because of your love (S)
Please listen to this new song by Rebecca Linda Smith. Written by Robert Frank Smith

Datum: 2020-06-27  Label: Glory Train Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

ALY COOK  Cold wind (S)


Datum: 2020-06-26  Label: SBD Music
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

WARREN KEARNEY  The Pearly Gates Bridge (S)


Datum: 2020-06-26  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

VANESSA DELAINE  One girl band (S)


Datum: 2020-06-26  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JODI VAUGHAN  I live for today (S)
Jodi Vaughan is excited to announce the release of her new single ‘I Live For Today’. Her new song leaves her previous top #10 single ‘You Look Silly Cryin’ in her wake, as she writes and records prolifically, and lives in the moment.

“I have always been a “My cup’s half FULL“ kind-a-girl. I remember I have always told people, “I don’t have dreams. My dreams are realities that just haven’t happened yet”. I really LIVE by the lyrics of this song and so really love to sing it and hope it resonates with people. I love writing songs that are not just a story but have a message as well. Sometimes people will take more notice of song lyrics rather than listen to someone talk. I think this could be a subliminal message. On this version I have added banjo and dobro, firstly because these are my favourite instruments and secondly they are a true country sound. If I could make it more country I would.”

Jodi Vaughan is Australian by birth, however, she has carved a career as one of New Zealand’s best known and most loved Country Music Artists. Her name became synonymous with New Zealanders on a regular country music TV show, ‘That’s Country’, in the 1980's, when she became a household name. Yet for all of her trips to the USA, and despite Gold Records and Awards, Jodie attended Tamworth Country Music Festival for the first time in 2020 bringing a tour of NZ Country Music Fans to Tamworth, which is happening again in 2021.

Though Jodi has been absent from her homeland's Country Music Scene, the duet Gold Album ‘Fairweather Friends’ did release in Australia in the 1980's.

Her first Australian single release ‘It Ain’t Always Love’ peaked at #14 on the Australian National Airplay Chart & #19 on The Official Tasmanian Country Music Chart making it a top 20 hit! 'You Look Silly Cryin' claimed #6 on the Australian Country Airplay Chart & #19 on the Official Tasmanian & OZCMR Country Chart

Datum: 2020-06-25  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JOY ADAMS  The exercise machine (S)
DIAMONDBACK RECORDS is proud to release this novelty song by one of New Zealand’s most prolific & versatile singer/songwriters, Joy Adams

Datum: 2020-06-24  Label: Diamondback Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

DON MESCALL  Sunshine girl (S)
International singer-songwriter Don Mescall has just released his brand new Summer single, ‘Sunshine Girl’.

Don recounts writing ‘Sunshine Girl’ for his beautiful daughter Eve some years ago, but only recently rediscovered the song whilst going through his back-catalogue during lockdown. The song, recorded and produced by Doug Lancio in Nashville, is a vibrant Summer song with shades of Pop, Indie and Contemporary Country that will suit a range of tastes. It’s a song that will make the perfect soundtrack for days at the beach, barbeques and summer nights, as the world starts to return to some normality. The launch of the new single follows tremendous success in Canada earlier this month, after CMA Award winning artist Laurie LeBlanc featured six Don Mescall tracks on his new album, ‘When It’s Right, It’s Right’. The debut single ‘The Bigger The Better’, which featured Don on the track and the video, made the top five most played country songs in Canada earlier this year.

LeBlanc joins a whole host of International artists that have had success from Don Mescall’s tracks through the years, from Rascal Flatts and Lonestar, to Cliff Richard and Backstreet Boys. Closer to home, Don’s songs have also been recorded by Irish artists including Ronan Keating, Sharon Corr, Aslan, Eleanor Shanley, Brian Kennedy, Frances Black and The High Kings. Don is also in the process of working on his next studio album, ‘Seven Setting Suns’ which is planned for release in early 2021.

Anticipating the release of ‘Sunshine Girl’, Don said: “Delighted to finally release ‘Sunshine Girl’ written for my own sunshine girl, my Daughter Eve! I’ve been fortunate to spend lots of time with her since the Lockdown began. She’s really helped me through this challenging time.”

Datum: 2020-06-24  Label: Timbertrain Music Ltd
ISRC: IEFAZ2000010  Releasedatum: 2020-07-02

SHANTELL OGDEN  Song Sampler vol 1 & 2 (A)
Nashville-based Shantell Ogden's highly anticipated sixth studio album,Song Sampler vol. 1 & 2, is available for pre-order beginning today, May 29. The album will be released June 19th. It’s a seven-song collection that follows on the heels of the highly successfulRoad That Drives Me, which was named Americana Album of the Year by the International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA).

The album can be pre-ordered at:

“The women in my family grew up creating needlepoint samplers with vibrant threads and homespun wisdom,” says Ogden. “This album is my version of a sampler - and I hope everyone will enjoy the di?erent musical colors.”

The album release celebration will be streamed lived on Saturday, June 20, on the Center Stage Magazine Facebook page at 3:00 p.m. CDT ( Center Stage Magazine is a Nashville-based magazine covering music, comedy, movies, and a variety of entertainers with a unique focus on new, up-and-coming talent.

Nashville-based Shantell Ogden has a gift for crafting songs with real conviction and emotion. Her songs have received airplay on hundreds of country and Americana radio stations internationally, and gained impressive chart positions both in the US and Europe, including a #2 slot behind Chris Stapleton for her single "Blossom in the Dust." Shantell's music has also been featured in shows such as the US hit television seriesHart of Dixieand in several feature films.

Born in Utah, Ogden brings the work ethic she learned growing up on a farm to her life as an independent performing artist. Having toured nationally and in the UK and Ireland.

Since the release of her fifth album in 2016, Shantell has enjoyed extensive media appearances includingCoffee, Country & Cody on Nashville’s WSM - the home of the Grand Ole Opry -Today in Nashville(WSMV) andGood Day Utah(Fox). In addition, she has appeared at high profile festivals including Americana Fest andTin Pan South. Praised for her work with awards including Songwriter of the Year in 2018 International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA) Awards, Shantell Ogden is truly an artist on the rise

Datum: 2020-06-23  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-06-22

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Liva Music June 2020 (A)
  1. DBK COUNTRY RADIO: Drinking whiskey in the afternoon
  2. DUSTIN STEEN: Secrets behind the pew<
  3. DUSTIN STEEN: Soul shopping (Knock-Knock)
    TORI MARTIN: What would Dolly do
  4. DAN KNIGHT: Girl looks good in neon
  5. DAN KNIGHT: Stranger
  6. SARAH ASHLEY: That´s how I know


Datum: 2020-06-23  Label: Liva Music
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

VEGA  He´s God (S)


Datum: 2020-06-23  Label: ALG Gospel Network  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

EMER FOX  Fair breath that you gave me (S)
New song from Emer Fox titled Fair Breath that you Gave me. The song composed by Emer and her Brother in Law Michael Fox was originally a poem dedicated to Michaels mother and Emer adapted it to a beautiful song and performance. Produced by Pete Ware.

Two self penned songs from the lovely Emer Fox..truly they are really lovely traditional Country songs and deserve airing in my opinion

Datum: 2020-06-23  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

NIGEL CONNELL  Same old story (S)
The new single from Nigel Connell, a self penned song titled Same Old Story. Nigel was a finalist on The Voice(Irish edition) a couple of years back and many will remember him as drummer and sometime guest vocalist on Daniel O'Donnell's tours for many years. The song producer was Martin Quinn at Jam Studios Kells Co Meath

Datum: 2020-06-23  Label:
ISRC: IEJSE2000001  Releasedatum:

Songwriter: Tore Andersen

Datum: 2020-06-22  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1.  BRANDON McPHEE: Give my love to Rose
  2.  TRACY K. HOUSTON: Ready for the times to get better
  3.  DAVID McLACHLAN: In the heart of now
  4.  BRENT McATHEY: It ain´t always paradise in Paradise
  5.  OTIS C. TRUAX: Leave a mark
  6.  CLELIA ADAMS: Speed of the sound of loneliness
  7.  LONNIE BARTMESS: Love would´ve we wanted it that way
  8.  VANESSA BOURNE: Lyin´ cheatin´ heart
  9.  PAUL ALAN COONS: A long time ago
  10.  DARYN WRIGHT: Certifiable
  11.  LAURIE LACE: Blue rendezvous
  12.  DARNELL MILLER: It ain´t that way
  13.  SHELBY EAST: The walls you built
  14.  ROSS ALLEN: Troubles on my mind


Datum: 2020-06-22  Label: Hillcrest
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BRANTLEY GILBERT  Halfway to Heaven (A)
Brantley Gilbert knows that tomorrow is no guarantee. Just over five years ago the talented singer/songwriter was ignoring his deepest ambition of becoming a country singer and was just going through the motions of everyday life. It wasn’t until a nearly-fatal car accident that Brantley opened his eyes, realized the importance of living each day to the fullest, and decided to pursue his love for music as a career.

Brantley was born and raised in the small town of Jefferson, Georgia, just outside the Athens city limits. It is that upbringing and small town influence Brantley credits toward allowing him to cultivate his unique sound. With well-known rock bands REM and the B-52’s having roots nearby, Brantley’s taste in music always swayed toward a rock feel, but his true-to-life testimony of heartache, trials, triumph, and success found a home in country music.

After taking the stage night-after-night with just his guitar and opening for other country artists throughout the southeast, Brantley began to notice familiar faces in the crowds. A group of believers who shared Brantley’s passion for life and music had developed, and pretty soon the following had taken-on a life of its own. Brantley quickly realized that his acoustic shows—however intimate—didn’t satisfy his audience’s thirst for his rock-infused country music. In order to meet their demand, Brantley formed a band.

“We went from these acoustic shows to a bona fide country-rock-soul show that is wide-**** open,” says Gilbert. “Even when we play a ballad it’s high energy.”

With the fans demanding new music from Brantley, he came to Nashville, Tennessee where he soon signed with Warner Chappell Publishing and began to develop music for a debut album release. One of his songs, “The Best of Me,” was recorded by Jason Aldean and earned a spot on his Walmart exclusive release (WIDE OPEN) and ITunes. Since, Brantley has signed a record deal with Average Joe’s Entertainment and collaborated with top-charting act and labelmate Colt Ford to write and record, “Dirt Road Anthem,” which is currently featured on Ford’s multiple-week Top 25 Billboard album, RIDE THROUGH THE COUNTRY.

“I’ve realized that life can be very short, and everyone should take advantage of it,” he said. “If you’re gonna live, do something with it. Make it great.”

And great it is. Brantley celebrates the release of his sophomore album, HALFWAY TO HEAVEN, in March 2010 leading off with the single “Kick It In the Sticks.” HALFWAY TO HEAVEN follows his 2009 release, A MODERN DAY PRODIGAL SON, which features hit singles, “G.R.I.T.S.” and “Whenever We’re Alone.”

As tour dates multiply throughout the South, Brantley’s fan base continues to expand, and like most artists these days, fans can stay updated about tour dates and news via MySpace. His page garners more than 25,000 listeners daily— a number that has brought him to the 1 spot on MySpace Music Charts for both country and southern rock

Datum: 2020-06-22  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

RAY CARDWELL  Rising sun (S)
Ray Cardwell is one of the most diversely talented artists playing bluegrass/Americana today, with a broad array of interests and influences. From soaring harmonies to well crafted hooks Cardwell presents a fantastic collection of music like no other. His live performances leave an audience spellbound by his vocals and songwriting alike. And these recordings capture that passion and spirit. Using a bluegrass band as a base they play not only bluegrass but you will hear influences of Americana, Roots, Folk and Alt Country.

Ray grew up in a family bluegrass band, his father, Marvin Cardwell, was a talented multi-instrumentalist as well as a collector of vintage instruments. The senior Cardwell fronted one of the first live music shows in Branson, MO at Jesse James Confusion Hill in the 1960s as "Marvin Cardwell and the Country Boys." The group played a combination of traditional country music and bluegrass, performing at county fairs, town festivals, coon hunts, church events, and they even had their own live radio show every Saturday afternoon based in Aurora, MO.

Ray started singing at church and on his father's show at age three, and in sixth grade he started playing guitar and saxophone. Around 1975-76, Ray and his two sisters, Susan and Nancy, were ready to form a family band with their parents. The Cardwell Family bluegrass band performed in the late 1970s - early '80s on a variety of stages, including the Mountain Folks Music Festival at Silver Dollar City, Fort of the Osage, Dogpatch USA, and various concerts hosted by Ozarks musicologist, Max Hunter. In the ‘80s Ray was into rock & reggae, working out of Springfield, MO and in the Midwest as a musician and front man, keyboardist and sax player. He relocated for a time to Hollywood, CA with Springfield based band Resonance and played saxophone for celebrated songwriter Jack Lee (The Nerves, and writer for Blondie, Pat Benatar, and Neil Young). In 1992 he met some bluegrass enthusiasts from Columbia, MO and started his return to bluegrass with the regional band, Slick Nickel. He moved to Nashville in 1994 as a member of the critically acclaimed, nationally touring bluegrass gospel band, New Tradition. He recorded two albums with the band--one for the Brentwood label (Old Time Gospel Jamboree) and one independently released (Following the Son). In mid '96 Ray left Nashville to raise a family back in Missouri and returned to college to finish a degree in Music Education. While attending Lincoln University he performed with National Honor Choirs at both Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall in New York City.

As a band and choral director he led students to several national competitions with high markings. While teaching he also played with an indie band called Squigglefish – a popular rock/blues/reggae power trio at the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.

Rays return to bluegrass came in 2015 when Producer/guitarist Pat Flynn heard a demo of his originals. After meeting with Pat, Ray decided that it was time to return to his roots. His Debut CD Tennessee Moon(2017) on Pinecastle Records was received with high praise with 10 songs charting on Bluegrass, Americana, Gospel and Folk Charts. Time To Drive was the first single release from Ray's sophomore CD Stand On My Own which was released on May 24th 2019 “Time To Drive” debuted at #1 on Bluegrass Today’s Grassicana Chart. It remained on the charts top 15 for 6 months. “Alright” debuted at #1 on the Grassicana Charts and “Hurricane Rain at #2 Before it made its way to #1. The title track Stand On My Own debuted at #4 on the same chart

Just a Little Rain (09/25/20) is Ray's 3rd CD on Bonfire Music Group Records. His First Single "Rising Sun" is co-written with award winning songwriter Louisa Brancsomb. It is set to release 6/19/20

Datum: 2020-06-20  Label: Bonfire Music Group Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-06-19

CAROL CHANEY  Praise the Lord (S)
Written by Shaza Leigh

Datum: 2020-06-20  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

MARILYN STEELE  Things ain´t always (whet they seem) (S)
Greetings from Down Under (Australia),

I hope this finds you well during these times of Covid-19 and you are coping ok.

I have a new single about to be released, 'Things Ain't Always (What They Seem)' which has very topical content right now round the world. The song relates to mental health and suicide prevention; urging us all to look out for one another and don't just think because someone smiles and says they are fine that they are. Encouraging us to look deeper and reach out if we need to.

Coming out via Airit, soon to be available on CDBaby, itunes, Apple, Spotify, etc...all the usual streaming services! However, you have an exclusive preview here of the song as an mp3. If you like it please add to your airplay list! I would be happy to do any interviews via Zoom or Skype if available. Recorded at Love Hz Studios in Sydney Aust. with Michael Carpenter using ALL live instruments and NO auto tune!

Datum: 2020-06-19  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Diamondback Records #34 (A)
  1.  B. JEFF STONE: Luckenbach Texas
    “This successful life we’re living’s got us feuding like the Hatfields & McCoys”; time to go back to the basics of love
  2.  SHELLY JONES BAND: Googy eggs
    “Nana’s love was a beautiful thing; she taught me everything”… this band is HOT!
  3.  DENNIS BLAIR: This too shall pass
    An appropriate theme for the issues of today; whatever the problem, “this too shall pass”
  4. DESTINY BAND OZ: Slice of heaven
    A powerful, bluesy song by this remarkable writer and artist… the art of perfection!
  5. MITCH SNOW: The Cementary
    Who would believe that there’s any similarity between a cemetery and a bar? Ask Gaylon!
  6. VANESSA DELAINE: Forever and a day
    A lively, easy listening song with assurances that their love will last forever & a day
    There’ll be the devil to pay if she finds that her sweet thang is slippin’ around!
  8. TODD BARROW: Corn bread dead
    A country boy’s country song, with good stuff on the menu… too much corn bread?
  9. JUNI FISHER & REX ALLEN, Jr: Four strong winds
    Perfect harmony, a good story & two great voices make this an outstanding duet!
  10. DIANE & MICK BARTON: Come on in outta the rain
    Diane takes the lead on this one, putting an unwanted lover in his place
  11. WOMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE (KANTOR & DORN): Country´s calling
    Country’s calling quietly for these two delightful artists, looking for some air that’s clear
  12.  LLOYD BACK: Thankful
    A very talented artist who accepts the good & bad, and is thankful for it all… whatta’ guy!
  13. TERRY GORKA: Old glory
    Patriotic song & shades of Lee Greenwood & Woody Guthrie; hail to the Red, White & Blue
  14.  MICK BARTON: Cold turkey
    A story of despair and determination to restructure his life… an’ he did it cold turkey!
  15.  DENNIS BLAIR: Two pictures of you
    Another winning entry by this multi talented artist; both pictures are beautiful… and true!
  16.  JAY ELLE: Twelve on Sunday
    Prolific singer/songwriter does it right with this song of his love, who turns 12 on Sunday
  17.  MICK BARTON: Dr. Suess (mix 2)
    Everybody loves Doctor Seuss & his words of curious wisdom
    The Ohio is a powerful river, much like this powerful song by this unique artist
  19.  JOHN COVERT: Don´t give up on me
    A sweet, soft ballad with a heartfelt plea: please don’t give up on me
  20. MICK BARTON: If they´da done to country
    We all miss the real thing in country music today… it’s just pop, rock & hip hop!>

    Datum: 2020-06-19  Label: Diamondback Records
    ISRC:   Releasedatum:

Hallo to our favorite radio djs, we sure like to thank you so much for playing our singles and song off our new album " What Comes Next ", and we know that the song "Pretty Thing " is running hot. Super thanks. Ww thought to send you one of Hermann s older songs also in between, and hope you will give that some airplay too.

" That Darn Song " was written for Nashville`s finest songwriter Hank Cochran, a few years ago, and while listening to it you will see why, smile Hope you will enjoy, and hey, in these hard corona days which realy trouble us much, you will have the chance to play, … and give us a little notice

Datum: 2020-06-19  Label: Desert Kid Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

My grandparents used to live in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, on a beautiful piece of farmland surrounded by the Golden Ears Provincial Park, as well as the Fraser and Alouette Rivers. When I close my eyes and think of my happy place, that is where my mind takes me.

I wrote “The Ridge” to contemplate what life was like back in my grandparents’ day and what life is like now. My grandfather was Mohawk and my step-grandmother cared for me like her own. She was quite brave to take that on because there was a lot of prejudice back then, which still exists today. This song is my way of pointing out the importance of innocence in a world that is divided

Datum: 2020-06-16  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-04-14

  1. 3
  2. Run

Lecretia was raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She grew up as a preachers daughter and was engulfed in old hymns. Her father taught her and her siblings how to play multiple instruments and sing. Since Lecretia was 2 she was up singing in church. When Lecretia was in her teens she was turned on to country music by her mom.

She would pick her guitar up and get off by herself and learn some country songs. She fell in love with Dolly, Tammy Wynette, and Patsy Cline. When Lecretia sings she shares her soul and you can feel it. The soulful sound of Lecretia Ann backed by a talented array of professional musicians always deliver a sound of pure country with a flair of southern rock

Datum: 2020-06-16  Label:
ISRC: US6WV1750036, US6WV1750034  Releasedatum:

GINA JONES  Highway bound (S)
Song is written by G.Jones – T.Hope

Datum: 2020-06-16  Label: Musitang Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

THE DEER´S CRY  Princess dress (S)
The Deer’s Cry is a Nashville based band named after an old Irish prayer. They play and sing original music inspired by Irish, Bluegrass, Jazz, and other traditional genres. The Deer's Cry band is Karen Ballew (Vocals, Celtic Harp, Portative Organ), Bryan Brock (Percussion), Patrick Atwater (Double Bass), and Will MacLean (Banjo).

In late March, at the beginning of the quarantine in Nashville, Karen saw a father and his little girl out walking in her neighborhood. The girl was wearing a bright blue princess dress, and it made her smile! That dress began to symbolize hope for Karen and the band and is the inspiration for their new single, “Princess Dress”.

Karen grew up in Abilene, Texas surrounded by country music. Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, and Alison Krauss are great inspirations to her. Fans will hear how they influence The Deer’s Cry on this new single.

“Princess Dress” is a collaboration with Irish trad guitarist Joseph Carmichael and bluegrass musician Katelyn Buckley on fiddle. Band members, Bryan, Patrick and Will brought their intuitive arranging skills to the table on this recording. Many thanks also to Ren Renfree (Sound Catcher Recording) for the mixing and mastering and to Madison Thames for creating the original artwork for this song!

The Deer’s Cry released their debut album, Rise with the Dawn, in January 2020. The soundscapes on this album are enriched by the unique voices of their collaborators: friends in the US, Iceland, England and Ireland. Together, they journey through various hues of light and dark which culminate in their final track, The Deer's Cry prayer.

The band looks forward to more live performances as soon as it is safe to do so! In the meantime, they will continue sharing recordings, music videos, and live performance footage (from their January CD release concert) on YouTube and social media

Datum: 2020-06-15  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

COLT FORD  Ride through the Country (A)
Colt Ford is a walking, talking 300-pound celebration of country music and country living. His songs pay tribute to the people, pastimes and attitudes that define a lifestyle embraced from Texas to Wisconsin, from Florida to Washington State and a lot of places in between. For all the bigger-than-life excitement that defines his music and his stage show, though, Colt is quick to point to what lies underneath it all.

"I'm just an average Joe who's been blessed with the ability to write music and who loves to perform," he says. "I talk about everyday real country life and I believe in real country values—God, family, friends, and hard work. And if that ain't country, I don't know what is."

His connections to the lifestyle run deep. An avid sports fan and outdoorsman, he wrote "Buck 'Em" for the Professional Bull Riders Association, and "Huntin' The World," the award-winning theme song of the popular Outdoor Channel show of the same name, and he capped a lifetime of appreciation for country music's rich musical heritage when he made his debut early in 2010 on the Grand Ole Opry.

Colt's specialty is spoken-word country in the tradition of a line of hits that travels from Toby Keith's "I Want To Talk About Me" to Charlie Daniels' "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" (a song he covers to huge effect in concert) through Jerry Reed's "Amos Moses" and C. W. McCall's "Convoy" to Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" and "What Is Truth." His latest CD, Chicken and Biscuits, sets his world-class story-telling ability to cutting-edge music played by some of Nashville's best players. It brings together the energy of hip-hop and the depth and rootedness of country in a project destined to carry Colt's unique sound to an even wider audience.

Chicken and Biscuits, produced by Jayson Chance and Shannon "Fatshan" Houchins, is Colt's second studio album, following his 2008 breakthrough Ride Through The Country, which catapulted the Georgia native to mainstream status, with sales of more than 150,000 and paid downloads approaching half a million,

C&B "is one hundred percent me with a lot of growth from the first record," he says, "but I didn't lose who I was." A high-octane excursion through the best of life and love, it celebrates country women ("Chicken & Biscuits," "All About Ya'll," "She Ain't Too Good For That"), country life ("Cricket On A Line," "We Like To Hunt"), and the blue collar people who keep it all running ("Tool Timer" and a fiery remake of C.W. McCall's classic "Convoy"), among other subjects.

The project provides plenty of examples of the wealth of peer respect and support Colt has earned. It features a long list of all-star guest vocalists, including Rhett Akins, James Otto, Randy Houser, Josh Gracin, Darryl Worley, Joe Nichols, Ira Dean and DMC, to name just a few. The world-class musicians backing the project include a Who’s Who of Nashville’s session greats, on board because of their appreciation for Colt’s musical approach.

Chicken and Biscuits perfectly captures the spirit that has energized packed houses across the country and spurred many Colt fans to drive hours to follow his shows from town to town. It's a reaction that has made him one of the most genuinely grateful and fan-friendly performers in the business—he is in touch with fans on a daily basis online and he is adamant about meeting with them after his shows.

"I’m a big boy and you can bet I get tired up there," he says, "but I do what I do visiting with people and signing autographs because I have the best fans in the world. I’m inspired by their energy and I want to give them everything I’ve got.” In part the connection is there because Colt Ford is cut from the same cloth as the people who flock to his shows. He grew up outside Athens, Georgia, drinking in Southern country culture with the water, developing a deep appreciation for the outdoors and enjoying every kind of popular music that floated across the airwaves in a state whose musical icons are as diverse as they are talented. "I never got into music," he says. "Music got into me. It's always been a part of my life." His first concert was Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, but as a teenager his appreciation for hip-hop and R&B led him in that direction as well. A sports enthusiast from early on, he excelled at both golf and music by the time he reached adulthood. When, as a young married man with a baby on the way, his wife advised him to choose one and throw himself whole-heartedly into it, he chose golf. "I figured I had a better chance of making a living at that," he says.

He spent more than a decade doing just that with his golf clubs, but he kept making music on the side. "Even though I was doing something else for a living," he says, "I could never just cut this off. It's who I am." With encouragement from his wife, he wrote "Buck 'Em" for the PBR, and the organization quickly made it its anthem. Colt made his musical and video debut on national television at the VERSUS Invitational Pro Bull Riding competition in Madison Square Garden in January 2007. He was off and running. His unique combination of musical styles came about in part because of what he saw in honky-tonks, where when the country band took a break, "The DJ's would play hip-hop and those country girls would be out there on the floor dancing to it. I knew there was a place for combining them."

Datum: 2020-06-15  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Streets of Music City - Over 20 Nashville Artists (A)
  1. WESTON HARVEY: Sure been good to me
  2. SUSAN MARSHALL: Streets of Music City
  3. GUY HARDEN: Nowhere to hide
  4. MADISON HARDY: Who´s gonna care about me?
  5. RAZZY BAILEY: Sixteen weeks in Nashville
  9. JOHN BIORD: Roiling
  10. CHARLIE BAKER: Unknown soldiers
  11. JUSTIN SPEARS: Boots
  12. PAULA JAMES CHAVIS: Who could believe?
  13. MIKE DUNBAR: Sepcial Ed
  14. PETE LUBOFF, PAT LUBOFF: If you wanna be happy
  15. SCOTT HUNT BAND: Shopping cart Sally


Datum: 2020-06-15  Label: Freedom Tracks Artists  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

TODD BARROW  Girl like you (S)
Written by Todd Barrow

Datum: 2020-06-13  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

ANDY MARTIN & GEORGETTE JONES  Somewhere in the dark (S)


Datum: 2020-06-13  Label: Strawberry Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

ERIK RUNESON feat. BJÖRN SKIFS  Slow train coming (S)
I morgon fredag släpps Erik Runesons låt ”Slow Train Coming” i duett med Björn Skifs. Erik, som är uppväxt i Uppsala med numera bor i Dala-Järna, tilldelades stipendiet Rocknallen 2018 som instiftades i samband med att Björn fyllde 70 år

Datum: 2020-06-11  Label: Dalapop  
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-06-12

DAN KNIGHT  Wanted man (S)


Datum: 2020-06-11  Label: Steam Whistle Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

COLTON GRAVES  Smile for me (S)


Datum: 2020-06-11  Label: Steam Whistle Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

KEITH BRADFORD  Somewhere Jesus is smiling (S)
This song was originally called "Somewhere Elvis is smiling" and was released at the same time Ronnie McDowell put out "The King is gone". Radio only wanted to embrace one Elvis tribute song and thus Ronnie went on to have a million seller while Keith´s sold less than 100 copies. Years later Keith approached the writer Jimmie Crane and asked him to consider re-naming the song to "Somewhere Jesus is smiling". This is the new version using the original melody and arrangement

Datum: 2020-06-11  Label: Steam Whistle Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

DANI YOUNG  Outback lullaby (S)
Outback Lullaby is the latest release for Golden Guitar finalist Dani Young, produced and co-written by Australian Idol winner Damien Leith. The song is bold fusion of country story-telling with a dreamy soundscape that evokes visions of a night sleeping under the stars.

“It’s a lullaby with a whimsical feeling of being in your own little universe, looking up at the stars. It has moments where it’s pumping along, then it brings you back into the sleepy stillness of the outback.” Leith said.

The uniquely Australian song creates its own place within the country genre, and showcases Young’s signature high notes combined with her defiantly creative songwriting.

Dani Young is a Sydney singer-songwriter whose musical pilgrimage to the heart of the Australian outback, Alice Springs, and back again has infused earthy country and roots influences in her music. An artist unafraid to bleed through deeply personal storytelling, expect to be confronted and soothed with unspoken truths and soaring vocals. Gutsy, vulnerable, powerful, inspired. You’ll leave with her melodies still dancing through your head and fire in your soul.

Dani catapulted onto the Australian country music scene, with her debut record Desert Water named a Golden Guitar finalist in 2017. The album of duets with Aboriginal singer Warren H Williams reached #2 on the ARIA Country Albums chart and was also nominated for Best International Release at the Canadian Indigenous Music Awards.

Dani’s first solo release Stepping Stones (2018) launched the next chapter of her music career, with an iTunes #2 chart debut, KIX Country and CMC high rotation, a semi-finalist placing in the International Songwriting Competition, US and UK coverage, and eight weeks on The Music Network’s National Airplay Chart.

Her much-anticipated first solo record is due for release in 2020. Produced by Damien Leith and Jeremy Edwards, and mixed by Shane Nicholson, the EP combines country and roots influences with her bravely personal songwriting. Outback Lullaby is the latest installment in Dani’s rise through Australian country music’s ranks

Datum: 2020-06-10  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

DAN WASHBURN  I´ll have to drink about that (S)
Meet Dan Washburn. He is a well accomplished Canadian singer songwriter

Datum: 2020-06-10  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

KRISTY COX feat. TOMMY EMMANUEL  Finger picking good (S)
Hot on the heels of Kristy Cox’s smash hit single, “No Headlights”, comes another sure fire hit in the form of “Finger Picking Good”. Lifted from her acclaimed album also titled “No Headlights” – “Finger Picking Good” – features Australian super star and two-time Grammy Award nominee, Tommy Emmanuel

“Since I was a girl, I have been a huge fan of Tommy Emmanuel. When my co-writers Jerry Salley, Bill Wythe and I were writing this song, we spoke about how great it would be to feature Tommy on the different fingerpicking tunes throughout the track, I was so incredibly excited when he said yes”, says Kristy. “I love this song; it was so much fun to write and even more fun to perform”, she added.

The release of “Finger Picking Good” coincides with Kristy’s 2020 IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Awards) Awards Second Ballot nomination for Female Vocalist of The Year for her album, “No Headlights”.

“A huge thanks to each and every person who voted for me and got me into the second round of the IBMA Awards for Female Vocalist of the Year – you guys are amazing!”

The final ballot for the IBMA Awards will be revealed on July 21

Datum: 2020-06-09  Label: Mountain Fever Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:



Datum: 2020-06-08  Label: Kross Kut Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

RON & DALLENA THOMPSON  The politician who lies (S)
Song is written by James Ronald Thompson

Datum: 2020-06-06  Label: Glory Train Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JUDY WELDEN  Fishing for a new love (S)
"Fishing for a New Love" is the June radio release. Included on my Country Hits, Chasing a Dream & Best of Judy Welden (20 Favorites) CDs, this catchy song won "Song of the Year" ICMAG award in Germany in 1999, the year after it was first released. A fan & DJ fave, it is being released again. The lyrics came to me as she walked along the ocean in Jensen Beach, FL (near my then home), watching the fishermen.| Tom Littleby wrote music to my lyrics and included video here is by Tonya Williams

Some of you may know that 17 years ago I patented a unique bandana hat that has styles for women. men, toddlers + those with hair loss. I was always so busy with my music that I didn't take time to properly promote them, although I do get a few sales at my eBay store.

Stay well and remember "Music is the soundtrack of Life"! Blessings & lotsa luv // Judy

Datum: 2020-06-06  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

KORA NAUGHTON  My heart to break (S)
Kora Naughton continues to surprise fans and critics alike with her outstanding song-writing abilities. At just 18, Kora’s music is developing out of sight and it’s exactly why she is being labelled as one of Australia’s most exciting new artists. Impeccably produced and mixed by her long-time co-conspirator, Rod Motbey, “My Heart to Break”, is just another side to this versatile young talent. It sees Kora take modern country elements and flip them on their head to create something truly exciting and uniquely “Kora”.

“The song is basically a fun little way of saying ‘do whatever you feel is right and do it unapologetically. At the end of the day we all just want to be happy, and to do that, sometimes you have to take a risk’”, says Kora. “Even when everyone in your life is telling you not to do something, sometimes you’ve just gotta go with your gut and live with the consequences, good or bad - and in the end – be ready for the big ‘I told you so!”.

Kora says she had a great time creating the song which kept her busy and focused during the Covid-19 lockdown. “The song was so much fun to create - from writing to recording to filming the video clip - I’ve just really connected with the fun and carefree attitude this song presents, which is why I was so keen to share this with the world”.

“My Heart to Break” is released this Sunday 7th June via all digital platforms with pre-order/pre-save available now.

Datum: 2020-06-05  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-06-07

MARY DUFF  Looking forward to the past (S)
International recording artist Mary Duff has just released her new single, "Looking Forward To The Past", written by Garth Brooks and Kent Maxon, following her recent announcement that she will no longer tour with Daniel O'Donnell.

Although best known for her collaborations with Daniel O'Donnell, Mary Duff has also carved out her own solo career over 30 years. She has the distinction of having shared the stage with Garth Brooks during his first European Tour ( still the only Irish artist to have done so), as well as having appeared on the prestigious Wembley Country Music Festival. Over the years Mary has toured through the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka with her own band, and appeared on some of the biggest European Country Music Festivals, at the same time amassing thousands of You Tube views and radio airplay worldwide in her own right.

Mary recently announced that she would not be returning to the Daniel O'Donnell show (a fixture for over 30 years) highlighting that that she wanted to spend more time close to family in Ireland and invest more time on her own musical projects which was warmly embraced by Mary's many fans who look forward to seeing more of her as a solo artist.

Although Mary would often be regarded as a traditional Country artist, she cites music influences as diverse as Patsy Cline, Etta James, Emmylou Harris and Keith Urban. The new song "Looking Forward To The Past" is a modern country classic which highlights Mary's abilities as a contemporary recording artist comparable to Martina McBride or Trisha Yearwood. Focusing on the themes of rediscovering old dreams, Mary initially released "Looking Forward To The Past" as an album track on her all original 'Changing Lanes' album, but recently found new meaning in the song.

Reflecting on the song, Mary said: "Looking Forward To The Past" is a song that is all about dreams and ambitions, so for that reason it very much reflects where I am in my career at the moment. I've had some amazing experiences as part of the Daniel O'Donnell show down through the years and although I wouldn't have missed it for the world, the heavy touring schedule has meant that I've had to put a lot of my own projects on the back-burner. So I'm at a place now where I'm ready to look back on those projects and fulfill some of my own dreams as a solo artist".

Datum: 2020-06-04  Label: Suite Sound Pro Records, Drogheda
ISRC: IEJCL2000001  Releasedatum: 2020-06-14

TOMMY ROE  Dizzy (Covid-19 Country Version) (S)
Tommy Roe is a multi-faceted, international artist who wrote, co-wrote, and recorded six Top 10 hits between 1962 and 1969 more than any single artist/songwriter during that period of the sixties. With a total of 11 records reaching the Billboard Top 40 and 23 Billboard Top 100 chart records, Tommy is considered one of the early pioneers of the American Pop music culture. Now in 2020, Roe, known as The Father of Bubblegum Pop has celebrated over 57+ years in the music business, is releasing a COVD-19 inspired version of his hit song “Dizzy,” which was last year placed on the USA Today Absolute Best Songs In History list. In celebration of its release, Tommy will be appearing with Cousin Brucie today on SiriusXM’s 60s on 6 to premiere the song as well as talk about it. “Dizzy” has been covered 22 times and spent 15 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In addition, Tommy appears in the Netflix original documentary “Have A Good Trip: Adventures In Psychedelics,” which features comedic tripping stories from A-list actors, comedians, and musicians. Star-studded reenactments and trippy animations bring their surreal hallucinations to life. The documentary mixes comedy with a thorough investigation of psychedelics and explores the pros, cons, science, history, future, pop cultural impact, and cosmic possibilities of hallucinogens. Check it out on Netflix!
BR>Roe’s autobiography, From Cabbagetown to Tinseltown, featuring co-writer Michael Robert Krikorian. The book is available at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, various independent book stores, and online at and

In his book, Roe correlates his journey to Hollywood with the historical events of that time period that were changing and shaping America and, in turn, the music industry. In this autobiography, Roe doesn’t hold back. He uses his down-home humor and unique perspective to share about his years and experiences both inside and outside of music.

One of the most influential and foundational figures in popular music, Roe has had four Gold Records: “Sheila,” “Dizzy,” “Sweet Pea” and “Jam Up and Jelly Tight.” He has also had 4 Billboard top 100 Albums. He is a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, The Iowa Rock and Roll Association Hall of Fame, as well as the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Roe hasn’t let the success of his career stop him from doing what he loves. He continues to write new songs and perform around the globe

Datum: 2020-06-04  Label: Airebelle
ISRC: TCAEX2074125  Releasedatum:

JOLINA CARL  You were the one (S)
I'm proud to send you some information about my last record "Forward Back Home". In the attachment you find my favorite song I wrote for my father. It's in a low bitrate for quick access.

During a family party in Cologne, Germany, a special musical career began. Jolina Carl discovered an old guitar and the love for music. Many years of self-study on guitar and vocals followed, as well as various bands, different styles of music, vocal training and countless stage performances. Meanwhile Jolina Carl belongs to the most successful country music artists in Europe. During her album productions, Jolina worked with musicians of the first rank in Nashville. For her latest album “Shades Of Love” Jolina could persuade national and international major songwriters to write songs for her, reflecting her own idea of American country music. The sequence reaches from gentle country ballad via traditional sounds with typical country elements up to Southern Rock.

The famous TV magazin „PRISMA“ recently called her „Best German Country Singer“. Jolina is playing on international stages (Poland, Switzerland, Austria). Even beyond the borders of Germany Jolina Carl is well known. She was the first and only German artist at the legendary “National Cowboy Symposium” in Lubbock, Texas, where she was considered by local musicians, initially more than critical. However, it soon became clear, that this German country singer lives and loves the American country music. Jolina is the winner of many national and international music awards and was as the only non-american artist in the final round of the NASHVILLE UNIVERSE AWARDS one of the five best in the category „Female Vocalist Of The Year“.

Datum: 2020-06-04  Label: Old Rockin’ Chair Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

KENT MAXSON  Fluent Braille (S)
Good Morning, You may not know my name but you probably have heard my songs.

Garth Brooks and I co-wrote the song, “From Where I’m Sitting” which earned me a gold record when Gary Allan recorded it. I also co-wrote all 12 songs on Jordan Mogey’s award winning album, “Love Loving You” and 3 songs on Mary Duff’s “Changing Lanes” album.

I am writing you today to ask you to give my song, “Fluent Braille” an audition. I am releasing this song on June 11th. This is a fun song that has a distinctive George Strait feel to it. I have attached the song file below, along with the story behind the song.

I would greatly appreciate your support of this song. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

THE STORY BEHIND THE SONG: Fluent Braille - This is one of the first songs which Matt Wynn and I wrote together. It is a little bit embarrassing to admit that I had the idea for this song. The idea came about when I was traveling overseas. I tried to communicate with a stranger who spoke another language. While I was doing this, I saw a person using sign language. I wondered if sign language was the same in all countries. This led me to ask the question, “Is Braille universal?” The rest is history. I grew up with 3 sisters and helped raise my 4 daughters, so I have heard my share of stories of guys who got handsy. I DO NOT CONDONE INAPPROPRIATE AND UNSOLICITED TOUCHING. Hopefully my disclaimer will allow you to experience the playful nature of a mutual consenting relationship between an adult man and a woman as they try to communicate and get to know each other

Datum: 2020-06-04  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-06-11

HANNAH WHITE & THE NORDIC CONNECTIONS  Hannah White & The Nordic Connections (A)
After making great career strides with her 2018 album Elephant Eye, Hannah White is ready for a groundbreaking new challenge. Hannah has announced the 5 June release of an exciting album with her Anglo-Norwegian Americana band, titled Hannah White and the Nordic Connections.

This unique line-up have already previewed the full-length set with 'City Beats,' 'My Father' and 'Never Get Along,' all of them showcasing the intensely personal and affecting work of the British singer-songwriter. After its debut on BBC Radio 2 last year, 'City Beats' was added to Spotify's Very Nearly Nashville playlist. The track is both a contemporary city soundscape and Bo Diddley with banjos, and it's hugely infectious, as underlined by total streams of over 125,000. Another taste of the album, the beautifully sensitive and atmospheric 'Pay Me A Compliment,’ will be the next single.

Both in the studio and on stage, White's songs have won her huge acclaim as a performer of real social conscience. There's rarely a dry eye when she sings the poignantly true story of 'My Father,' and every audience she connects with is unfailingly uplifted by other new tracks such as 'Start Again' and 'Gotta Work Harder,' also featuring her husband and guitarist Keiron Marshall and their scintillating bandmates from Bergen.

The album is a collection of songs created the way Americana should be, recorded as live (in a bread factory in Bergen) and without even a hint of digital. It's a refreshingly analogue collection of modern day gems which leave you feeling like they’ve always been a part of your life. The band travelled to the UK for such 2019 festivals as Black Deer, Larmer Tree and the British Country Music Festival, and more dates are scheduled for this year.

The album is the spontaneous next chapter for an artist who rose swiftly through the UK Americana ranks with Elephant Eye and its charming flagship single 'In It For Love,' which won airplay on BBC Radio 2, 6 Music and BBC London. It was one of no fewer than six tracks from the album to receive radio attention.

In keeping with the commitment to social inclusion that's evident in her songs, White and Marshall are also finalising plans for a new south London location of the Sound Lounge, their award-winning music venue, arts centre and community space. More details of this new spot on London's live map will follow.

“The coming together with the Nordic Connections happened after a phone call from a mutual contact, now a close friend,” says Hannah. “I agreed to play a live show, and after one brief meet-up in a bread factory in Bergen and a sold-out gig with a mind-blowing band, the deal was sealed.”

Datum: 2020-06-03  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-06-05

HEIDI HOLTON  Haunt your own houses (S)
Song is written by Heidi Holton

Datum: 2020-06-03  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

WENDY MOTEN  I´ve got you covered (EP)
Wendy Moten may have launched her career as a pop/R&B artist and taken cool detours into jazz throughout her fascinating career, but her heart clearly belongs to Nashville. Living and immersing in Music City for the past 23 years, the multi-talented vocalist has toured with Faith Hill & Tim McGraw (2005-2018) and Martina McBride (2014-2016) – and since 2016, has been on the road with the legendary Vince Gill (the man she calls “Emperor of Nashville”) when he hasn’t been touring with the Eagles. Their dynamic working relationship, and the 21-time Grammy winner’s long-held appreciation for Wendy’s versatility, culminates now in I’ve Got You Covered, an extraordinary passion project she’s had in her sights for years.

Produced by Gill and featuring the elite among Nashville’s most legendary hit making session musicians, the nine-track collection is the singer’s long-awaited moment in the country music spotlight. Effortlessly and intuitively inhabiting classic but lately little heard songs hand-picked by Gill, Wendy finds her groove – and her spiritual musical home – celebrating the gloried history of traditional country music by singing what she calls “real stories and real songs.”

She brings fresh relevance to tunes from the 60’s and 70’s by Ernest Tubb (“Driving Nails in My Coffin”), Jeannie Seely (“Don’t Touch Me”), Bobby Gentry (“Ode to Billie Joe”), George Jones (“Walk Through This World With Me”), Jeff & Sheri Easter (“Going Away Party”), Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner (“Each Season Changes You”), Tammy Wynette (“Til I Get It Right”) and Webb Pierce and Mel Tills (“I Ain’t Never”). Wendy and Gill also share a beautiful duet re-imagining of the Linda Ronstadt heartbreaker “Faithless Love.” The two had previously paired for “True Love” on the 2018 all-star compilation Muscle Shoals: Small Town, Big Sound.

In addition to touring with major artists, Wendy set the stage for her emergence as a bona fide country artist with numerous live performances in Music City over the past few years. She made her debut at the Grand Ole Opry in April 2019 and played three more times there before a showcase at 3rd & Lindsley, one of Nashville’s premier live venues, for the release of I’ve Got You Covered in February 2020. During this time, she also headlined on the Opry stage at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. In 2018 and 2019, Wendy was a featured artist in the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum’s Musician’s Spotlight series. Last year, Gill invited her to become a the 11th member of the Grammy award winning western swing band The Time Jumpers – a institution launched by the town’s top studio musicians in 1998 - at their weekly sold-out shows at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville. In the fall, no less than James Taylor. Brian May and Steve Lukather (Toto) showed up on different nights because of the bands amazing reputation.

Graham Sclater CEO of Tabitha Music Ltd in England said, “When I heard Wendy’s album I immediately fell in love with her voice and am delighted to be working with her and Muzik and Film to promote her music across the world.”

Datum: 2020-06-03  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-06-10

DAN HIGGINS  Isn´t it a shame (S)
David Carter from Carter & Carter and Crestway Productions here. Today I am getting in contact regarding Dan Higgins brand new single release of ‘Isn’t It A Shame’.

‘Isn’t It A Shame’ is Dan Higgins first release from his debut album due for release in Tamworth in 2021. Written with hit-makers Carter & Carter and produced with multi-Golden Guitar winner Matt Fell, it has already been added to high rotation on the ABC Country’s playlist. He hopes that it will encourage listeners to judge others less and reach out to those who need support and is particularly relevant right now with so much unrest in the world. A genuine and authentic songwriter, with unique lyrical twists that some have likened to a young Paul Kelly, he is sure to inspire and capture the hearts of many country fans around Australia and the world.

Dan Higgins the singer/songwriter from Nowendoc NSW presents his latest single release Isn’t It A Shame Co-Written with David and Merelyn Carter, Produced by Matt Fell and recorded at Love Hz Studios. “Isn’t It A Shame is a song that encourages us through the various challenges in life and changes in society to put love first. In a world of confusion wouldn't it be nice if we could put our differences aside and got along” says Dan. Music has always been in Dan’s family and his passion for country and folk music gave him the urge to start writing and performing original music. This new single follows the successful release of his song The Hand, which spent 10 weeks in the top 40 Country Tracks Charts peaking at number 18.

Isn’t It A Shame is Dan Higgins first release from his new album, produced with multi-Golden Guitar winner Matt Fell, due for release in Tamworth in 2021. He hopes that it will encourage listeners to judge others less and reach out to those who need support. A genuine and authentic songwriter with unique lyrical twists, he is sure to inspire and capture the hearts of many country fans around Australia and the world

Datum: 2020-06-02  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

KEVIN TAYLOR  Scotch on ice (S)
Written by Kevin Taylor

Datum: 2020-06-01  Label:   
ISRC: QZ ES7 20 23514  Releasedatum:

DONNA CUNNINGHAM  Comin´ on strong (S)


Datum: 2020-06-01  Label: Century II Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-06-01

MARTY RIVERS  Tonight mr DJ (S)
It's written by me Marty Rivers and Joe Spiteri and recorded at GC Studios, Nashville. Thank you so much and stay safe! // Marty Rivers

Datum: 2020-06-01  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

Miranda Easten completes New Zealand Music Month perfectly with her next single release.

In the past few months Miranda Easten has been recording her debut album at Roundhead Studios in Auckland with world renowned producer Greg Haver (Melanie C, Kimbra) along with Tom Healy and Cass Basil from the band Tiny Ruins and keyboardist Stephen Small.

Now Miranda delivers her next single ‘Only One’ is set for release in May. The production throughout 'Only One' is multi-layered, featuring a hand-picked team of musicians playing acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and even omnichord.

“It’s an uplifting song about proclaiming an unbreakable love for someone, when it feels like no words are adequate or worthy enough,” Miranda says. “I’m a sucker for love and other people will find the song very relatable. It’s a classic love song.”

Miranda’s first single ‘Cowboy Lullaby’ was met with acclaim from critics and showed immediate success quickly rising to #16 on the Official Top 40 Country Music Chart in Australia. (April 2020)

Datum: 2020-05-29  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-05-29

TED CLINE  Got lonely too early this morning (S)
Ted is one of thirteen children raised by tobacco farmers in Northwest Missouri. He began playing guitar at the age of eleven and was first hired as a professional musician after appearing in a talent show at the Union Mill Opry in Edgerton Mo. As a teenager Ted was named Iowa State Champion Mandolin player. When he was eighteen, he moved to Nashville to play with Elvis Presley's backup singer, Sean Nielsen. From the '70s on Ted played with many popular country music artists including Ernest Tubb, Bill Anderson, Connie Smith, David Frizzel, Exile, Alseep at the Wheel and others.

Ted has a new EP, Ted Cline, coming out in the Fall of 2020. He travels and plays nation-wide and his genres include R&B, Americana, Country, Red Dirt Country and Classic Rock

Datum: 2020-05-29  Label: Musik and Film
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JoJo RABEL  Waiting for love (S)
Written by Peter Jordan

Datum: 2020-05-29  Label: World International Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

GERRY CARNEY  Troubled times (S)
Co Mayo singer/songwriter Gerry Carney has recently released a new single, "Troubled Times" reflecting on the unprecedented times that we are all living through.

After the huge success of his album 'PADDY' in 2009, Gerry Carney solidified his reputation as one of Ireland's greatest troubadours, crossing the borders of folk, country and contemporary acoustic music. Capturing in song, the stories of many Irish emigrants, the album proved a huge hit not just in Ireland, but in Irish communities around the world. The title track 'Paddy' has now been covered well over a dozen times by major artists.

Much like the great Irish songwriters of the past, Gerry has been inspired by the turbulent times which the world is currently living through with his new single 'Troubled Times'. Within the song Gerry pays tribute to the healthcare workers and key-workers on the front lines of the battle aginst the coronavirus, acknowledging the grief of losing loved ones in tragic circumstances, but most of all reflects upon the strength and resolve of the human spirit around the world, in the face of the global crisis.

Reflecting on the song, Gerry said: "This new single is my song of hope through these troubled times. We can all be heroes throughout this time. Although we are apart, we are together".

Datum: 2020-05-28  Label: Long Road Records  
ISRC: IELCH2000001  Releasedatum: 2020-06-02

GINA JONES  The best of me (S)
Song is written by G.Smith – G.Jones

Datum: 2020-05-28  Label: Musitang Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:



Datum: 2020-05-28  Label: Musik and Film Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Back to the backwoods
  2. That´s what life is for

Hello friends. This is Russell Lynch. I am sending you a couple of new songs from my latest album, Outlaw Country's Comin Back. The first is called "Back to The Backwoods". It is a great summer time song I believe. The second is called "That's What Life is For". Please give them a listen. I think that you will enjoy them. Thanks! Russell Lynch

Datum: 2020-05-28  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

LASSE SIGFRIDSSON  Mycket lite grann (S)
Låtskrivare: Michael Saxell

Datum: 2020-05-28  Label: Atenzia Records  
ISRC: SEVSZ2002003  Releasedatum: 2020-05-29

  1. WES HAYDEN: Calling my name
    Wes? newest single, ?Calling My Name?, is from his recently released self-titled album, ?Wes Hayden?. At eight-years-old, Wes got his first guitar and the rest is, as they say, history. Playing professionally since the age of sixteen, Wes has kicked his fair share of sawdust around in bars and honky tonks, which has helped mold this Texas native into the recording artist that he is today.
    ISRC: USQ6K1900015, from the CD: WES HAYDEN
  2. DALE PHILLIPS: Pickin´ up cans
    Dale Phillips is a singer/songwriter who is restarting his solo career after 3 decades of performing with the late Mundo Earwood. After taking a few years off, he is now fulfilling the desire of "continuing the dream".
    ISRC: US-58H-20-50001
  3. TOWNE ADAMS: Frisco
    Towne Adams writes brutally honest self portraits about cheatin?, drinkin?,lyin? and losin? and delivers them live with the intensity of music?s greatest underdogs. His freshman radio single "Frisco" is worthy of a listen adds and spins for sure!!! Give this native Texan a listen and enjoy the first of many great radio singles.
    ISRC: QZFZ52071189
  4. JASON SPRADLIN: Trailer Park Cathy
    ISRC: QM4B51501231, from the CD: JASON SPRADLIN, record label: The Cabin Records Co.
  5. APRIL N. SMITH: 4 shots
    Country roots run deep for singer/songwriter April N. Smith. Born and raised in East Texas, Smith learned her craft performing on stages around the region. Finally finding her voice through writing from personal experiences, Smith has stepped into the spotlight backed by a veritable dream team of musicians and producers. Coming back to the stage and to music after raising her girls was like coming home for Smith and home never felt so good! Her new single ?4 Shots? is self-penned and sure to have you ready for summer sun mixed with a little salt and lime! ?I do not drink beer. Never have. And I catch a lot of flak for that! So, when my friends and I get ready to party, I?m gonna have tequila on ice. I came up with a fun lake/river drinking song about having a good time with four shots of tequila mixed in with a crowd of beer drinkers.? - April Listen in to celebrate life and good times with April N. Smith!
    ISRC: QZKYM2000002, record label: Blue Heart Records
  6. KYLIE FREY: Spur of the moment
    There is an undeniable conviction behind the voice of Kylie Frey that inspires anyone who hears her to trust her. Her sincerity comes naturally as a native of the musically sacred state of Louisiana, a third-generation rodeo star and a burgeoning honky-tonk hero. In Opelousas, La., Frey was raised to love horses and country music as much as life itself. Singing the National Anthem at rodeos became standard by the age of five, and by 15, she was named the Louisiana High School Rodeo Queen. A year later, she won the Louisiana state championship for goat-tying. As the official soundtrack of the family road trips to rodeo competitions, the music of Lee Ann Womack, Wynonna Judd, Linda Ronstadt, Jessie Colter, Shania Twain, the Dixie Chicks, Pam Tillis and Patty Loveless played an integral role in shaping her for storytelling that stirs the soul. Discovering its power to purify emotions, music became Frey?s primary vehicle for interpreting her world when she started writing at 1
    ISRC: QM-4MA-20-00020, from the CD: SPUR OF THE MOMENT, Record label: Deep Frey'd Music Group
  7. JON HOPE: Country livin´
    Texas native singer-songwriter, Jon Hope, crafted his Texas Country sound across a million miles from the seat of an 18-wheeler. His love for writing and performing started on the dusty roads of his childhood home in West Texas, and his passion to deliver great, relatable music is unmistakable. Jon currently lives in Olney, Texas, with his wife and son.
    ISRC: QMEU32009804
  8. TC TAYLOR: Vaya Con Diabla
    In this doleful yet sultry Americana tale, T.C.?s rolling vocals attempt to warn an unsuspecting flirt against the playful devil he?s attempting to woo. Undeniably country with a toe-tapping beat, a twangy electric guitar layered with the late Divy Nelson?s subtle female accompaniment compliment T.C.?s performance. The personal style of the song?s conversational lyrics add a unique flavor to the ballad. Vaya Con Diabla possesses an element of fun that makes you wanna kick up your boots and two-step on over to the dance floor.
    From the Album: OUTLAW IN THE COWBOY
  9. CURTIS GRIMES: Little bit
    With over 30 Million Streams on Spotify, TEN #1 singles on the Texas Country Music Chart and a #1 song on the national Power Source Christian Country Music Chart, Curtis Grimes is proving to be a force in the country music scene that can't be denied.
    ISRC: US2762093749
  10. GEORGE NAVARRO: When she´s drinkin´
    George Navarro is a young artist, born in Chihuahua, Mexico and though being young in years, he already has a decades long heritage of music and performing. George left Mexico in search of a solo country music career in the United Stated which landed him at his new home away from home in Fort Worth. The lead single from George?s upcoming debut EP release is ?When She?s Drinkin??. Country music fans will appreciate the song?s mid-tempo lyrics that is sure to get them on their feet dancing and singing along.
  11. DONNA BECKHAM: In the meantime
    Native Texan Donna Beckham currently resides in the town of West, Texas. She has put out numerous studio albums, including her latest, "In The Meantime." We are excited to bring her new single, the title track "In the Meantime" to Texas radio in May 2020!
    ISRC: QM9A91801025, From the CD: IN THE MEANTIME
  12. BRYAN ADAM JOYNER: Haven´t found mine yet
    It's been a bit since Bryan Adam Joyner has released to radio. However, here he comes! The first single off the new CD ?Thank You For Leaving Me? is ?I Haven?t Found Mine Yet?. The song describes thinking you?ve found ?the one? only to have it end. It?s about the quest we all go through to find real love starting with the simple yet image-conjuring lyric ?First kiss. First love.? Even through love lost, the song is ultimately about brushing yourself off and starting the journey again.
    ISRC: USCGJ2070135, from the Album: THANK YOU FOR LEAVING ME
  13. RAGLAND: Trailer like you
    Ragland is a duo formed by Autumn Ragland and Sam Cox based out of Northeastern Oklahoma and accompanied by their fiddle player Lauren Lee. Autumn plays guitar and sings lead vocals while Sam Cox plays bass and sings harmonies. All three help incorporate percussion into their sets. Ragland formed in 2015 when Sam and Autumn left their solo projects shortly after they married. They met while singing choir in high school. Lauren Lee joined the band 4 years later, after an impromptu sit in on stage for a festival show in April 2019. As full time musicians, they now travel the Texas, Oklahoma, and Midwest regions and beyond, performing Red-Dirt / Americana music. In 2020 they released their most recent project "More Like a Melody". A 20 track album produced by Mike McClure, Sam Cox, and Autumn Ragland
    From the Album: MORE LIKE A MELODY
  14. HILL COUNTRY REVIVAL: Whiskey runnin´
    With the start of a new year, comes with new beginnings, new music, and with hill Country Revival comes a New singer and a fresh sound. Whiskey Runnin will keep you partying all summer long.
    ISRC: usdy42030175
  15. JOHN "SWAT" SWANTNER: Rednexico
    My name is John Swantner. I am a native Texan and a two time Iraq War veteran. I am a singer/songwriter and I have had the pleasure of writing close to 1,000 songs. I am excited to announce that I am releasing my first radio single in Texas called "Rednexico".
    ISRC: QZDA72098674, Record label: Swat Music Group
  16. JEFF CLAYBORN: Acres of sunshine
    Jeff Clayborn subscribes to a brand of organic country that can't be replaced or altered. A Texas tumbleweed with down home roots, Clayborn sports Southern swagger from his signature low- brimmed hat to his Rod Patrick endorsed cowboy boots. Recently gaining traction nationwide with his Top 10 radio single and Grammy contending song, "I Reckon", The Cabin Record Co. recording artist has released his first full length album, "Good Bar Attender. Produced by Grammy award-winner, Chuck Ebert, this nationwide release followed Clayborn's debut single of the same name, "Good Bar Attender," which not only broke the Texas Radio Top 40, but went #1 in Europe and has left viewers craving more with a music video featuring comedy king, Chad Prather. "Good Bar Attender" features "Acres of Sunshine" (a Top 20 in Europe), "Hard Way to Go", "Last Ones to Leave" and "Caddy in the Campground" of which the video has over 500K views!
    ISRC: QM4B51501192, from the Album: GOOD BAR ATTENDER. Record label: The Cabin Record Co.
  17. XAVIER JOSEPH: Tomorrow´s another night
    Xavier Joseph is an up and coming country music artist from the great state of Texas. His first singles "Long Overdue", "Gotta Be Bad", and "Never Been To Texas" all made their way onto the Texas Regional Radio Top 100 with "Never Been To Texas" debuting at #1 on the CDTEX new Texas country music downloads in its first week as well as land a spot on the Texas Music Pickers Top Texas Country and Red Dirt Singles Spotify playlist. ? In 2020 he began touring around Texas with a new show and band and they have been bringing a crazy amount of excitement and energy to Texas Stages such as Cheatham Street Warehouse and Mo's Irish Pub. ? Xavier Joseph's fourth radio single, "Tomorrow's Another Night", will be the debut of his first romantic song!
    ISRC: usdy42066959. Produced by Bill Greene


Datum: 2020-05-26  Label: CD Tex  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

TONY SMITH  Dance on (S)
David Carter from Carter & Carter and Crestway Productions here. Today I am getting in contact regarding Tony Smith’s brand new single release of ‘Dance On’ from his forthcoming album due for release in Tamworth at the 2021 festival.

Tony Smith’s return to country music is a welcome one. With songs that echo the spirit of John Williamson, Tony delivers the story of his life and the people around him in songs he crafts himself. He also appeared on national television recently, recording a tribute to his father with Golden Guitar winning producer Matt Fell as part of the ABC’s ‘The Recording Studio’ series.

“I was working in W.A driving trucks when this gem popped into my head on a long trip from Newman to Cape Preston “They Danced Off Into Their Lives” rattled around in my head for hours and gradually became a song about the longevity of true love.” Tony Smith.

Tony Smith has never truly left music with James Blundell recording his song “Shearer” on his Portrait Of A Man CD and more recently being part of the ABC series ‘The Recording Studio’ where he recorded a tribute to his father with Golden Guitar winning producer Matt Fell.

With a new album due for release at the Tamworth Festival in 2021, ‘Dance On’ is a great sample of the rich tapestry of songs to come, and a most welcome return.

Datum: 2020-05-26  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

2020 sees the return of 2002 Star Maker Winner – Kieran Lancini – with the release of his first single in 18 years. Co-written by Kieran and long time friend, Golden Guitar winner, Tamara Stewart – “The Reason” - is a highly personal song about never giving up hope.

“It came from a story my Aunty told me. I found out that my great, great Grand Parents flipped a coin and decided their fate and future back in the 1800’s in Scotland. Heads was Australia and Tails was Canada. Thankfully Heads won and the rest, they say, is history. I like to think I inherited some of that adventurous spirit”.

Lancini did inherit his ancestors’ sense of adventure. In 2006 at just 26 he made the bold move to relocate to the UK and thought his music career was a thing of the past.

“It wasn’t until I went back for the Star Maker 40th Anniversary show in Tamworth in 2019, that the performer was well and truly awoken in me”, he says. “I was absolutely terrified as it had been years since I was on stage in front of a live audience and band. It was then that I decided to dip my toe back in and get something out there again”.

“The Reason” was recorded in Nashville at the famed House of Blues Studios and Fox Den Studios in Sheffield, England. An impressive line up of musicians feature on the track including Australian guitar wunderkind, Jedd Hughes, Eddie Bayers on Drums, Dan Dugmore on Pedal Steel, Lex Price features on bass while Mike Rojas is on keys/piano. Tamara Stewart - who also provides backing vocals - served as the song’s producer.

“I come from a long line of chance takers and dream shakers ….”

Kieran Lancini Stats:
  • Winner - 2002 Star Maker
  • Winners single released through ABC Music – “A Matter of Time” – Written by Kieran, Rod McCormack and Rick Price peaked at #4 on the Charts.
  • Follow up single released through ABC Music – “All Because of You” - Written by Kieran and Tamara Stewart hit #7.


Datum: 2020-05-26  Label: Red Rebel Music  
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-05-29

  1. Ain´t life sweet
  2. I´m looking forward (to not looking back)

Songwriter: Tore Andersen

Datum: 2020-05-25  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

TONI WEST  Wind beneath my wings (S)
DIAMONDBACK RECORDS is proud to release this fabulous song by one of the UK’s finest singers, Toni West!

From her “Look For Me In Rainbows” album, Toni West sings this classic hit, originally sung by Bette Midler in her 1988 movie, Beaches. Everybody needs a hero today, and this song epitomizes that need… “Did you ever know that you’re my hero; everything I wish I could be”! Your listeners will love Toni’s rendition!

Written by: Jeff Silbar & Larry Henley, arrangement by Geoff Taggart

Datum: 2020-05-25  Label: Diamondback Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

A super hi to our favorite DJs and Radio People, we like to send you Hermann Lammers Meyer s new song from his new cd. What a pretty song we found for the third single to present. One of the finest songs that Nashville songwriter legend Max D Barnes wrote.

We hope you will love it too, and give it a lot of airplay.

Song is written by Max D. Barnes. Recorded in San Antonio Texas, by Bill Green - Mixed in Denver Colorado, by John Macy Produced by Hermann Lammers Meyer and Jürgen Koop, with Ditmar Mania. The Pickers: JayDee Manes, pedal steel - Redd Volkart, electric guitars - Rolf Sieker, banjo - Ron Knuth , fiddle Lynn Daniel, bass - Jim Loesberg, drums - Floyd Domino, piano - Jennifer Fellon & Bill Green, vocals. From the CD-album "What Comes Next" (2020)

Datum: 2020-05-25  Label: Desert Kid Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

ROGER WILLIAM  Survivors One And All (S)
Hi All, A new single "Survivors One And All" by Roger William. The lyric was written by Joe Morales of New York City, who spent 17 days in hospital fighting the covid-19 virus. He wrote the lyric while still in the hospital. A very inspiring story and tribute to the doctors and nurses on the front lines!! Hope you'll consider for airplay

Datum: 2020-05-25  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Nikita
  2. Islands in the Stream

Lindsay Waddington has just released his new album "Roadworn" digitally around the world. His first single "Islands In The Stream" is the first to be released to radio and available to view on YouTube.

Lindsay Waddington has been in the Music Industry for over 30 years and has won or been a finalist in numerous awards including last year being inducted in The Australian Country Music Hands of Fame, a finalist in the Golden Guitar Awards for the 3rd time and winner of International Classic Country CD of the Year in the USA. This year already he has been announced as QLD Musician of the Year and winner of Traditional Country CD of the Year during the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Not to mention over 1 million views on YouTube in less than 12 months!

If you haven't seen the latest clip "Islands In The Stream" please check it out, and while you're there don't forget to hit "Subscribe" its FREE!

Datum: 2020-05-23  Label: Kross Kut Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

ANDY PENKOW  Chasing the sun (S)
Andy Penkow’s new single greets your senses like a warm new sunrise immersing you in a wonderful euphoric expression of life. ‘Chasing the Sun’ is an Alternative country song. This is Andy’s first release, since his debut album ’Sad Love Songs’ released in 2018, which climbed the charts. This song was Andy’s first co-write, with the one and only Multiple Golden Guitar winning artist Lyn Bowtell. The song and up and coming EP was produced by ARIA and Golden Guitar award winning producer and artist Shane Nicholson.

Andy says…: “Chasing the sun is about my Journey and personality, free loving spirit and the urge to chase the sun. I hope that the listener can relate to it on a personal level and interpret it in their own way. I was very lucky to spend time with Lyn Bowtell who I co-wrote this amazing song with”.

The music video was produced by Golden Guitar Nominated producer Jay Seeney from Blacklist productions

Datum: 2020-05-22  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

CARTER & CARTER  We are family (single version) (S)
At a time when we are all realising how important the ones closest to us are, ‘We Are Family’ is a song that echoes those thoughts exactly. The song already entered the Australian Country Online Top 10 at #8 last week, the video has been added to the Foxtel’s Country Music Channel’s playlist and this week it has debuted on the Australian Country Tracks Top 40 at #9.

At a time when we are all realising how important the ones closest to us are, Carter & Carter release their new single - ‘We Are Family’ – a song that echoes those thoughts exactly.

"Family has always been at the centre of who we are. It is not just our flesh and blood, it is those people who walk with us on our life journey, sharing the good and the hard times, and everything in between. Family are those people who you can rely on, call on and even if you don't see them for ages, you can pick up where you left off. Our lives are richer because we have a wonderful, wide spread 'family' and this song celebrates all those interconnecting relationships that bring us together.' Carter & Carter.

‘We Are Family’ is from their album ‘Better Day’, which took out three prestigious awards at the 2019 Australian Independent Country Music Awards in October. With this singles release, Carter & Carter continue to do what they do best – make music that makes a difference.

Datum: 2020-05-20  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

“Where all in this together” is the catch phrase for the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. And while we are certainly all in this together - the challenge has been how musicians and music workers will keep things moving while under strict isolation rules.

“Nervous Girls” has been recorded 100% remotely with artists, musicians, producer and mixer spread across three countries. It showcases five of the best female voices in Australian Country Music - Bec Lavelle, Kora Naughton, Jem Cassar-Daley, Kaitlyn Thomas and Ingrid Mae. All women are unique but all can personally relate to the story of the song.

Bec is no stranger to global audiences via her success as the key singer in the television drama, McLeod’s Daughters, which is currently going through a resurgence in popularity thanks to global streaming. The show was recently named by BuzzFeed Germany as the Greatest TV Show of All Time.

Kora has been going from strength to strength in the last 3 years with supports for James Blundell, Mick Thomas (of Weddings Parties Anything) and Catherine Britt. Her last release, “Speechless”, clocked up over fifty thousand plays on Spotify.

Jem is currently making a name for herself as a singer/songwriter following national touring in 2019 and a successful Tamworth Festival campaign in January. She is the daughter of country legend, Troy Cassar-Daley and radio& TV personality Laurel Edwards.

Kaitlyn Thomas has recently been setting the airwaves on fire with her hit, “First Kiss”. She also had a big Tamworth Festival and is currently working on new material for release later this year.

Ingrid Mae rounds out this stellar line up of talent. Ingrid’s vocal and overall style is somewhere in a world where Dolly Parton meets Melissa Etheridge.

Little Big Town’s Hubert Payne provides drums and percussion, Brett Eldredge’s touring guitarist, Greg Carrillo, contributed guitars and bass while New York musician, Pier Luigi Salami - known for his work with pop artists Chris Brown and Tyga - rounds out the musicians on piano.

Datum: 2020-05-19  Label: Red Rebel Music  
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-05-22

EDNA´S KIN  Hot Dog (S)
Edna’s Kin is a family band featuring brothers Dan and Andrew Koontz and their father, Warren Koontz. Dan is the songwriter of the group, and can be heard singing and playing guitar, piano, banjo, and accordion. Andrew is mostly on fiddle, but can sometimes be heard on bass, while Warren is mostly on bass, but can sometimes be heard singing and playing guitar. Edna’s Kin has just released their first CD of all original music, “Whiskey & Wine”, which is now available for digital download on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and CD Baby. A diverse blend of folk, country, bluegrass, and blues music, “Whiskey & Wine” is the band’s first studio effort since their 2009 debut “Same Old Lines”.

Datum: 2020-05-18  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

RON & DALLENA THOMPSON  The sea of deep regret (S)
Song is written by James Ronald Thompson

Datum: 2020-05-18  Label: Glory Train Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BOBBY G. RICE  Mama knew a thing or two (final mix) (S)


Datum: 2020-05-16  Label: Century II Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Airplay Express May 2020 (A)
  1. WILDHORSE: Ghost on the Midnight Coast
    Written by Herman Holtzhausen / Frans Maritz
  2. DAVE CALEY: We do a lot of Texas music around here

  3. ANNA WATKINS ANAWALT: Shadows cry for me
    Written by Shane Bates and Anna Watkins Anawalt
  4. STEVE ZUWALA: High school reunion
    Written and Performed By Steve Zuwala. Record label: Lamon Records
  5. McELREA: Thank God He Saves A Fool
    Written by Steve McElrea. Record label: Steam Whistle Records
  6. RONNIE CALL: Another glass falling waters
    Written and Performed By Ronnie Call. Record label: Steam Whistle Records
  7. HAYLEY VERRALL: Like you mean it
    Written and Performed By Hayley Verrall. Record label: Steam Whistle Records
  8. MITCHELL ROBINSON: Thinking of you
    Written and Performed by Mitchell Robinson, record label: Steam Whistle Records
  9. LAURIE GOETZ: Escape
    Written by Germain Brunett, record label Steam Whistle Records
  10. BERNIE GRASS: First 100 years
    Written and Performed By Bernie Grass. Record label: Steam Whistle Records


Datum: 2020-05-15  Label: Wildhorse Entertainment  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

CAROL CHANEY  You ain´t woman enough (to take my man) (S)
Written by Carol Chaney

Datum: 2020-05-14  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

THE SOU´WESTERS  Blue pillow (S)
New single release "Blue Pillow" comes 5 years since the Sou'Westers’ album "Going West" dropped in 2015. In the years between the band has charted in New Zealand and Australia, toured and played festival gigs and continues to weave its magic highlighting the musical interplay between Liam Ryan ( keyboards) and Dean Hetherington (guitars) and the gifted vocals of singer/guitarist Aly Cook.

'Blue Pillow' had its genesis in a poem written by Ryan’s wife Amanda who riffed on ideas of loneliness and abandonment while living in Diamond Harbour in 2016. The band did a late night jam on the song and the files were shelved for a couple of years while Ryan fulfilled keyboard duties with The Narcs and relocated his studio from Christchurch north to Waihi and Cook pursued the release of her third solo album ‘Caught in the Middle’ in Australia. The lyric motif was fleshed out by Ryan and Cook in Waihi early in 2020 just as Covid 19 was about to launch itself across the globe. The song's sentiments resonated with themes of distance and isolation.

As the world went into lockdown Ryan went to work mixing the song and the band called on the services of Sydney drummer Graham ‘Buzz' Bidstrup (The Angels, GANGgajang) to add some Australian swag to the rhythm.

The result is "Blue Pillow" - a melancholy but uplifting hymn to solitude and the yearning for human touch

Datum: 2020-05-14  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2020-05-29

DAVID HAERLE  Death Valley (S)
Edendale Records is pleased to announce the release of singer-songwriter David Haerle’s second album “Death Valley”.

"Death Valley" is a roadshow offering up memories of teenage heroes, love ballads and all-out jams led by Haerle’s riotous guitar work that never fails to take the turns at high speed.

"Death Valley’s" marriage of guitar-driven rock to a shimmering California sound calls out to the best of classic American and British rock. Think Laurel Canyon meets Peter Frampton.

“I am thrilled to be working with AirPlay Direct, and Robert and Lynda Weingartz, to release my new album "Death Valley" to radio stations around the world," says David Haerle. "My firm CMH Label Group has had a very positive association and working relationship with Robert and Lynda going on several years. My entire team and I appreciate all they do to get our music out there and heard. Thank you Robert and Lynda and AirPlay Direct.”

Datum: 2020-05-14  Label: Edendale Records
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

TRENT AGECOUTAY  A place to call home (S)
My name is Trent Agecoutay and I am an Indigenous songwriter from Cowessess First Nation, based in Edmonton, AB. I have a brand new single called “A Place to Call Home”, and I hope you have a listen and consider adding the song to rotation. A Place to Call Home is inspired by my work as a Housing Outreach Worker in Edmonton, AB. Everyone is at risk to homelessness. A job loss, a world wide pandemic, a relationship breakdown all bring with them the risk of losing one’s home and experiencing homelessness. In a country as well off as Canada, we all deserve A Place To Call Home.

Datum: 2020-05-13  Label:
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

LARISSA TORMEY  Live another day (S)


Datum: 2020-05-13  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

PRESTON CAMP Jr  Wishin´ (this COVID-19 would end) (S)
my new release from my upcoming album, "OVERNIGHT" on RED NOTE RECORDS. The single is ,"WISHIN'(This COVID19 Would End)".

We are recording my album virtually during this quarantine time, me at my home connecting through FaceTime with David Leonard at his home studio on Guitars, Piano, Organ & Accordion & Diane Leonard on Tambourine & then with Bethany Olds at her home in Nashville on Fiddle. Thank you very much! Stay Safe, Preston

Datum: 2020-05-12  Label: Red Note Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:


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