S = Singel, A = Album, EP = EP
FAUSTIX  Need you (S)


Datum: 2019-08-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: DKAZA1900146  Releasedatum:

SAWEETIE  My type (S)


Datum: 2019-08-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: USWB11900833  Releasedatum:

SABINA DDUMBA feat KOJO FUNDS  Conversation (S)
The song came out of so many relationships I have observed & even my own. And they fall apart for one reason. Lack of communication. You lose so much energy trying to read people’s minds. Why is it so hard for people to talk & communicate? It’s simple, really. I want people to relate to this story & also realize the importance of having a conversation. No matter the outcome you will always get a clear mind & consciousness if you are true to yourself in any conversation.

Datum: 2019-08-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900095  Releasedatum:

JULIE BERGAN  Crazy enough (S)
Julie was the most streamed Norwegian female artist on Spotify last year. This year, she has continued her great run with the platinum hit “STFU” (released March 2019, still Top 50), “Outlaw” and “Don’t Give Up On Me Now” (w/R3hab). She has toured all over Norway and wowed the audience at major festivals and TV-shows. Julie's new pop ballad “Crazy Enough” kickstarts the campaign towards an EP in October, accompanied by a tour of Norway and Europe this fall

Datum: 2019-08-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: NOAGW1900096  Releasedatum:

Kemi är en glad uptempo låt som handlar om energin som uppstår mellan två nyförälskade personer. En solklar anthem för sensommar flingen

Datum: 2019-08-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900112  Releasedatum:

OSCAR ZIA  Finns det nån (S)
Oscar Zia is back! Following up last years EP “Din” (the artist's first in Swedish) comes single “Finns det nån”. A song about feeling the urgent need to meet someone, it doesn’t really matter who you just need someone close. The single is the first of three singles to be released this autumn leading up to an album sometime during 2020. All singles will be accompanied by social media campaigns, smaller live shows and PR. Focusing on Oscars artistic ambitions and the songs overall themes.

Datum: 2019-08-16  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900109  Releasedatum:



Datum: 2019-08-15  Label:   
ISRC: SE29C1900101  Releasedatum:

AWAVE  Road (S)
Med "All My Life" gjorde Awave singel debut tillsammans med kollektivet BL som också Aden x Asme är med i. "All My Life" var en mer livlig och hype låt med en riktigt nice musikvideo. Nu kommer raka motsatsen, en mer djup, kall och trapping singel som kallas "Road" (Slang för gatan/trakten i UK).

Datum: 2019-08-14  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900111  Releasedatum:

LARS BRUNDIN  Kostymer (A)
Ni kommer väl ihåg storyn? När pressfotografen och hobbymusikanten Lars Brundin hade ett år kvar till femtioårsdagen satte hans dotter ner foten: Varför skriver du bara halva låtar, pappa? Gör klart nu! Gör en skiva! Så blev det – men att ett skivbolag skulle nappa, och att det där femtioårskalaset också skulle bli en releasefest för albumet ”Hotel Royal”, det hade han aldrig anat.

Nu är Lasse tillbaka med ”Kostymer”, en ny samling sånger, där utforskandet av de egna rötterna går djupare. Precis som förra gången rör sig musiken i det singer-songwriter-landskap där Lars Brundin alltid har trivts bäst: här finns pop och rock med influenser av de svenska och amerikanska favoriter som varit soundtracket till Lasses liv, från uppväxten i Växjö och fram till i dag. Den här gången är dock alla sånger på svenska. På ”Kostymer” finns inte bara P4-favoriten ”Tre trappor upp”, utan också lättvisslade ”När kommer du hem till mig igen” och inte minst ”Svart kostym”, ett slags fotografi från en älskad pappas begravning.

”Det har fått ta lite längre tid den här gången, men det har varit precis lika fruktansvärt roligt. Att skriva och sjunga de här sångerna gör mig in i själen glad, och om någon annan dessutom vill lyssna så är det ju fantastiskt”, säger Lasse. ”Kostymer” är, precis som ”Hotel Royal”, producerad av Antti Vuorenniemi Pelaez och släpps den 30 augusti

Datum: 2019-08-14  Label: Rootsy Music  
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-08-30

VICTORIA EMAN  Mama´s got a brand new Daddy (S)
Nominated for a Josie Music Award 2019. Written by Desaire - Owen

Datum: 2019-08-13  Label:   
ISRC: NL –J9A-18-00010  Releasedatum:

D´SOUND  Aftershock (S)
The new single from neo soul band D'Sound's forthcoming album "Unicorn".

"Aftershock" is the brand new single from Norwegian neo soul band D'Sound's forthcoming album "Unicorn" due Friday 6th September. On the new single D'Sound is returning to their trademark funky catchy pop sound. The song was written by D'Sound's Mirjam Omdal (lead vocals), Kim Ofstad (drums) and Jonny Sjo (bass) in collaboration with DJ/producer Martin Kleveland. Over the years, D'Sound's Kim Ofstad and Jonny Sjo also became internationally renowned producers, songwriters and musicians for other artists. Kim and Jonny produced Madcon's European mega hits "Beggin" and "Glow", they have written for, and performed on, releases including Akon, Jason Derulo and CeeLo Green.

Written by Kim Ofstad, Jonny Sjo, Mirjam Omdal og Martin Kleveland

Datum: 2019-08-13  Label: daWorks Entertainment  
ISRC: NOHEK1911040  Releasedatum:

  1. RANDY BEAL: Old scar
    Texas Born and raised huge music fan and supporter turned Singer/Songwriter. This is his first recording with Milo Deering arranging the music and Terry Mashburn of Big Note Recording Studio producing it.
    ISRC: ushm21966236
  2. RICHIE ALLBRIGHT: Reefer Road
    "Reefer Road" is the first single from my upcoming "Back To Nashville" EP produced by Aaron Rodgers at Nashville Recording Studio and scheduled for full release in September 2019. After recording my "Poets, Prophets, Heroes & Friends" album with Ted Russell Kamp out in L.A. in 2016, which included the Billy Don Burns written radio single "Old Country Song", I met Aaron Rodgers in Nashville in 2018. Aaron was producing Billy Don at the time. I gave him a copy of that 2016 record and after listening to it he immediately called me and told me that he wanted to produce my next project at his studio. An offer that I jumped on quickly of course!! We started working on it while I was out on tour in January 2019. And after 7 months and a few stops in Nashville while touring, here we are with the New "Back To Nashville" EP 11 years and 4 albums after I left Nashville to move home to Texas in 2008. I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of it with you soon!! Thanks for your support. R.A.
    ISRC: ushm81945635
  3. THE STEVE HELMS BAND: Friday night fever
    ISRC: US-MBA-19-00005 , from the Album: CAN I BUY YOU A COUNTRY SONG
  4. BRAD RUSSELL BAND: A million miles from home
    With? deep roots in classic country, honky-tonk, southern rock and blues, Brad Russell Band is bringing their own brand of music to the masses: "Ronky-Tonk." Our mission is simple: move the people. Either get them moving on the dance floor or move their spirits with our music. Be sure to follow this band for some of the hottest "Ronky-Tonk" music coming out of Texas!
  5. CHAD COOKE BAND: Life behind bars
    The follow up to the record setting "Whatever It Takes"...Chad Cooke Band brings you Life Behind Bars: a clever twist on words that narrates the point of view from the bartender?s perspective. The song delivers wisdom from someone who?s seen it all, to those who sit at the barstool night after night in the beer joints, the dive bars and the honky- tonks. Life Behind Bars is an ode to the patrons, the smoke, and the out-of-tune cover bands. ?Doing what you got to do to fill that jar, that?s just Life Behind Bars?.
    ISRC: TCADQ1888045, From the Album: RISK , Record Label: King Hall MusicIT ALL
  6. CHARLES ALAN ROWE: Momma swang the hammer
    ISRC: TCAEI1973959, from the Album: MY HOME
    Jamie Talbert & The Band of Demons are known for a raising a few eyebrows -- not only with their name, but with their music. As edgy and innovative as their namesake song (Charlie Daniels? ?The Devil Went Down to Georgia?), this Jam Band influenced group feels the lyric, ?and a band of demons joined in, and it sounded something like this,? sums up their style perfectly. There are no starched shirts, big hats, or cowboy boots, these boys like to have FUN, and it SHOWS! As all of this is packed into devilish antics that are infectious, it becomes something everyone wants to be a part of. ?It?s always fun when we hear that we were not what someone expected,? said Talbert. ?We love to take our listeners through a musical journey and we play music that we love. In addition to our own songs, when we take the stage we do mash-ups with songs of various genres since our sphere of influences is so different.
    ISRC: QZ6UB1700002, from the Album: DO IT
  8. CHRIS MOREAU: Goin´ to Texas
    What Texas asks for, Texas gets! Do you miss that good ol? 80s/90s Texas Country sound? Country music has always drifted a little right and left of center over time, but I?m making a strong effort to bring it back a little closer to center with more traditional instrumentation, real musicians, with real lyrics about real life that we can all relate to. It?s Real and it?s Country! I?m a US Navy Aircrew, Combat Decorated Veteran with a style groomed from playing in the dance halls of Southwest Louisiana and East Texas. ?Goin? to Texas was written by Kirk Roth, Clinton Gregory, and Jamie Creasy, with a powerhouse group of musicians playing on this recording. Again, real music, real musicians, with lyrics we can relate to! The story is in the words of the song!
    ISRC: TCAEI1924393


Datum: 2019-08-13  Label: CD Tex  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BOBBY MACKEY  America´s Honky Tonk (S)
Bobby Mackey has always stayed true to his musical roots with influences such as Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Buck Owens, Conway Twitty and Johnny Paycheck. Mackey's music is a tribute to these artists using his own unique vocal style.

Mackey feels right at home performing live and has done so at Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky where he has appeared as the headliner along with his band for the last 40 years. Some say the nightclub is haunted.. the full story can be read here.

Written by Bobby Mackey from his soon to be released EP, "America's Honky Tonk" captures the excitement and 41 year history of Bobby Mackey's famous landmark nightclub

Datum: 2019-08-12  Label: Star 1 Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

SLOWMAN  Glamourhippie från Örebro (S)
Efter fyra kritikerrosade album, spelningar på klubbar och festivaler runt om i Sverige både som soloartist och med band har han fått en ny nytändning det senaste året. Tack vare en ny kärlek, nytt band, nytt språk (svenska) och en ny medproducent Jörgen ”Jugglo” Wall har han gjort sitt mest personliga album hittills. Den första singeln ”Kärlekens osynliga hand” som släpptes 5/4 har legat 10 veckor (maxtid på listan) på Närradio-stationernas topplista, varav 5 veckor på 1:a plats.

Den andra singeln från Slowman kommande album är ”Glamourhippie från Örebro”, en glad, nyförälskad låt med influenser från 70-talets svängiga hippierock. Ett skönt groove, effektiva blåsriff, körsång av Katarina Byman Seger, wahwah-gitarrsolon och historien om det intensiva mötet med en livs levande glamourhippie från Örebro kommer att sprida glädje och danslust hos Sveriges radiolyssnare.

Releasespelningen går av stapeln i Scalateaterns källare, en av Stockholms bästa rockscener, den 5/9

Datum: 2019-08-12  Label: Slow Records  
ISRC: SEYDM1900101  Releasedatum:

THE CALEB DAUGHERTY BAND  Wildwood flower blues (S)
Caleb Daugherty was born in 1992 in Connersville Indiana. Raised in a musical family, Caleb began singing and playing the guitar at 7 years old. While there have been many highlights in his musical career, the most memorable to date would be June 2016, when he was asked by Rhonda Vincent, Queen of Bluegrass, to join her and her band on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, on guitar and vocals.

As if that wasn't enough of an honor, he was also invited to perform at the 1st Annual "Keith Whitley Tribute Show" at the Nashville Palace, to honor one of his musical heros, along side the likes of Lorrie Morgan, Darryl Worley, Ken Mellons, Kevin Denney and several other great artist.

On May 9th 2019 Caleb will be honoring the late Keith Whitley once again, alongside the likes of Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Mark Wills, Darryl Worley, Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Lawrence, Joe Diffie and many others at The Country Music Hall of Fame for the Keith Whitley 30th Anniversary Memorial Concert, on the Anniversary of Keiths untimely passing. With Caleb's positive attitude and great work ethic, his future is sure to be bright!

Datum: 2019-08-12  Label: KDM RECORDS, Inc.  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

LITTLE CEASAR AND THE CONSULS  The music of my World (A)
It was Toronto 1956 when a group of five young musicians joined forces and formed what has become the legendary, long-standing “Little Caesar and the Consuls”. They were one of Toronto’s earliest rock and roll bands. Major recording success during the 1960’s landed the band several Canadian hits with “My Girl Sloopy”, “If I Found a New Girl” and the signature hit from Smokey Robinson “You Really Got a Hold on Me”. This opened many doors for the band with appearances with The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Sonny and Cher, Del Shannon, Lovin’ Spoonful, The Hollies and the Dave Clark Five to name a few. Once in a while you will hear a refreshing new song on the radio that perks you up, lifts your spirits and just makes your day. That’s exactly what we hope will happen when you listen to “The Music of My World” cutting through your speakers. The song is an appealing blend of words and music that will rekindle memories for fans from years past and introduce new listeners to the sound of a band legendary since 1956.

Little Caesar and the Consuls continue to delight audiences wherever they perform and have yet to reach the finish line of their musical journey

Datum: 2019-08-12  Label: Trilogy Records International  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Sherry Lynn Promotions (A)
  1. NEYCIA LYN: Old fashioned love
  2. TOM CUNNINGHAM: Honky tonk in Texas
  3. SONNY CHRISTOPHER: Ever when it rains


Datum: 2019-08-12  Label: Sherry Lynn Promotions  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. PETER COAD (OAM): Lonely outback moon
    Peter Coad (OAM) is a veteran story teller song writer and his story of the ‘Lonely Outback Moon’ paints a true picture of drought time in the Australian outback. A land where dust storms darken the sun, and at night the moon shines thru a red haze. A land where the wind builds sand hills today and relocates them tomorrow. In a land where people, animals and wild life hang on and coexist with the drought and survival because they know that rain will come one day, someday. This is the latest radio single from Peter's forthcoming album set to be released in mid October
  2. JAMES STEWART KEENE featuring THE BUSHWACKERS: Stroke of the Government´s pen
    JAMES STEWART KEENE returns to radio with an exciting and fresh collaboration with Australian music legends THE BUSHWACKERS. Stroke of the Governments’ Pen is the first song written for James’ SHERBROOKE DOWN project, a period feature drama film about two intertwining Australian stories set in rural Australia in 1903. Co-written with ALLAN CASWELL, the track is inspired by the true story of James’ great, great grandparents. The song tells the tale on how they and their neighbours where forced off their farms at Sherbrooke NSW in 1903 to make way for the Cataract Dam on the Illawarra plateau. Produced by ROGER CORBETT and featuring a duet with DOBE NEWTON, as well as The Bushwackers’ traditional country folk sounds, the song is one of many on its way that will eventually find its way on the Sherbrooke Down movie soundtrack
  3. GREG CHAMPION: Dancing on the darling
    The Darling River has not flowed for some time. Australia’s second largest river (by most measurement) is now just a series of waterholes. Drought – but also water allocation for farming –are the reasons. It’s a situation we Aussies just cannot allow to happen. In May of this year the town of Menindee staged the Dancing On The Darling Festival. Its mission was to draw attention to the plight of their sacred river. A number of artists came to perform, among them Greg Champion, who thought the name of the festival could be turned into song. Champs finished off Dancing On The Darling on the journey to Menindee via Mildura and Pooncarie, and aired it first for the locals that weekend. Top Broken Hill indigenous singer Nyirey Kickett was also performing that weekend, and joined Greg on stage for the new song. Now Dancing On The Darling is ready for release, on Roody Doody Records. Recorded in Montmorency, suburban Melbourne. Which takes us back to the mission of Dancing On The Darling: The Darling River is entirely too vital to be allowed to die. It’s too vital to the many communities for whom The Darling is lifeblood: Brewarrina, Bourke, Wilcannia, Menindee, Pooncarie and others. And, its survival is equally critical to Australians everywhere – not just to those living along it. It’s our heritage – and it has to be there for future generations. Stand on the banks of the mighty Darling and admire the grandeur of massive red gums, and pelicans standing on half-submerged logs. See where a paddle steamer has been abandoned in the middle of a dry river bed, having once run aground. Save The Darling.
    South African born and adopted Australian JACK VILJOEN is a singer and songwriter from Gladstone in Central Queensland and a winner of several Country Music Festivals and the senior male vocal winner of the Queensland Champion of Champions in 2011 He released his first album titled, “THE SONG YOU SING” in October 2017 featuring nine original songs and he is currently working on his second album due to be released later this year. RAIN is more than a song... it is an appeal to all of us to support our farmers hanging on and battling through a devastating drought. It is a salute to people taking the initiative to help out, and it is a message to Aussie farmers to stay strong and never give up!
    ISRC # AUWNL1700001
  5. TATE SHERIDAN: Angel man
    As part of the Australian music scene for many years Tate was awarded the 2014 ACT Critics Circle Artist of the year for his dedication to jazz and pop music. In 2015, Tate became one of the youngest ever musicians to be nominated for the prestigious Freedman Jazz Fellowship, and has already been awarded the Friends of the ANU School of Music’s Bernhard Neumann Memorial Prize, the Winifred Burston Memorial Prize, and the Peter and Lena Karmel Anniversary Prize for his dedication to Australian music. Tate's original compositions have gained the attention of legendary Australian artists such as Thirsty Merc's Rai Thistlethwayte and INXS principle songwriter Andrew Farriss. Tate was personally asked by Sir Elton John to be his opening act on a stadium tour of Australia/NZ and is the only support act in history to play Elton John’s piano in the 50 years of him touring. Elton has expressed a keen interest in the young artist and has been promoting Tate's EP overseas - even playing a track on his Apple Music Beats 1 Radio Show to an audience of millions. Tate has just released his brand-new EP ‘ANGEL MAN’. His latest tour has been an exciting blend of jazz and pop, fused together by a rare and vintage approach to storytelling. Tate Sheridan has always been a name to watch and is playing with a maturity well beyond his years
  6. JODIE CROSBY: Woman is the wind
    Fans have been asking for Jodie to release this song to radio for some time …. The song is based on a poem written by Jon Wolfe and reworked by Jodie, Jon and fellow-Tamworth singer/songwriter, Phil Hungerford, into this beautiful calling card for women the world over. Partly inspired by a comment from Indigenous singer songwriter Kev Carmody who once autographed a copy of his debut album Pillars Of Society to Jon with the words “Listen to the wind”, it captures the essence of the female mystique – one can never always guess where she’s coming from or going to – but there is always strength, love, and along with unbridled passion, she is sure to make you heed the warnings, nurture your soul and keep you guessing what she’s going to do next
  7. JUSTIN LANDERS: A campfire waltz
    A CAMPFIRE WALTZ is the first single lifted from Justin’s upcoming album “FREE TIME AND MONEY” which is currently a work in progress and is being produced and recorded with the tremendously talented Simon Johnson of Hillbilly Hut Records. The album is expected to be released early 2020. A CAMPFIRE WALTZ tells a story about a couple who go camping to get away from the stresses of the city and everyday life, to rekindle the flame of their love. To get back to the basics where their relationship was first established. When asked about where the inspiration for A CAMPFIRE WALTZ came from, Justin said “It seems that there are very few waltz songs being produced in recent times and I just wanted to have a go at writing a waltz to diversify my skills and try something a little different to what I have been writing in recent times. That and the fact that my wife and I haven’t been camping in a long while is what inspired me to write this song”. He laughs.
  8. SGELLY JONES BAND: The Outback
    THE OUTBACK presents something a little different from husband and wife duo the SHELLY JONES BAND and is their tribute to the Australian Outback. Inspired by their many road trips inland, Shelly and Lester wanted to capture the magic of the mystical Outback they have fallen in love with. Australia is one of the most beautiful and unique countries in the world with such a diverse array of landscapes. Most Aussies are familiar with our beautiful coastlines and rainforests, but many haven’t experienced the Australia’s remote interior. More people should leave their beach towels at home and venture inland to immerse themselves in the truly unique and mystical Australian Outback. It has been an amazing year so far for the SHELLY JONES BAND with 2 single releases debuting consecutively at #1 on the Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay Chart. THE OUTBACK single is off the album, HIGHWAYS, which is available on all digital platforms or via the official Shelly Jones Band website:
  9. THE WOODPICKERS: One true love
    THE WOODPICKERS’ latest single, ‘ONE TRUE LOVE’, is a song about the wonder, beauty and joy of falling in love and it features the vocals of RACHEL HANNAN
  10. SANDRA PEARN & WAYNE ELLIOTT: I never go around mirrors
    Introducing popular Tasmanian duo JUST US, SANDRA PEARN & WAYNE ELLIOTT, who have just released their first CD together, ‘JUST US!! SANDRA & WAYNE: VOLUME ONE’ and they have chosen CRS once again for Digital Distribution. A LEFTY FRIZZELL song, ‘I NEVER GO AROUND MIRRORS’, is their first single from the album, and is one of the most popular and most requested songs at their shows. In 2018, courtesy of successful radio airplay and interviews, their EP of 4 original songs called, ‘HARD YEAR ON THE LAND’ reached # 24 on the Country Music Air Play Charts. Sandra and Wayne are so grateful for the opportunity to have ‘I NEVER GO AROUND MIRRORS’ distributed and give thanks to CRS, City Park Radio Launceston and other Radio stations throughout Australia for playing their material
  11. ANTHONY TENACE: The comfort of her wings
    Born in the small town of Kyabram, Victoria, ANTHONY TENACE began his love for country music at the age of 11. At 15 Anthony was on the road with his twin sister Lisa, father Michael and cousin Frank performing at many functions in Victoria and NSW. At 18 Anthony toured Sweden with his school frock band and it was at that point that he decided to pursue music full-time. Now, at the age of 41, Anthony is a full-time musician, sound engineer, producer, event planner and impersonator. Anthony has released 3 albums since 2013 and all in the Country Music genre
  12. TERRY BENNETTS: Ballad of the coal pit ponies
    TERRY BENNETTS is a Bush Ballad Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist from WA and this is a new single off his forthcoming CD due for release in 2020. The ‘BALLAD OF THE COAL PIT PONIES’ was produced and recorded by Terry at his ‘Red Dog Recording Studios’ in Perth. Terry was asked to write the song by Ashley Cook (A coal miner and Bush Balladeer from Queensland) while in Tamworth and Ashley is also a co-writer of the song. The song is a story about the Coal Pit Ponies that were used to haul the coal from underground before machinery took over the mines with the last two horses, Wharrier and Mr. Ed being retired in 1990. Terry continues to spend a lot of time on the road with his wife Virginia taking his music to the people of Australia
  13. VANESSA BOURNE: Not too old to love again
    VANESSA BOURNE turns 47yrs on the 3rd of July. Vanessa has been writing original songs for the last 2 years and has been releasing them on CRS and Hillcrest. All her songs have done well on the Australian and European Charts and for that she is grateful to all the radio stations and her fans. ‘NOT TOO OLD TO LOVE AGAIN’ is yet another Classic Country Song from VANESSA BOURNE. It’s about wanting to give up on love but the heart being powerful and pushing on. Vanessa has always kept her music classic Country and she does well with this song because her producer in Nashville, Mr CURT RYLE believes in her lyrics and music
  14. WATLING & BATES: Ciderville
    CIDERVILLE, by WATLING & BATES, is a song of change, of finding a place to rest and gather strength before moving on. An invisible crossroad, far from the busy highway, where no one finds you unless you want to be found. KYM WATLING backs an impassioned vocal with a sparkling country rhythm on the acoustic guitar while producer THOR PHILLIPS pits desolation against redemption on the sharp steel of his Dobro. CIDERVILLE also features the resonant tones of JOHN WILLSTEED (GoBetweens, Disgraceland, Halfway) on bass. WATLING & BATES are songwriters from the mountains of Unumgar NSW and practitioners of old time Gothic hillbilly honkytonk. CIDERVILLE is taken from the duo’s 2018 SMALL TOWN TALES album
  15. MICHELLE WALKER: Trying to be me
    Being a woman is tough. We live in a fast paced, challenging era while balancing our family, work and lifestyle choices. We have never been more connected than now with modern day technology ever changing and evolving. The pressure we put on ourselves to conform with what social media depicts we should look, sound and act like is a great load to bear. What example are we setting for our daughters, friends and family? How do we get back to being comfortable in our own skin? MICHELLE WALKER reflects upon these questions in her new single, ‘TRYING TO BE ME’. Michelle’s latest album, ‘BACKBONE’ is produced by LINDSAY WADDINGTON from KROSS KUT RECORDS. The music video for ‘TRYING TO BE ME’ features Michelle’s own twin daughters ANNALISE and BRIANNA, and is directed and shot by ROSS WOOD of 171 Films. ISRC: AUZY41800025
  16. NOEL BALFOUR: In case you change your mind
    “This song was written by my late beautiful wife, LORNA BARRY. It was recorded by the late great Tim McNamara on his last record not long before he passed away. It’s always been a favourite of mine, it brings back beautiful memories of my life with Lorna. I hope people who love country music will like it as much as I do.”
  17. BLAKE BENECKE: Low on money (High on life)
    Mareeba based Country Singer-Songwriter BLAKE BENECKE is High on Life! Growing up in a small country town in Central Queensland Blake initially played at local pubs and restaurants with his career taking to new heights when he opened at the VDM Music Fest in 2017. To his credit his first released single, ‘GETTIN THERE’’ soared to an amazing #2 on the Country Music iTunes chart October 2018. Blake has since been working tirelessly to achieve his music career goals and his passion for storytelling is strongly evident in his songwriting and now he releases his new single ‘LOW ON MONEY (HIGH ON LIFE)’. Blake intimates...“I wrote this song while reminiscing on a time in my life when I was very happy. I had nothing. Well nothing in my bank account, but I really had everything”
    IRSC: AUPZW1900003
  18. ROB BREESE: Stuff that works
    A spectacular career in Country Music that spans over three and a half decades. Out of the limelight for most of it, Rob has achieved so much. He started his musical career with guitar lessons at the mere age of seven. Later on picked up playing piano. Rob’s piano playing took him to be the Musical Director for Tamworth on Parade in the 1990s and saw him behind the grand at the Sydney Opera House for three consecutive years. His love for country music was inevitable after visiting Tamworth in the early eighties with his very good friend, the late Ray Griffiths, where he was introduced to many of the stars that we call legends today. In the early nineties after being in and out of bands, Rob joined forces with one of his guitar-playing and vocal Idols Doug Rowe where a thirty-year friendship and award-winning duo was formed. Rob’s solo career took him to England, Ireland, Scotland, around Australia twice and extensive tours within the eastern states. He boasts over a dozen albums to his name and countless productions for other artists throughout Australia. These days he has a successful business in Country Music Capital Tamworth, A Quarter horse Stud, and recording studio, and enjoys time out to play at a vastly growing amount of Country Music Festivals where he is in high demand as a guest artist, backing musician and audio engineer, when time permits
  19. DARREN COGGAN & MEREDITH ADAMS: Gentle on my mind
    Multi award winning performer, DARREN COGGAN, returns to his country roots LIKE A RHINESTONE COWBOY’, delivering the vocal authenticity and guitar prowess of the great GLEN CAMPBELL. In a personal reflection, Darren respectfully honours the indelible voice behind the golden hits of the ‘60s and ‘70s including GENTLE ON MY MIND, Wichita Lineman, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Try A Little Kindness, Galveston, Rhinestone Cowboy and many more. On the new single release of GENTLE ON MY MIND Darren is joined by MEREDITH ADAMS who hails from Darren’s beloved hometown of Wagga Wagga and is an integral cast member of Darren's production ‘LIKE A RHINESTONE COWBOY – THE BEST OF GLEN CAMPBELL’ currently touring Australia. This refreshing new take on the Glen Campbell golden hit, is taken from the cast recording album of this production and is available at all performances and through Darren’s website. At the age of 81, following his long and courageous battle with Alzheimer's disease, Glen Campbell took his final bow, but the legacy he leaves behind is expansive, songs that the whole world sang along with, now, remarkably re-created live, by Darren Coggan. “Coggan’s musical story-telling is outstanding, as is his singing and playing.” Sunday Herald Sun
  20. JOHN LECNER: I´m dreamin´
    John has been involved in the music industry for over four decades and has now fulfilled his dream of recording several of his original songs. “The original songs have been written over many years and have been taken from personal experiences and from observing life around me. I write and rewrite my songs and often I put them away for a while then rewrite again. I also sing them over and over again until finally I am happy with the both the tune and the lyrics”. My latest single I’M DREAMIN’ explores the romantic side of life and encourages the listener to sit back relax and drift off into a world of dreams.”
    It’s not every day you hear more than 10 singer/songwriters add their voices to one song. But it’s happened in the form of a gift for GARRY KOEHLER from THE BOBKATZ. Gaz has been battling cancer and his friends have recorded one of his own songs in a tribute gone full circle. Take the time to listen to ‘THE WRITER.’ ‘THE WRITER’ is a song THE BOBKATZ previously released and is ultimately a dedication to the power of lyrics and the person who writes them. The renowned vocalists who lend their voices include Kevin Bennett, Allan Caswell, Luke O'Shea, Kelly Cork, Brad Butcher, Michael Waugh, Sarah Koehler, Sam Maddison, Craig Lamond and Michael Bryers. Tex Austin added the drums and it was mixed by Jason Millhouse. THE BOBKATZ are a duo consisting of Gaz and his talented producer and multi-instrumentalist partner in crime ROBERT MACKAY. Rob was indeed the driving force behind the project for his best mate. “I’ve worked with Garry for 20 years so this means a lot to me on a variety of fronts. It’s a testimony to his great song writing, the respect and fellow ship of his peers in the music biz and a testimony to a truly humble, talented and wonderful man.” Rob also sang on the track including a touching finish where he changes the words to the original
  22. DELLA HARRIS: Roll of a dice
    Following the success of her single ‘LONG AS YOU’RE LONELY’, which reached #2 on the Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay Chart and was added to the Fresh Country Editorial playlist on Spotify, DELLA HARRIS releases her latest single – ‘ROLL OF A DICE’. ‘ROLL OF A DICE’ has a hypnotic feel that perfectly suits Della’s smooth vocals and hooks you in with a lyric that everyone can relate to. “After a friend of mine’s brother was involved in a freak accident, I was contemplating life and how easily things can change from one day to the next. It made me realise that even though bad things happen, we still need to live life to the full, because we never know what the future holds and it can all just change with the ‘ROLL OF A DICE’.” Della Harris
    ISRC: AUSPM1900001
  23. ALI S: Can´t see me
    ALI S hails from Boulia in North West QLD, one of the most isolated and sparsely populated places in the world and is known to many Australians as the bloke who has an appreciation for the Channel Country not seen since the likes of Slim, with a voice that is likened to Buck Owens and Brooks and Dunn. The last 18 months have been incredibly busy for Ali, with his 1st album, “COULDN’T DO THIS ON MY OWN”, hitting Number 2 on the Australian iTunes Country Charts, his debut single, ‘I NEED A BEER’, hitting number 3 on the Australian iTunes Country Charts and his second single, “TALKING BOUT BROOKS AND DUNN”, receiving recognition from Kix Brooks who publicly announced his love of Ali’s tribute song to the great duo. ‘GIRLS BEER UTES & RODEO’ his most recent single hit #3 on the Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay Charts and reached #28 in the 2018 Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay Charts. Not to mention receiving over 270,000 streams on Spotify and making Spotify generated playlists. ‘CAN’T SEE ME’ is the latest single to be released by ALI S. It was produced and mixed by Simon Johnson and mastered by Jeff McCormack. It is the third single to be released off his debut album. ALI S is a genuine bloke with a passion for music and the country way of life. He’s a countryman whose songs reflect his strong country pride
    IRSC: AURNJ1700003
  24. BECKY DENTON: Take me back to Tybee
    “Tybee Island is a tiny, magical place off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. Will introduced it to me a couple of years ago, and I immediately fell in love. The setting is so tranquil: tall sea oats sway in the breeze, insisting that you forget your troubles for a while and relax. The lights from local fishing boats and nearby Hilton Head and Daufuskie Islands dot the horizon at night”. “From the best ice cream in the world at The Sugar Shack, to my husband’s favorite breakfast at Sunrise café (try the Hashbrown Deluxe), Tybee Island is a place you come back to again and again, whether you’re really there or not”
    ISRC: QZ28H1700004
  25. STEVE SPARROW: Paint your cactus green
    Accomplished singer, song writer STEVE SPARROW is pleased to announce the release of the fourth single from his album, ‘PAINT YOUR CACTUS GREEN’. This album captures Steve’s work at its best. Showcasing his musicianship and strong songwriting style, ‘PAINT YOUR CACTUS GREEN’ talks about those special moments in life that are so much a part of raising children. The song was written after Steve and his then 6year old son, Craig, were watching a kid’s craft making show on TV, and this day they were talking about making a cactus from paper and plastic. The last thing the show host said in his wonderfully strong London Cockney accent was, “and then you can paint your cactus green”. This album was produced by Steve at Sparrow Sound Studio.
  26. STEVE DEAL: Whiskey kisses
    A few years ago former bus driver, STEVE DEAL, caught the imagination of many Aussies including Alan Jones, Karl Stefanovic, Triple M’s grill team and the Daily Telegraph when his ‘FOUR RIVERS’ album took the number 1 spot from Keith Urban and Taylor Swift launching him into the spotlight, something he was never looking for. Steve is one of those guys who loves writing and making music but hates the attention which seems like a contradiction for someone trying to etch out a living in the music industry. This contradiction has found Steve rejecting offers to appear on shows like The Voice and has found him happily behind the scenes producing albums for other artists - hence the long wait between ‘FOUR RIVERS’ and his fun, catchy and addictive new single, ‘WHISKEY KISSES’, which is the first from an upcoming EP. Every songwriter needs a muse, the inspiration for ‘WHISKEY KISSES’ came after a tough night in the recording studio when Steve’s vocal coach and wife, Bek, had to pull a great vocal performance out of him using whatever was available at the time…a bottle of cheap whiskey to warm up his vocals and a few long kisses…it didn’t take long to write ‘WHISKEY KISSES’ after that experience. Enjoy!
  27. JACK VILJOEN: My friend the fiddler
    “Stu Watson, who played fiddle for Slim Dusty and the Bullamakanka Band, is a mate of mine and we were doing a gig one night and he told of all the people he made music with and although some of them passed on when he hears the music it's like they're still there. He also mentioned that how he got to know his fellow musos so well he could read their mood by the way they play. I was intrigued by his story and that is how ‘MY FRIEND THE FIDDLER’ came to be”.
  28. COL THOMPSON: Hunter Valley moon
    ‘HUNTER VALLEY MOON’ is the very first single to be lifted from GULLY RAKER and should give the the album the kickstart it requires. “It’s been 11 yrs since l released a new album, and this one is well overdue. I sifted through 260 of my originals before l thinned it down to the 20 songs which l recorded for the album. It was a big project but, l humbly state, l am happy to put my name to the album. I am gearing up for a bit of a burst to further promote my music and I am available for interviews and live performances”
  29. RUNAWAY DIXIE: What I did
    ‘WHAT I DID’ is a track from the pen of RUNAWAY DIXIE band member VIRGINIA HERMEL. This happy, upbeat radio-friendly song captures the heart of RUNAWAY DIXIE with strong lead and harmony vocals complimented by authentic traditional bluegrass backing of Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Mandolin and Dobro. The track is from the current RUNAWAY DIXIE album, ‘FACE THE WIND' released in December 2018. ‘FACE THE WIND' contains ‘TELE RAMBLER’ which was a finalist in the Instrumental Of The Year section of the 2019 Golden Guitar Awards Of Australia. Runaway Dixie are enjoying a busy year of festivals and shows so check runawaydixie.com for more details
    ISRC: AUEIY1900025


Datum: 2019-08-12  Label: CRS  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

ARNO  Stopping time with a picture (S)
Music and lyrics: Jack Dunlap

Datum: 2019-08-11  Label: True North Recordings  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

GAV BROWN  Road less traveled (A)
Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, world-traveling singer-songwriter Gav Brown has now released his second studio album: Road Less Travelled Road Less Travelled follows the successful release of Gav’s debut album, Sound Circus, which was released in November 2018 and enjoyed success in the Play MPE charts for 12 weeks, reaching #1 in Australian, Rock, Triple A, and Adult Contemporary charts. Popular Sound Circus single “Peter Pan” spent 9 weeks in chart Tasmanian Country Airplay Charts and reached #15. Sound Circus’s idyllic track 1, “Artist’s Dream”, reached #14 in Hotdisc Top 40 during it’s 6 weeks in the chart, and the video for “Artist’s Dream” was featured on SKY TV in the UK for four weeks.

Datum: 2019-08-09  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-08-15

Later this autumn 19 year old singer, songwriter and dance talent Henrik Høven from Oslo, Norway, will be releasing his debut EP with five brand new tracks. "10/10" is the new single from the upcoming EP - a song produced by the Swedish producer Lowgan based in Malmö. Henrik is not only working on his music. This spring he was part of the cast for the second season of Norwegian tv-serie "Blank", NRK P3's follow up to "Skam". The single is out on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and other services Fiday 16th August.

Datum: 2019-08-09  Label: daWorks Entertainment  
ISRC: NOHEK1909030  Releasedatum: 2019-08-16

DESTINY BAND OZ  Peace of mind (S)
DIAMONDBACK RECORDS is proud to release this outstanding song by Destiny Band Oz from their “Changes” album

Datum: 2019-08-09  Label: Diamondback Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Airplay Express August 2019 (A)
  1. JACKSON NICKELS: Third times a charm
    Written by Jack Menzel
  2. LARRY M. CLARK: I may never get to Nashville
    Written and Performed by Larry M. Clark
  3. KENT GILL: Heart brake
    Written and Performed by Kent Gill
  4. BARBRA BLEVINS: Wedding dress size 8
    Written by Barbara Blevins/Clyde R Birkla/Keith Bradford


Datum: 2019-08-09  Label: Wildhorse Entertainment  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

LIV SIN  Chapter of the Witch (S)
Efter det kritikerrosade debutalbumet, ’Follow Me’, är Liv Sin tillbaka med det nya kraftfulla och hårdhänta albumet ’Burning Sermons’. Med ledning av Liv Sin självsäkra röst kanaliserar bandet sin kärlek till klassisk heavy metal med ett modernt knäckande sound, ’Burning Sermons’ är en riff-tung samling som visar upp bandets naturliga förmåga att enkelt matcha melodier med aggressiv metal. Liv Jagrell’s prestation är bättre än någonsin med en röst som är lika kapabel att fånga ditt hjärta som att slå sönder byggnader till marken.

Albumet är producerat av Emil Nödtveidt (Deathstars) i Black Syndicate Studio, såhär säger Liv om arbetet med Emil: "På ’Burning Sermons’ ville vi utforska ett mer modernare sound med mer elektroniska element och jag tror att det här albumet kanske kan överraska många av våra fans. Jag har känt Emil i många år, så det känns verkligen jättekul att arbeta ihop. Från första ögonblicket som han skickade oss sina idéer från vår demo så var jag helt exalterad!".

‘Burning Sermons’ släpps den 6 september via Despotz Records.

‘Chapter of the Witch’ är den tredje singeln på det kommande albumet och släpps den 9 Augusti. Såhär beskriver bandet singeln; Chapter of the Witch symboliserar intåget in i den nya eran som vi hoppas kommer inledas inom en snar framtid, i den eran kommer det vara kvinnors krafter som skapar balans i världen. – Liv Sin

Datum: 2019-08-09  Label: Despotz Records  
ISRC: SEXTE1901103  Releasedatum: 2019-08-09

ELDERBROOK x RUDIMENTAL  Something about you (S)


Datum: 2019-08-09  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: GBAYE1900685  Releasedatum:

DOTTER  I do (S)
Johanna Jansson, more known as “Dotter” follows up this springs success duet ”Walk with me” (together with Måns Zelmerlöw) with new single ”I DO”. ”I do is about being in a toxic relationship but being too in love to notice it yourself. Everyone around you calls you crazy but you only have eyes for that one person”. More releases will come this fall accompanied by gigs all over Sweden on a weekly basis

Datum: 2019-08-09  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900106  Releasedatum:

ANN J MORTON  Tainted rose (S)


Datum: 2019-08-08  Label: Prairie Dust Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JOANNE CASH featuring THE OAK RIDGE BOYS  Twelwe gates to the Cuty (S)
Here is a new gospel song release from Joanne Cash and featuring The Oak Ridge Boys. I hope you and your listeners enjoy it.

Traditional chorus, verses by Buddy Greene

Datum: 2019-08-08  Label: Glory Train Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

SHERENE ft JON ABO  I want my money back (S)
‘I want my money back’ is the first release from the soon to be released EP Treehouse Music. It features a vocal duet by Sherene and fellow Asquith sessions artist Jon Abo and is available on all streaming platforms. I want my money back ‘Treehouse Music’ has been a labour of love that began when Kayellen Bee, founding member of iconic 80’s band GANGgajang was assembling songs she had written. Kay is the wife of another GANGgajang member and producer Graham“Buzz”Bidstrup and they have been performing in Ukulele quartet ‘Strumnhum’ with singer Sherene and her partner Tom for the past 5 years. During rehearsals for the Uke band Sherene sang on the demo recordings Buzz was producing for the collection of songs that now make up Treehouse Music.

When Buzz played the demo recordings to his long time friend, ARIA winning producer David Nicholas, he asked Buzz if he could be involved in the process of turning the demos into finished recordings. They began working together in Buzz’s studio and the resulting finished tracks feature three members of ‘The Tracking Crew’ with Buzz on drums, James Gillard bass and Glen Hannah acoustic and electric guitars.

Kay’s songs sound like they were written specifically for Sherene, her pure voice shining above well crafted backing tracks and soundscapes sensitively produced by David Nicholas and Buzz Bidstrup. The last piece of the puzzle was a deal between Sebastian Chase of MGM distribution, Buzz and David. SBD music has released several recordings of ‘The Asquith sessions’ featuring The Tracking Crew and Sherene as the featured vocalist.

‘I want my money back’ is the first release from the EP Treehouse Music

Datum: 2019-08-08  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JUSTIN LANDERS  A campfire waltz (S)


Datum: 2019-08-08  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

LOUISE LEMÓN  Not enough (acoustic version) (S)


Datum: 2019-08-08  Label: Icons Creating Evil Art  
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-08-05

RORY ELLIS  Inner Outlaw (A)


Datum: 2019-08-07  Label: Valve Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

TOM DELANO  A fool in love (S)
Tom är en countrymusic singer/songwriter från Göteborg. Han turnerade som trubadur över hela södra Sverige i cirka 15 år innan han slutade med musiken 2005. Började 2015 att arbeta på en comeback men har numera lagt trubadurgenren bakom sig och återgått till countrymusiken vilken han spelade innan trubadurandet drog igång. Sedan 2017 spelar han kontinuerligt i mindre omfattning på mindre ställen i framför allt Göteborgsområdet.

Tom har även under sin karriär spelat live i USA och Thailand.

Här är den första singeln ”A Fool In Love” från hans kommande fjärde studioalbum ”Haggard, Jones and Me”. Singeln släpps 12 augusti och albumet ges ut i oktober.

Under våren 2019 låg en låt ”(The Healing Isn't There) At Closing Time” från Toms föregående album maximala 10 veckor på Svenska Närradiolistan varav 3 veckor på förstaplatsen

Datum: 2019-08-07  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Blackflip
  2. Brand new brain

Nu släpps ytterligare två låtar från Love Fame Tragedys kommande EP "I Don’t Want To Play The Victim, But I'm Really Good At It" (27 september (Soldier Songs/AWAL Recordings).

Den här gången har Matthew Murphy samarbetat med Pixies’ Joey Santiago, Alt J’s Gus Unger-Hamilton, Matt Chamberlain från Soundgarden och singer/songwritern Lauren Aquilina. Låten "Backflip" premiärspelades i Zane Lowes populära radioshow Beats1 på Apple Music igår kväll.

Matthew Murphy berättar om samarbetet: “It’s great to have talented musicians, musicians who have their own niche. When you hear Joey [Santiago] play the guitar you can just tell it’s him and the same thing with Gus [Unger-Hamilton] with the key melodies he chooses and the distinct sound of his voice. It’s great to have artists and musicians like that playing on songs of your own because it makes them ten times cooler, at least in your own head.”

Videon till "Backflip" är regisserad av Tyler Cunningham - en dystopisk skildring av modern dating.

Cunningham säger: "The visual’s set in an alternate reality, where everyone is born with a digitally printed tattoo to correspond with that of their soulmate. This motel is a place where couples unite after finding one another online. However, our protagonist’s match doesn’t turn out to be who she thought he was.”

Debut EP'n I Don’t Want To Play The Victim, But I'm Really Good At It släpps 27 september via Good Soldier Songs / AWAL Recordings

Datum: 2019-08-07  Label: AWAL Recordings  
ISRC: UK8E21901301, UK8E21901303  Releasedatum:

THE WAYMASTERS  The great I am (S)
America’s Favorite! For the third consecutive year, gospel music fans voted the Waymasters America’s “Favorite Country Gospel Group” at the 2019 Gospel Music Fan Awards. The group also brought home the awards for “Favorite Album” and “Favorite Musician.”

Datum: 2019-08-07  Label: Glory Train Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BILL FREDRICK  What I feel is you (S)


Datum: 2019-08-07  Label: Prairie Dust Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

STEFAN NYKVIST  Sorgernas Allé (S)
Många är det som väntat på ny musik från Stefan Nykvist och nu är det dags! Låten Sorgernas Allé är första singeln från det kommande albumet som i skrivande stund inte fått något namn.

Stefan har gjort det mesta som artist, Vunnit Dansbandskampen, 2:a i körslaget, Allsång på Skansen, Så ska det låta, Fångarna på fortet, Bingolotto mm. De senaste 6 åren har han dessutom spelat ”Skinnar Mäster” i Skinnarspelet i Malung. När Stefan under 2013 meddelade att han skulle lämna Larz-Kristerz slog det ner som en bomb och i stort sett varenda tidning i landet hade det som en stor nyhet. Efter detta har han ständigt fått frågan från sina fans ”när får vi höra ny musik ifrån dig?”

Och nu är det så dags, första låten ut heter Sorgernas Allé, skriven av Hans Adeström från Enviken som också bidrar med flera alster till det kommande albumet. Hans lyrik var något som Stefan genast tog till sitt hjärta då den kraftigt påminner om just den epok som han älskar så mycket. En låt som Stefans fans garanterat kommer att ta till sina hjärtan

Datum: 2019-08-06  Label: Enviken Records  
ISRC: SEWDJ1900401  Releasedatum:

Den här sången är andra singeln från debutalbumet ”Det finns något bortom bergen” som släpps i höst. Dan Greider säger: - Det är en oväntat dansant och fartfylld sång för att handla om döden! Men skjut undan möblerna (om du har några) och bjud upp eller dansa loss för dig själv. Glöm inte att skråla med i refrängen. Och om Döden knackar på dörren – öppna inte! Säg att du inte har tid för… Kaffet är redan klart! Dan Greider är en singer/songwriter från Vingåker men som sedan länge bor i Göteborg. Dan skriver låtar som är lite mer poetiska, lite mer eftertänksamma och med känsla för arkaiska melodier; nya - men som om de alltid har funnits. Det är en artist som bryr sig lite mer. Om samhället. Och om människorna. Det tog nästan 50 år innan Dan skrev färdigt första sången och vågade ställa sig på en scen. Han säger, att han led av svårartad sångfobi. Därefter exploderade låtskrivandet. Och nu 2019 – släpper han sina första studioinspelningar. Live kryddar han dessutom musiken med starka poetiska tal mellan sångerna. Välkommen att ta del av en ny spännande artist som inte lämnar någon oberörd!

Datum: 2019-08-06  Label: VilhelmMusic Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

TONES AND I  Dance monkey (S)


Datum: 2019-08-06  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: USAT21904532  Releasedatum:

PIXIES  Catfish Kate (S)
Den nya, animerade videon till "Catfish Kate", färskt singelspår från Pixies studioalbum “Beneath The Eyrie” (release BMG 13 september) är en djupdykning i bandets frontman, Black Francis, mentala fantasivärld. Här får vi den, både text- och bildmässigt, något bisarra berättelsen om bergskvinnan Kate och hennes vedermödor - att fånga en fisk till kvällens middag - en historia som för evigt gjort henne känd som Catfish Kate.

Black Francis berättar själv: “This is a story from my childhood that I inherited from my father. I told the same story to my kids when they were younger. Kate’s up there in the mountains of South Dakota or wherever in the 1800s, she’s living in the world of Native Americans and fur traders and soldiers and wanderers. She falls into the river one day, she’s taken into the river by a giant catfish, she wrestles with the catfish. There’s a gothic feel to that, this woman battling with a monster-sized catfish, emerging from the water wearing the skin of the catfish as her new robe with the blood dripping – ‘I am alive, I battled all night long with the catfish, and I won, I ripped him open.’ She’s victorious.” Videon är skapad av Krank! Collective som också producerade den animerade videon till Pixies "Tenement Song" från “Heads Carrier” (2016). Neirin Best och Lianne Pierce skapade "Catfish Kate"-videon med hjälp av en mängd olika handgjorda och digitala tekniker som t ex målade animationer, ljusboxar, rotoskopering och digital komposition.

"Catfish Kate" är uppföljare till singeln "On Graveyard Hill", som var först ut att släppas från albumet. “On Graveyard Hill” debuterade som nr 1 på bransch-sajten FMQB’s “Submodern Chart”. Albumet “Beneath The Eyrie” är producerat av Grammy-nominerade Tom Dalgety och spelades in i Dreamland Studios, nära Woodstock, NY i december förra året.

Bandet har under året också producerat en podcast i 12 avsnitt, “It's a Pixies Podcast" som ger fansen en personlig inblick i albumets inspelningsprocess. Lyssnaren får följa den kreativa processen och interaktionen mellan sångaren/gitarristen Black Francis, gitarristen Joey Santiago, trummisen David Lovering, basisten Paz Lechantin och producenten Tom Dalgety, och kan följa hur låtarna utvecklats från ett första, enkelt riff till det vi kommer att få höra på det färdiga albumet i september. “It’s a Pixies Podcast” har nu kommit ungefär halvvägs, avsnitt 7 släpps nu på torsdag, 8 augusti, och finns tillgängligt via Apple, Spotify, Deezer och Stitcher. Lyssna på samtliga släppta avsnitt här. Pixies ger sig dessutom ut på en längre turné i samband med albumsläppet, med start den 31 augusti på The Daydream Festival i Pasadena, Kalifornien. Därefter reser man till UK för att den 13 september påbörja sin första europeiska turné på två år. Bandet gör ett stopp i Sverige under denna turné och spelar på Cirkus i Stockholm den 30 september

Datum: 2019-08-06  Label: Infectious/BMG  
ISRC: GB5KW1901875  Releasedatum:

LINCOLN BODINE  Rock & roll memories (S)

Datum: 2019-08-06  Label: Lockwood Folly Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

DEBORAH BERG  New Road Home (EP)
Deborah Berg is a performing songwriter and teacher whose distinctive voice, songwriting talents, and warm teaching style characterize her 38-year musical career. She is proud to be an official Martin Guitar and Sennheiser endorsed artist. In 2012, her single, "Goin' Nowhere" from her album "No Rush" played on over 87 terrestrial radio stations, and Deborah was a featured ARTIST TO WATCH on iHeartRadio NEW! Discover & Uncover (through Clear Channel). New Road Home evokes a musical travelogue that transports listeners to parts both unknown and familiar.

Recorded at Grand Street Recording (Brooklyn, NY) with producer Ken Rich and mastered at Sterling Sound (New York, NY), "New Road Home" (2019) is Deborah Berg's third solo album and sixth album to date, including her work with Julian Marshall as the 80's band Eye to Eye

Datum: 2019-08-05  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-05-xx

BIG JOE SHELTON  My future lies behind me now (S)
Hot Country Single From Big Joe Shelton's latest release "Ridin´ a chicken"

Datum: 2019-08-04  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JOHN DARTNELL  Damn it all (A)
The album gets released September 13th but it is available now for pre order from all major music sites.

New single 'Damn It All' I've also attached the artwork. It's the title track from my new album which comes out later in the year. The single is being released April Fools day, well it is me so seemed like a perfect release date, Lol

If you can give it any airplay I'd really appreciate it. // Regards John

Datum: 2019-08-03  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-09-13

JUDY WELDEN  Your faithfulness (restores my faith) (S)
This song was included on Judy Welden Songs of Faith CD - 25th Anniversary - released in July, 2018

Datum: 2019-08-03  Label:   www.judywelden.com
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

LARISSA TORMEY  Inner angel (S)
Country/gospel/crossover artist LARISSA TORMEY is all set to thrill fans with the upcoming release of her acoustic EP which will feature intimate cover versions of hits from Lady Gaga, Blur, Sade, and Roberta Flack, as well as the title track, Larissa's own composition, the gorgeous INNER ANGEL.

The EP was released recently on all major digital platforms, and certainly showcases the Kilbeggan based vocalist's adventurous side, with a selection of songs few would have expected. But for Larissa, great songs are great songs, and that fact more than anything else is what guided her choice.

"I've been planning to do an acoustic collection for a long time, and I think the songs on Inner Angel - which are all so beautifully written, and have been performed so beautifully by the original artists - they all compliment simple, acoustic arrangements. They're all famous love songs, and all songs that I absolutely love myself. People often talk about something being a labour of love, well that's exactly what recording this EP was for me. I loved every moment of the whole process, and I can't wait for fans to hear these songs and see what they think. Love songs, regardless of whatever genre they originate from, always have a universal appeal and are able to reach hearts everywhere."

Larissa's skill as a songwriter is once again to the fore on the EP's title-track, Inner Angel. " This is a song that means a lot to me, and one I've wanted to release for a while. But I wasn't sure where to fit it into everything else I was doing in my career. Now, though, on this EP, I think it's found its perfect home at last."

Datum: 2019-08-03  Label:   www.larissatormey.com
ISRC: GBSVC1900025  Releasedatum: 2019-07-31

BLANDADE ARTISTER  The Cyber Music Sampler 2019 (A)
    Written and Produced by Dennis DiChiaro
  2. MICHAEL LYNNE: Sunny day
  3. PETE ROSE: Folsom Prison blues
  4. JEFF COLTREC: Rhythm of the rail
  5. RICH SITHER: Angels say
  6. JEFF COLTREC: Father keeping time
  7. MATT BOONE: That´s our thang
  8. ERIC GROW: My speed limit
  9. DEANNA WHEELER: I can lie
  10. TERRY CRABTREE: I need a song
    I Need a Song was written and sung by Terry Crabtree, a native of southern Ohio. It is published by Allen Karl Publishing, Nashville TN…Century II is very proud to announce the release of an original song performed and written by Terry Crabtree. Donna has talked about this young man ever since I’ve known her. She kept saying how talented he is, and what a good entertainer. I finally listened and I am so very glad that I did. He truly is an exceptional talent. I am proud to welcome him to our label and hope the music industry takes notice.” Allen Karl We at Century II think that DJ’s and program directors will really enjoy this song and give it airplay. As always, we thank you all in advance and for all the support you have always given our label. It truly is appreciated


Datum: 2019-08-02  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Kom hit
  2. Overseas

After a long break K27 is finally back with new music and a sound that really reflects his new artist image. This is a beginning of something new and huge from him! This song has both the sound and lyrics we really missed for this Swedish summer and this could finally be it...the "summer hit". For promo K27 is doing some of his first interviews and radio promo, but he will be back with something even bigger soon! Enjoy and kooooom hit :)

K27 drops another one just 2 weeks after the release of "Kom Hit" (which reached 1 million streams within just one week) and after taking a year-long break from music. This time he brings us a positive Summer banger for his fans to enjoy as a gift to them on his birthday. K27 turns 19 on Aug 2nd :)

Datum: 2019-08-02  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900107, SEPQA1900110  Releasedatum:

AYA NAKAMURA feat. LIL PUMP  Pookie (remix) (S)
This track is an incredible, cross-cultural collaboration. FrenchMalian superstar Aya Nakamura - currently the most streamed French female artist in the world - teams up with 4x platinum US rap royalty Lil Pump for the international version of her fierce summer banger 'Pookie'. This bilingual afropop single combines Nakamura’s scintillating French vocals with Lil Pump’s rhythmic flow. It's the highly anticipated follow-up to her international smash 'Djadja'

Datum: 2019-08-02  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: FRZ041901462  Releasedatum:

ANN-LOUISE HANSON (feat. JOSEFIN GLENMARK)  Det dyraste vi har (S)


Datum: 2019-08-02  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEYGC1900101  Releasedatum:

MATHIAS MELO  Get some sun (S)
Mathias Melo is an incredibly ambitious singer/songwriter from Fritsla outside of Borås releases his new single "Get Some Sun", a song perfect for those afternoons in the sun and on the beach.

Datum: 2019-08-02  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900099  Releasedatum:

MOHOMBI  My love (S)


Datum: 2019-08-02  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SE2VK1900401  Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Airplay Express July 2019 (A)
  1. TERRY LAWRENCE: Fool if you think it´s over
  2. DONNY RICHMOND: If I only had time
    Written by Pierre Delanoe/Michel Paul Fugain/Jack Fishman
  3. KEITH BRADFORD: Reach out
    Written by Melissa Morgan
  5. TERRY LAWRENCE: My angel baby
  6. JOHN McCABE: Undivided love
    Written and Performed by John McCabe
  7. CHRIS LOID: You never looked so good
    Written by Mike Parker and Chris Loid
  8. LARRY M. CLARK: Navy Blue
    Songwriter: Larry M. Clark


Datum: 2019-07-31  Label: Wildhorse Entertainment  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. THE BELLAMY BROTHERS: Over the moon
    THE BELLAMY BROTHERS: THE LOVE STILL FLOWS: Howard and David continue to prove that the trail they?ve ridden to fame has been as unique as their music itself, music that is now celebrating 40 years of success
    ISRC: USASN1900002f From the Album: OVER THE MOON
  2. MARK ALLAN ATWOOD: Little more love
    A 38 year veteran of the Texas Music scene, Mark Allan Atwood is back with the first single from his first new full-lenght album since 2013's successful Alive & Well, which spawned 4 top 40 singles on Texas Country radio charts. "Little More Love" includes a timely message for our day and time, with the lyrical style and powerful vocals fans have come to expect from MAA over the years. The first single from the soon to be released 12-song collection, "Old Scars & Sand Bars," Little More Love has a message we should all be able to embrace
    ISRC: QZJ2V1900003, from the Album: OLD SCARS AND SAND BARS
  3. SEASON AMMONS: Desperately in love
    You all ready for some upbeat music to groove along to this summer? Well Season Ammons is bringing it to ya!!!! Here we go with "Desperately In Love"! If this don't have you tapping your toes and feeling the music in your soul...well hell I don't know what will then! This is damn good music at it's finest. Nothing "typical" about Season....she is an artist, and a woman, all with her own style, her own strengths, her own sound, etc....and she brings the power with each and every note and lyric. Give this one a listen...we think you will love it!!!
    ISRC: QZ7RQ1900012, from the Album: NEON SIDE OF TOWN
  4. TYLER JOHN: Blue collar
    Tyler John has a Music Career That spands over three decades. Originally from Hollywood California where Tyler spent his youth sitting behind a massive drum kit for the 80's vampire band Fatal Attraction. Though he was a hard hitting drummer Tyler was raised on Country Music and found himself longing to pick up a guitar and start writing. Tyler formed the band Concrete Hillbilly in L.A. where he mixed his love for Country Music and his Rock and Roll background in what only can be discribed as " Crunchy Western " music. Concrete Hillbilly spent many years playing the streets of L.A. untill they relocated to Las Vegas where they had a succesful run throughout the casinos and scattered honky tonks. Now living in Texas , Tyler finally feels at home and where he belongs. His songs ring out the True meaning of being a Proud Texan and the most valuble thing is that the audience now understands what he has been singing about for over 30 years.
    ISRC: ushm21906894, from the Album: PROUD TO BE A REDNECK
  5. KENNY JACKSON Jr.: You turn me on
    My passion is REAL Texas Country Music. Music That will take you to a place where you have been and can get back to through our music.
    ISRC: usdy41962978, from the Album: KENNY JACKSON, JR.
  6. SARAH WHITE: Always the same
    Texas born and raised, Sarah White began her musical journey at an early age. Coming from talented roots Sarah quickly developed a love for soulful Country music and began gracing the stage of many Texas and Oklahoma music venues throughout her childhood. Over the years, Sarah has become known for her warm, powerful vocals and acknowledged as a distinguished songwriter among her fellow songwriting peers. Sarah prides herself on being able to intimately connect with her audience through her relatable lyrics and catchy melodies. Sarah has a genuine zeal for life, loves her fans, and enjoys every opportunity to perform her music. Sarah White is on her way to making a name for herself in the Texas music scene.
    From the Album: SARAH WHITE
  7. JESSE RAUB Jr.: Good times
    Jesse Raub Jr. - A workingman's storyteller, adding songs to the playlist to your life. His latest single "Good Times" is a party song waiting for a singalong! The first single from his upcoming EP ?Real Simple Country pt.1?, the long awaited follow up to ?Sittin' Here? that earned Jesse 4 Texas Radio Number 1's.

    Jesse is a native Texan born in Houston, Texas. Jesse's country working class roots help him capture his love for family, friends and growing up Country with them. As the frontman of his own band, Jesse has spent the last 10 years traveling throughout the great state of Texas and the Mid West rocking the traditional Texas Country sounds and merging them with true Southern Rock. Jesse has created a show that keeps the fans dancing the entire show. His unique voice and true country twang continue to captivate his audiences. He blends the classic sounds of Haggard and Jones with the rocking sounds of Hank and Garth Brooks to create an entertaining high energy show every night.
    ISRC: QMJS31900001, from the Album: REAL SIMPLE COUNTRY PT. 1
  8. JAMES GARLAND: Drink you away
    James Garland was born and raised in South East Texas. Though he moved around quite a bit as a kid, majority of his life was spent in Coldspring, Tx. James spent 7 years serving his country as an Infantryman in the U.S. Army, with marked deployment to Iraq in 2010.

    Looking for an outlet to pour his heart out, he picked up the guitar and began a self-taught journey into the world of music. For James Garland music is not just a hobby, it's a passion. He has always loved music and has enjoyed creating new songs that people can relate to.

    James' passion for music has taken him into the depths of songwriting, to the point he is churning out new songs on a continuous basis. Many of his songs are written from personal experiences and he prides himself on pushing the envelope when it comes to setting his music apart from many of the mainstream songs being played on the radio. His sound is unique and fresh, all while remaining grounded in the roots of traditional country music.

    ISRC: USDHM1910658, from the Album: THAT LIGHT
  9. SONNY MORGAN: Hopelessly blue
    ISRC: QMV7F1833332, from the Album: IT'S A BEAUTIFUL WORLD
  10. RILEY REDDING: Afraid of the dark
    Lindale, TX singer-songwriter Riley Redding has based his life on the ethic of hard work. His music career has been a clear illustration of what it means to be self-motivated and self-made. In an industry full of commonality, his music is a unique depiction of who he is and the experiences that made him. His current single ?Afraid of the Dark? is a prime example of this. Riley quotes, ?Folks want something real where vulnerability isn?t a fear. Now and then, a few lucky souls find what some spend a lifetime searching for. Even still, life comes knocking, gets damn hard, and puts folks to the test. Fathers are drawn from children, and wives from husbands. The strain becomes too real. Often times, it's careers that distract us from what matters. That?s where ?Afraid of the Dark? lies. It tells of the struggles endured by a traveling salesman and his family while he's on the road. We aren?t made to go through life alone. If you come across something raw, honest, and true, hold on to it."
  11. XAVIER JOSEPH: Never been to Texas
    Xavier Joseph is an up an coming country music artist originally from College Station, Tx. His original songs ?Long Overdue? and ?Gotta Be Bad? both quickly became top 75 Texas charting songs. As well as perform and record country music, Xavier is an actor and dancer. From a young age he grew up very well rounded in the arts and traveled all over the country competing in various entertainment competitions, coming in as national champion four times. Most recently you may have seen him in a number of main stage productions around Houston, Tx, including Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, A Chorus Line, Urban Cowboy, and Yankee Doodle. After moving back to Texas, from New York City, Xavier has thrown himself full time into country music. He has just recently completed a 10 song studio album, with BGM Records, and looks forward to its release fall of 2019. Until then Xavier is traveling all over Texas doing radio interviews and performing live shows.
    ISRC: QZDFR1907004
  12. DAKOTA RITTER: Take my ring
    Dakota Ritter is a Texas-Red Dirt Country Artist originally born and raised in Jefferson Texas before relocating to Dallas-Fort Worth. Dakota had to dream of being a songwriter at a very young age and moving to Nashville to embark on a songwriting career. Shortly after Dakota was introduced to the Texas Country culture and independent music scene, everything changed. Dakota decided to push his writing as a performer in the Texas Music Scene. Dakota professionally started recording and touring in 2014, forming a band and playing anywhere they could get in. Along side the ups and downs early on, Dakota found his footing in his writing and his performance after linking up with long time harmonica player Donnie Burge. Dakota has written a total of four studio projects and released three, being his latest "No Stone Unturned" with the walk off single from this album being his highest hitting single thus far "Take My Ring."
    ISRC: QZES91919291, from the Album: NO STONE UNTURNED
  13. MARK WINSTON KIRK: Show me your tattoo
    Shiner Born, Grammy Nominated Award-Winning American Country Music Artist and Singer/Songwriter Mark Winston Kirk is returning to the stage! Having penned over 700 songs and writing with industry icons such as Vern Gosdin, Stoney Edwards, Kim Williams, Harlan Howard, Robert Ellis Orrall, Norro Wilson, Tim Johnson, Pat Green and Walt Wilkins, his destiny is clear. Performing over 2000 shows in his lifetime and sharing the stage with the likes George Strait, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, Brooks & Dunn, and Garth Brooks, He?s devel- oped a style like no other. He?s captivated audiences at major events like the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Rodeo Houston, Rodeo Austin, and nearly every famous dance hall in the state of Texas. Mark?s delivery, stage presence and sincere personality make it easy to believe in every word he sings. Some of the biggest names in country music are calling him ?The next big ticket.?
    ISRC: TCAEG1940210, From the Album: COWBOY AND THE GYPSY


Datum: 2019-07-31  Label: CD Tex  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

PETER JORDAN  Another wheel (S)
We are proud to send the newest song „Another Wheel“, before release! Sung and written by Peter Jordan. Thanks so much for your really great support and have another wunderful day! Best wishes, Team of WIR

Datum: 2019-07-31  Label: World International Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Keep America great
  2. Where We Go One We Go All

If you need an mp3 you can purchase at CD BABY for .50 cents

Datum: 2019-07-29  Label: Westwood International Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

DYLAN EARL  Squirrel in the Garden (A)
När East Nashville och Austin gentrifieras i rasande takt och blir för dyrt och för trångt att bo där för musiker, får man helt enkelt börja leta på annat håll. I Ozark-bergen i Arkansas finns en vital musikscen och i spetsen för den hittar man Dylan Earl, som nu ger ut sitt andra album. ”Squirrel in the Garden” släpps den 9 augusti av Rootsy Music i hela Europa och finns som LP, CD, download och stream.

På ”Squirrel in the Garden” får vi tio nya låtar, alla utom en skrivna av Dylan Earl. Och om man vill kalla det country eller americana är väl en smaksak och upp till var och en, men att det handlar om genuin amerikansk musik är bortom allt tvivel. Dylan inspireras av allt från traditionell country och sydstatsrock till hårdrock och under sina ändlösa turnéer i mellan-västern möter han sin publik på honkytonks och barer. Där testas och finslipas låtarna och där har Dylan Earl vuxit enormt som artist. Och inte minst som sångare.

Urvattningen av countryn med massproducerad ”bro-country” och pop-country är ett hot mot den amerikanska countryns själ och tradition, enligt Dylan Earl. Ur den aspekten är hela albumet en motståndsrörelse. Han vill ta tillbaka countryn men inte för att återskapa det gamla. Men vårda den, ge den nytt blod. Han må ha en stor Stetson-hatt och en tjusig mustasch och hans smäktande bariton kan lätt lura en att tro att det här är en supertraditonalist från den djupaste Södern. Men det här är musik som i högsta grad är relevant idag, 2019.

Dylan Earl föddes i Lake Charles, Louisiana. En tvättäkta Cajun i själ och hjärta och med sin mammas Texas-rötter, inbäddat i sitt DNA. Efter de två ödesdigra orkanerna Katrina och Rita tvingades Dylan och hans familj starta om på nytt, och numera är det The Ozark Mountains i Arkansas, som nu är hans hem. Dylan Earl kommer att turnera i Europa i höst

Datum: 2019-07-29  Label: Rootsy Music  
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-08-09

TODD SPARKS  Single releases (EP)
In the beginning: Family! My family! Some of the funniest people in the world! And great singers (some not so great singers, but it didn’t stop them – which means none of my people are bashful)! I grew up with laughter and music! My Dad could dead-pan a joke as well as anybody! Second was my Uncle Sam! Funny guys! My maternal Grandmother played the piano and sang to me when I was a kid and to this day I’ve never heard a better rendition of “St. Louis Blues” . Her brother, my great-uncle, Lynn Mullinax was a celebrated pianist in Manhattan for years. All my cousins on my Dad’s side had great voices! And dance, man we had great dancers! My brother and sister could have been pros! My favorite photograph is my Mom and Dad dancing in my Grandmother’s house while she plays the piano! My home has always had music and laughter. Even during the bad times, we laughed! We sang! So, I get it naturally! That’s where this story begins!

Geography: I was born in Anniston, Alabama. A great town in which to grow up! It really was! It had a little of everything. It had an army base, a four year college right up the road and the largest army depot in the free world! When I was growing up, it was an industrial town, the world’s leading producer of soil pipe ( look it up!). So, a lot of people from all over the world would visit Northeast Alabama for a lot of reasons. This made it a very cool place to play music! Anniston also had some of the meanest men ( and women) I have ever met! Fighters, brawlers, hard livin’, hard drinkin’ , hard workin’ types. I knew many of these folks which of course made Anniston a very cool place to write songs! Anniston was also the original home of The Alabama Shakespeare Festival as well as a great honky-tonk named “Elmer’s”! It had a very sophisticated, well educated enclave of socialites and some of the smartest, most intuitive “good ol’ boys and girls” I have ever met! I went to school with rich kids, poor kids, black kids ( after integration), oriental kids, and one American Indian (said he was anyway). It was a town of dichotomy so it was a great place for artists and musicians to live! To this day, some of the greatest musicians I have ever heard play are from Anniston and Calhoun County, Alabama. Back porch pickers that can blow away many so called stars!

That’s the first definition of my influences: a melting-pot of personalities, down-home sensibilities, a wander-lust for sophistication and some of the best musicians never heard except by a lucky few!

The Big Move: 1985, it was time to get outta Dodge! I moved to Panama City Beach, Florida and met a guy named Bill Buskell. He owned a beach bar/ restaurant named Pineapple Willy’s. The first time I saw it, I knew I wanted to play music there. Bill, on the other hand, was a bit skeptical! But since I am a persistent fella with stalker tendencies, after a couple of months of hounding him and to give himself some peace, he gave me a shot! June 24, 1985 I opened at Pineapple Willy’s and it has defined my life since that opening chord! See, even I am getting sentimental and the pat-on-the-back crap I said I wouldn’t do! Anyway, long story short ( I know, too late) Bill after getting to know me, thought I would make a pretty good comedian. My “All Music” show evolved into a comedy/music show. After much soul searching ( about an hour’s worth) I named my act “The Party Doctor”. Shout out to Bob Preston and Tyler Smith, they actually came up with the name! I sat in an antique optometrist’s chair ( most folks thought it was a barber’s chair or dentist’s chair – it wasn’t), dressed in scrubs and a lab coat and basically had a great time for a long time. I can never thank Bill Buskell enough. He is the smartest, nicest guy I have ever known. He taught me how to think outside the box and to act on my intuitions! That’s the main thing! Do it! And believe me! I DID!

Had To Take a Break For an Important Segue: In 1993, my son Grant was born! From the first minute I saw him, I knew my life’s true purpose! All the performing had a much more serious cause. All the late nights had to end! All the road dates had to stop! They did. I kept performing, but in bands that played mainly for local corporate events and weddings. Great gigs! Fun! Met really great people. It was just so very different from what I had been doing. These shows took me out of the spotlight as well as the nightlife! That was fine with me. I needed to be home for my son. But by being out of “open to the public” venues, most folks thought I had retired. Believe me, having a kid, I was tired, then re-tired every day! But friends, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Before I started this adventure and began putting an act back together, he and I had a talk about it. He supports me 100%! So, with my son’s approval, the time is right!

Timing: Like I said earlier, my mentor taught me to shut up and do it! Several things happened in 2010 that got me to shut up and get back to it – Panama City Beach built and opened a new International Airport and Southwest Airlines started service there. BP had an accident in the Gulf of Mexico and really pissed me off! But mainly, the Party Doctor turned the big 5 – 0! 50! All these things together with my son’s blessing told me to quit talking about it and do it! So, I started writing songs. The Gulf Coast had such a terrible string of bad luck – hurricanes, floods, drought, tornados, then an oil spill! We needed a break. So, I wanted to celebrate this beautiful place where I lived! I started a collaboration with a super talented, super nice guy named Tom Hoots. He and his partner, Calvin Gann own Studio 812. Tom and I talked about what I wanted to do and how we should do it! We started with a song for Southwest Airlines. Celebrating the fact of the company flying into our new airport. We recorded it, sent it to them and they liked it. They allowed me and my band “The Shrimpboat Cowboys” to play for the opening of the airport and played the song, “Southwest Take Me There”, on their website and blog for quite a while! A very cool experience, to say the least! That’s when Tom and I decided to turn that one mini-song into an album celebrating the positive aspects of where we live! It took a while, nearly a year to finish but we just did it! An album we call “The Gulf of Mexico”!

Everything that’s old is new again: So, it’s time to get back out there. Putting on shows! Playing music! Trying to be funny! Mainly, having a good time and hoping folks have a good time with me! Where I’ve been, defines where I will go! Hopefully a little better, a little wiser, but still having a good time!

Datum: 2019-07-29  Label: Shrimp Boat Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JAY ELLE  Take a holiday (S)
Jay Elle is a New York City based singer, songwriter and guitar player. Jay Elle’s heart and emotions are his driving forces. His curiosity and appetite for life makes him an avid listener of all music genres. Influenced by classical music as much as pop, rock, rap, country and R&B, Jay Elle believes that songs should carry positive energy and messages that bring people together. Jay Elle takes you on a journey while openly sharing his experiences. Become a keeper and sharer of wisdom. Follow Jay Elle, from song to song with his New EP out May 2019.

Coming on the heels of his Top 10 charting song first single "Ease Up (Into Love)", mixed by Brent Kolatalo (Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, One Republic, https://brentk.com), "Take A Holiday" is a whimsical and fun song that stands out front for its inventiveness as it certainly exemplifies much of the EP’s charming premise

Datum: 2019-07-28  Label: Star 1 Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

CHRIS BRANDON  Smile Smile (S)
“Smile, Smile” very promising release by Chris Brandon. Many listeners agree: They will never forget where they were and what they did when they first heard the unique and emotional voice of Chris Brandon. The dynamic singer impresses critics with a unique combination of emotional Pop music and a natural down-to-earth/new-country flavor. “Since I was a child I spent many nights secretly listening to the radio, and soon I became addicted to music” Brandon states with a convincing smile on his face that represents the blind artist’s inspiring personality. He was discovered by the company of BMG and the German producer Jack White, who is responsible for all-time Pop classics like “You Take My Selfcontrol” by Laura Branigan. “Smile, Smile” was written by his partner Andreas van Kane who introduced the song to Chris Brandon

Datum: 2019-07-28  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1. Vossi Bop
  2. Vossi Bop (Remix) [feat. Aden x Asme]

Aden and Asme have been grinding since their debut album "12 TILL 12" was released a month ago. The duo is also known for collaborating with UK producers and artists, this time with Stormzy! For a while ago Stormzy dropped his massive hit "Vossi Bop" and Aden x Asme are featured on the official remix, among other international artists and representing Sweden for this Vossi Bop Remix. Look out for the duo during Way Out West in aug.

Datum: 2019-07-27  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: GBAHS1900571, GBAHS1900922  Releasedatum:

ROY COST  If I beat you home (S)
Hello Goran, I hope this finds you feeling great over in your beautiful nation of Sweden. It is so hot here that I might have to get the old skinny dippn' song out of the old archives. Please find attached my country song of "If I Beat You Home". I want to thank you for supporting country music, the independents and the Joyce Ramgatie DJ board and charts.

Datum: 2019-07-27  Label: Vega Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

ROGER EYDENBERG  Arizona lady (S)
Songwriter: Joe Pickering Jr.

Datum: 2019-07-27  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

MIKE TEARDROP TRIO  Till the dawn (A)
Finally it is time for more Countryfied Rockabilly from Swedens own Mike Teardrop Trio! Their debut album "Hangin' Around" was a great success and put the band on the map, now we are proud to present their sophomore album "Till The Dawn" With a driving Slap-bass, great harmonies and a touch of good ol´Country music in there somewhere they have formed a sound not present in many bands today and it is evident that they fill a void out there.

During the vinter of 2019 they entered the studio here in Enviken/Sweden and started recording new songs, according to the reactions so far it looks like they’ve got a winner! They have picked songs from classic 50’s artists aswell as contemporary bands such as The Barnshakers, Di Maggio Bros and The Nu-Niles, and on top of that we also get 5 original songs. This a very strong album that will appeal to lovers of both Rockabilly and Country. Mike Teardrop had played bass with various bands on the Swedish circuit, although he had all along nurtured a dream to sing and front his own band for some time, so when teaming up with Rasmus Andersson on guitar and Henrik Ulander on drums there were no stopping and his dream come true. And for that we are truly grateful!

We are proud to present their sophomore album "Till The Dawn" that will be released in the US on June 28:th 2019!

Datum: 2019-07-27  Label: Enviken Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

Over the past years, Tungevaag & Raaban have released massive singles like ‘Samsara’, ‘Hey Baby’ & ‘All For Love’ with success in both the Nordic region & across Europe. Now they’re back with this single. “Take Me Away is the definite Summer song! We wrote it together with Marcus Svedin (All For Love) and Victor Crone. It´s about living your life as it´s your last day, maximizing, be nice, experience life”.

Datum: 2019-07-27  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900104  Releasedatum:

ANIS DON DEMINA  Uno Dos Tres Shurda (S)
This is a re-make of the 2011 smash hit ”Loca People” by Sak Noel which charted #1 in UK, Austria, Belgium, DE, Israel, NL, Scotland, PL & was top 10 in another 12 countries! Anis is using vocal samples from the original hit & ads his own flavor to this big dance anthem! Anis is a multitalented Swedish artist, known for his DJ & rap skills & he's also one of Swedens most popular YouTubers. His huge fan base are called ”Shurdas” and this new release is a tribute to all of them.

Datum: 2019-07-27  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900096  Releasedatum:

AMY JACK  Shake and Bake (S)
Amy Jack brings the heat with her new single, "Shake and Bake." The new song has already received national attention when it was featured in a FOX Sports segment with NFL quarterback / Heisman Trophy Winner Baker Mayfield. "Shake and Bake" will also appear in other network basketball and football programming later this year.

“Shake and Bake” is the latest in a string of successful releases from Amy Jack. She has charted three singles on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart and her inspiring songs have received airplay across the US and around the world.

As Dick Vitale says, "Shake and bake, baby!"

Datum: 2019-07-27  Label: Amy Jack Music / GrassRoots / GrapeVine  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:



Datum: 2019-07-27  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: GBAHS1900779  Releasedatum:

NOËP (feat. CHINCHILLA)  Fk this up (S)
Estonian NOËP might be unknown in the Nordics, but in his home country he is far from unknown. He won "Pop Album of the year" at the 2018 Estonian Music Awards for his debut album, Heads in the clouds, and he has warmed up for Bastille, Adam Lambert and NEtsky. Now is the time for the rest of the world to get to know this producer, songwriter and multi-intrumentalist

Datum: 2019-07-27  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: EETI11900008  Releasedatum:

ELIAS ABBAS (ft. NAOD)  Problems (S)
Elias Abbas is finally back and this time in company with Naod. This song is in a different mood than we are used to with Elias Abbas, this time with some old school RnB vocals that we all been missing and a bit more grown-up lyrics from Elias side. This is the new musical side of Elias Abbas and there is much more during this year to look forward to!

Datum: 2019-07-27  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900108  Releasedatum:

Casper The Ghost is back with another single and this time with "Flipside" which has an experimental trap sound with sad and recognition lyrics. Casper has previously joined Victor Leksell at his concert in Gröna Lund and made an interview with Anis Don Demina which brought a lot of attention to his music here in Sweden... focus this summer is creating content and headlining HudikKalaset and other shows

Datum: 2019-07-27  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900105  Releasedatum:

MIRIAM BRYANT  Du med Dig, Akustisk (S)


Datum: 2019-07-27  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SE5EM1900102  Releasedatum:

My new record Both of My Hands is now available everywhere you stream/download music! To celebrate, my band & I are playing a free & all ages show tonight at The Phoenix Pharmacy and Fountain in Knoxville at 7

Datum: 2019-07-26  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

Cameron Johnson is a transparent and bold singer-songwriter from Rogers, Arkansas. Mixed with a gritty blend of Southern soul, rock and Americana, the sounds of Cameron’s music are timeless and surprisingly vulnerable. Cameron’s songs are rooted in the message of "you are not alone in your struggles,” and his storytelling will give you a sense of passion, relief, self-acceptance and hope

Datum: 2019-07-26  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

DON CROUSE  Down the lane (A)


Datum: 2019-07-24  Label: Lampco Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:



Datum: 2019-07-24  Label: White Elephant Recordings  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

DALTON DOMINO  Songs From The Exile (EP)
Since releasing his debut album in 2015, Dalton Domino has championed his own kind of Texas-made country music, nodding to the western-shirted troubadours who came before him while still making room for heartland roots-rock, atmospheric Americana and the autobiographical lyrics of a songwriter who isn't afraid to shine a light upon his own demons.

Datum: 2019-07-24  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

VORNA  Sateet palata saavat (A)
VORNA's access to the heavy spectrum is broad and open-minded. The six musicians are guided by their emotions and transform them into dark tuned music. Starting from a base between Folk and Black Metal, the Finns have enriched their playing since 2008. The symphonic extension of the third album underlines the atmospheric and melodic composition of the songs. "Sateet palata saavat" means something like "Return to Rains". In other words: something is brewing before the sky opens its floodgates and the power of nature discharges. This picture fits very well to what VORNA musically have to offer

Datum: 2019-07-22  Label: Lifeforce Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-09-27

MOTEL MIRRORS  Motel Mirrors (A)
There’s something strange yet familiar about Motel Mirrors – like an old photograph of a place you think you know, but don’t quite remember having visited. The casual chemistry between Amy LaVere and John Paul Keith makes it seem like this happens all the time – boy meets girl, boy plays girl some songs, boy and girl form band. "It's not that we really decided to have a band,” Keith tells it. “It's just that by the time we got done having coffee she'd decided we were a band and was already booking shows for us. She'd sent me some band names before I even got home." Or, as LaVere says: "It just seemed pretty obvious. It sort of got legs." If the collaboration was obvious to LaVere, the style was obvious to Keith: he wanted to emulate the classic 50s and 60s country duets – George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn. The two dove into their respective record collections, searching for songs they could make their own. And so they became Motel Mirrors. The pair spent that winter with drummer Shawn Zorn, playing residency gigs at a few bars around Memphis, discovering their sound in those songs and developing original material. After a few months, LaVere approached Keith about an opportunity to record – she’d talked about the project with her label, Archer Records, and there was interest.

They spent a few days at Music+Arts studio with Jeff Powell (Bob Dylan, The Afghan Whigs, Big Star, Tonic, Stevie Ray Vaughan), tracking mostly live, with very few added accoutrements to their stripped-down three-piece. Krista Wroten-Combest dropped by to add some fiddle, Eric Lewis contributed a little lap steel, and they called it a record. Three covers – Buddy Holly’s “Dearest," "Your Tender Loving Care” by Buck Owens and Susan Raye and Glen Campbell’s “As Far As I’m Concerned” – blend seamlessly with originals by Keith and a co-write for the pair, “That Makes Two of Us.” “One thing that is important to me about the project is that it's not hokey or corny or campy or anything,” Keith says. “Sometimes when people try to do something with a classic country influence they can get hokey or self-righteous. I wanted to avoid all that and do something that was kind of romantic. The themes are classic – that's stuff you don't see a lot of anymore. I wanted to just explore that and do something that's timeless.” And timeless is a good word for it. If you put the needle down and close your eyes, you might mistake yourself for being somewhere else. At another time, in a different town. In a bar, listening to a band of strangers, whose voices are at once, both fleeting and familiar

Datum: 2019-07-22  Label: Archer Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BRENDAN KELLY  Our crusade (S)
The lead single from Brendan Kelly's debut album. the album is comprised of ten original songs taken from Brendan's life experiences, all the up's and downs that life can throw at you. Our Crusade represents a part of Brendan's life when he was knocked down by a car at the age of six and left paralyzed for many years, we are all on our own crusade in life

Datum: 2019-07-22  Label:   
ISRC: IELJP1900002  Releasedatum: 2019-07-22

SCOTT M. STEVENSON  Just be ready (S)
I hope you and your listeners enjoy it. Scott is a former Hollywood and Las Vegas performer and is also a professional recording artist and SAG-AFTRA actor. Also, Scott is an ordained southern baptist minister, attending Gardner-Webb University and Southeastern Theological Seminary. Scott is now teaching school in Hawaii, along with music evangelism, acting on TV and Motion pictures. People need to know that Christ loves them and I intend to carry that redeeming message of hope in Him.

Song is written by Tim Greene

Datum: 2019-07-22  Label: Glory Train Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

THEO BARD  Inkus (A)
Efter att han presenterat sig för oss 2015 med sin vackert komponerade debut EP ’You Give’ så har Theo Bard spenderat de senaste åren med att pressa sina folkmusikrötter mot en ljudbild som hämtar inspiration från rave-spektrat. För att bäst beskriva hans nya resonans som låtskrivare, tänk dig James Blakes konfessionalism efter 2014, sammanhållet av instrumentalt lim från xxyyxx. I slutet av maj 2019 var han tillbaka med singeln ”The Gift” som placerades som en Track of the day i CLASH och nu serverar Theo Bard oss EP:n Inkus.

Med mullrande kraft är öppningsspåret "Forget" en spöklik upptäcktsresa i kärlek som gått förlorad och vi får följa Bard medan han demonstrerar sin konstnärliga skicklighet. Kusliga synthar och melankolisk lyrik målar upp bilden av ett sinnestillstånd som sjuder av innerlighet. Trots att sång med effekter riskerar att förlora i uttryck så har Bard injicerat ett så pass stort känslodjup i varje rad att ’Forget’ blir en ärlig klagosång från någon som just insett att dens ex har gått vidare. Effekterna som lagts på bidrar till att förhöja den kusliga stämningen i sången och blir ett perfekt komplement till den experimentella instrumenteringen. Bards konstnärliga avsikter tydliga, eftersom varje beståndsdel av ’Forget’ strävar efter att sticka ut.

Andra höjdpunkter är "The Gift" - en hyllningslåt till att hålla ihop inom familjen för att råda bot på livets känslomässiga turbulens. Låten är full av atmosfäriska samplingar och synthar som vacklar, skälver och ökar i styrka. The Gift hyllades av CLASH som "en diskret men slående återkomst". Den uppskakande 'Slow Brain' är ett förföriskt stycke i lågt tempo som fogar samman skärvorna. Den pulserande "The Screen At Night" använder ett soniskt landskap av förvrängda basgångar för att rama in en poetisk diskussion om sociala medier och dess ondska.

Theo Bard beskriver sin nya release och förklarar, "INKUS är kulmen på 5 år som jag spenderat på att utforska världen av elektronisk musikproduktion. På många sätt är det en ny gryning för mig – att omfamna nya influenser och ta hjälp av moderna verktyg som mjuka synthljud och sampling, och att omfamna olika sätt att skriva låtar på och skevare texter. Men de förändringarna har inte ändrat på min hängivenhet till själva låten. Lusten att berätta en historia, uttrycka en känsla och fånga ett ögonblick är starkare än någonsin, och nu har jag dessa verktyg på plats så möjligheterna för framtiden är obegränsade"

Datum: 2019-07-19  Label: Icons Creating Evil Art  www.theobard.com/
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-07-19

BEC LAVELLE  Perfect picture (S)
Bec Lavelle highlights the melancholy of winter through her brand new single, "Picture Perfect", released worldwide today (Fri 19th July, 2019). The song features Lavelle's spine tingling vocals fused with simple piano which would appeal to fans of Adele, Tina Arena and Trisha Yearwood. Once again, the song was recorded in Germany with hitmaker and pop star in his own right, Andrei Vesa, who also features in the choir.
BR>Bec Lavelle is a multi platinum selling Australian singer-songwriter known worldwide as the voice of the tv series McLeod's Daughters.

Datum: 2019-07-19  Label: Red Rebel Music  
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-07-19

Det har varit ett händelserikt år för Eleonor Léone. Hon släppte sin första EP "Bye Boy Bye", samt ett gäng singlar som hon skrivit och producerat tillsammans med Kenny KNY Lundström. Hon gjorde även entré internationellt på Indisk TV och fick sitt namn på omslaget av Rolling Stone Magazine India.

Den 19 juli släpps nya poplåten WOLF - där ingen mindre än skådespelaren Stefan Saukgästar som berättare.

Léone om låten: "Alla känner vi väl till berättelsen om Rödluvan? Vi har hört denna saga, i många olika versioner, sedan barnsben. Men hur är det med vargen? Vad vet vi om honom, egentligen? Vad han tänker, känner, varför han gör som han gör? Det var en tanke som jag inte kunde släppa och så uppkom "WOLF" - en catchy popsång skriven ur vargens perspektiv. Vargen kan finnas vart som helst runtom oss; Det kan vara en partner, en granne, en vän, ett beroende. Någon eller något som tar, förstör och förgör allt den kommer åt. När du äntligen tror att du blivit av med det - så kommer det tillbaka. Men man kan också se det som en egoboost, att man själv är en "varg" som tar för sig i livet och som kör på det man tror på."

Sauk om låten: Efter att ha haft förmånen att sjunga tillsammans med Eleonor Léone på Castello Tabiano i Italien är jag stolt som en tupp över att få vara en liten, liten del av hennes låt ”Wolf”.

Datum: 2019-07-19  Label:   https://www.eleonorleone.com
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

RICK SHARP  Country bumpkin (S)
Writer: Don Wayne

Datum: 2019-07-18  Label: Universal Sound Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

WAHLSTRÖMS  Tänk om väggar kunde tala (S)
Den 26/7 släpper äntligen Wahlströms en ny singel. ”Tänk om väggar kunde tala” heter den och är skriven av Henrik Sethsson, Thomas Berglund och Uffe Georgsson. Låten är producerad av Henrik Sethsson.

Datum: 2019-07-18  Label: Atenzia Records  
ISRC: SEVSZ1903401  Releasedatum: 2019-07-26

BLIXTERZ  I Let My Guitar Play That Rock'n'Roll (S)
Blixterz går från klarhet till klarhet och släpper här en riktigt stark singel ”I Let My Guitar Play That Rock’n’Roll” Musikaliskt ligger vi någonstans mellan The Refreshments goa boogierockm rockabilly och dansband. En perfekt combo och en riktigt stark låt. Låten är prddad precis som de tidigare två singlarna av Henrik Sethsson som tryckt till prodden riktigt ordentligt!

Datum: 2019-07-18  Label: Atenzia Records  
ISRC: SEVSZ1903101  Releasedatum: 2019-07-19

BAILEN  Paste Session (EP)
Recorded live at Paste studio NYC on February 5, 2019. Siblings David and Daniel (twins), & their sister Julia have been playing together their whole lives. Growing up in NYC with both parents being professional orchestral & chamber musicians, music has always been a centerpiece. BAILEN started in 2014. Their music is nostalgic with melodic hooks & a deep soulful quality, all with a modern, youthful perspective. Their debut album "Thrilled To Be Here" is produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent, War On Drugs) and is out now. The band recently opened for the sold out Hozier tour and are currently gearing up for a fall headline tour

Datum: 2019-07-18  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

MANON WARD  Manon Ward (EP)
“Unlike Love” offers pulsing positivity, “Do Over” threads quirky rhymes in a twisty aural package and “Honey On Me” uses light blues/rock sounds for a lesson in female assertiveness. In her debut EP produced by guitar legend Johnny Garcia (Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood), Manon conveys effervescent melodies with a worldly cheer, and delivers a confidence that’s only transmitted when people fight through their obstacles and discover their purpose on earth.

Datum: 2019-07-17  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

BLANDADE ARTISTER  Nite Sky International Records 2019 (A)
  1. DAVE WOOLEY: You´re there, I´m here
  2. FRED LEONARD: Do you see me in your dreams
  3. EDDIE RAY: La Cumbia
  4. KIMBERLY BIBB-MARRS (featuring Marty Stuart on mandolin): That´s my job
  5. DAVE WOOLEY: When it comes to You
  6. FRED LEONARD: Lonely mountain


Datum: 2019-07-16  Label: Nite Sky International Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

JAHRIFFE  Reflection (A)
His music takes you back to a time where reggae music was expressed with a Love and Sincerity, Harmony and Respect for one another.

Jahriffe B. Mackenzie aka Senbiqes NetriRa a dynamo of energetic musicality and Jamaican panache. A guide to soulful harmony and introspection, transcending our times.

Born Barriffe Mackenzie July 6 1978, now known as JahRiffe started his musically journey in 1999. The Singer/Songwriter of Jamaican – American patronage, from Boston and the Bronx, brews an exquisite keen blend of Classical Roots, echoes of Old School Harmonies and Consciousness stirred with American Rhythm and Blues, Soul and Rasta wisdom. Introducing his 1st debut album in 2005 “Rastafari Love” and following up in 2013 with “Check Your timing”. In 2016 JahRiffe comes with a powerful hit for the world “Rasta Can’t Fade” the video filmed in Jamaica, reached over 100,000 views in the first week of streaming on ReggaeVille.

JahRiffe musically success has led to sharing the stage with many great Performing Artists such as, Kymani Marley, Capleton, The Wailers, Midnite/ Akea Beka, Mighty Diamonds, Warrior King, Lutan Fyah, Chronixx, Jah9, Kabaka Pyrmid, IbaMar , and Third World and many others. In the new year of 2019 JahRiffe been in the Studio with Jah9’s Bass player, JAH D from the ZionHigh Production coming forth with his third studio album titled, REFLECTION. The titled track Reflection focuses on the strength of evolving with the cycles of life and becoming a better person.

JahRiffe say’s “This Album is very special to me it reflects a journey faced with many life challenges that have led to victory. This album is livicated to all those that may face mental illness, growing pains and lessons of change. I know that it is not always easy for one to keep balance in daily life”. JahRiffe is a force to be aligned with and is committed to delivering powerful messages of growth through Rastafari and Ancestral wisdom. Rediscovering traditional African roots, to establish resourceful practices for those who have the eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to receive. This father of two is currently a Lecturer for various schools in and out of Boston. JahRiffe believes that the youth are to be infused with Love and Peace. He is also a certified REKI Practitioner and a Mystic Healer. He says, “My aim is to assist others on this planet in finding their purpose and keeping the ‘will for life’ alive. I use my tools of Music, Lectures and Performances with Ancestral Guidance, Meditation and Intuition.”

Datum: 2019-07-16  Label: JAH-N-I Root Movement  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

SENIOR ALLSTARS feat. AMMOYE  Soul From Dubdown – Darker Than Blue (A)
  • AMMOYE – Vocals
  • Markus Dassmann – Gitarre, Rhodes Electric Piano, Melodica, Dub FX
  • Arne Piri – Orgel, Clavinet E7, Dub FX
  • Gudze – Bass
  • Thomas Hoppe – Schlagzeug, Percussion, Dub FX
In spring 2014, when the Senior Allstars were asked by the Hamburg-based dub label Echo Beach to record their interpretation of an existing release (the original was released in 2001), everyone involved assumed that the results would be good. What absolutely no one expected was that the album would be so incredibly “conspirational” and simply bursting with fresh ideas. The album that Darker Than Blue / Conducted by The Senior Allstars is based on is the compilation Darker Than Blue – Soul from Jamdown, which was released in 2001 on Blood & Fire Records. More than ten years later, the mind behind the Echo Beach label, Nicolai Beverungen, had a vision of taking the next, the third step along this path.

“From the beginning it was clear to me that I wanted an instrumental band to do the job, and the venerable Senior Allstars, the leading lights in their class, were my top pick”, says Beverungen.

The results are more than breath-taking; the songs drip from the speaker membranes like honey, bringing in the sun, warmth and happiness, very much in keeping with the original songs - although the lyrics may have been written with other things in mind. The dub remake presented by The Senior Allstars breaks all previous dimensions and conventions set by the history and spirit of this legendary album. The quartet creates an original, collective, improvised and organic live dub that is in the tradition of the original songs and with new versions that fully deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the originals.

2019 - the next step to break the peak and quality of the excisting album – was making it into a VOCAL album and call it SOUL FROM DUBDOWN – DARKER THAN BLUE. The formel was quite easy. They hired the JUNO winner (the Canadian musicprize and pendant to the American grammy) from 2017 “AMMOYE” and amazing voice (she is more in RNB and Gosple than in Dancehall or Reggae..) who was born in Jamaica and raised in Toronto / Canada. A brilliant and crisp album. Get Ready…

Datum: 2019-07-16  Label: Echo Beach  
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-07-11

  1. Firecracker (ft. Ammoye)
  2. Firecracker (instrumental)


Datum: 2019-07-16  Label: Renegade Studios  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

TONY WATSON  Footsteps (S)
Tony Watson, a multi-talented singer/songwriter is an accomplished musician playing a variety of instruments, both string and percussion. This West Virginia native honed his country style while performing nationally and internationally with both symphonies and rock/country bands. This internationally ranked artist enjoys a global fan base and is the winner of the 2017 Best Male Vocalist Award from the Artist Music Guild.

Written by Laura Patterson and produced and arranged by Tony Watson. Footsteps is beautifully written with a bluesy Southern Rock edge. Recorded at Just Records by Dan Yost in Pittsburg PA.

Datum: 2019-07-15  Label: Star 1 Records LLC  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

REBECCA LINDA SMITH  Jesus rock of love (S)
Written by Robert Frank Smith

Datum: 2019-07-15  Label: Glory Train Records  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

AARON D´ARCY  Charcoal and Ash (A)
Aaron D’Arcy is extremely proud to announce the release of his new single DRINK IT UP. The lead track off the upcoming album ‘Charcoal and Ash’ is Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Performed by Aaron in his own Melbourne studio. Drink it up follows the successful single Postcard feat Dani Young which hit top 10 on the itunes country charts and was featured on radio stations all over the country.

Drink it Up will be available on itunes as an instant gratification when you pre-order the album Charcoal and Ash on July 12.

Aaron will be launching Charcoal and Ash in his home town of Yarraville on July 19th at the Commerical Hotel from 8pm.

Aaron will be performing at the Gympie Music Muster Aug 20th to 25th and has been Nominated for two Josie Music Awards in Nashville for Americana Song of the Year ‘I give my heart to you’ and Americana Rising Star which will be held in September

Datum: 2019-07-12  Label:   
ISRC:   Releasedatum: 2019-07-19

THE DOLLYROTS  Do you love me (S)
Happy release day!!! We are SO happy to announce the release of, for sure, our best record yet! It's true!

To get ya ready for the new album, a cover of the 60's Contours hit "Do You Love Me", cut during this album's sessions! Hope ya love it!! And last but not least here's the brand new lyric vid for the latest single "Animal"!

Datum: 2019-07-12  Label:   www.thedollyrots.com
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

  1.  TRACEY K. HOUSTON: Before I´m fool enough
  3.  DAVID McLACHLAN: Bluer eyes
  4.  DARNELL MILLER: 2052
  5.  LONNIE BARTMESS: It don´t matter
  6.  JED ALLEN FREELS: Life is like a mountain railroad
  7.  BRANDON McPHEE: On the road to loving me again
  8.  CURT RYLE: He´s not crying anymore
  9.  LLOYD BACK: Everyone has a story
  10.  AMANDA McCARTHY: The only shot
  11.  RORY ELLIS: Fallin´
  12.  OTIS C. TRUAX: Stirring up old feelings
  13.  SHOWPONY EXPRESS (featuring SAMANTHA BELLAMY): On the inside
  14.  THE BRANDON McPHEE BAND: Sir Jimmy Shand´s bluebell polka


Datum: 2019-07-12  Label: Hillcrest  
ISRC:   Releasedatum:

ED SHEERAN (feat. TRAVIS SCOTT)  Antisocial (S)
This week's focus track from No. 6 Collaborations Project album

Datum: 2019-07-12  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: GBAHS1900719  Releasedatum:

KLIOO KRANTZ  One hit wonder (S)
Bröderna Hampus & Tim & deras långvarige vän Rasmus bildade de trion Klioo 2018 & första giget gick ut på att backa upp Stina & Alexander som sedan tidigare spelat ihop. Energin sprudlade & sedan dess är dem tillsammans Klioo Krantz som skapar energifylld & välproducerad pop. Detta är bandets 1a singel. Den kom till under en vårhelg på Södermalm i Stockholm & är skriven tillsammans med Jimmy Jansson & handlar om hur bristen på kommunikation kan driva en person till vansinne

Datum: 2019-07-12  Label: Warner Music Sweden  
ISRC: SEPQA1900091  Releasedatum:

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